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“The News Is What We Say It Is”



I wrote back in February “Rupert Murdoch – This Could Be Your Greatest Hour”. But it seems Rupert has let the opportunity slip, as he passed the baton to sons James and Lachlan in July.

This week the 84 year-old media baron hosted a lavish lunch at Sydney’s Rose Bay’s Catalina restaurant. But the talk is about wearing ties and his security detail – of divers, sniffer dogs, and plainclothes security guards. More than 30 police and guards were involved. So what! 

The mainstream media has now become so distorted, that I believe the problem for humanity is the mainstream media. Our celebrated Rupert has been our problem.

The media has for decades been about “perception management” – with a blockade on truth. For example – the facts of nearly every false flag has been buried, with our news being clogged with drug cheats, minor rorts, political farce, accidents and sport.

The media have successfully provided a disconnect from how things really operate – and now people seem to prefer the “managed reality” that has been presented to them day after day.

But for our species to find solutions to our problems, we need to have a feedback loop to and from reality (truth). Take anything – money, war, famine, climate. None of these will be solved if the facts are managed and the real criminals shielded from the public. Thus humanity is not able to “fix” the problem. Instead, the “elite” propagate their own agendas in a “Problem-Reaction-Solution” modus operandi.

The managed mainstream media is a threat to our species.

Some videos:

In the video below, Rupert plays down his role. But he still supported the war in Iraq.

The news has been managed for a long time.

There also don’t even seem to be dissenting mainstream journalists anymore. Maybe they don’t get hired these days. Well soon, these journalists are going to be out of a job anyway as the writing of news becomes automated.

The mainstream media was (below) and still is a health hazard.

In late 1996, journalists Jane Akre and Steve Wilson began investigating rBGH, the genetically modified growth hormone used in American dairies. The Fox Television affiliate reporters also uncovered studies linking its effects to cancer. Monsanto threatened Fox News with “dire consequences” if the stories aired.



  1. Dalia, (further to the story of ‘Bruce’ in the comments in the previous article below) people only want to know what the ‘Kardashian rabbit’, Bruce, has for dinner……………top range Monsanto GM free Muesli no doubt and GM free carrots………..Lucky Bruce!
    Love to see a two page colour spread on Bruce’s diet, his hutch and furnishings.
    Come on News Corp journalists, how about it? Be of some use to your employer.
    Here Daily Tele’ journos, this is a start………………. be it for an underpriviliged rabbit.

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