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We Need More Bill Windsors, and Urgently


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By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

No one has done more than Bill Windsor to show that the judicial system in America has gone off the track to an extreme degree.  Although initially he has only his own legal squabbles to deal with, he then went on a tour of 49 states in the US to listen to the complaints of others.

As a result, anyone can watch, on Youtube, his hundreds of interviews with ordinary folk who tell horrendous tales of their day in court.  I will paraphrase seven of them below.  The channel is called “Lawless America,” a very apt name.

Bill then got arrested and jailed in Texas and Idaho, and as of today is back in jail in Idaho. He is 66 and his family won’t speak to him as they have been threatened by you-know-whom.

I don’t think Bill fully realizes that the problem is not the personnel of the court system, or the elected politicians, but is the result of the whole culture having been hijacked. I imagine the only way out of this is to get it un-hijacked.

It’s my guess that the work he has done is very valuable, as can be figured from the way he is being treated. Of course they could have bumped him off, as they bump the doctors off, but perhaps they want him to continue to publicize how bad things are so no one will expect justice.

Many months went by when he did not have access to Internet but now, even though he is behind bars he seems able to get a newsletter out now and then.  In today’s letter he speaks poignantly about missing his granddaughters.

Now here is the promised paraphrase of seven of Bill Windsor’s “complainers.”

  1. John Lobianco (NY). My dear Dad is 90 years old. I’ve been his best friend for years, but am now prevented from visiting him. A Guardian, appointed by the court as part of a scheme to get Dad’s money, is the legal decision-maker and has decided to exclude me. It is unbelievable and heartbreaking.
  1. Diane Booth (HI). In California, I was told that I had to put my son on the medication Ritalin. I refused. To avoid having the state take my son from our home, I escaped with him to Canada and became a refugee, seeking political asylum. The FBI came up and stole my son. I haven’t seen him in years and cannot locate him. Vincent, if you hear this, please call.
  1. Shirley Blome (MT). At age 65, I was accused of embezzling $100,000 from a car dealership where I was the accountant. I had all the ledger books to prove my innocence but was not allowed to show them in court.
  1. Lisa Baldwin (NC). Our son has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He was kept away from us for 5 months when doctors accused both myself and my husband of having the psychiatric problem known as Munchausen Syndrome! Luckily, for 7 years I have been audio-taping all our visits to doctors, and can perfectly prove my case about the threats that doctors frequently make.
  1. Christopher Payne (NM). My nephew, in prison, was clearly used as a substitute for the actual murderer of an old lady.
  1. Katherine Connor (LA). My teen son, accused by a teacher (!) of indecently exposing himself to her, is in prison. Every legal move I make gets me the run-around. It is a nightmare.
  1. Don Acree (TN). My elderly Dad, a physician, is kept drugged by his second wife, whom I suspect is CIA. I assume he is on Scopolamine, to make him forget what he knows about her crimes. They prevent my seeing him in the nursing home.

Bill had set out to create a movie (which he said would be a blockbuster) and the Big Boys were not going to let that happen.  They have arrested him several times with false charges of cyberstalking. Unfortunately his videos have only got a few hundred hits. Here is a typical one, lasting less than 2 minutes. It deals with so-called Protective Services.

You would be amazed at how readily a child is taken from the parents in America.  Sometimes it involves an accusation of mistreating the child but the charge of “neglect” can also be used against a Mom who is disabled or a Dad who doesn’t have a job. On this video we see a Mom, Irene Holmes, whom I suspect is paralysed. She strikes me as someone who knows how to raise her kids quite well, thank you. After losing her 3 boys she had her brand new daughter Coleen taken from the hospital after birth. (That seems to be the way they do it now. Have you heard of such insanity?)

This is one of Bill’s reports from his earlier imprisonment.

“I went back into the holding cell and tried to sleep, but the so-called mattress was just a hard, lumpy mat.  I was given a thin sheet that they called a “blanket,” and nothing else.  It was FREEZING cold.  I tried to help out three people (including Tyrone and Corey) by providing their bail money in exchange for going to my car to get my cell phone and calling someone who could come get me out.  Corey was a lifesaver as he called a relative locally, and she looked up two phone numbers for me.  I was able to reach both, and a wonderful “landlord,” Michael, went to the place where I was staying and got some checks and some cash and drove it from Dallas to Waxahachie!  The other was the manager of the bank that I use; from her, I learned that some laws have changed that make it really difficult for someone incarcerated to get access to their money.”

The things you don’t think about when you start out to be a Helper to Mankind!

Mary W Maxwell’s new book Fraud Upon the Court deals with judicial corruption in the context of cultural change. Her email address is mary.maxwell@alumni.adelaide.edu.au



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