1. Dear Greg,
    Watching your video I had the thought that maybe we should form a club called the Non-Slaves. Open to everyone, but with vetting process that prevents slaves from joining it.

    I assume you are correct about the Top Dogs who have arranged that we become “units” in a world in which the value of money dictates behavior. I know them to have arranged other things – health, education, prisons, sports, religion… They’re a pretty comprehensive lot!

    We need to escape their control. I imagine people would only try to do that if: 1. There was a real alternative on offer, 2. There was a minimum guarantee of wealth, say enough to get daily food and shelter.

    For the Non-slaves club, I guess we’d vet-out each and every politician (not that they would be queuing up to enlist anyway, as they are in a state of fantasy). We’d find ourselves vetting every Big Business person, and their managers down to a low level. I mean those managers are tied to the system, right? We’d vet out every clergyperson (?) as they, too, are in fantasyland.

    Who wants to be in the Non-slaves club? I think every selfish person (like myself, everyone is selfish) will want to be in it. That is, we want the picture you have sketched in which everything is not run from the top, in which people have some sensible control over their fate.

    Mind you, humans are flock-ish, we do follow leaders. My research tells me that the significant difference of our last century is that the Masters were able to do their mastering unobserved. Books such as “Hidden History” have put a stop to this, thank God. Revealing their existence is a huge help.

    We have to worry about the Top Dogs getting into a panic. They have the same limbic system as the rest of us. They have no special protection, other than huge armaments and huge mind-control of the soldiers and police.

    I want to issue an invitation to them to join us. Their current thrust (e.g. as is visible in Greece) to go for “more and more,” as you say, is silly. Even they must be able to see that their system is a failure, is scrungy.

    I do know that some of them are very sick, twisted persons who think it’s great sport to have effed up the planet and civilization. Surely they have no viable dream of what they want. But deep down they want the same thing all of us instinctively want: survival.

    Thanks awfully for your reality-based view of Australia.

    • How about Greg and Terry get together and tell us what to do. Nobody else will do it. We’re floundering. Need direction. You should see what the hell is going on in America re police brutality. Police have been given carte blanche to beat people up. Sort of like in India.

      Oh, remember my recent interview with “Shane Gingkotree”? He thinks Port Arthur was done by the late David Everett. I’ve just finished reading Everett’s 2007 book, “Shadow Warrior.” It is so sad. Even though David writes in a very upbeat style about his desire to be strong in the SAS, he records many incidents in which men are deliberately degraded. The techniques for making a man lose his ego (and maybe his mind) are well-known, and MANY PERSONS IN OZ HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO DEPLOY THEM.
      This has got to be part of our What To Do questions.

      • Mary, I’m retired – I’ve gone ‘Gault’.

        I tried working hard and running cases, writing articles, giving speeches and making videos – all for free. I put in about 25 years of such work, a quarter of a century – that’s enough for me.

        I got tired of being betrayed every time I turned around. It appears to me that this is the way people want the system to work, if it wasn’t, they would get up off their ass and do something about it. Instead, they will compromise the work of those who do give it a go. You know the old story – the raised nail gets hammered down. Its the culture, the peer group, the ‘group consciousness’ – whatever you want to call it. Until that changes, Australia is a slow motion train wreck.

        I can’t count the number of times I’d hear something like ‘we’re right behind you’ – and then when you needed a bit of help, you’d look back over your shoulder and realise they were so far behind you that they were over the horizon. Hell, at least those worthless people weren’t trying to actively compromise my efforts.

        The system is going to collapse. I can see no other end game. Just like in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ – I’ve gone Gault.

  2. Oh yes, another of my ‘pro bono’ cases (like the Egg Industry case) was a challenge to the banking industry. Once again I got a case where the client had been ripped off and had ended up in an appellate court (Federal Court this time) with no money and no viable argument because his previous lawyers were incompetent clowns.

    I was getting phone calls from people all over Australia that were loosing their farms and businesses. I finally took the case when a 64 year old farmer, fourth generation on the farm, broke down crying on the phone.

    In order to run the case, I had to figure out how the banking system worked and what kind of argument should have been run. The research lead me to the original Commonwealth Bank of Australia, King O’Malley and Denison Miller. If anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about – do some freaking research!

    Long story short, I ran the argument that the banking system was a Ponzi scheme – a game of ‘musical chairs’ – and before a person took out a loan they should be made aware of this material fact.

    Essentially, the principles of banking are the same no matter how many people are in a society, so whether it is 22 million, 2 million, 2 thousand, 200 or just 2 people – the principles remain the same.

    Say I am the bank and I loan Dee $100 at 10% and also loan Mary $100 at 10%. At the end of the year Dee pays me back the $100 plus another $10 for the interest. So, big question, how much does Mary pay me back?

    If you say $110, you’re stupid.

    How much did I put in circulation – just $200. How much did Dee take out of circulation – $110. How much is left in circulation – only $90.

    It doesn’t matter how hard Mary works, it doesn’t matter how long she works, it doesn’t matter how good of quality her widgets are – she can’t pay back the loan. I take her property.

    Anyway, the Court wouldn’t do anything. They said the nature of the banking system was a ‘political’ issue and avoided addressing my argument (same old trick). As a footnote, the bank put in a professional complaint against me and went for my practicing certificate. Again, long story, it ended four months later with the QC for the bank ‘unreservedly withdrawing his complaint’.

    The only suggestion I have is this – don’t take out a loan. Just save up your money, invest wisely, and THEN buy what you want. It works, it is what I do.

      • Rocco Galati of Canada (whom Dee covered in our book “Truth in Journalism,” ahem, ahem, ten dollars a copy what are you waiting for?) has still not been knocked out of the water re his COMER banking case.
        The latest I can find is the following:
        “On March 26th, 2015, COMER served and filed its amended statement of claim.
        On April 26th, 2015, the Department of Justice indicated that it would not be filing a statement of defence, but would again move to strike the claim.
        Shortly thereafter, I was served with what is an abusive motion to strike which:
        1. purports to take a second run at the ruling of Justice Russell, and what he determined was justiciable and upheld by the Federal Court of Appeal on July 26th, 2014; and
        2. the motion further repeats grounds on issue(s) removed from the original claim. (Clearly the amended claim was not read with any attention.)
        So, what we have is a repeat of the same motion in disregard to the judicial rulings.
        I have requested, and Department of Justice is NOT opposing, that any motion be placed before Justice Russell so as to not duplicate unnecessary time, resources and expense.
        In addition, and concurrently, in light of the above, abusive motion, COMER is seeking leave, to the Supreme Court of Canada, from the Federal Court of Appeal, for not having simply ordered the matter to proceed to trial, on the main justiciable issues, rather than maintain the striking of the claim and order an amended statement of claim, albeit that we complied with filing the amended claim.
        Rocco Galati, May 13th, 2015”

        Hello Judiciary, must you protect the Enslavers? Couldn’t you just break out in a rash? What would Blackstone say? — MM

  3. My memory of the original people’s or Commonwealth Bank run by Denison Miller funded our part in WW1 and came out at the end showing a profit of about twenty six million pounds. Doing things like that just isn’t allowed, as we’ve come to find out.
    I,ve just received a book in the post called THE BIG DROP by Jim Rickards . How to grow your wealth during the coming collapse. When I flicked it open the first thing I read was “We don’t know what we’re doing. Don’t ever think for a moment that the central bankers know what they’re doing. They don’t.

  4. Hope the link below works, it is sourced from Prison Planet.
    The comments by David Stockman should be considered, especially after about 5 minutes relating to the China ‘syndrome’. (my word) note that the Chinese have 90 million share accounts.
    Stockman knows where he is going to find more reality, by watching the clowns in a circus!!

    On the 10th August at 11.05 am below Mr Shulze refers to the banking system as it is presently run by the bankers and our politicians with the mass media ‘ecohillbillies’ interests in tow.
    See how Mike Rivero explains the system in the short article linked below.
    For more on money that has profited the select few and upset some genuine thinkers see:
    There is a great market opportunity for another young keen thinker/entrepeneur who wishes to develop skills as a manufacturer of whips.

  6. Whilst readers might be in the mood to wake up to the banking ponzi system and the reasons for so many invasions and killing, invest another 44 minutes learning why the bankers arrange the killing of our kids……………..as per Rivero’s report at:

    Send it on if you really want to help your offspring and their offspring……………. even send it on to your local politician and insist on a return to a true government ‘PEOPLES’ Bank and evnen consider issueing ‘tally sticks’ as King Henry did. Any system would be better that the one controlled by the greedy.
    Note President Woodrow Wilson’s reported comment in 1919 wherein he writes that he is a very “unhappy man” as he has destroyed his country etc ………………………….. At least note his comment AT THE TEN 10 MINUTE MARK of the video. (due to giving the bankers the US privately owned Federal Reserve banking system in 1913.)
    I doubt if the Department of Economics at any University actually mentions this to the students, let alone any of our Federal politicians even being aware of who they are working for.
    Seems that many are now realising that President Woodrow Wilson was more awake than any of our Federal politicians and mass media toadies.
    Word is from many of the sootsayhers and crystal ball gazers; is to watch for the period; 15th to 28th September 2015.

    • “I doubt if the Department of Economics at any University actually mentions this to the students”

      Ned, I was taking a Calculus course at Sydney University in order to bring back some of my latent mathematics skills. There had been a fire drill and we were all standing around in the hallway and I noticed an older bloke standing there and got into a conversation with him. Turned out he was an ‘Economics Professor’ at the University.

      I posed the scenario I wrote about in my 10:05 post and asked him about it. His exact words were “I’ll have to think about that”.

      They teach the economic students how to pull the levers and toot the whistle, but they never teach them the machine is broken.

      • If you were the ‘professor’s’ student and said that in an essay you would have been ‘failed’.
        Research the history of Cecil Rhodes and his ‘scholarships’ to gain control of the West’s University education system, dumbing it down and prostituting history to his liking, whilst having his toadies gaining control of public influence and policies.
        G Edward Griffin’s (or Edward G?) works might be a helpful start.
        He also has a website and wrote the ‘Creature from Jekyl Island’ which is another work that will not be seen in a university economics department.
        It is absolutely amazing as to how many wasted spaced out msm journalists writing about finace, economics and banking will stare one in the face and deny that the Federal US Reserve Bank is a private bank owned by about a dozen private interests.

  7. During the late sixties Joe Bjelke Peterson of ‘Never You Mind About That’ fame, gave the development of a top grade coking coal mine to foreign ownership. They were selling it as I recall on the world market at the time for twenty two dollars a tonne, paying minimal tax, and Queensland was ‘raking in’ around fifty cents a tonne in royalties.
    The Country Party was in power at the time because the first state election I witnessed in Qld, Labour got 60 % of the primary vote , the Country Party 37% and their Leader became Premier.The world’s a lunatic asylum and the monkey’s have the keys, holds pretty true for me. We live in a fool’s paradise and that’s about the strength of it. Have a nice day.

  8. Greg Buck delivers a thoughtful and honest commentary that pulls the curtain back from the Wizard’s economic sorcery.

    Australians are so wealthy compared to most of the rest of the world the majority are hard to convince there is any serious problem in our economy.

    What is a greater puzzle is that the Greeks, despite all the convulsions and uncertainties, do not appear to have any significant “money reform” intelligentsia.
    In greece it is reported that 40+ % of the youth are unemployed but they are clearly not spending their spare time on useful self education.

    Terry Shulze, your account of the “matter of fact”, to the point of disinterested response from an economist when challenged with the money trick, is such a commonly found attitude.
    They are under a “religious” type spell.
    Similar to trying to challenge a Jehovah’s Witness about the story in their Watchtower.
    Were you associated at all with Operation Bank Watch?

    • Christopher and Greg, since you have contributed so much I hate to ask for more, but, being quite aware of the amazing destruction of the planet that is occurring (oceans, even), have you any suggestions on what we can do to stop it urgently?

      • There is a series of youtube vids called Cops Gone Wild — each one more unbearable than the other. I’ll show one here which at least has a touch of humor, if you could call it that, insofar as the peeps are being arrested for acting normal inside the Tom Jefferson memorial.
        This is sign of emergency…

      • Mary and Dee, I don’t believe there are any simple solutions.
        We can only aim to make a positive difference.
        That must be rooted in the best foundations of truth we can learn. Self education is preeminent.
        I know myself, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the scale and effectiveness of the deceptions, which is why we need to focus on some limited objective on our own or in a small group, where truth can be expanded to others.
        The lie machine has a printing press and an army of protectors.
        Petitioning our MP’s, Journalists, Academics, etc is a bit like watching grass grow it is such a tedious task and a thick skin is required.
        I believe there is a substantial Australian minority who do recognize we are on a very dangerous path but unfortunately the deception peddlers are expert at seeding factional attitudes and no real honest leadership and common purpose is visible at this time.
        I know I am repeating myself but we must get into the habit of using our vote every day of the week.
        Publicly challenge lies and support truth as often as possible.
        The most difficult aspect is that those who speak the truth will be often viewed as unbalanced or obsessed by a section of our community and that can include “friends” and family.
        This is a cross most people will not take up.
        Always use questions and stay on bedrock information as there is plenty of bedrock to build upon so why stray into uncertainty unless it is very clearly qualified.
        When a grand towering vision is desired it can only be built from the ground up, it starts with understanding all the elements and skills required, foundations rooted in rock must be set , framing suitably solid and precise is next, brick by brick, floor by floor, millions of tedious tasks completed with intelligent order and purpose to reach the chosen goal.
        Perhaps the missing critical element we have is a “Bradfield” and a “Lang” though these two inspirational Australians were not without their flaws, they sure led the building of a fine bridge that most believed impossible.

    • Chris, no I wasn’t involved with Operation Bank Watch, although I remember Jim Cronin and Paul McLean. As I was reading through the article I read about the concern of the destruction of primary producers, people on the land – and I remembered something that happened in Federal Court during the hearing.

      At some point I looked around the Court and noticed nothing but parasites, other than the farmer and his wife, everybody else was just a parasite on the labour of others. The judges, court staff, associate, court reporter, lawyers – the whole lot.

      The only thing of value the Court could do was grant JUSTICE. If it couldn’t do that it was more than worthless, it was a drain on real wealth.

      It was an almost surreal moment, detached from the court drama, just observing without emotion the absurdity of the situation.

      After the hearing I went to the robbing room and got out of my gear. Normally I just threw the outfit in the Blue Bag to carry it, but this time I crushed everything as small as I could, rolled it all up and tightened the strings around the roll. I left the court with the roll hidden under my left arm against my chest – I was ashamed I was a lawyer and I didn’t want anyone to notice the Blue Bag and identify me as a Barrister.

      • That’s how i felt about the roomful of wigged wonders at the Victoria Bushfire inquiry. Only worse.
        Terry Shulze, you need a good cry.
        Thank you for all your pro-bono-ing. Believe me it makes a diff. Where would we be without a few strong souls?

        And yes I think the bushfires did not come from God. We know the ones that started simultaneously on many Greek islands a few years ago did not come from God, right?
        “Tesla” knew how to do it, and did it publicly, before our parents were even born.
        But Dee has enough on her plate without my going there. And anyway I don’t want to go there.

        Please don’t give up on the law. The law is our weapon. You did a beaut job in the egg case. The fact that Parliament changed the law so as to prevent your case from becoming a precedent is what we call “testament.”
        Yay testament! And yay farmers! And yay people who think we ae capable of a tad better than we are presently doing.
        Maybe several tads better.
        Christ, what a mess.

        • Here’s something else that Dee can put on her plate, if she hasn’t done a story on it yet – Chelmsford Hospital. It was a mind-control operation in conjunction with Dr. Cameron in North America.

          If she hasn’t done one yet, let me know and I’ll send some information to get her started.

    Matter for the wise to tconsider taking note of Noni’s comments in the video at the 9.18 time line on 11th August below, from the 34 minute mark, at least to the 39+ minute mark.

  10. To appreciate what is happening and being developed, learn from what some banking interests and corporations tried in the USA in the early 1930’s, to usurp the democracy of the USA by using General Smedley Butler to oust the government, but he exposed the traitors. .

    “Government have become powerless’. TPP anyone?

    For more on Smedley Butler and his distinguished military career as a 30 year military ‘hatchet man’ for corporations over three continents, read his short booklet; ‘General Smedley Butler – War is a Racket’ : at
    http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.html ……. and many other sites.

    For a recital of his words, hear at:

    “……..Al Capone (was a pussy; my words) ) he operated only in three districts..”
    When did our pollies (Greens included) and mass media, including the ABC and SBS ever tell you about that part of history, now being the policy continued in the Middle East.

  11. For all those politicians msm editors and journos (especially from News Corp) who are not interested in reporting the significant information below and educating their dumbed down readers and viewers, just go and have a peak at a sweet little fluffy grey cotton tale named ‘Bruce’ and feel happy.

  12. This quote will not; be printed in the msm, mentioned by our politicians or shock jocks, now will it? WHY NOT?

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
    (Thomas Jefferson)
    Now how prophetic is that?

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