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Military Madness And $350 For Dinner


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We had to obey orders, we were soldiers,” says Jean-Luc Kister – the French secret-service agent who led an attack on a Greenpeace ship 30 years ago. He has apologized publicly for the first time for the death of photographer Fernando Pereira. Orders came from the French government to stop Greenpeace from interrupting the French nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll, about 1,200 kilometres south-east of Tahiti.

Kister said the 12-strong unit was ordered to carry out by then French defence minister Charles Hernu.

Bombing the Rainbow Warrior was small fry. But it does prove governments participate in bad stuff.

What about the USS Liberty?

As the late prime minister Malcolm Fraser said in his interview to me, “...it demonstrates that a major power, when its vital interests are involved, will sacrifice any number of its own people.”   Mr Fraser was referring to the USS Liberty, but he statement rings true. A government will commit treason and kill its own people – or any people – if required.

Talking about the major powers. Guess who is in Sydney?

Retired General David Petraeus.


Petraeus was here for the annual Lowy Lecture, the Lowy Institute’s signature event for the year. This is what they say about him:

“General Petraeus is one of the most outstanding US generals of recent times. He commanded coalition forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq with great success. He also served as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency until 2012. He holds a PhD in international relations from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. General Petraeus remains an influential adviser to US policymakers and, as Chairman of the KKR Global Institute, one of the leading thinkers about geopolitical developments and America’s role in the world.”

“Great success” says The Lowy Institute. It was, and is, an unmitigated disaster. They just don’t get it. Petraeus should not have been allowed into the country – let alone to speak at a $350 per-plate Lowy dinner. (His speech found here)

Petraeus is not only encouraging Australia to join the coalition air strikes in Syria, but has also been advocating that the West supports the al-Nusra Front – an al-Qaeda off-shoot – to beat ISIS. (They are doing that anyway.) This is madness.

No wonder the world is in such trouble when you have “leading thinkers” celebrated like this.

Shame on the Lowy Institute.

And it was disappointing to see such a lame interview by Leigh Sales on the ABC 7.30 Report.



  1. For all the death and physical and psychological damage this evil Yank has caused he should be in Gitmo type surroundings!
    …but no, he will be grovelled to as he pushes for more death and destruction!
    Lowy Institute – say no more – Frank Lowy’s a person carrying around secrets re 9-11 that Im sure he hopes will never come out!

  2. Most of the so called ‘think tanks’ and many of their cousin ‘institutes’ are merely subtle proponents of deceit and geopolitical warmongering for global corporate interests and an affront to a informed democratic civilised society .
    G Edward Griffin ‘sprung’ these hypocrites years ago but the mass media antidemocratic running dogs feed them their biscuits after a $350 rip-off promoting a massive self egotisticular massage.
    They are not transparent, as for example, the Sydney, so called ‘institute that does not disclose its financiers.
    Recall: Gerard Henderson in a comment in January 2015 dumping on Malcolm Fraser because Fraser exposed that the Israel attack and killing of over 30 of our allies on the USS Liberty in 1967 was deliberate. And that Faine ABC fellow would not even acknowledge the account provided by Joe Meadors to him (I read Joe”s correspondence) and the ABC plus to the Jewish Times/News in Bondi who was on the USS Liberty and witnessed the murderous war crime being conducted for two hours by the Israelis in an attempt to murder all crewmen so that Egypt could be blamed and a war could be joined by the US against Egypt.
    Perhaps Ms. Sales might attempt to justify the billion or so that the public falks out for Turnbull’s budget.
    Well at least the Frenchman said sorry after 30 years but the Israelis still claim ‘it was and accident’ after 48 years.
    Time for all these ‘false flag’ murderers and those who protect them to be dealt with. Then the public might feel a bit more safe.

  3. I am not often rendered speechless, but reading the Lowy Institute’s blurb about Petraeus and his “great success” in Afghanistan and Iraq creates a jaw dropping moment. Rather than addressing a neocon think tank, this man should be in The Hague answering for his manifold war crimes. Oh, wait, we don’t hold people accountable any more, except a few African despots.

    • I wonder if the real reason for Petraeus’ visit is to pressure the Australian government (not that much pressure is involved) to join in NATO’s destabilisation of Syria.
      As always, the interests of Israel are not very distant. In February 2013 Israel granted oil exploration rights to Genie Energy in the Israeli occupied territory of the Syrian Golan Heights. One of the major shareholders in Genie Energy is Rupert Murdoch. When one begins to connect the dots it is not too difficult to see the origins of News Corp’s support for Israel and support for an attack on Syria.

  4. I had a close contact message me this morning relating they heard a caller making sense on the Syrian issue calling from Frankston on 97.7. I was sorry I had missed it. ?????

    Fiona Parker, ABC Central Victoria, replied to my follow up email from Talk Back last week(previously mentioned in comments) thanking me for contributing to the interesting discussion and promising to read and view my reference.


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