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An Unremarkable Incident And The Passing Of Deplorable Legislation


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25th September (2014). Thursday morning at 6.30 am. A member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) was attacked. The 41-year-old Navy man told police he was threatened and assaulted by two men of Middle Eastern appearance while wearing his full uniform at Bella Vista, Sydney. They threatened to cut his throat (Channel Nine News). Suffering “minor bruising”, he reported the matter to police and then attended Kings Cross police station in person.

ADF personnel are warned to be careful when wearing their uniform in public following the Bella Vista incident. The fight is now on Australian shores. The media did their usual blitz. The Australian, SBS, SMHThe Guardian, Business Insider etc.

Later than night…

Terror laws clear Senate, enabling entire Australian web to be monitored, and for whistleblowers, journalists, and bloggers to be jailed for 10 years if they disclose information about a special intelligence operation.


26th September. On Friday morning, the officer/sailor withdraws the assault claim.

I have reported this incident on several occasions and called the media unit in New South Wales on Friday. A very pleasant officer confirmed (via phone) that, “We don’t believe it happened”.

It was also reported that the Navy man had been off work (sick), and had not received the email advising personnel not to wear uniform in public. There is the possibility that this Navy man was making up an excuse (for something) – and thought this would be more convincing that a flat tyre – making this an extraordinary coincidence.

Is there a possibility that this event was orchestrated to put the screws on Canberra – to make sure The National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014 passed? You decide.

But let us backtrack to a few days (and months).

“…law enforcement authorities became aware of information in May of this year (2014) that a group of people in Sydney were at least talking about plans to carry out random attacks on individuals in Australia and they were kept under surveillance,” Federal Attorney-General George Brandis told Macquarie Radio.

18 September: The raid. 800 police launched synchronised raids on houses and vehicles across Sydney’s west and north-west, and Brisbane’s south. “Authorities thwart ‘beheading’ plot in Australia’s biggest ever counter-terrorism raids” (ABC headline). After a few arrests, there is a protest in Lakemba. Mad Man Haron “Meta-data” Monis – who was later to hold up the Lindt Cafe and die at Martin Place – makes a show.

monis 18 septMonis in high profile protest

The new anti-terror laws are pending in Canberra.

On the 23rd of September Fergal Davis writes in The Drum, entitled:Tell us why we need these new anti-terror laws“. “It’s not enough for our elected leaders to say that anti-terrorism legislation is “above politics” – we must insist on there being proper scrutiny of any new laws…”

23rd September – 18-year-old Numan Haider, a terrorism suspect, is shot dead by a Victoria Police officer outside Endeavour Hills police station after stabbing the officers.

24th September – Greens Senator Scott Ludlam is reported as saying on Wednesday evening, before debate was due to commence “I think this Parliament is being bullied to pass something in the heat of a national security crisis that we will later regret, as we regretted an earlier tranche of legislation that we passed in 2005.” The legislation was labelled as “urgent” by Attorney-General George Brandis. Australian Lawyers Association president Greg Barns said the new laws would allow ASIO to conduct surveillance on “anyone, any time, anywhere”, and “There are few, if any, limits now.”

The laws that passed parliament on September 25, 2014, were Stage 1 of the (anti-terror) The National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014. Details explained here.

The Belle Vista event revealed a threat to the forces that protect Australia. This highly emotive incident proved to the politicians in Canberra that we are vulnerable in Australia – and that more laws were required.

But is was a non-event. It never happened.



    • Would y’all care to share how Honesty was drummed in to you in childhood? My main memory is the poem Village Blacksmith by Longfellow, which contains a verse that should please Christopher:

      His brow is wet with honest sweat. He earns whate’er he can,
      And looks the whole world in the face, For he owes not any man.

      ’mazing. Not a credit card in sight.

      My husband bought bellows, hoping to start some Iron Age habits in his retirement, but he never got there.

      Lookie, here’s an Aussie bloke reading the said poem:

      • Mary, I think you have identified a very powerful alliteration reflected in this poem that does crystallize the “Village Blacksmith” approach which we know is contrasted by the “Sorcerer” who shapes our minds with a whole different set of tools that are only effective when secrecy and deep shadows obscure our view from the process.
        Both crafts are ancient and the results rely on a perfected discipline, one to uncontaminated truth, one to the murky depths of deception.
        Notably, the Blacksmith can go about his work out in the open in the centre of the community and we all can watch and learn with wonder as purposeful shape and obvious utility emerges with every honest step.
        The Sorcerer will not be seen outside the fortified castle walls where their work is conducted with whispers and threats in the shadows and behind closed doors.
        Daggers and poison are the favorite tools.

    • As has become apparent the last several years, debt is the ultimate weapon to be used against us, not nukes. At least with nukes one big bang and its game over. Debt can be made into a life sentence

  1. I wonder why this ADF person came up with this particular story – MK Ultra? or was this person a part of some secret society?

    It makes one wonder what else in our lives is made up or based on TOTAL LIES? I would suggest a large proportion of things that come from those in the MSM or governments.

    It shows that we all must constantly question everything we are told and its our obligation to find the truth for ourselves.

    • All of it is made up and is a lie. False flags for more control to eventually fall under a one world government. If anyone believes in Australia that we are not under the control of the cabals and the shadow government, they are very sadly mistaken. Hidden agendas, home terrorism, MK Ultra and psy ops to make your head spin. Now that’s real.

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