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Get ’Em. And Protect Our Legislators and Doctors


Charles_TobeyThe late Senator Charles Tobey.

By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

This article concerns the doctors who are being killed off because they have found that macrophage therapy cures many diseases. The title “Get em” means we need to get the killers right away. I particularly mean we ought to stop looking for some perfect research to support phage therapy, and we ought to stop pussyfooting around as to who should be indicted. The thing is to take action quickly before more doctors get killed.

You would be surprised to know how many doctors got killed in the 20th century because they knew of one of the several cures for cancer. I found this out when I was preparing my book, “Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status.”  And I doubt if more than a handful of citizens know how many elected politicians get bumped off for trying to investigate. Usually we hear that they lose an election, or get ridiculed or sued, or that a member of their family dies in a crash. That is all true, but some get killed.  See the website “Political graveyard.”

On second thought, don’t see that website or any website. You could easily spend a year, fulltime, tracking these things. But what good is it to know that crime is occurring if the law enforcement people and the judges won’t act, and the academics, the clergy, etc, won’t speak out? We have to become more and more clear in our accusations. This is an emergency.

As it is, the US has a material-witness law that allows us to arrest a person who is in possession of information about a crime. I assure you hundreds, probably thousands of scientists, are aware of the crime of physician-murder. They could be arrested until they hand over the information we need. This should be done at a state level. It is clear that the national body in charge of prosecutions, the Department of Justice, is itself filled with criminals, and so “our hands are tied.” Just go to your district attorney in US or your state’s prosecutor in Australia.

Note: citizen’s arrest is legal, but it does not include the material witness arrest; it can be used only where you know that a felony has been committed and who committed it. On that score, however, note that it is a felony to be an accessory to murder and cover-up fits that description. Before you bother to attempt a citizen’s arrest you should simply go to a police station and “lay an information.”

GFmac and Bradtreet’s Work on Nagalese

In 1954 Robert Lincoln, MD, lost his membership in the Massachusetts Medical Association for doing a good job. (Typical, typical.) He had been using the therapy of macrophaging. I came to know of him because a few of his patients were cured of cancer. However, Dr Lincoln had success with many illnesses, as it seems that the macrophage is our God-given way of fighting off various diseases. Lincoln’s role was to increase the number of phages (which are bacteria that eat other pathogens).

This morning I got an email from Alan Cantwell, MD, telling me that Catherine Frompovich, a retired nutritionist, has published an article claiming that it was likely the use of macrophage by Jeff Bradstreet and Nick Gonzales that led to their murders. How do you like that? The killers are now so uninhibited that they cause death in a way that is easily detected. Bradstreet and others went violently in the last 60 days; admittedly Gonzales’ death is chalked up to natural causes. So we can leave Gonzales name off the list; we don’t need it.

Frompovich provides a link to a video “The Reason Behind the Rash of Dead or Missing Doctors,” which emphasizes that the dead docs were working on “nagalese” (related to macrophages). The video also says that some of the dead doctors were visited by the feds shortly before their death, regarding this nagalese stuff (which I don’t pretend to understand).  Certainly the specific officials who visited them, such as from the FDA, can be arrested, as I said, as material witnesses. This is a life or death situation, is it not?

Sixty Years of Timidity Is Quite a Disgrace

Although I’ve just said I don’t want you to waste any time on research, let me give you the story of the aforementioned Robert Lincoln, an ordinary GP in Medford Massachusetts before he died at age 54. You may find this handy when talking to politicians, thanks to the Fitzgerald report.  After Lincoln was bumped off, his work was investigated by US Senator Charles Tobey of NH who felt grateful for Lincoln for having cured the senator’s son of cancer.  Then Tobey died mysteriously. A lawyer named Benedict Fitzgerald was already working on a Senate committee investigation about the suppressed cancer cures. Tobey’s successor, Senator Bricker, asked Fitzgerald to toss it in but he refused, God bless him, and so we can all read about it in the Congressional Record. Or you can read about it in my book. Here’s a recap:

In 1946 the Journal of the AMA rejected an article Lincoln submitted, as did the New England Journal of Medicine in 1948. Boston University Medical School cut off the supply of antibiotics for his macrophages. US Senator Tobey wrote to 100 medical schools asking them to send someone to investigate Lincoln’s methods – to no avail. (Huh? Why not send someone and reveal all Lincoln’s errors if there are any?)

The “hidden hand” was busily at work to prevent patients finding the doctor who had the cancer cure. Astonishingly, even in that post-war time, when returned soldiers, sailors, and airmen had quite a grip on the public’s emotions, they could not get proper help. Senator Charles Tobey had insisted on holding hearings on Lincoln’s cure (bacteriophaging) in 1953. The result is called the FitzGerald Report.

The senator’s son said (Note: he writes as a layperson):

[Dr Lincoln] went into the sinus cavities and took what they call a “culture”; that was a cluster of millions of staphylococcus germs. The virus and hoemeplitic taphylococus aureous germs were taken to his old professor, Dr. Hooker, Chief of the Department of Immunology of Boston University and there they were made into what was called bacteria, which consisted of a virus but without the germ.

In other words, in the laboratory by rapid transplanting of these germs in which the virus grew from… rabbit blood to another, they increased the vitality, you might say, of the virus and then they’d feed that back in with a nebulizer in the form of a substance. You breathe back trillions of these viruses which are germ killers. — Charles W Tobey, Jr., [reprinted at website whale.to]

I think many a veteran will feel hurt, even today, when they hear how VA hospitals were still using mustard gas as treatment, in 1950s, when such miracles as Lincolns were available. One vet said:

“I came to Dr Lincoln’s clinic. Here I found a doctor eager to help Here I have seen and experienced scientific marvels, both with my own progress and those that I have observed in others …. They carry a look of great hope and confidence. In my personal case, visible enlarged lymph glands have been reduced approximately 70 % in a six weeks. [I’ve had] almost complete disappearance of a hand rash which has been present since my Navy discharge of 1946. Most of the nervous tension associated with Hodgkins has been relieved and instead of sleeping [all day] I’m working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.  [reported by The Arlin Brown Information Center, Ft Belvoir, VA Note: Arlin Brown was an early sharer of cancer cure data, by mimeograph!]

This is from my book Consider the Lilies (2013):

Going then to see what Boston University’s Sanford Hooker was doing, I found a 1942 abstract at Jimmunolog.org: “Antigenic proteins having a molecular weight of about 35,000 seem to have a minimal functional valence of 5, … larger molecules can have much higher valences, plausibly in proportion to their surface.”

Well, you know me, suspicious mind. I wonder if Lincoln was used by Hooker to do research. If so, then Hooker himself was being used. (Aren’t most scientists being used these days?)

Dear Reader [I said in 2013], I am shocked. I have just found out that if you want phage therapy you are welcome to rock up at the Eliava Institute in Tblisi, Georgia, and that, according to the website phage.org, the Polish Academy of Sciences have had 92% success, over many years, phaging with Staphylococci, Pseudomonas, Escherichia, and Salmonella.

I also learned from the article quoted below that the Pasteur Institute of Lyon stopped making “therapeutic cocktails” in the mid 1990s and that, according to a 2002 study by Henri de Montclos “successful treatment was typically achieved in a few weeks.” (This is general, not about cancer.)”

Here now is a hot article by Stephen T Abedon, et al “Phage treatment of human infections”  2011 March 1(2): 66–85.  But I’d like you to skip over it if you are not the technicaltype:

“Phage therapy involves the targeted application of bacteriophages that, upon encounter with specific pathogenic bacteria, can infect and kill them. As typically practiced, phages then lyse those bacteria, releasing virion progeny that can continue the cycle, including migrating to other sites of infection anywhere in the body. Of similar importance, phages only minimally impact non-target bacteria or body tissues. The viruses of bacteria were discovered in 1915 by Frederick Twort. The seminal publication demonstrating “un bactériophage obligatoire” is by Félix d’Hérelle in 1917. 13 Microbiologists subsequently began to incorporate the idea of phages into their worldview, with phage therapy almost immediately coming to play a central role in the development of the field. [I’m like Huh?] This was followed by a period of declining enthusiasm in much of the western world, [with] displacement of its use after World War II by antibiotics….

At the same time, phage therapy and its active application continued to increase within the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, where it was well supported until the fall of the Soviet Union [1990]. In the West, the golden age of phage-based development of molecular biology involved intense work with just a few phages infecting one avirulent lab host (E. coli B) rather than broad exploration of phages targeting a range of key pathogens. … Phage therapy was “rediscovered” by the English-language literature starting with Smith and Huggins in the 1980s. Human phage therapy has been practiced in France since 1919, when d’Hérelle first successfully treated several children at the Hospital des Enfants Malades in Paris who were suffering from severe dysentery, using the phage he had first isolated from the stools of soldiers….”

And here is the Jeff Bradstreet-related video mentioned earlier:

Mary W Maxwell is a legal eagle and the widow of a pediatrician. Her latest book is Fraud Upon the Court (Trine Day Press, Oregon). Please visit her website ProsecutionForTreason.com. She is completely at your service if you want to act on the above “get ’em” instruction. She writes twice a week, always hot stuff, for GumshoeNews.com in Australia. In her earlier articles about the death of Bradstreet she observed that more than 600 citizens have sent money to GoFundMe in order to get an investigation going. This is great news, but it is standard practice for investigations to use up people’s energy and lead nowhere. So you have to really focus this time. The idiots who are running the world have been deliberately making people ill and preventing their cure for decades. We aren’t all going to pop into a trance and ignore that, are we? We have good law available to sort it out.



  1. Bankers, microbiologits, journalists (the good ones) and now talented doctors!!
    No time now but way back I had a look; search ‘dead microbiologists’ (since 9/11 say)
    I recall one report of a microbiologist in Victoria dying in a vacumn room or similar. Weird! wonder what the occupational health and safety people said about that? Anyone know?
    Then again, if you are a Clinton family fan, look up their trail.

  2. Now 88 dead scientists and microbiologists – Rense
    Marconi in the UK had a very bad record at the end of the 20th century. Also Astronomers seem to be an endangered species of late.

  3. One correction. The speakers say we MUST be supplementing with Vit D pills.

    We DO NOT WANT to be taking Vitamin D pills!!! There is no other better source for absorption of Vit D than the SUN!!! Period. We are meant to absorb our Vit D from the sun. We’ve developed a society where we sit inside doing lethargic activities, hiding from the sun. NOT healthy or good. A great deal of our disease is caused by our sedentary life-styles and the speakers do not address this at all.

    In Spring, one should start spending 15 minutes in the sun sunbathing, then increasing week by week. The sun does NOT cause cancer; the chemical sunscreens, full of carcinogens, do. So, get out in the sun to get your Vit D. Start early and build up – get out in nature and receive her benefits. Do NOT
    just pop a Vit D pill – this is seriously bad advice by the speakers.

    The other quality of sunlight is that it is the most effective disinfectant on the planet. That is correct.

    Why do you all think that line/sun-dried clothing/sheets smell
    so good? It’s because the sun is good.

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