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The Numbers Game: Same-Sex Marriage, Chinese Immigration, and Other Issues



By Mary W Maxwell

Whoopie for Australia’s prime minister, Tony Abbott. He has just figured out that no matter what legislation Canberra undertakes in the next 12 months, there will be a legalization of same-sex marriage come August 2016. Howzat? There will be a plebiscite, he said, and “polls consistently show that 70% of Aussies say yes to same sex marriage.”

Well, the first thing one might notice from that, is that Parliament at the moment is not reflecting the wishes of the people. If 70 percent of the people want the Legislature to do such-and-such, why do we have members of the two chambers sitting there voting the other way? (Or, in the case of Abbott, “not letting his party hold a vote”) How is that possible?

Let’s hark back to March 2003. I distinctly recall that 100,000 members of Adelaide’s population, including myself, hoofed it down to the corner of North Terrace and King William Street, to say “No” to a proposed invasion of Iraq. Believe me, Adelaideans just do not do that. We are not marchers, rally-ers, or even signers of petitions. Good old quiet Adelaide. Yet enough folks were sufficiently adamant “Do not send Australian Defense Forces to Iraq” that we turned out as one giant throng.

A few days later, on March 18, 203, when it was time for South Australia’s well-paid reps to say Yea or Nay, they failed to reflect the state’s huge Nay. They smiled and said Yea. (Same for the other 5 states.)  Wow. That issue, even more than the Iraq-war issue, should have made us wake up immediately to what is going on in Parliament. Namely, parliamentarians of both parties are answering to a global god, not to the Australian citizenry.

Let’s look at the matter differently: if the majority of the population wants same-sex marriage to be given the same legal status as opposite-sex marriage, or wants us not to invade Iraq, how can we make that happen, if the pollies in Canberra are standing in the way of our wishes.  Is that a fascinating question or what?

Other Issues

Pretend that someone phones you now and says “Tomorrow you will be given a chance to go on mainstream television and make a solemn request for  three actions by government.” (Nothing pie-in the-sky, like asking for a gold chicken in every pot). What would you ask for? Please name things that are already favored by a majority of citizens.

Allow me to list three that come to mind, but I don’t mean these are special. They’re just three that seem important to me.

First, arrest right now any prison guards or other persons who appear to have been responsible for the most recent hundred deaths in custody of Aboriginal men in Oz. (Hello, I hope that shocked you – you didn’t know we had that many deaths, eh? Well, we did.)

Second, Put an immediate halt on fracking, until we can better learn what it is all about. Some people are saying it is extremely dangerous. Therefore we should do what the parents of any family would do before letting their kid try something new and hazardous – find out more and then make an informed judgment. (Fracking has to do with a new technology of mining).

Third, put an immediate halt on the immigration process of any persons who have not already earned enough points to get permanent residence here. As far as I can estimate, there are already tons of Chinese students who qualify to get PR. I assume Canberra has made a secret deal with China to accept innumerable immigrants, and that the awarding of immigration points for completion of a university degree is the main method of achieving this. (Overseas students who come here to attend a private high school also win points for PR. Imagine 13-year-olds being pulled away from their Mom and Dad for that goal!)

Do We Want a Chinese Australia?

Humans are a social species and always live in tribes. If you look at comparative maps of Europe over the last thousand years you will see demographic changes that accounted for the formation of today’s nation-states. No one appears to have directed this from above. Births happen. Families migrate. There are conquests. Etc.

Until 1914 there was no such thing as a passport. If you wanted to move to another country you simply moved there. The 20th century brought greater controls on individuals. It also saw deliberate government-sponsored migrations. (E.g., Italians and Greeks got a 10-pound boat ticket to come here in the 1950s.) The 20th century saw the ever-increasing power of hidden global rulers to decide which countries would disappear.

In future, Australia will have a much larger Chinese and Indian population than it does now, for the simple reason that those two countries together hold at least a fourth of the world’s 7 billion folk. It may even be that the current habit of having national borders will disappear. (That is what the globalists are aiming for as seen, for example in the TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership, though I hugely disapprove.)

Am I advocating the holding back of tribal movements? No. Nature will out. But I advocate – as one of my three wishes listed above – that Australia legislate right now to stop further immigration, until we have a chance to figure out how to best deal with our growing “Chinese Australia.” I want every nation to be a community and to make decisions for itself; that is a bulwark against the so-called one percent taking over the world and reducing every human to a status of slave. Australia needs to be a community, no matter what be its ethnic ingredients!

I am happy that Australia will become more Chinese. To repeat: we are going to have a Chinese Australia, no matter what. A huge number of students have already been promised the right to proceed, on the points system. I am recommending that we do what we failed to do on March 18, 2003, regarding the invasion of Iraq. That is, we prevent our pollies from making secret deals.

We should not put up with secret or inexplicable policies from Canberra.  It is the people’s responsibility to look out for their nation. Such an idea may sound far-out today, even though it’s routinely given lip service. What is the value of our being such an educated nation if folks won’t think and debate?

The Dream of a Nice Twenty-First Century

Like I said, we have prisons here in Oz where inmates get clobbered to death. China has them, too, as you can see on Youtube. (China also uses prisoners as a supply of body parts for transplant. If that were happening in Oz, would your pollie be interested in stopping it, or would he/she turn a blind eye?)

Message to young people: If you want a happy future, it has something to do with your influencing your community’s decisions. And for that, you have to be aware of decision-making. Where are the decisions made today? Trust me, there is a long history of intellectual work that can aid you not only in figuring out how to organize the making of decision, but how to magnify human values.

I’d like to see some young Aussie-born Aussies and some recently settled Chinese-Australians get together and talk about what they want.  My guess is that the immigrants will say they don’t want what they had back home (after all that’s why they escaped). They don’t want a high-up government that pushes people around. They don’t want crowding! They want — blah blah, let them fill it in.

I hope Aussies, of any ethnic background, can be sufficiently Aussie to identify our values and then discuss how best these can be preserved. From there we can move on to enhancing our Australian culture by bringing in the best values of the immigrants. It’s a win-win situation!

If you don’t bother to see what values your culture contains, you are going to have those values dictated by someone else. You gonna be sor-ree.

Come on, do some work. This could be enormous fun.

— Mary W Maxwell is co-author with Dee McLachlan of the 2015 book Truth in Journalism. She can be reached at her website ProsecutionForTreason.com









  1. My friend Dee says we live with parallel realities.
    I guess that is just one of the many fascinating results of our evolution. (You won’t want to endure the full 6-minute slog here, but a half minute at the beginning and end might be informative):

  2. Mary, Australians did march in the streets to oppose the policy of joining an invasion of Iraq but street marches are sorcery cooked up by Machiavellian manipulators to fool people into believing they are standing up for a principle when they are just exhausting their energy on a meaningless activity.
    The same people who march in the streets vote for policies that give effect to exactly the opposite policies they claim they hold and wish to have implemented.
    Not one single Australian MP has stated the honest truth about the forces and agencies that engineered the Iraq War which was just one chapter in a long term monopoly agenda.
    The war happened because the powerful who initiated the war knew the populous are muddled in their understanding of correct action and would accept a pointless rally as an expression of moral opposition but continue to vote for candidates who at best offer token criticism but never state the full honest truth of our political reality.
    This deep contamination of the thinking process across Australian society applies equally to immigration, social morality(traditional marriage), justice in prisons and almost every subject we care to investigate.
    Opinion polls are a tool of the sorcerer to change and shape the public mind based on the fundamental reality most people are sheep and run with the mob. The change agents buy a new reality with clever advertising campaigns that flood the airwaves and social media with one particular view constantly repeating the propaganda that it’s inevitability because – “look at the opinion polls”.
    The opposing view point is intimidated into silence and the historical experience and present negative dimensions of ignoring morality(what works) are invisible.
    The campaign to achieve equal legal status for “gay marriage” is exploiting an almost irrelevant question of the absence of freedom of choice or legal equality for same sex relationships, deceptively aimed at the erosion of the Christian concept of Marriage and Family.
    Education funding is flowing into schools and universities to influence the impressionable minds of youth who rely on others for their values and training for life.
    This attack, like the attack on Iraq, is just a continuation of a long term program of monopoly over human life and purpose.
    A Christian marriage has sacred and metaphysical foundations that are progressively being destroyed by the modern idea of liberalism that we can invent our values to suit short term self interest and passion, with no effect on the personal outcomes and social credit we harvest now, and for our children in the future.
    Never does a day go by without the refugee crisis being broadcast in all it’s developing tragic dimensions, results and future challenges, yet no MP has the courage to stand up and explain the cause and characters responsible.
    I mean a fully dynamic accounting of our political reality, not a timid shallow study that bends and compromises with the fake sensitivities of language and identity that surround political power, and often constrain the investigation from achieving honest clarity of the problem, and formulating the essential genuine solutions at the root.
    Australians must first understand with precision how a vote works if it is to be effective in achieving genuine democratic results, along with grasping all the deceit that has been constructed around a vote in a democracy, effectively the forces of tyranny have built a Nation that never uses it’s vote to get what it desires, but is seduced to surrender their vote to the monopoly policy wrapped in a multiplicity of seductive packages to suit many herds of various colours and fashion.
    It’s all just a trick that plays to the base instincts and needs of humanity, but until we grow up we will keep getting what we do not wish for because that is exactly the outcome the majority of Australians keep voting to support.
    It’s not easy to confront lies and act independently, so most people construct false rationals to justify compromise, and the printing press is always generously giving assistance to this corrupting tack with all manner of seductions that help contaminate our decisions away from individual correct action based on correct principles informed by a fully researched dynamic truth.

    • Dear Christopher, I marvel at your persistence. I agree with everything you have said except the voting. I think people need to form small groups. Walking into a voting room and filling out a paper is not enough involvement.
      We need to talk about public policies; that was my main point re Chinese (or any other) immigration.

      Oops, I also want to say this about marriage. I know a couple that will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary two years from now. They are Christian (well actually one is a Jew, but they are Christian in the sense in which you used the word, I think.) Their marriage is sacred, as you say. I consider marriage one of the great blessings of the universe. Undoubtedly it is a holy union when the two people are able to be faithful and caring for a lifetime. We surely don’t want to lose this stabilizing force in society. (It’s a double whammy: the existence of marriage stabilizes the community, and the community’s respect for marriage stabilizes the couple.) The wedded pair to whom I refer live in New York. They are both of the male persuasion. There was never the slightest option for them to go hetero and find a woman. Could not happen. But their marriage can’t be less sacred for that reason.
      I have sent for a copy of Phylis Schlafly’s new book (I consider myself the Physlis Schlafly of Australia, dyed-in-the-wool Conservative). It is called “Who Killed the American Family?” I think i know and it is the same bunch you have identified as killing more than just the family. We need to focus on them, Christopher, and what we are going to do about them. That was the thrust of my article below, entitled “Get ’em”.

      • Mary, my concept of a vote is not ticking a box for more of the same on election day, many do that and puzzle why they get more of the same, my concept of a vote is the rightful moral power of our individual voice, mind and body to advance or confront truth and lies as we meet the opportunities and decisions in our life.

        Though many hundreds of thousands did march in opposition to the Iraq invasion, they vote for and join the political associations that facilitated the crime, and so join the same corrupt capitulation of the politicians in that action.

        That is faulty action which is why we have faulty results.

        I deal with this fundamental corruption of human beings in association every day of the week and predict if our society cannot overcome this corruption of action very soon we are going through the mill.

        If people turn on the tap but refuse to put the plug in the bath why should they complain when it never fills to allow them the pleasure and result they seek.

        Regarding the Christian concept of Marriage, it includes accepting the responsibility of bearing, nurturing, educating, training and inspiring offspring so your society has a future.
        Social traditions, values and morals are the philosophical dimension of our existence but the truth or otherwise of a moral or a principle can be discerned from the results of human experience as the drama plays out over time.
        As with physical science, the practice of trial and error has presented us with the choice to learn and benefit from the record of our forbears, or plunder the truth and endure the disciplinary force of nature upon our choice.

        One relationship example as an argument for a social principle is not validation and I do not pretend I can sit in judgement on other individuals beyond defending the values and culture I favour and acting always to counter threats of any shape to my families opportunity to live and thrive into future generations.

        It is a work in progress as we have 10 children, all home educated, 5-26 in age, 5 boys and 5 girls.

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