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Exchange One Rhodes Scholar With Another – Nothing Will Change



The shirts are off. We will post the result of Malcolm Turnbull’s win over Tony Abbott when the results come in.

Update: 10.05 pm. Turnbull 55, Abbott 44.


Australia’s new prime minister, the Honorable Malcolm Bligh Turnbull. Another article will address how Mr Turnbull became so wealthy, but a reader of Gumshoe, Mr Brae Antcliff has spoken with Mr Turnbull on at least two occasions about the events of 9/11 and the collapse of Building 7 (in 2004 and 2005).

Mr Antcliff was treated in a disparaging manner by Mr Turnbull (then representing Mr Antcliff’s electorate). Since then Mr Turnbull has been the recipient of a constant stream of essential information and facts surrounding a number of issues, including 9/11, Building 7, USS Liberty, General Wesley Clark, Syria etc.

Mr Turnbull has failed to acknowledge any of this over the years.

Welcome to your new PM, Rhodes Scholar, Malcolm Turnbull.

turnbullDeputy Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull.










  1. Rothschild does not give a shit.
    ‘So long as I control the money I care not who runs the government’
    Maybe I will go watch a footy game. … as a first.

  2. The controllers have had enuff of Tony- as witnessed by the defection to Malcolm by their best servant -Julie!
    Mal would have more credibility, re introducing a ETS -in line with the push for additional taxes to be levied, all in the name of the manufactured threat of Climate Change!!

    • Dear PM,
      There’s nuttin’ like a new broom. It is really wonderful that you are in place.
      It pleases me to think that you are blissfully unaware that persons in Oz get tortured. You have a lot else to deal with. But how could you do a decent job at the helm now, if you allowed the torture to continue?

      I want you to look at my February 2015 article below, concerning John Finch, an Aussie bloke. I promise not to bother you about the Bella Vista incident, or the siege, or Port Arthur (well, not for a couple of months anyway) if you will take seriously the problem of John Finch.


    • Dear Prime Minister,
      Best wishes on your ascension.
      After you have a chance to get over the excitement, maybe next week, would you please announce:

      “We now need to have a national debate about our relationship with World Government (which sometimes is in disguise as ‘the US’ or ‘the UK’ or ‘Israel’). All Republic-minded, and even Monarchist-minded persons are welcome to contribute. This is vital stuff! Shouldn’t we have ‘Australia for the Australians’ without being told what to do, what to buy, what to think?”

      Prime Minister, these will be heady days!

      The lark’s on the wing
      The snail’s on the thorn
      God’s in His heaven
      All’s right with the world!!! Yay!

  3. Turnbull’s non-response to Brae’s queries does not augur well. The front man may be more intelligent and certainly more articulate than the unlamented TA, but a change in style does not represent a change of substance. One can expect on the domestic front a less hostile attitude to science and that is to be welcome.
    On the foreign affairs front however, there is little evidence to suggest that MT will be any different. We will continue to take our orders from Washington and Tel Aviv, as witnessed most recently last week when Australia was one of only 8 countries to vote against the Palestinian flag being flown outside UN buildings. (The other 7 were Canada, Israel, the US and 4 Pacific island colonies of the US).
    Bishop remaining as Foreign Minister and Deputy Leader only reinforces the view that continuity will be the hallmark of foreign affairs.
    The other indicator of subservience to US foreign policy as our joining in the attack on Syria, with support from the nominal Labor “opposition”. For those interested in the illegality of the decision to bomb Syria, see my article in last weekend’s Counterpunch: http://www.counterpunch.org. The almost complete absence of discussion on this issue is another source of ongoing concern. Australia has seamlessly slipped into the role of international outlaw with nary a backward glance.

    • James, you are providing the essential ballast, for which we thank you.
      Aside: I have just been reading an autobiography of mind-control victim Wanda Karriker, “Morning Come Quickly.” She ends her book with this quote from Orwell’s 1984:

      “If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened — that surely was more terrifying than tortutre and death.”

      Julie Bishop, please come to your senses. You have to speak for Australians, not for someone else, however “impressive” that someone else may seem to you.

  4. Isn’t Malcolm Turnbull the ex-communications minister who told a country lady to move if she was not able to receive a internet service that reliable? I believe he asked whether she knew about the issue before she purchased the property?

    Certainly not the type of can do, action for the people kind of leader we want and need….

  5. Noting the article, I should just clarify some aspect/errors.

    I firstly spoke to my future parliamentary representative when he was canvassing for votes in the 2004 election.
    He was outside Edgecliff railway station and I approached and asked him if he knew about building No 7 and said that there were questions concerning the official 911 conspiracy theory,
    The exchange was brief and he said he did not know and I moved on.

    In the following period he was elected.

    Before Christmas 2004 I sent him information regarding building No 7.
    Early 2005 he acknowledged in one letter, my interest.

    Following, over a period in 2005 when his office was in Bondi Junction I dropped off some cd’s to a staffer and requested that they be considered, I do not recall which videos.

    To 2007, I periodically sent him information on the developing examination of 911.

    In 2007 (not 2005) I again came across him canvassing for votes outside Edgecliff station. He was talking to someone. As I passed I commented to the best of my recollection; have you examined building No 7 and how many people have we killed in Iraq? There was no response, although he acknowledged my passing.
    I passed by.

    At the ticket machine inside Edgecliff station, as the acoustics are very good, I heard my representative’s voice as he approached his fellow canvasser. To the best of my recollection as he approached his ‘staffer’; he commented; did you see who that was…….. Antcliffe……?

    Then they sniggered. I immediately turned and approached my representative and made some comment that was basically an expression of disappointment, in a firm and polite manner.
    Then I went and caught my train.

    By that time I had studied 911 for over three years and had noted David Ray Griffin’s book in 2005: ‘911 Commissions, distortions and Omissions’.

    Suffice to say, that if a commission is briefed and comes out with rubbish then one has to wonder why.
    Since 2004 my Federal representative has been regularly updated with developments on the 911 exposures till recently.
    David Ray Griffin wrote another work: ‘Cognitave Infiltration……..’ . I purchased about 20 copies of the book and delivered one copy to my Federal representative’s Edgecliff office.
    Basically that is it. My representative has never acknowledged any other correspondence.
    I suppose the lesson may be taken on by our Prime Minister for his future success. It is impolite and discourteous to snigger at a constituent who only wants to inform and question an important international mass murder that has been the excuse to ‘take down 7 countries in 5 years’. [ref: exposure by General Wesley Clarke to Amy Goodman of the pre 911 plan, March 2007]

    After all, how many people in the Middle East have died because our representatives were either suckered by lies, as as happened for example with the Gulf of Tonkin lies leading to horrendous cruelty in Vietnam, or failed to follow up and investigate. We are presently being informed at a Royal Commission of decades of failures by persons in authority to properly follow up on child abuse.

    The failures of our politicians and mass media, to follow up on the exposures regarding 911 may well be considered more heinous in due course.

    So for the record.

    B Antcliffe.
    Lawyers for 911 truth.

    • Brae, the only thing that could be said in Turnbull’s favour is that at that same time he was suffering from the hubris and arrogance that saw him undone as Opposition leader. We are told that he has learned a lesson. We shall see.
      Although I think that there will be improvements in both the tone and the quality of PM ship (which is not saying much) I think two factors dominate. The first is that Turnbull is still beholden to the right wing rump and that will constrain his choices.
      The second factor is even more important. No Australian PM dares to be too offside with the Americans. They took down Whitlam and they will not hesitate to take down Turnbull.
      So if you want true independence vote Green.

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