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911 Architects And Engineers vs The “Spark Plugs”


tower-exploding-00891With flipping steel, the North Tower collapses under “spark plug-like events.   

I have corresponded via email with several Gumshoe “commentors” (the Spark Plugs) who have tried to dissuade me from challenging the official story of the collapses. In one exchange, one commentor seemed to disclose that he knew what happened (great news). I have below sampled a few extracts that challenged photographs I sent (His English is good considering it is his second language):

Eggars was wrong on pancaking, what occured was a funnel effect with compression waves triggering spark plug like events igniting dust and other energetic materials.

…floor slabs are unlikely to be catipulted out, they may have under gone a sliding board effect that could have redirected them…

Steel was flipped or catapulted out, 

…drywall expelled from the core by the 800+ mile an hour winds generated…

Can I say that what I know definitely occured on 9/11, no that would require more experimentation, can I say it might be weaponizeable by terrorists, yes possibly so….  (and) What I know is of no real value except too those who might want to harm or injure innocent people, as such it can not Be publicly released.

I have challenged any of those original “commentors” to write their thesis for publication on Gumshoe.

New booklet

Meanwhile a new booklet, produced by Architects and Engineers of 911Truth is now available. Link to the 50 page booklet here. It provides an overview of the evidence regarding the World Trade Center destruction and is a starting point for those who are new to the subject.

Is their hypotheses correct? It does not matter. All that is required, is to prove the official theory as an impossibility.




  1. Dee, you did not explain the sparkplugs. But anyway the photo tells us that it was not a collapse.
    i must say i don’t think we need refute the government story.
    Have there been any books written to refute the tooth fairy story?

    That said, I wish the large group of impressive scientists would take thier effort to the next stage. I want them to throw down the gauntlet. Fourteen years today. What are they waiting for?

    As for Niels Harrit, his 2-hour interview with BBC’s Rubin is a masterpiece of manliness. But even he says “We want another investigation.” I do not want another investigation. The booklet you have shown us in this article proves the government line to be malicious. Case closed. The government wrote a tall tale and therefore we know that some government personnel caused the collapse of the towers. There is plenty of extant law on which the writer of the Commission report can be imprisoned for OOJ.

    Raise hands anyone who agrees that we have to punish them.

    Raise hands anone who understands that making Islam the symbol of the violence does not help us, and in fact screws us.

    Raise hands anyone who thinks future generations will recognize us for the pathetic ninnies that we are.

    • Goodie! Thanks to Rediscover’s coment above, the link leads to this:

      “So, without further investigation, we have sufficient evidence to convene a Grand Jury, subpoena the leading suspected coconspirators, and issue indictments. We must set our sights on 9-11 Justice, while we still can.
      The United States is comprised of 50 sovereign States and 3144 Counties ranging in size from almost 10 million people to as few as 100. Every one of these Counties can elect a Judge, District Attorney, Sheriff, Clerk, and Auditor.
      A single County – with committed, justice-minded elected officials in place – has the power to bring the treasonous mass-murderers who planned, perpetrated, and subsequently covered up the crimes of 9-11 before a Grand Jury.
      Since the psychopathic criminals behind 9-11 continue to manipulate international events based on the lies of 9-11 and seem hellbent on preemptive nuclear strikes against at least Iran, Russia and China, the fate of humanity and our world hangs in the balance.”

      Australians, too, can make up grand juries or assizes, as in days of old. Tell me: who is to prevent it?

      Hey, Dee, thanks. i had not even realized today was the 11th.

        • This has been on the Internet for perhaps 20 years:

          Letter to U.S. Senator Trent Lott,
          from Benton K. Partin Brigadier Gen. USAF (Ret.)
          Tel 703-780-7652 July 30, 1995

          Dear Sen. Lott:
          The attached report contains conclusive proof that the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was not caused solely by the truck bomb. Evidence shows that the massive destruction was primarily the result of four demolition charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level.
          Weapons Experience: I do not offer such an analytical conclusion lightly. I have spent 25 years in research, design, development, test and management of weapons development., and ultimately management responsibility for almost every nonnuclear weapon device in the Air Force.

          To verify earlier analysis, I visited Oklahoma City during the last week of June. There I had the opportunity to view hundreds of photographs taken throughout the cleanup operation as the layers of debris were cleared away. The photos present irrefutable evidence that at least four demolition charges were set off at four critical columns….
          I can say, with a high level of confidence, that the damage pattern on the reinforced concrete superstructure could not possibly have been attained from the single truck bomb. The total incompatibility of this pattern of destruction with a single truck bomb lies in the simple, incontrovertible fact that some of the columns collapsed that should not have collapsed if the damage were caused solely by a truck bomb, and, conversely, some of the columns were left standing that should have collapsed if the damage had been caused solely by the truck bomb.

          It is my hope and request that, as a Member of Congress, you will support a Congressional investigation to determine the true initiators. Further, it is requested that you defer action and reserve judgment on so-called antiterrorism legislation that has serious civil liberties implications, and which would not be passed except for the Oklahoma City bombing.
          To remove all ambiguity with respect to the use of supplementary demolition charges, the FBI should be required to release the high quality surveillance color TV camera tape of the Murrah building bombing on April 19, 1995.

          It is my observation that the effort required to bomb the A. P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City pales in comparison with the effort to cover up evidence in Oklahoma and the media’s withholding of vital information from the American people.

          Sincerely yours, Benton K. Partin Brigadier Gen. USAF (Ret.)

  2. Well the spark plug theory is new to me and also to NIST it appears. NIST engineers are probably no ‘rev heads’ who own a vehicle with a V8 engine.
    Now it is all clear, cylinder compression sparked by and explosive mixture brought two towers down.
    Your source Dee, must be a genius or some dimwit put him or her up to it to make a fool of. He/she should demand a salary raise for the embarrassment.
    Rodrigues the janitor who witnessed the basement explosions and effect must have had his nose up the towers exhaust pipe. Trouble is that the ‘exhaust pipe’ is separated under the chassis.
    Now back to building No 7!
    For what purpose and for whose interests do the ‘Rev Head Brigade’
    put out so much poisonous exhaust?

    • Naturally. We may take it that those who have given aid, comfort and protection to the mass murderers are included. Seems that many of our pollies and mass media conglomerate aiders and abettors would have some interesting disclosures with the encouragement of a drink or two.
      Not torture, Mr ‘amnesty badge’ Ruddock was of that view on TV years ago.
      Just a drink; KSM had 83 drinks in a month and admitted to planning 911; …’from a to z’.
      So when is the mass media going to question why he has not come to an open hearing? From recollection he has been in custody for over 10 years.
      The wheels of justice with our ally, the USA seem to have become very rusty, perhaps non-existent? And our mass media could not give a stuff.

  3. Dee,
    I refer to your contact with a ‘spark plug 911’ consoiracy theorist.
    There are many groups who are seeking the truth about the 911 mass murders.
    Pilots, engineers, lawyers, patriots etc who genuinely examine the evidence.
    Those groups are open minded with their analysis and conclusions.
    To be fair all theories should not be shunned at first instance.
    We therefore should welcome the ‘911 rev heads’ organisation and welcome their contribution /s for analysis on the 911 mass murders.
    Perhaps one of our old and past ‘husketeers’ could outline his ‘exhaustive” theory with more detail?
    I look forward to some of esteemed shock jocks like abc Faine. to rev up their engines.

          • I have another friend who syas the towers came down when a bunch of Balochis took vengeance for the execution of Kasi:

            “An attack took place on January 25, 1993, outside the premises of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters in Langley, Virginia where two CIA employees were killed and three others wounded. The perpetrator, Mir Qazi (also spelled as Kasi or Kansi), shot CIA employees in their cars as they were waiting at a stop-light. He stated his motive was that he was ‘angry with the policy of the U.S. government in the Middle East, particularly toward the Palestinian people.’ Kasi fled the country, [maybe like Dzhokhar getting away from that team of shooters on the street?], sparking a four-year international manhunt. He was captured by a joint FBI-CIA task force in Pakistan in 1997.”
            [Say, whatever happened to national sovereignty?]

          • Spark plug effect, OMG,

            Just compute the energy required to fracture and throw one of those steel beams out from the building. Then try to find enough dust capable of combustion (this isn’t coal dust people), couple that with the available oxygen spread out over a large area like a floor (without walls to impede combustion) and then see if the potential energy would be capable of even blowing out the windows.

            Where do people come up with this crap? Sounds like more disinformation like the ‘it was done with a hologram’ disinfo.

          • Calculations show that the duration of the entire crush-down phase exceeds the free fall duration
            by 65.5% for the North Tower, and by 47.3% for the South Tower (Fig. 8). This is a signif-
            icant difference, which can be checked against seismic records registered at Lamont-Doherty
            Earth Observatory of Columbia University (http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/LCSN/Eq/WTC
            20010911.html), shown in Fig. 8. In a detailed seismic analysis at Columbia University, Kim
            et al. (2001) report that, because of short travel distance and shallow excitation, the recorded
            seismic waves were short-period Rayleigh surface waves (which generally travel within the upper
            few kilometers of Earth crust). No pressure and shear waves were registered.
            The first tremor in Fig. 8, which is weak (and is marked as a), is assumed to represent t = 0,
            i.e., the moment of impact of the upper part of tower onto the lower part (a correction of 0.07
            s is made for the delay due to the travel time of the sound wave along the steel columns to the
            ground). The sudden, though mild, displacement increase at instant b (Fig. 8) is attributed to
            free falling large structure segments that hit the ground outside the tower perimeter.
            The free fall times for the fragments ejected at the 96th and 81st stories are 8.61 s and 7.91
            s, respectively (the air drag is negligible for multi-story pieces of the steel frame).

            If fuel air blasts did not occur what slowed the collapses?
            65.5 over free fall is very slow, as is 47.3 over free fall, given that Composite ROOSD is a very fast disunification of structure.

            Oh and can some one tell me the difference between Carbon black from paper made from carbohydrates in trees, and carbon black from Compressed trees, forming carbon black coal dust?
            Given that the main source will be carbon black dust from long chain hydrocarbon based plastics, which are more explosive than coal dust, and with wind speeds in the collapses,
            Of 400-800 mph I doubt oxygen would be a problem.
            Just my last post, not right to laugh at those with clear mental illness.

  4. I was able to get a Talk Back run on Friday afternoon with Nicole Chvasteck, ABC 97.7 Drive Radio.
    ABC has a Media commentator on Friday, Johnathan Green, and he gave me my opening by discussing critically the reaction to the tragic “photograph” and even pointed out contradictions with the war escalation policy decision.

    I was given a good free opportunity without too much interrupting questioning and following my call Nicole made some comments about my “theories” and previous Talk Back contribution but the comment was objective, polite and welcoming of my contributions. No big deal, all good and fair.

    I mainly spoke about the integrity of the information template surrounding the Syrian conflict and refugee issues.
    I solidly placed US foreign policy and the crony collaborators at the root of the refugee crisis and the Syrian “opposition”.
    I discussed the pattern of WMD and atrocity propaganda lies that have been exposed and questioned why we should think the propaganda against Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian Government should be trusted. Why do we learn nothing?

    I was surprised I got a free hand. When speaking on Talk Back at length without any challenge it is a little strange because you have no point of contact while making your points and I admit it is a slightly unnerving sensation. Generally I get interrupted and challenged which is fine and actually more comfortable.

    I recommend anyone who does get on Talk Back makes a habit of following with some high quality items of reference because I am confident that it does get consideration in regional ABC desks, and it does make a difference.

    I followed up with a direct email to Nicole’s desk that included a link and some further relevant points and suggested “SyianGirl” would be a worthy guest to hear an important alternative perspective.


    I also posted this commentary on Facebook and to the ABC Current Affairs feedback desk with a link to the “SyrianGirl” video.

    Gullible Australia Distracted by “NEW” Refugee Crisis Hypocrisy.
    by Christopher Brooks

    Once again we are fooled into escalating another Nation wrecking policy based on lies and deception from the same US Empire monopoly faction and their collaborating cronies about the globe.

    The grand chess game proceeds with refugee pawns moved across the landscape as decoys and distracting traps designed to shift our gaze and attention from more critical maneuvering.

    What hypocrisy it is to buy into the exploitation of one more needless death of an innocent child, adding to the millions of lost life over recent decades, blaming the refugee problem on Assad’s Government when the invading “opposition” is a bucket of regular US covert “death squad” acid poured into Syria because the Syrian Government would not submit itself as a US/Israel puppet serving Western Corporate oil, gas, water and currency, political and economic interest.

    “Assad must go!” declares Prime Minister Abbott.

    Why? Show me the credible evidence?

    I’m still waiting for Sharman Stone MP, to furnish myself with the legal standard evidence to validate the “Muslim Conspiracy Theory” surrounding the 9/11 “terrorism” attack that is 14 years past this very day.
    The 9/11 Commission process was declared a farce by several of the Commission members.
    KSM, the tortured “mastermind”, remains in Guantanamo subject to what appears to be an endless set of delays and intrigues surrounding process and legal technicalities. Mostly the process is shielded behind a wall of secrecy and bewildering theatrics.
    Very relevant to getting to the honest truth of the middle east political architecture, “conspiracy theory” chants must be recognized as the Orwellian conditioning device employed to poison and make “smelly”, ideas and the communicators that refuse to accept the Big Brother designated political boundaries of conversation and thinking.

    Anyone remember how school yard bullies would isolate the independent minded child, who stood up to their dominating exploiting rule, by inciting everyone that the troublesome threat was “smelly” or “fat”.

    The CIA and military text books call it psychological assassination.

    When will Australians wake up to the pattern of lies and methods of deception that distract and preoccupy our emotions and passions with strategies like the tragic refugee symptoms of war, while in the same breath we continue escalating the invasion of a sovereign state under the fake pretext of waging a war on terror.

    Many Australians are not aware of the extent of destruction inflicted upon Libya by NATO with the blessing of Australia. Libya was the leading light of progress, equity and leadership in all of Africa but following the injection of Al Qaeda by US proxies, bombing progressively smashed the Nation from the air for six consecutive months claiming they were attacking “terror”.

    Does it sound familiar?

    How have Australians become so ignorant and stupid that they fall for the same scam cooked up by the same rogues and liars.

    We are massaged to accept bombing and murdering when the target is “smelly” like the “brutal murderous dictator” Assad, or in the case of Qaddafi, it was claimed Libya was attacking their own population.

    More of the familiar pattern, it was all fabricated lies.

    Did we really learn nothing at all from the Iraq WMD and related atrocity massacre tales?

    Assad is just your regular corrupted middle east politician like many others that Australia shamelessly conducts diplomatic and business relations.

    John Howard even belatedly conceded he was deceived by the WMD intelligence narrative in 2003, which had been fixed around the objective of destroying the state of Iraq.

    Tony Abbott obviously has amnesia, or is criminally corrupt along with our political chattering class, who all sing from the US/CIA song book in public but bow their heads in shame in private confessing they do not have the courage to defend a truthful interpretation of real global political architecture, which must involve exposing the horrendously damaging effects of US foreign policy of full spectrum global dominance, enforced at any cost and by any method necessary.

    The conflict in Syria is an externally engineered war to destroy the Syrian State by orchestrating, fueling, arming and logistically managing proxy mercenary “Islamist” criminal rabble to fight a dirty war that openly would be unacceptable to even the most naive of the western public.

    Consequently, the psycho-political perception and mind managers went to work knowing good scams can be sold repeatedly with the co-operation of the “bought media”, and political party puppets the media protect, by limiting the boundaries of discourse, and where necessary, crucifying voices that threaten genuinely independent exposure of the policy of monopoly and the High Priests at it’s apex.

    The attached report from “Syria Girl” is highly recommended by myself as essential information to be included in formulating an informed understanding of what is really happening in Syria and what forces and factors have brought about the unfolding tragedy in Syrian territory.

    “Syria Girl” also sheds some fascinating light on aspects of the “refugee crisis” that the mass media fail to examine.

    This information is evidenced and consistent with a logical memory informed method of critical thinking, contrasting with the amnesia contaminated simplistic version of political chaos that justifies Australian Government middle east muddling foreign policy.
    (SyrianGirl video attached)

    • Thanks Christopher.
      Will not see or hear some of these facts expressed by our politicians, mass media or our public broadcasters.
      Bless the internet, the aforesaid deceivers need to appear before a court and be dealt with. They are soaked in the blood of innocents.
      Bet not one has the guts to comment here and try and explain.

        • Will not happen, the editors will not allow it ( media controlled by antidemocratic fascist traitors of the NWO: see below) and the gutless politicians will not answer the correspondence and handle the facts as they cover up.
          The bully mass media castigates those who failed the victims of paedophiles!
          Well, who is worse those who coverup paedophiles or those who cover up a mass murder of about 3,000 innocents and use that cover up to go invade 7 countries (as planned prior to 911) killing millions and causing the refugee misery.
          The poor schoolyard bullies and their hapless running dog media spivs are so deficient in integrity, morality and intellect, that they do not realise that the present influx of refugees is the vanguard of social disruption right through Europe for the purposes of causing the social fractions and then imposing fascist autocratic rule and fascism as a control mechanism.
          Bet they poor media journos have not given a thought to their futures and that of their offspring and would not have a clue that present events are designed by those who have secretly imposed the grassroots for the New World Order corporate fascist control as explained by Dr. Day on 20th March 1969 to Dr. Dunegan and his medical colleagues.
          Ref: NWO exposed by insider March 1969.
          Also referenced in full in previous articles on this site.
          About November last year the UK Parliament decided not to invade Syria.
          What is happening at the moment was the creation of ISIS and it’s financing and arming to create grey ares on the Syrian border so that people like Abbott and crew can be suckered into ultimately causing more refugees and justify taking out Assad. Then they have a foothold to invade Iran which is one of the ultimate goals as explained by General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman.
          Australia was sucked into Vietnam by the Gulf of Tonkin lies, Howard was sucked (?) in to Iraq by Powell’s lies to the UN as previously sucked in by the ‘Bin Laden did 911 and hides in Afghanistan’ lies.
          Clearly we have idiots running us and poor families of our soldiers paying the price.
          So come on Faine, ‘always independent’ Fairfax, Ackerman, Bolt et al, how about dropping the bully BS and be fair dinkum with lives of our soldiers.
          Start with an exposure of the false flag 911 murders.
          No? No guts!

      • Ned, perhaps one of the key bewildering aspects to the information reality we are dealing with is that when I speak with political desks and explain with referenced evidence and context that Middle East politics is 100% deception soaked US/Israeli dominance centric, almost all staff agree.
        10% agree with eager passion, another 10% openly agree and discuss, another 30% cautiously concede my case is valid, most of the rest say they are not able to offer an opinion but are unable to point out where I am not correct.
        Less than 10% decide to point blank refuse to engage my points and hang up as quickly as they can feigning some emotive excuse.
        Incredible as it may seem, but it is the case, some of these staffers are hearing an evidenced explanation of the fully dynamic political reality for the first time in their life.
        It grabs their attention because it makes sense and it contains key pieces of information they have never before heard or read.
        This week I even had a Senator directly answer the phone and she agreed with me on all the points regarding Syrian war political realities and the broader currency, oil and empire root of the refugee crisis.
        This Senator happily discussed the fraudulent fictional Orwellian dimensions of ISIS and understood the crony collaborating forces behind the “invasion” of Syria.
        Politics on the surface is very different to politics just below the surface when conditions allow genuine discussion.
        Sometimes my head spins with the bizarre contrasting between public and private political atmospherics.
        How do we negotiate through this compromising swamp to retain integrity ourselves and achieve positive results?
        For instance, what if I had recorded my conversation with the Senator, notice I have compromised myself here by not naming the individual, and broadcast the audio and a transcript?
        I wish I had some clear solutions.

    • Christopher
      I have had an opportunity to re-read your comment and ‘School yard bullies’ tugged a few memories….. As you observe the people who ‘stand out’ are the subjects of group think.
      The media control of group think is insidious.
      Comforting that you have had some positive responses with contact with some broadcasters who appear to be country orientated.
      Being mischievous; how do you think you would go with city broadcasters on talkback?
      Cannot wait to hear a recording of you with one of the best schoolyard characters, namely ‘our’ 350,000 plus ABC Mr Faine?
      For an introduction to Mr. Faine just search: the Anthony Lawson critique of the interview Faine and Kevin Bracken.
      Another example is Steve Liebmann of radio 2UE calling Mr, Bracken a goose and referring to 911 conspiracy claptrap. Seems that 2 UE has not the guts to keep the video clip of about the 10th October 2010 on its site. Seems some bullies are cowards?
      Then we have Frydenberg MP on about 10th October stirring up mistress into her ‘Stupid and wrong’ reply in the National Parliament bullying Mr, Bracken for the mere temerity to ask some questions of Mr. Faine in regard to 911.
      Yep, introduce a few pertinent questions and the school yard bullies are present with all show, little spine and devoid of intellect.

    • Gilad Atzmon writes: I don’t know how many refugees Lord Levy, Bernard Henri Levy and David Aaronovitch can fit into their spare rooms. But I do believe that the Jewish community should immediately place itself at the forefront of any humanitarian effort for the refugees. First because Jews claim to know more than anyone else about suffering. But mainly because it was Jewish aggressive politics and Zionist global lobbying that brought this colossal refugee crisis about. http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/2015/9/2/refugees-should-seek-refuge-in-synagogues

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