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Is The Fed Engineering A Stockmarket Crash in September?



Since March the US Dow is down 6.3%, the ASX 200 by 11.5%, and in just two months China’s CSI 300 – down 29%! These falls are bad. But, Kris Sayce (The Daily Reckoning)  writes they are only the beginning.

I flick through the The Daily Reckoning articles every now and then. (I heard about them as they are only based only a few blocks from me.) They claim that when the founder (Bill Bonner) started The Daily Reckoning, it was the world’s first financial blog – designed to guide investors with unique, useful and contrarian investments. But one article has caught my attention.

Yesterday, contributing writer, Sayce, wrote an article – “This is your Four Minute Warning“, and that in the next 24 days the US Federal Reserve is set to engineer a worldwide stock market crash. (Of course he suggests how to counter this.) He writes:

“I believe the Fed is quietly engineering a worldwide stock market crash as early as 16 September in order to JUSTIFY their next move.” (“to restart the QE3 money printing program at the October meeting.”)

I’m sure Sayce has not heard of Jade Helm – or that it ends on the 15th September. And I don’t imagine he has followed the Shemitah 7 years cycle as explained in this video by Jeff Berwick (with it’s highly irritating music track), or the “7″ Message in a speech by Christine Lagarde of the IMF.

I also doubt Kris Sayce follows Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute. But Celente has gone on the record with a prediction that there will be a stock market crash by the end of 2015?

Sayce (full article here) just refers to key signs that tell him the market is heading south: Mergers & Acquisition activity, Junk bond yields and Richard Russell from The Dow Theory.

For most of the time we seem to live in two alternative realities. But with regard to a pending financial “event” – the alternative and mainstream voices are starting to merge.



  1. As Dee hints. There is a large picture Sayce appears to be not aware of.
    What if there is no more QE and the end is nigh.
    Be nice to read what he says about ‘nigh’

    • QE will fail anyway, this is all beginning to look like what they have been hinting at for decades, the problem is there are way to many agendas involved. I think that the herd cullers are now getting very excited at the prospects, and all involved are foaming at the mouth at how successful this may all turn out. The destruction of America (not USA.INC) is looking like it was always the plan, and the rest, the club events? Has anyone had a read of this article (An Insane President Will Launch Nuclear War in August) Citizens Electoral Council? And this (Putin has signed a “September War” order authorizing atomic weapon first strikes on NATO forces) both could be bulls hit but who knows any more! There is a feeling all the same of “this way, something wicked comes”. Self fulfilled prophecy?

  2. Greece is in turmoil.
    Syria conflict about to escalate.
    Ukraine conflict about to escalate.
    Korean tension flaring
    Oil falling through $40 in glut
    Iron Ore falling value in glut
    Dairy commodities crashed in half over year.
    {Russian sanctions and China out of dairy market}
    Chinese openly rigging their stock trading to manage
    meltdown and property bubble deflation.
    Heavy market declines in US, Europe, China, Japan,
    Russia, Australia and others.

    Also of note this week……
    Alex Jones, compromised alternative media monopolist, is “forced” to interview David Duke on the Jewish supremacy subject, to neutralize the growing voices questioning his integrity, found Duke’s argument and ability too controversial and deleted the complete interview. Jones’s Info-wars is now mortally wounded as a media with integrity and the landscape in alternative media has had a significant calibration adjustment.
    The interview has been published by others across the internet combined with Dukes follow up statement which is also a very thoughtful and valuable item of information.

    Big opportunities for activism in Australia this week as all these issues intersect and swirl in a discussion regarding Australia’s decision to escalate our activity in Syria.

    The real form of reality is crystallizing with events making it a little easier, as general visibility improves and the outlines and forms of the problems can be brought into better focus where previously this was less possible.

    • And Abbott and Bishop want to help bomb in Syria without asking Syria and just being suckered again by Usrael.
      Remembering the CIA past employee and others who suggest/claim ISIS is created by the West. And who finances them!!! N
      Seems that the plan to end with Iran, after taking Syria as described by General Wesly Clark is still underway.
      So Bishop is getting legal advice to go kill our own creations?
      F’n mad, the lot of them.
      Plebersek wants to drop bread.
      Forget it, we were suckered into Vietnam by lies, suckered with lies about wmds in Iraq and have killed millions of people in the Middle East and caused a refugee tsunami and created hate and terrorism for our own communities.
      We should pack up, get out and leave the mess we assisted with.
      As they say; you got to know when to hold them and when to fold them.
      Bishop: be a realist: ‘fold them’ then you will cease killing them.

      • And Bishop is consting with Canada whose government has sold out to Israel!
        Read Reports on Canada by Wayne Madsen at ‘the Madsen Report’ under the ‘News and pithy’ comments section if you do not wish to pay.

    • I always found Jones to be too “everyone listen to me” noisy to be credible. I think he has been their Straw-man in the alternative media for some time now. Can’t quite pinpoint exactly when they purchased him but it was a long time ago.

  3. Here is a thought (sort of epistemological) about saying “The US wants this” or “The Russians want that.” No entity other than an individual can WANT anything. Indeed no individual other than a human bieng can make a decision about war. “France” or “China” can’t ever do anything. We falsely attribute the decision of a few creeps to the whole nation.
    I am not saying this to duck out of blame. Rather the opposite.
    L’etat c’est moi. That’s moi, as in me, Mary Maxwell.
    Same for you. That is why if our nations are striking Syria, we personally are wielding the machete or grenade or whatever.
    Guilty as charged.

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