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The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction And The New York Billboard



It is September again.

Back in 2001, on the 11th – while several “drills” were in play – four planes were allegedly hijacked. It appears they were taken over in a sequential manner (report here) with the first two smashing into the twin towers (which collapsed in an “explosive” manner a short time later). A third (or something similar to Flight 77) circled unheeded and into the Pentagon – smashing the computers investigating the missing $2.3 Trillion. A fourth plane left a scattering of odd debris in Pennsylvania. Later that afternoon Building 7 (housing the securities commission) was demolished. (Apologies for the repetition)

People like Paul Bremer and Jerome Hauer were on standby to propagate the Bin Laden myth on television that day.

It did not take long before Iraq was in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and in March 2003, the west invaded. And the destruction of the Middle East began alongside the birth of ISIS. Twelve years on we have one of the greatest humanitarian crises ever, as refugees now flood into Europe. We must be truly insane to believe this BS.

The Retired General and the memo.

Ten days after 9/11 (2001), Retired General Wesley Clark visited the Pentagon and was told about a secret memo planning to wage war on Iraq. When he returned a few weeks after that, he was told (by the same source) that “they” were planning to destroy seven countries in five years. (He disclosed this to Amy Goodman in 2006 and apologies for the repetition.)

Now either Clark is an appalling liar – or he did disclose a real memo. It matters not whether he was allowed to disclose the information or not, but the destruction (as described in the alleged memo) has become a reality.

The real WMD’s are those planning this all – the writers of that memo.

And they had their patsies: Bush, Blair, Howard et al.

The Media – The WMD Delivery System

The delivery mechanism for these brutal WMD’s were and still are the media. The media bosses and their employees have failed humanity. They have been complicit in all this. Many, who may have suspected, probably preferred to keep their jobs. But this silence has resulted in the deaths of millions – and a deceit on humanity.

syrian refugeesSyrian Refugees 2015

And shame on Clark for keeping this memo silent for five years.

We have on this site debated with several so called engineering experts who claim explosives as nonsense – and some have defended NIST’s report. I have spoken and corresponded with some of these people. They do everything to persuade us to either accept the official story – or that any further investigation would be fruitless.

One only needs to look at the photograph below (the ae911truth poster) to realise that something is terribly wrong. Collapsing buildings should not explode out as they did.

It is the silence and complicity of the media that should be exposed. And that is exactly what might happen soon.

Architects and engineers of 911 truth are planning to have a massive billboard opposite the New York Times. After two days of fundraising, they are halfway to the $9,000 needed to pay for the billboard. To CHIP IN click here.

What do you say to calling out The New York Times this September for its failure to report on the evidence of controlled demolition? If you’re in favor, we have some great news for you!

The sleeping giant awakens.



    • How ’bout this from Wikipedia:
      “On December 15, 2005, Richard Armitage was awarded a KCMG and became a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (honorary).

      “On July 1, 2010, Armitage was appointed an Honorary Companion of the Order of Australia, Australia’s “for eminent service to strengthening the Australia-United States bilateral relationship”. He was invested with the award at a ceremony at the Australian Ambassador’s residence on October 13, 2010.”

      Well, you could knock me over with a feather. — MM

  1. More on Clarke.
    At: http://www.patriotsquestion911.com
    Clarke may be noted as being a questioner of 911. Oops, sorry he has tendency to be one if those conspracy theorists.
    Fancy, he and all those other military people and ex government personalities listed, having questions!
    Pity the site has not been upgraded since 2011.
    Perhaps our honest freedom loving samples of humanity for
    justice in parliament and our ABC, SBS and corporate mass media and the shock jocks may catch up to 2011 in due course.
    Someone tell Julie; been suckered in 911 once, surely not again?

    • The A&E billboard quotes David Sanger on “no evidence of any problem.” Here is Wikiipedia (i.e., CIA) re David:

      “In 1986 Sanger played a major role in the team that investigated the causes of the space shuttle Challenger disaster. The team revealed the design flaws and bureaucratic troubles that contributed to the disaster [Bet it was caused by something else] and won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize….
      In 2004, Sanger was awarded the Weintal Prize for diplomatic reporting for his coverage of the Iraq and Korea crises. [Can’t wait to read about the Iraq ‘crisis’]….In both 2003 and 2007 he was awarded the Merriman Smith Memorial Award for coverage of national security strategy. [Yup, we’ve got a strategy all right but he couldn’t possible be allowed to mention it, Harvard grad that he is.]
      He also shared the American Society of Newspaper Editors’ top award for deadline writing in 2004, for team coverage of the Columbia disaster [That’s the second space disaster in one career]. In 2007, The New York Times received the DuPont Award [DuPont? Are you kidding?] from the Columbia Journalism School for “Nuclear Jihad: Can Terrorists Get the Bomb?”…Sanger was part of another team that was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for International Reporting for their coverage of the Japanese tsunami…” [Swearda God.]

      I hope I haven’t just spoiled Dee McLachlan’s chance of winning a DuPont for her super-duper reporting (and her apologies for repitition).
      Go McLachlan! Go Building Seven! Go Gumshoe!

  2. Dee,
    You refer to Clarke’s interview with Amy Goodman and have the 2 minute video.
    In humility, I presume. You apologise for the repitition. You need not
    The lying criminal mass media, the politicians and the failed used car salesmen/women shock jocks should be apologising to the families
    of our boys killed as a result of the lies and cover-up of the mass murders on 911 used as an excuse to go and kill a million plus in the Middle East, destroy their countries and lumber the world with desperate refugees.
    The day has to come when the reckoning is done.
    No doubt the mass media will attempt another treasonous campaign to lie to the public again, as September 11th approaches.
    Mass media et. al., your lies and deceit are going to be your downfall.
    The internet has disclosed the massive fraud and protection of mass killers, it will continue to do so.
    Grow a spine mass media and try to regain some respectability. That includes the ABC and SBS who are sucking the public teat for a billion or so per year.
    The Honourable Mr. Malcolm Turnbull, minister for communications; you expect to be Prime Minister?

    • Ned, have no issues at all with the 99% of your post, however what I DO have issues with is this part, ” That includes the ABC and SBS who are sucking the public teat for a billion or so per year.”
      We all KNOW, that the current Government has declared war on the ABC and the SBS for not publishing what the Government tells them, or in many cases, actually publishing the TRUTH, which again incurs the wrath of the Abbott Facist Government, who then threatens to reduce their public funding.
      And attacks the management of the ABC and SBS scaring them to tow the line of the Government.
      Let’s not forget, that at the end of the day, the employees of both services are paid by the Federal Government, and therefore can be held hostage by that same Government, if it does not follow their play book.
      It’s not a pleasant situation for them to be in, and instead of vilifying them, for being in a situation not of their making, and laying the blame at the feet of the Government who should be keeping it’s nose out of the management of these services, I believe it would be far more beneficial to everyone, if the Genral public played their part, and supported these services and vilified the Government for intruding into a service they have no business of interfering in.

      • I invite any reporter in those services, who has been dealt with negtively for reporting the truth, to cozy up right here in the Comments and tell all. I’d be especially keen to know if any of them has ever tried to publicize the Martin Bryant issue.
        We’ll accept hearsay for starters!
        As in “My friend is a TV cameraman at SBS and was yelled at…”
        (Don’t forget Dee’s recent article on Geelong re SWS).

        • I was sitting outside court waiting to get on at the Downing Centre and there was a hack (er, a reporter) from the Sydney Morning Herald sitting there and we started talking about the gun control agenda/Port Arthur.

          After a while he stated, “I think most of the people I work with would agree with you, but you have to realise that we have an editor that can change anything we write. We also have mortgages and kids in school. I think the attitude is that ‘someday I’ll make it right’, but someday is always in the future”

          I wonder if his kids would respect him if they really knew what he did. Sure, he can rationalise the big house, the cars, the kids toys as ‘providing for his families future’, but in reality he is selling his kids future for the comforts of being a presstitute.

          I never refer to the media as ‘whores’. A whore will exchange his or her body for an agreed price, it is a mutual transaction that both people expect to gain from. A media person sells their soul for deceit. They deal in falsehood and unlike the whore, there is no value in their trade.

          I’ve had two friends that wanted to be journalists. Both did a short ‘job experience’ in the trade and after the experience, neither wanted anything to do with the profession. One swears she never believed anything she saw on TV again.

          • Sounds like he/she is a person of the same character who would give a wink and a nod to a paediphile and keep quiet for personal or institutional reasons.
            So how many of our editors and journos are no better than those who have covered up child abuse? Especially when we have killed so many children, maimed them, orphaned them and destoyed their expectations.
            They cry when a little boy is washed up but are the contributing cause of his sad and lonely death,
            They fail to expose mass mutder and the lying reasons for killing millions and no doubt ignore the Clarke interview exposing the murderous plans of their masters.
            The paediphile protectors are now being exposed and will hopefully be gaoled.
            The editors, politicians and journos should not expect a worry free retirement when the culpability of the massmedia and shock Jocks are Exposed.
            One member of the 911 Congressional
            Commission forecast that the truth will not be known for 20
            Years. Well SMH,
            The Australiam, the Daily Yeloowgraph,
            The Sydney
            institute, radios 2 GB, UE, the ABC, (Faine) SBS and all the others, those 20 years will soon be up.
            No mea cullpa will be accepted, in view of the uncivilised behaviour, lies and treason they have a exhibited,
            You miserable Inhumane lot cannot replace the lives you have helped to destroy.
            Every week killers in Austtalia are sentenced to life. Some commentators at 2GB say that is not enough. Think on that!

      • Several years ago we presented a series on 9/11 to ABC2. After 30 minutes, eyes were glazed over. They could go no further.The bridge was far too scary for them to cross. And there was no way they woulkd commission such a series. Much safer propagating the same BS

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