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Dear Boston



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB.

Dear Boston, you raised me up.  I lived in Dorchester from age zero to 22, never going further away than Nantasket by boat. I was home when the Sox won the pennant in 1967. I went to Girl Scout Camp in Waltham. I can name every station on the Ashmont line, backwards. I’m a Boston ex-pat in Oz and now I’m ‘giving back.’ Got to tell you what to do re the Marathon. So pull up a bowl of clam chowder and listen to me. You need my help.

You can start by taking those silly “Boston strong” tee shirts off the market and replace with “Boston weak.” Is there anything weaker than a city that goes into voluntary lockdown over a police request to hunt for a 19-year old? Good God. Is there anything weaker (or stupider) than a city that lets a judge run a blatantly fraudulent trial and utters not a word of condemnation? And you call Boston “the Athens of the North”? Socrates would barf.

Come on, get with it. Richard Serino, “assistant Medical director,” ran an Emergency Management seminar in 2008 in which he showed how to create a “planned disaster.” Yes, they get away with using that phrase, on the grounds that it’s necessary to train personnel for the real thing. His slide show, five years before “the real thing,” is set at the Marathon finish line. Therefore, please deduce: the 2013 event was planned by these quasi-government personnel.

It’s illogical to say “Some boys from Chechnya did it and it had nothing to do with the Emergency Services.” You should say “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck we know that it is a duck.” In law, this is known as a rebuttable presumption. We should PRESUME that Serino’s pre-planning got used. But he, under questioning, could rebut it, and show that there was no involvement of any of his men on April 15, 2013.

Indeed you need to call Serino in for questioning on this very matter. BTW, if he says “It’s secret, owing to national security,” you must arrest him on the spot. Got that? OK.

Now then, O Boson weak ones, find out more about this Judy Clarke person. Have you ever seen such nonsense in your life as her blaming her own client “so as to prepare a sympathetic jury on sentencing day”? If Judy were a victim of CIA mind-control, we need to reopen her three cases: the Unabomber, the Atlanta Olympic bomber, and Tsarnaev. Not that we have time to run another case, with the judiciary in its perfidious condition, but I’m just sayin.’

Remember when we loved our cops? Yes, we did. Well here’s the chance to be good to them. Find out who is pushing them around. Why are there so many privatized “security” companies acting like they are in charge? Recall that the principle excuse for all this is the 9-11 event — which also was planned and did not require “Muslims.”

Now let’s deal with O’Toole. He calls himself a judge and draws $199k per year for his “hard work.” My grades in law school were lousy. I flunked 8 of 25 courses and had to repeat them, but I would be a better judge than he. I’d have whipped out bench warrants by the cartload.

Actually, O’Toole should have arrested himself for treason. Look, there was a war being waged on the people in Copley Square, for Pete’s sake. Never mind federal treason, it was state treason under common law. (No statute of lim, either!) Gee, law thinks of everything.


Of course I’d also seek extradition of the FBI guy in Florida who killed a potential witness, Ibragim Todashev (see Gumshoe’s “Tsarnaev’s Aunt). Naturally, I’d put Aunt Maret under the Witness Protection program, even if it means she has to get a nose job. All these things are doable. Law is great.

Boston should hold a memorial for the dead brother, Tamerlan (what a name!). It should give a creative writing award to the person who composed the boat-wall confession.

Maybe you Beantowners consider that The Boston Globe, and local law schools (Suffolk, N’eastern, BU, BC – Jebby country, NE Law, or Veritas HQ) are your friends. Think again. If they are playing the Jahar-is-guilty story, they are your oppressors. They are right now putting your life in danger.

Mary Maxwell lives in Adelaide and can be reached at prosecutionfortreason.com






    “Today, we are enlisting the public’s help to identify the two suspects. For clarity, these images should be the only ones — and I emphasize the only ones — that the public should view to assist us. [Hello?] Other photos should not be deemed credible and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction [Wrong according to what?] and create undue work for vital law enforcement resources…”

    “Other photos should not be deemed credible” sounds like OOJ to me, i.e. obstruction of justice. Here is the federal law on that, at 18 USC 1503:

    “whoever . . . . corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice, shall be (guilty of an offense).”

  2. From Rivero’s published pictures I recall at least 4 + suspects. One without ‘The Back Pack’ departing the scene in a hurry. (Khaki trousers and black tops?)
    There has to be a time when the msm journos , prostituted shock jocks and compromised politicians have to realise that their days of deceit of the public for their bankers and thieves are numbered.
    Lies and deceit have founded warmongering and killing for too long.
    There are too many millions of internet sleuths on to their case and exposing their lies ….. Bringing democracy!! Perhaps also; accountability and justice?

  3. As a master of interest to my comment below.
    Above 90%+ (as planned. Ref: Dr. Day NWO exposed 1969) of the US mass media is controlled by about 6 globalist corporations.
    Consider dear employees of your lying spiv bosses, we outnumber you in the public domain! Add also, your shills giving, aid ,comfort and support for the msm aiders and abettors of terrorists, they are also outnumbered.
    MSM: your shareholders have a serious financial risk and your employees have little long term financial futures.

  4. Did you know a country-western singer had become AG in US?

    “U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a May 15 statement called the Tsarnaev’s sentence “fitting punishment” for a “coldly and callously perpetuated attack that injured hundreds of Americans and ultimately took the lives of three individuals.” Lynch said she hoped the verdict ‘will bring some measure of closure to the victims and their families.'”

    perpetuated? I’ll say.

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    I just can’t help myself… When I discover a gold mine, I must take some gold! I am therefore reblogging his article from Gumshoe News’s Mary Maxwell for anyone who has not yet read it!

    Her right-on-the-money observations are expressed with a witty sense of humor that never fails to get my vote.

    Well done (again) Mary Maxwell! Keep ’em coming.

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