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9/11 Trillions – Follow The Money (by the Corbet Report)


Corbet covers Paul Bremer’s appearance on television that morning. Bremer failed to mention that “his” office had been hit and did not express any concern for his fellow workers at Marsh & McLennan trapped in the building. Astonishing.


        • Mary, I don’t share your enthusiasm for this author and her “novel”. Mixing speculation with real evidence is the classical method used to bury dangerous information and thinking.

          Our problem is not finding the “Holy Grail” evidence, the “Smoking Gun”, to check mate power.
          These are distracting ideas that confuse the task we must focus upon.

          We have excellent documents already, examples included in my Money Challenge Collection.

          Our problem is making this information significant in our communities and achieving a properly calibrated and accountable information landscape.

          Our problem is not content, it is implementing a dynamic of sociopolitical process and technique that is efficient in terms of justice and truth.

          The solution then is sufficient ability in correct action undertaken by significant numbers to cause an effect.

          • Christopher, there is plenty of evidence that shows the official account of 9/11, is impossible, but so what? there has still been no trial, no justice..

            and there are many, still yet to be convinced, who demand, the who what where why and how.. even though, to know such things, one must either have been in on the crime, or theorise, based on all available evidence… well, nothing wrong with having a theory..

            then theres the shills, who demand the whole scenario explained to the tiniest minutiae.. well, this just adds to the already substantial case against the official account, and those popping sounds you can probably hear right now? that is the sound of hundreds of shills tiny heads exploding all over the place 🙂

          • Yes but the stuff has to be marketed. She is a good marketer. And because she can talk about nitty gritty re pilots and air hostesses, people tune in to her. This is quite a change from folks running away the minute they hear “Inside Job.”

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