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Mastering the Human Domain (Jade Helm and Artificial Intelligence)


HODGESA photo taken in California (2015) by M Hodges and sent it to DAHBOO777

Jade Helm “conspiracy” theories abound and these are probably mostly a distraction. But one has to only wonder what all those military vehicles and alleged 2 billion bullets for? And there has been talk about guard-like towers being built at malls. Crazy stuff.

fema-mall-in-tampa (1) In Tampa

Intellihub wrote (17/7/2015) 41 reasons Jade Helm should be a red flag for all Americans, but personally from 12,766 km away (Melbourne to the North American coast), I have not been able to work out what Jade Helm is/was all about – except what the title infers.

“Master The Human Domain”


So is this about Artificial Intelligence taking to the battlefield? But who Is Really Running Jade Helm 15?

This video below (with an interview with DJ) is about the rise of artificial intelligence – and how Generals will be replaced with computers (full video here). So is this all about an elite using computers and algorithms to control humanity?

We do know that financial stability is tenuous and that the financial system seems to be heading for a derailment at some point. (The mathematical model of exponential debt will have to end sometime.)

But not to worry – the United Nations is planning a New World Order. They plan to transform our world with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. But that’s another article. (It is interesting that the Jade Helm exercise is ending as the Pope is allegedly preparing to call for New World Order at the United Nations.)

In summary – we have embraced technology, and it is going to be used to “control” us.


  1. On the other hand, here is Larry Mendoza who got kicked in the kidney for standing up against these creeps (and is willing to do it again):

    Another man at Lawless America channel on Youtube, Martin de la Graza, says he is willing to die to fight corruption in the state of New Mexico.
    That’s what we need! Bring on the heroes!

  2. Ha what? Jade what? Never heard of it, it is not referred to by our ever so informative msm journos, would not have a clue. Just a conspiracy theory about years of planning, buying up 2 billion plus hollow point bullets, arms, etc. The bullet purchase was raised in Congress. What are they for they asked? The DHS claimed ‘training’. Yea, right.
    The police departments have sent members over to Israel to be ‘TRAINED’!!! Those methods then incorporated into US police training.
    Recently at least 5 Wal Mart stores closed suddenly and have been refitted………..no shelving in at least one. Military presence noe in practically all of them.
    When there are lies one knows that there must be a reason. Wal Mart claimed that the FIVE stores were closed because of “plumbing problems”, Yea! Right, believe that??
    Miles of train loads of militarfy equipmen being trundle out ove the US, some with UN markings and reports of Russian and Chinese forces infiltrating and being trained in the US………… to speak like the residents. Very weird!!!
    Hardly anything coming out of the US these (Well; really since forever) days is even remotely believable. Best to stay well away…………….. the vibes are not good.
    Take note Ms. Bishop as to what the US claims at any time and take great care in havin Australia suckered again by any requests to have our forces in harms way…..wmds anyone, Gulf of Tonkin, and so on and check up who armed ISIS……….try teh US, via Libya ….. being the reason Embassador Stevens was taken and killed.
    Best wait awhile to see more of Hilary’s e-mails I suggest, to see ‘who is who’ in the Middle East and what their functions are.
    “”Oh: Really? So Minister, we are aware that it is to take out Syria so we can then take down Iran. Good, going to be fun.” (Minister, that Clark fellow said something about this years ago, did he not?)

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