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Death, O Where Is Thy Sting? Are the 9-11 Passengers Really Dead?


flight 77Memorial in Marblehead, for  9-11 crash victims

By Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB         

Many passengers, crew, and hijackers were said to have died in four commercial airline flights on that famous day, September, 11, 2001, which is now 14 years ago. Is it possible that some of the listed dead did not die?

One way that a person could have escaped death is by simply not boarding in the first place. The so-called manifests could easily have been faked. (I will show below that this was the US’s plan in a 1962 false flag known as Operation Northwoods.)

We all realize today that the alleged “19 Arab hijackers” were not on the planes that left from Boston, Newark, and Dulles. They are part of the Government Myth of 9-11. Several of the 19 men saw their photo in the newspaper and came forward to say “I am alive.”

Barbara Olson

As for the passengers, let’s begin with Barbara Olson, a popular conservative CNN newsreader.  Her husband Ted was Solicitor General of the US at the time. Surely he must have known that the attacks of 9-11 were going to occur. I think he would not have let his wife actually board the plane.

“But she made that critical phone call” I hear you say. No, she did not. During the 2006 Trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the FBI was forced to exhibit the records of all the actual calls. (Elias Davidsson has written a wonderful book about this, entitled Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11). The FBI showed that Mrs Olson made one call, not two and that it lasted “zero seconds.”

This tends in the direction of showing that the role Barbara Olson played as passenger was not real.  She was 45 years old, and thus would be 59 today. I presume she is alive. She may even be hiding in plain sight.

Ted Olson remarried in 2006. The bride, who seems to have no background other than being described as “a lawyer from Kentucky,” is named Lady Booth. She looks a lot like Barbara. I am guessing that she is Barbara. I hope I am wrong, as the wedding was attended by two US Supreme Court justices, and it would be very painful to think they would mock the public.

ted-olson-wedding-7Lady Booth and Ted Olson’s Wedding

Flight AA77

In any case, we know that none of the passengers on flight AA77 died in a crash. That notion that the Pentagon was attacked by a plane is just part of the Government Myth. The entire group of casualties of AA77, not just Mrs Olson, needs to be accounted for.

As suggested earlier, AA77’s passengers and crew members may never have got onto a plane; they could be fakes (photo-shopped dummies). If they are real, they may have been in hiding all these years. The only other possibility is that their plane landed safely somewhere and then they were murdered.

That is hinted at by Rebekah Roth in her new book, Methodical Deception. (It is written like a historical novel, with many of the actual 9-11 characters playing a part.) She reckons all four planes landed at Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts. She floats the possibility that the people may have been killed on board, in a hangar at Westover, by use of a sprayed chemical.

Growing Interest in Roth’s Theory

Roth’s book is swiftly becoming popular. The author has given many radio interviews, including one by George Noory on his show Coast to Coast. I hope this will lead to a keen interest by the relatives of the deceased. Or should I say the non-deceased, if they are still alive!  Or the murdered, if they were murdered.

If we don’t see a keen interest, that would suggest to me that the relative knows the person never got on the plane (this is, he is a CIA asset, or whatever), or knows that he got on the plane but was flown to a safe place and was subsequently freed.

It has always struck me odd that the sister of Flight 77’s pilot has often spoken up to lament the tragedy, but has never taken part in the discussion about the obvious fakery of the Pentagon crash.  Her brother, Charles Burlingame, a graduate of the US Naval Academy and a captain in the Air Force, had a career as an American Airlines pilot flying jumbo jets. But no jumbo wreckage was found at the Pentagon site. So he did not crash.

What about the Let’s Roll Heroes on Flight UA93?

Now consider Flight UA93, which allegedly crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  A Hollywood movie, Let’s Roll, memorializes the way in which some brave passengers tackled the hijackers. Todd Beamer (who first said the Lord’s prayer) and Jeremy Glick are among the persons who made phone calls during flight.

President Obama has spoken of their heroism. But this, too, is part of the Government Myth.  If a plane crashed at Shanksville, it must have performed a miracle of disappearance. According to the Peter Perl’s article in the Washington Post of May 2, 2002, the local coroner, Wallace Miller, said “I stopped being a coroner after about 20 minutes because there were no bodies there.”

As explained in Elias Davidsson’s book, the phone calls may have been on the ground, by the correctly named parties reading from a script. They cannot have been made from the air. Todd Beamer’s call allegedly reached the GTE operator Lisa Jefferson (who told us all about it on Oprah). The call was not made from an airphone, as United had stopped using airphones in January, 2001.

The widows of Todd Beamer and Jeremy Glick have each written a book explaining the emotions they have gone through.  I am a widow myself and the way these two women speak – Lisa Beamer, and Lyzbeth Glick – just does not sound right to me. Maybe I am wrong. Or maybe their professional editors poured too much public-relations tone into the writing.

I’m guessing that Todd and Jeremy are still alive. Todd’s cell phone did not get turned off by the crash. Rather, according to the FBI’s records, it made and received calls for many further hours. This was noted in the Wall Street Journal:

“Oddly, the Verizon wireless record shows that 19 calls were made from Beamer’s cell phone long after the crash of UA 93. Initial media reports and FBI interviews detailed more than a dozen cell phone calls from the planes at high elevation. Yet in 2001, a telephone spokesperson stated that sustained mobile calls were not possible above 10,000 feet.”

The WSJ did not print that until 2013, most likely to counter the shock of Elias Davisson’s new book at that time. Note how the stunning information is presented with no further word as to how it opens up the whole question of the Shanksville crash. (By the way, Davidsson credits many researchers for his discoveries.)

What Action Will Be Taken?

Will the bereaved families of persons listed as dead, on any of the four flights, now accept Rebekah Roth’s novel-like story as real? If so, they must try to decide if their relative is deliberately in hiding, or that he or she was murdered. If the latter, this would make for a gripping court case.

Court case? That would require that the relatives sue someone for the wrongful death. Or they could make a complaint – sometimes known as “laying charges” — with police. Any citizen could ask a district attorney or politician to proceed with a state-initiated prosecution. And urgently, in my opinion.

(Note: all such court cases to date have failed, as the judicial system will not contradict the Government Myth of 9-11. I analyze this in my book Fraud Upon the Court, especially April Gallop’s case. Hers was not a prosecution; it was a lawsuit related to the injury suffered by her son at the Pentagon when the office building there collapsed. See Gallop v Cheney.)

Who Can Be Blamed?

Who could be named as the possible murderer of people at Westover Air Force Base? If we do not know who did it, we might start by accusing someone who had responsibility, such as the head of that Air Force Base, or his superiors.

In 1962 General Jay Lemnitzer of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote the “Northwoods Memo” in which he proposed a false flag operation aimed at harming the reputation of Cuba. His proposal was never taken up, but notice how Elgin Air Force Base was to be part of the plan. I quote the Northwoods Memo:

  1. Hijacking attempts against civil air and surface craft should appear to continue as harassing measures condoned by the government of Cuba…
  1. It is possible to create an incident, which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner en route from the United States to Jamaica.

a. An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization. [It] would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases….

b. At precisely the same time that the aircraft was presumably shot down a submarine or small surface would disburse F-101 parts, parachute, etc….

I ask, if the proposed false flag adventure known as Northwoods had included the murder of Americans, would anyone at Elgin be held liable as an accessory? Yes, of course. That is the way the law works.

— Mary W Maxwell lives in Adelaide. She is still of the mind that law can work. Why not get in touch with her if you, too, have those imaginings? Her website is maryWmaxwell.com. For more ravings about false flags, see her new book Truth in Journalism, co-authored by Dee McLachlan. It covers the Paris Charlie, the Boston Marathon, and MH17.




  1. I have also read that at least 2 of the planes were still registered with the FASB (?) years afterwards. The numbers were not erased after 9/11. Was it Jeremy Beamer that rang his mother, stating “it’s Jeremy Beamer”. Who addresses their mother like that when you are facing death? I know the whole thing is a sham, but unfortunately the whole shock and awe tactics have worked.

  2. Dalia, loved your post, well done.
    B.T.W. it may have escaped your attention, but to murder a plane load of passengers is as easy as. All the plane needs to do is gain height and cut off the oxygen supply to the passengers who would all succumb within minutes, then the plane can be directed to land anywhere and bodies disposed of.
    If the Government is complicite in 911, (and to me, they are 100%, as they are the only folks who could organize the alleged exercise, and Authorities who arranged the exercise, are the ones who need to do some serious explaining) they would not balk at killing the passengers if they’ve already killed the occupants of the towers. We see by their behavior today with their wars and their murder of innocents including their own citizens, that taking their lives means nothing to them, so why would a few plan loads matter ?

  3. Many questions suggesting
    that the whole official government 911 conspiracy theory about 19 Muslms
    Is complete ‘Hogwash’ [ref:’Lt Col Bob Bowman at http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/ ]
    Time to lay out the known culprits and their protectors on the boards and have Jesse Ventura pour them a few drinks.
    After all; a few drinks is official US government methodology in enhanced questioning and completely legal according to Whitehouse legal advice.
    Start with DC.

      • Son of a gun. The entry for the late Barbara Olson ((on the above list) mentions that in the 1990s she was “chief counsel” for the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight! We all know what “oversight” means, eh?
        (Sorry. For non-Seppos: It means “Congresspersons, be sure to look the other way when the CIA is doing naughties.”)
        And I thought she was only a CNN smiling face.
        Boy, if she was killed on AA77 that is really astonishing.
        Her CIA confreres should be furious.

        Thanks so much to Commenters for chiming in. Guess what. I’ve received an invite to speak on radio about these things. But I don’t really give a rat’s A about conspiracy. I want to revive the law, that’s all. I wan to go to court, for example, and say “Prexie, you can’t make war without Congress declaring it” and have him say “Oh yes, I see, Ms Maxwell. I’ll stop — and thank you.”

        That sort of thing.

  4. when there has been a catastrophic event in your city, remember what the most important thing to do is..

    print out a photo and description of your lost loved one, and take it to the poster wall (byo ladder, because the lower positions may be full) – and then sit back and relax, because your job is done.


    really??? its not like they lost a kitten in the neighbourhood somewhere.. what the heck did they think would happen, by posting pictures?

    I doubt that is how i would react…

    • Dear Fair, I went to the page you recommended and found this image. The caption is “toxic dust at an abandoned fruit stand on 9-11.” What those New Yorkers have had to put up with! Please see:

      And while I have the floor, may I say that many New Yorkers are Jewish, and that I’ll bet the Powers That Be are planning to clobber the Jews of Israel in situ. Mark my words. This whole “Israel did 9-11” thing is a trap. The folks who did 9-11 are higher up than either the US or the teeny-weeny nation of Israel. Don’t fall for the divide-and-rule routine once again, Everybody.
      Read “Son of a General” by Peled. He talks sense.

      PS Think about this: Is it conceivable that Kissinger or Hellerstein, or that miserable little squirt Wolfowitz, would be doing what they do for the sake of God, or even for the sake of their blood kin? Surely not.

      P.S. Fair, I see what you mean about “your job is done.” I didn’t know the “missing person” thing had become so routinized.

      • thats an amazing picture Mary. everything, everything turned to dust. computers, desks, filing cabinets, carpet, …. people.

        “The folks who did 9-11 are higher up than either the US or the teeny-weeny nation of Israel” – agreed.

        i think your concerns about divide and rule are valid also, and apply equally to the recent “revelations” about saudi involvement, yet another straw man rabbit hole to run down.. more confusion and obfuscation… perhaps. but I dont think that because there may be many jews living in new york at the time, that means no one in israel would/could be involved in anyway, regardless of israels size, they do have quite a bit of, disproportionate? – international clout.

        I dont think julia gillard had anything to do with the excecution of the events, but her comments, that questioning the validity of the official account is “stupid and wrong” – shows she, along with the others, are more than willing to go along with the cover up.. not sure if its for their god or their blood kin or fear of something, or someone else..

        whoever did this, obviously had no concern at all, for any innocent victims, be they black white or brindle, christian, muslim or jew.. all equal collateral damage in the shock and awe of it all. I personally would be happy to see what comes out in the wash, the need for a proper investigation is obvious, with all the factual evidence that shows the official account impossible and the who where how and why will all be revealed then, if ever there is a proper, transparent, unfettered investigation, but its easier to fool people, than convince them they have been fooled.

      • “The folks who did 9-11 are higher up than either the US or the teeny-weeny nation of Israel.”

        I hadn’t read this far down when I replied above. It seems we are on similar paths in some respects Mary. I think modern Jewish people are going to be forced to a defining of who they want to be in the face of those who write their history for them and thus create their future. There does indeed appear at times to be a hidden hand using everyday Jewish people as a cloak and sometimes as a dagger.

        • Well said, Paul, well said. And now may I reply to your upper comments re the psychopaths?

          Yes, there are some amazingly unscrupulous people, and surely America’s Silverstein and Australia’s Lowy are such. They, and at least a hundred others, were knowingly in on all the planning, which may even have included the erecting of those stupid towers back in 1972.
          From my study of the top Strangelovian leaders in the US, it appears that many assuage their human need to be “right” by making up a crazy myth. (Search Gumshoe for “devil” to see my article. Or look at Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, which I hate to tell you, is allowed to have chaplains in the US Army, at taxpayer expense.) I mean they get around their cruelty by justifying it.

          But aside from those who knew in advance, many people only realized later what happened, and yet accepted it. That must include all air traffic controllers, all top brass for the October 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, and all high-up news people.
          Let’s assume they are NOT psychopaths — they wouldn’t have ticked a box to say “Go ahead with 9-11.” It was a fait accomplis. Now we must ask, “How are they living with this?” Orwell reckoned that Doublethink is a sufficient mode of coping.

          (Note: Rebekah Roth states that she saw the impossibility of 19 Arab hijackers a long time ago but had to suppress it personally as she couldn’t handle it.)

          Oh how rarely do we see anyone break out! I don’t mean the truthers such as David Ray Griffin, or Richard Gage (or myself and yourself for that matter). We’re always dying to share whatever we discover. But can you name even one Establishment person who said “I made a mistake. I never should have supported this horror”?

          The good news is that Roth’s book is going to be a bestseller and so I think more of the high-ups will be able to say “Westover? Wow. I’ve been had! What can we do about this.”

          Paul, because Dee has a bee in her bonnet, the Gumshoe website often connects the 9-11 travesty to the Iraq tragedy, but other websites don’t. (Actually, Davidsson’s website juscogens.org does, to a T.) I wish more would do so. Surely that is a moral toehold that Breakers-out can use to start their journey back to reality.

          • I think those who would make the “breakout” publicly would be those who had nothing left to lose. I seem to recall a former Italian Prime Minister with late stage cancer making some very public statements about the complicity of the US establishment in enabling 911. Of course…sick man…cancer gone to his head etc etc.

          • “They, and at least a hundred others, were knowingly in on all the planning, which may even have included the erecting of those stupid towers back in 1972.”

            911 Commissioner Bob Kerrey claims 911 was a 30 year conspiracy

    • Very futuristic of you, Dee. Try “2014.”

      If I can get a law journal to review my “Fraud Upon the Court” fandagle that would help a lot. Meanwhile I am grateful for Gumshoe. At SMH they pay $1000 per article so I would have earned 75K….

      Horses for courses.

  5. Court Cases have indeed failed. Thanks to Justice Alvin Hellerstein….there’s one of those “tribal” names again. The 911 narrative is just saturated with them.

    • Dear Paul,
      If you can come off the Jewish tack for a minute, try the Italian tack. Just yesterday, by GENUINE coincidence, I opened a page of Sherman Skolnick’s book and discovered the answer to why my court case failed in 2006 (I sued Bush for threatening to bomb Iran and Syria.) This is from a chapter written by Skolnick in 2004!): He says Poppy Bush arranged as follows:

      “That the high court majority will see to it that no lower federal court is permitted to take jurisdiction of any suit contending that the planned attacks, or attacks underway, by the U.S. on Iran and Syria are unconstitutional and not pursuant to a Congress-voted Declaration of War. This has been secretly arranged with and through associate High Court Justice Antonin Scalia.” (page 275, Overthrow of the American Republic, published posthumously by Skolnick’s estate)

      I pass over the fact that Sherman, God love him, was an orthodox Jew.

      • What they would call “self hating”?

        Skolnick was indeed a loss to us who wonder at the truth of everything. And yet so many were involved at some point either in the planning (Zakheim, Silverstein, Lowry) the execution (our 5 ballerinas, and the Van drivers, not to mention the Israeli hi-jacking expert who was reported murdered on one of the planes before it hit the tower..Danny Lewin I think) and the politics (pretty much all of PNAC and the Office of Special Plans). I think you hit it out of the park with your reference to the “Sovereign People”. Someone once asked my when I suggested that 911 was an inside job “but why would they attack their own?”. I pondered this for some time before it occurred to me that those who did this did not see those they killed as of “their own”. Be it Israel Firsters, crime families like the Bushes or Military men hankering to break out the big guns, those who did this were not concerned with being part of the American Nation in spirit and soul, and most likely saw/still see themselves as being of something entirely different and separate (and superior). I’d put Scalia in there too, along with Ashcroft, Minetta….yes a fair share of non-Jews, but the whole thing is meaningless without the Middle-Eastern angle, which is what gave it life and purpose and pivotted us onto this path we are on now. Recall Netanyahu’s first intemperate comment on the day of “Its very good…er…”. The fact remains that there weren’t five dancing Italians “documenting” the event.

          • Paul, re the question of “Why would they hurt their own?,” the Rosetta stone on that, for me, was the MK-Utra cruelties. I know for sure, as several of the girls have told me, that persons like Bush and Cheney did things to them that could not at any stretch be considered an experiment to glean military advantage re the (ha ha) Soviet Union.
            I was lucky (if you could call it that) to attended MK survivors’ conferences annually from 2005 to 2008 in Connecticut. (I don’t mean to imply I was a victim, but I do trust Carol Rutz, Trish Fotherigham and others — to the Nth degree.)

            In short, “they” hurt their own because they are very perverted. Kay Griggs’ interviews also emphasize the way Navy recruits are treated by “the Kissingers of this world.” I imagine you have seen Kay Griggs’ stuff. Just fathom it, the top leaders of the US doing things like that.
            Bring on the sovereign people!!

  6. I am not going to proof read this any problems? Handle them!

    Dear Oh dear, when will the world wake up to the intricacies of the brilliant 911 mass murders and cover up?
    I opined years ago the following ‘possibilities/theory’ that have/has to be investigated on the basis that the real culprits have set up a line of ‘defensive firewalls’ to distract and misinform inquiry and protect themselves.
    I have not much time but the basis is;
    Overall; entrap as many as possible into some involvement in the mass murders, and compartmentalise all aspects, so that only in hindsight, will the ‘entrapped’ know that they are or can be exposed and implicated and the extent of their cruelty.
    In short; Say
    Firewall 1.
    ‘It was the Muslims’, 19 of them, they were protected from above from curious investigators, framed with trite documents etc., …..they died, no prosecution to risk exposure. (KSM has not come to a hearing after 10+ years!!)
    It was Bin Laden’s plan, but we ‘kept him alive’ for ten year as the evil patsy as a distraction. He was as sick as a dog in July 2001 when the CIA visted him ih hospital and requested the medical people to look after him.
    The flight 93 was late taking off and it had to be shot down before it did what it was supposed to No 7 or some other target.
    The other explosives in the vans to cause disruption were intercepted by authorities and the culprits had to be later let go obiously due to political protection.
    Firewall 2.
    The planes brought down the WTC towers, end of story, ignore building No 7.
    Oh, people woke up to building no 7 because the charges failed at the right time. or flight 93 did not make it. It had to go down because the the charges would be found and we planned to get the insurance and rid the place of all those white collar crime invetigation files. (20,000?) By the way 93 had to be disposed of because;
    ** Passeners and crew punched out the hijackers and we could not have a hijacker sppilling the beans upon landing.
    ** The aircraft was one of the ghost planes under control with no passengers and we had to dump it somehow.
    ** Who knows, but they have a problem.
    Oh dear, firewall 2 has collapsed but it took everyone 10+ years of delay to get a grip on it.
    Firewall 3.
    28 redacted pages of the Congressional report allegedly implicate Saud Arabia but will ‘not be released’………….the failure to release and the alleged contents are just a ‘tease’ to distract. Ah yes, it was the Saudis, thay are implicated in part, after all, they provided most of the hijackers/patsies to lay the ’19 muslim did it’ trail and the CIA directed the consul to provide the vizas.
    Firewall 4 develooping.
    I’t was the Jews’. Mossad warned vaguely of some pending attack and were shadowing the patsies, they had the ‘Israeli art students’ and their friends living in one of the towers, rent free and with a security run of the building. Fancy, they even have pictures of themselves to prove it. Right bloody bright.
    Their dancing mates were on to something happending as they set up to ‘document the event’ and enjoyed with a great celebration the mass killings…………….great fun.. Arrested and let go later. All hush hush as to their role if any.
    One might speculate that they were waiting for the buildings to blow up and what? “Where did those planes come from’?Whoopeee!
    Imagine all those speculators with put options would be celebrating as well, they had the info’ that affected companies stocks would slide and they then buy up on the contracts and make a motza. Pays to know someone who knows something. but we will not look at them, take too long and be embarrasing so the records were destoyed. Yea right: Bet If Bin Laden was astute to make a motza on his plan it would have been splashed all over the news,
    Firewall 5.
    The Jews did it? Nah, cannot say that it might be regarded as anti- semitic.
    (saying ‘the Muslims did it’ , we want to go take down 7 countries in 5 years and therefore that is OK!) (Gen’ Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman)
    This firewall (5) is a product of great cunning, get Israel involved/impicated in a role and any investigation hits a public relations wall of alleged indignation and bigotry.
    Firewall 6.
    Clearly elements of the US government were in on it and set it up. So what? Who is going to gather the evidence and prosecute, as they ARE the government. How could the US patriot admit that their own officials murder them at will so that the corporates can send the patriot’s kids to go kill and thieve and that the majority of US patriots are just plane stupid to have fallen for it…………….again and again!!!
    Embarrasing! the US public cannot face that reality.
    BIG Firewall 7 & to come down??
    The real culprits and planners exposed? No hope by the time that wall is approached the killers will be old, grey and/or dead.
    And who are the real culprits? My bet is that E. P. Heidner has exposed them and everyone ignores Heidner, even most of the ‘truthers’. Why? because those who are ‘truther’ puppets of firewall seven are mere puppets/dupes and paid misinformants for the real culprits who have all the money in the world, to buy anyone or all.
    So why bother? Next time the public might be on to the killers a lot more quicky, koral them and deal with them before they go kill millions of innocents again.

    • Ned dear, no prob with your spelling. I can ‘handle’ koral, and it’s nice to see the name of Clark at last without the offending E. I vaguely think you are in agreement with something I said further down this column re “Jews.”
      However, I take umbrage at part of your Firewall #6. You say:

      “Clearly elements of the US government were in on it and set it up. So what? Who is going to gather the evidence and prosecute, as they ARE the government.”

      You are so wrong, Ned. They are not the government. That’s the whole point. They are visitors from Mars or wherever. The gov’t of the Great Republic is what we Seppos call “the sovereign people.”

      Hier stehe ich, right here in darkest Adelaide, knowing that I AM the US government.
      What a feeling!

      • ‘Sovereign People’!! BS!
        Sorry Mary, the USA is not the people, it is a fascist dictatorial military organisation run by the banks and the military industrial complex.
        Ask Eisenhower or President Kennedy.
        The alleged sovereign people are self indulgent fat fairies dancing with ignorant elves under a mushroom.

  7. It is remarkable how much Babs Olsen had to say on the phone that day given that a viable connection was never made from the flight. Perhaps she was simply in another room….somewhere.

  8. Mary, I find it disappointing that the “no plane hit the Pentagon” poisonous mine is still being propagated when very solid evidence refutes that discrediting claim.
    There are extensive photographic archives of the damage and plane wreckage in the Pentagon, and this material has been available for well beyond a decade.
    The “plane switch” theories were floated in the very early years following 9/11, along with the puzzles and questions relating to the distress calls from the aircraft.
    The pedigree and consistency of these themes and sources must be part of our thinking and judging calibration.

    There are unanswered questions but speculations, theories and fictional novels are not legal proof of anything.
    Similarly with the symbiotic character of the “Holocaust” narratives and participating collaborators, contamination of the truth mostly occurs, not by direct lies, but by ignoring and excluding relevant alternative explanations and facts.
    This is a basic technique of managing disinformation and distractions to keep attention away from more critical aspects of monopoly power strategies.
    Eg, refugees are cover and distraction for conquest and assist the erosion of local “tribal” strength and self determination.
    Gay “Marriage” controversies are cover for eroding family and community free choice to discriminate on values and morals, and the parental right to educate and train children as they see fit and exclude values deemed unsuitable.

    It is a very troublesome reality to face, but a very large number of the prominent “9/11” researchers and authors are functioning disinformation operations.
    Many anti monopoly and establishment “researchers” fail to consistently apply correct principles and methods of thinking and action which guarantees no progress for truth.

    The “guess” that Barbara Olsen and Lady Booth are the same person leaves me bewildered. This is the same style of research that produced “No Planes” on 9/11, no school children killed at Sandy Hook, crisis actors at the Boston Marathon and on and on and on it goes with no apparent lessons learned.
    We are facing an enemy that has the means to buy everything so it is only rational to calculate that they have purchased everything that would sell at a price.
    As I have stated previously, this accountability and calibration of thinking and action methodology must be applied universally because a minefield reality is the record of the landscape we are traversing.
    Only a fool would presume they are able to have the perfect prescience to totally avoid reputation injury in this soup of lies and deception.
    What we do have is the experience and lessons of the past to guide and train our thinking.
    Would an engineer or scientist abandon the Periodic Table or the laws of Thermo-Dynamics?
    Not if progress was a serious ambition.

    I think Dee’s short video is great and this style of media has incredible potential as long as it is well calibrated.

    Our enemies are very clever and as long as hard fact based argument can be tangled in speculation they have nothing to fear.
    It is not entirely rational or legitimate, never the less it is the political information atmosphere we must function in, that negates the content of thirty chapters of quality, with a paragraph of error.
    The sorcerer plays this trick with ease and unless we calibrate our behavior accordingly all our effort is a tragic waist of our energy and resources.

    • Christopher wrote “Mary, I find it disappointing that the “no plane hit the Pentagon” poisonous mine is still being propagated when very solid evidence refutes that discrediting claim.
      There are extensive photographic archives of the damage and plane wreckage in the Pentagon, and this material has been available for well beyond a decade.”

      I twigged to 9-11 being a psy-op in the first week and started doing bits of research. The disinfo of ‘no plane’ at the Pentagon was easy to disprove. I’ve been around a fair number of aircraft crashes and soot from JP4 or Jet A fuel is quite common. You can see the soot from the wing tanks as the fireball rolled up the walls of the Pentagon.

      What was significant about the Pentagon crash was the port engine failed to penetrate the outer wall. That engine was not consistent with a 757 engine. It was however consistent with a 737-200 engine. A number of airframe and power plant mechanics identified it and there was a picture from a museum display of the engine that matched the engine at the Pentagon.

      The scaring on the face of the Pentagon was also consistent with the wingspan of the 737 and not the much wider 757.

      All in all, my opinion is that it was a modified 737-200 that hit the Pentagon – and that is why the video tapes of the crash have never been released.

      The ‘no plane’ disinfo was just a distraction from pursuing a more fruitful inquiry. I was surprised that the disinfo worked so well – and apparently still does.

    • I shall ask Dee to take the unusual step of closing the comments now, as the 32 items below form a terrific presentaion that may be valuable to visitors. (We want visitors!)

      My reply to Christopher’s remarks will get posted under my preceding article “A Song for 9-11.” Anybody who wants to say more, please detour there!

      • Mary, closing the comments would be “unusual” and not altogether a picture of accountability which is the foundation of calibrating our information reality.
        I just watched Ryan Dawson linked on WRH discuss some useful points pertaining to some of the explanation of why the Pentagon No Plane disinformation persists.

        • Ahem. Let’s replace the word “closing” of comments with “relocating.” As I said, Christopher, the purpose is logistic. You know it wouldn’t be censorship! ‘Calibrating’ can go on in a nicer space. Please just pop over to the Song article’s comments and we can continue there. (Think of some of the Building 7 articles by Dee that got 208 comments. That made it very hard for any reader to plow through it all.)
          I always welcome harsh criticism. I long for it. And I’m very willing to rethink my position on anything.

          Grathiath, Amigo.

        • Ryan Dawson is to be commended for his work but he seems to have a lot of anger towards other researchers. For example, he seems to resent those who try to determine how the WTC was brought down and does not think acknowledging the use of thermite would help in determining WHO was involved. Kevin Ryan has pointed out ten connections between thermite and NIST. Thermite and nanothermite are not available to just anyone. It was military grade and that indicates US Government sources. As to the Pentagon, Barbara Honegger, in her presentation “The Pentagon: Behind the Smoke Screen,” shows that a white drone hit the segment adjacent to where the alleged airliner strike took place. The helipad was damaged and three helipad firefighters were injured. The helipad clock, which is now in the Smithsonian, stopped about five minutes prior to the alleged Fl 77 hit. White fiber glass confetti-like debris was all over that area and she has a photo of one larger chunk that fell through a passing motorist’s open sunroof. She lists eye witnesses. If Fl 77 had been hijacked by the alleged Muslims, they would not have known the special code that must be transmitted for an incoming plane to not be shot down by ground to air batteries. Without that “Friend or Foe” code, on a day in which The WTC had already been hit twice, the airliner/drone replacement would have been attacked. The fact that it wasn’t shows either a) It was part of the deliberate attack to involve the military justifying war and to take out ONI officers investigating stolen Brady Bonds worth billions and wipe out accountants and records relevant to the trillions Rumsfeld said were missing or b) There was no Fl 77 approach and the damages were caused by explosions inside and the white drne outside. Dawson claims the airliner’s and engines and debris were there. What is his source? I have read that they were not there. The light poles were rigged to fall as was indicated by the interview of a taxi driver who claimed one fell on his taxi penetrating the windshield without damaging or denting his taxi’s hood. He even admits he went along with the ploy. The fuel tanks in the airliner’s wings would have instantly ignited.
          Why would the government fail to broadcast the videos of the attack if it was as the govenment claimed. Why confiscate and hide them?
          Rumsfeld showed no concern that there would be more attacks and no desire to be “in the loop.” It was his job to be “in the loop.” He would call 9/11 ” a blessing in disguise”.All of this shows complicity.

  9. I personally wouldn,t give tuppence for anything that came out of Paul Ryan’s mouth. It’s my belief he’s an actor. From my memory he likes to play Arab parts. Whoever or whatever he may be, it was a lot of meaningless toss

    • Mr. Woodman,
      Sorry if I am confused with the articles on gumshoe and where this aspect has been raised.
      So for the record I shall repeat.
      What is your opinion on the Heidner thesis?
      I appreciate that it is in total with the collateral additions, a 481 page read, or thereabouts, but, having read it, there are some interesting aspects for a good ‘onion peel’ to consider?

  10. I refer to my 17th September missive below.
    One only has to mention E.P. Heidner and it all goes off with disractions,
    Weird, not one analysis or any mention of Heidner since my first read and mention of him and his papers in 2009.
    So who did 911 ?
    So who works for whom?

  11. Let us hope that those investigating 911 do not sweep the significance of Heidner’s thesis. logged at Scribd.
    See: e p Heidner Heidner 911 commission revised December 2008 and his two ‘ Collateral Repors: Collaterall and collateral 1’
    Why is it that any mention of Heidner’s assement is ignored and swept under the carpet by alleged 911
    Genuine twoofers should be on to Heidner and his exposures
    pf the banker’s possible involvement in the mass murders on 911.
    The latest from the chief economist of the B of E is that everyone should
    ‘Sonate’ (my emphasis) their cash to an account with zero interest and even negative ‘interest’ (tax for banker’s income) and that cash (bank notes) should be banned,
    Well serfs: recall the French revolution?
    Buy up guillotines.

    • NWO! Anyone? So who was really behind 911? The onion is being peeled.
      See the exposures reported by Dee, re operation Gladio in an article above.
      Paraphrasing: ‘ ……we have to murder our citizens so that they have to come to us for protection’.
      Well mass media prostituded journalists, we trust that you will be protected? Only a fool would rely on that as the fool is used for the agenda/s. ‘
      ‘dispensable’ comes to mind. Ask Adolf, after you lot reached your used by date.

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