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The Tides Of Humanity And The Destruction Of Civilisations


keleti-eastern-railway-station-budapest-hungaryBudapest’s Keleti train station – before.

budap[est (Yesterday) The station has been closed as mostly Syrian migrants attempt to flee to Austria and Germany. 

The war industry is slowly destroying civilisation.

Back in 2001, the neocons conned the US President and other Prime Ministers into destroying Iraq, in their master plan to destroy 7 countries.

askariyyain-shrine-before-afteIraq – before and after.


before-and-after-3 (1) Syria


ISIS captured Palmyra in May. Initial reports suggested they were looting the antiquities, but now they are erasing history.

ap_temple_bel_palmyra_The Temple of Bel.

ht_temple_bel_palmyra_31aug2015_Satellite image (31 August 2015) suggests the temple has been destroyed.




I’m adding a scene here from “Children Of Men” (2006) – a futuristic film about our world falling apart. It seems we are already there.



    • Dee, assuming you are the author of the domino photo, I think we should call it “Wesley Clark Plus”.

      and maybe even poor old war maniac Wesley did not realize that when the next set of bombs comes a-rainin down, he may be standing right under them!

    • Mary, the matter with us is that we have lost the notion of holding people accountable for their war crimes. The Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals set the precedent. Apart from a few tinpot dictators, mainly African, no-one to my knowledge has been hauled before a court and held accountable.
      In some respects, Australia is worse because we have got involved in wars that have nothing to do with Australia’s vital interests. Australia even refuses to hold an inquiry into how we got into the Iraq fiasco (unlike the Dutch and the English for example). Labor could have done it when they had the reins for six years, but being the craven moral bankrupts that they are the opportunity was lost.
      Abbott doesn’t want to set a precedent here because he would be at the front of the queue for indictment, along with his mentor Howard. Now Bishop is trying to sell the idea that international law doesn’t matter and we can go ahead and bomb Syria.

      • Hello James. I can’t agree with you that “Australia refuses to hold an inquiry into how we got into the fiasco.”

        What is “Australia”?
        Isn’t it you and me and the whole mob?
        Can’t you rent a room at the pub and hold an inquiry?
        Charge $40 per participant. Use it to pay a bouncer.
        Invite Ned to play JC. Get creative.

        We gonna be cryin at our stupidity if we don’t grasp the reins very soon, like immediately.

        I hereby make this open plea to Mr Howard and his wife Janet. Step forward and admit that you should never have put your John Hancock to something so vile as the destruction of a nation, causing hell-on-earth to its people. Go on. We’ve forgiven people before for their mistakes. It would be good to hear this item from the horse’s mouth. By Jove, John, you might yet go down in history as a fine fellow.

        And who shall rule the land? I recommend every state premier now be invited to admit to the horrors of our time (not even take the blame for them, just admit to them!) and if any of the six can’t raise it, they get replaced on Sept 15.

        By whom? Just to keep it legal, by another member of their state parliament, being the one whose date of birth is closest to the First of June, in either direction. (Two share a birthday? Toss a coin.)

        See? We are not trapped. How could we be trapped by the political system that we freely invented?

        Yes, James, agreed, our system includes holding them accountable. By the way, I think it’s practical to go for small fry first. None are too small to be indicted.

        One more thing about renting a room. I rented Town Hall in Townsville in 1999 to give a talk. It cost only $75, and to my utter flabbergastization, the City Council sent the 75 back to me later as my speech was of Public Interest!!!!!!

        • Mary, by Australia I mean’t the Australian government because they are the only body that can set up an inquiry with proper subpoena powers and other sanctions to ensure access to relevant documents. It is all very well to hold private meetings or inquiries but they will not, with respect, come anywhere near what is needed. There is in fact an organisation pressing for a proper inquiry that I happen to be a member of. They can best be contacted through Alison Broinowski at ANU.

          • Nothing will happen whilst politicians, even of good will, are, beholden to the ‘whore’ mongering owners and their peasant journos, of the corporate mass media, for their political survival.
            We can only black ban the corporate media and send them broke,
            Have wallet, can walk.

          • Ned, I don’t think “banning” the media is what is needed, but arresting them and charging them with many a crime.
            James, have you ever heard of an Inquiry that led to the blaming of the big guys? and surely it’s the big guys that start wars. Little guys have no ability to do that.
            Honestly, James, if you were to get the Inquiry started, would it punish anyone?

            I recall my Dad sitting glued to the Nixon impeachment hearings in 1973, as run by Sen Sam Erwin. All of us believed at the time that the ousting of Nixon (“Tricky Dick”) was the result of popular pressure, and the use of THE LAW. Turns out, however, that the popular pressure, and the impeachment hearings, were all coordinated from the top. The VP, Spiro Agnew had already been sacked and who should Nixon’s replacement name as the new VP? By gosh, Nelson Rockefeller. I also note that Mrs Nixon had a stroke shortly therafter.

            Picture hundreds of Aussies holding ‘moot court’ in their front gardens. Would it matter that they lack the power to subpoena?
            That said, i will get in touch with Alison and I will support any effort to apply the law.

          • Mary, the truly guilty do not get punished which is why I earlier lamented the lack of accountability being one of the great failings post the Nuremberg and Tokyo tribunals.
            I agree about the Watergate hearings. The whole charade was orchestrated by the CIA. We have been spoon fed a mythical version ever since about the brave and heroic reporters from the Washington Post.
            There are however plenty of examples where the process of holding an inquiry can put matters in the public realm that were hitherto largely suppressed. Eg the various sexual abuse inquiries around the world. I am withholding judgment on the Chilcott Inquiry but it may do some good. The Dutch inquiry into their involvement in Iraq had major repercussions in the Netherlands.

  1. Its all in the Yinon Plan. One sh***y little larcenous country benefits, and directs the whole Satanic show through its operatives and treasonous proxies in our countries.

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