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Julie Bishop Urges The Bombing Of Syria


julie bishop“Let’s bomb Syria”

Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, has called on European nations to carry out airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. She suggests extra bombing raids could help slow the flow of asylum seekers.

But don’t drop food hampers…



  1. Last I heard Syria still had Assad at the reigns!
    Has Bishop asked him for permission to carry out bombing raids in his Country?
    Is the bombing to help overthrow ISIL or Assad?
    Slow the flow by killing so there is less flow?
    Who’s next Bishop? A rallying call to Nato to stem the fabled Russian aggression?
    You make me sick- you and all your war-monger friends!!
    This ain’t XBox or Playstation!!!!

  2. Yet more evidence, were it needed, that we have a Foreign Minister whose grasp of her portfolio is tenuous at best. I am far from the first person to point out that bombing Syria would simply create more refugees, in addition to the 6 million or so already created.
    Nor am I the first to point out that bombing Syria other than by invitation of that country’s government (which has not happened) is in violation of Article 51 of the UN Charter.
    This latest ignorant foray by Bishop is on top of her earlier remarks that because of the fighting in Syria, the border between Syria and Iraq is “unclear”. WTF?
    This would be almost funny were it not so manifestly stupid and dangerous. It is long past the time when the adults need to resume the reins of government. Part of Australia’s tragedy is that we won’t find them on either front bench with a very few limited exceptions.

  3. Once upon a time, I, as an Australian citizen, used to be proud of our status on the World stage, and felt no apprehension traveling internationaly, as Australians were generaly well respected.
    However, since the Abbott circus crowd entered Parliament, and the moronic statements made by the Idiots Australians placed at the helm of this country, I am no longer so proud, but EMBARRASED to call myself Australian.
    I also recgonise the F.A.C.T. that the MAJORITY of Australians support these morons in power, so what does that say for the rest of Australians ?

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