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FBI Evidence Proves Marathon Bomber’s Innocence


Tsarnaev backpacks don't match up!

By Dee McLachlan

In April, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty on 30 counts, and then later given a death sentence. When will the mainstream media begin questioning the “narrative”.

We have published pictures about the backpack before, and Mary Maxwell has written several articles about the case (recently “Dear Boston”). So I am pleased to see Dr Craig Paul Robert’s article “FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.”

From Dr Robert’s article:

“I have been contacted by attorney John Remington Graham, a member in good standing of the bar of the Minnesota Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. He informs me that acting in behalf of Maret Tsanaeva, the aunt of the accused Tsamaev brothers and a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic where she is qualified to practice law, he has assisted her in filing with the US District Court in Boston a pro se motion, including an argument of amicus curiae, and an affidavit of Maret Tsarnaeva. The presiding judge has ordered that these documents be included in the formal record of the case so they will be publicly accessible….”

The documents argue (from the evidence provided by the FBI) that there is no basis for the indictment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The FBI’s evidence clearly concludes that the bomb was in a black knapsack – whereas Dzhokhar’s was a white knapsack.

John Remington GrahamJohn Remington Graham

Robert’s goes on.

“In my questioning of John Remington Graham, I concluded that despite 48 years of active experience with criminal justice, both as a prosecuting attorney and defense attorney, he was shocked to his core by the legal malfeasance of the Tsarnaev case. As Graham is nearing the end of his career, he is willing to speak out, but he could not find a single attorney in the state of Massachusetts who would sponsor his appearance before the Federal District Court in Boston.”

The Affidavit of Maret Tsarnaeva and the Argument of Amicus Curiae can be read here.

The question now should be: Who should be charged now for the miscarriage of justice?



    • Dee, thank you for crediting me — and now I must credit you, too. You never kwitcha bitchin’ about the two backpacks.

      I never cared about the physical evidence. i cared about the judge. He was born the same year as me and went to the same kind of Irish Catholic nuns school that I went to. How can he possibly have turned coat like that?
      How can the doctors at Mass. General Hospital have lied so blatantly??? Ima tellin’ you, they have all been in the recipe.

      Gotts get the antidote for that recipe.
      And you know Henry K has it. You KNOW he has it.
      Get Henry under the material-witness act.
      Wait. Didn’t I say that about someone else this morning?

      Y’all helpers out there, here is the federal law, codified at 18 USC 3144. Quoth the raven:

      “If it appears from an affidavit filed by a party that the testimony of a person is material in a criminal proceeding, and if it is shown that it may become impracticable to secure the presence of the person by subpoena, a judicial officer may order the arrest of the person and treat the person in accordance with the provisions of section 3142 of this title. … Release of a material witness may be delayed for a reasonable period of time until the deposition of the witness can be taken pursuant to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.”

      Or, to paraphrase the old song “You get no bread with one meatball”, YOU GET NO FRIGGING HABEAS CORPUS WITH THE MATERIAL WITNESS ACT.

      Got that?

      • “How can the doctors at Mass. General Hospital have lied so blatantly???” Good question Mary, rhetorical or actual.

        There are rewards and there are punishments. I think the next article down touches on some of the punishment aspect. I’ve worked with many Doctors in the Public sector, and overall they are an honest bunch here in OZ, but over there? A pretty much fully Private system will certainly provide a compliance incentive should it be demanded. Owners and Boards have contacts.

        By the by, here I’ve seen far more mercenary greed and dishonesty on the Private side than in the Public, not that the Operators care so long as they get paid. (Private Hospitals view the Doctor as the customer not the patient BTW).

          • Their “Leadership” comes from those who accepted the highest bid for their loyalty. I’m from the Nursing end. We had one window of actual Leadership in the mid-80s, who was brought down spectacularly by the PTB and no-one even noticed. It was an object lesson on how politics at various levels and media in this country unite to destroy anyone who steps outside the tent.

            We are awash with freedom in this country, just so long as the parameters within which that freedom may be exercised are never breached.

          • Paul, please write to me or Dee, with an eye to expanding into an article the info you have just given us re the mid-80s. I want to know where the leadership is. Naturally the PTB wants to eliminate, or own, any one who has leaderlike qualities.

            Honestly you have to give them credit for thinking of everything!!

    • I might add that the Australian media and our politicians fit the Keating observation: “….. they are just a shiver looking of a spine to crawl up”.

  1. In case you haven’t heard of him, this is one of Pee Jay’s efforts regarding false flags. I think his website was cancelled not long after. I think his voice will tell you what country he’s from.
    ‘Attack of the “Trouser Bomb” at the Boston Hoaxathon’
    Maybe it’s Pee Jay 22, although I’m not really sure.

    • One only has to look at the circumstance and the evidence to be aware that McVeigh, if he did it, did not plant all the bombs in the building.
      I suppose some still think Oswald was a lone gunman! If you do not, then the CIA , mas media and ‘gullibles’ call one a ‘conspiracy theorist’!

  2. After being held for over ten years I suppose the USA will one day present their evidence at a public hearing that KSM actually did what he said he did, under torture: “I planned 911 from A to Z”. People will recall that he was ‘waterboarded’ about 83 times in one month, it is called ‘enhanced interrogation’.
    Yea, right??

  3. the Boston ‘event’ now has a new addition. here’s what I posted to Pres. Obama’s FB page today. (as of 2 days ago, we now have Paris to add to the familiar ‘pattern’ the same day Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s motion for hearing for a new trial was announced for Dec.1. gotta keep those forgetful memories fresh and inflamed in fear and hatred!) and the same day a MA judge found guilty and sentenced someone for lying about being a marathon victim. here’s what I posted to Pres. Obama’s FB page today. enough to discount the original trial isn’t it? please comment about legalities on this. it’s in the MA court system now. new trial material?
    Mr. President, We the People are very concerned learning that a Boston marathon false ‘victim’ given restitution of $80-90K was sentenced Friday, Nov. 13 by Judge Peter Krupp in MA court admitting to five counts of larceny over $250 by false pretenses and one count of making a false claim to a government agency. It now behooves you to demand a full investigation into the possibility of the existence of other false ‘victims’ of this atrocity. Certainly a man convicted and sentenced to death cannot be responsible for killing and maiming people who lied and are now convicted fraudsters and larcenists in the MA court system regarding the Boston ‘event’? Is that trial now rendered illegal? It’s a compelling issue that needs full exposure of truth and justice. Kindly pursue this to its end…

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