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Punishment For Exposing The Police State (London)


Sourced from Investmentwatchblog. The media (and the BBC) were not interested, and a private security company (Kroll) were paid to “deal” with Ian Puddick.

An interesting note: The police officers all declared themselves as “counter terrorism” officers in court – when this was clearly not a terrorist issue. It is a means of deflecting accountability.



  1. It would suffice to start watching the tape at 20 mins.
    Or it might suffice to know that a very important remark he makes is that, “while most police are well behaved, they turn a blind eye to the colleagues who are not.” He (Ian Puddick) says the ones that turn a blind eye are worse than the others as they help maintain the status quo. I agree.

    He asks what can be done, e.g. about Kroll Private Security Company [who work for MI6] breaking into his house to steal his defense documents. I say: the same as would be done if the local theif broke in to steal your money. A crime is a crime.

    Got to get over our assumption that some people are proteced.
    Who is protecting these protected people? All of us. Me and thee. Full stop.

    • Strength in numbers! Three men are teaming up as whistleblowers. All worked for NSA (US’s National Security Agency) and were punished for pointing out that a certain private contractor won a contract when there was a much cheaper deal available. Wait till you see the similarity to Ian Puddick’s case.

      The NSA men are J. Kirk Wiebe, Thomas Drake, and William Binney. Their civil lawsuit says that the Department of Justice (don’t you love that name) falsely accused them of leaking classified information to New York Times reporters. They claim that the government:

      “used this fabricated claim for retaliation, illegal searches and seizures, physical invasion of their residences and places of business, temporary false imprisonment, the confiscation of their property, intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment and intimidation.”

      Gosh, almost exactly what happened to Ian Puddick. And as I have pointed out before, similar to the stories reported by Bill Windsor on his Youtube series “Lawless America.” So the UK and the US are now lawless. Well, well. The NSA men, by the way, are suing, at bargain basement prices, for $100 million.

      What can we do to make sure this is not happening in Oz?

      By the way I saw that NSA story at WhoWhatWhy.com, a cousin of Gumshoe, methinks.

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