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Australia’s Part In The Menu of Destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria – “An Embarrassment”


false flag cake2

It began by cooking up the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

9/11 “fooled” our leaders, and they went on a path of destruction. In the video below I cut  former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Ret. General Wesley Clark together.

Our politicians seem oblivious to reality – or unwilling to speak out.

However, there were a few politicians to speak out. Mary Maxwell pointed out two here – Mr. Yukihisa Fujita and Laurent Louis. Another, the former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, went public in 2007. He said the 9/11 attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad – and that this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies.

1992-Francesco-CossigaFrancesco Cossiga

This is what Globalresearch reported in 2007:

“Cossiga ….was forced to resign after revealing the existence of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio – a rogue intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s.

In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force … the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”

The real culprits behind the attacks on September 11 hide behind a series of firewalls.





        • Let me rephrase my question. Is an Aussie PM arrestable for anything other than personal crimes?
          I think the US prexie is arrestable for treason if he “levies war against the US” — which (I say) he would be doing if he sends soldiers to a battle on false pretexts.
          If folks were to agree with me on that (that is, if they were to read my freely downloadable Prosecution for Treason and say Ya vol) then I would broaden the Q to “How many tiers down are similarly arrestable, e.g. commanders in the field? Maybe I should employ the verb ‘indict’ rather than ‘arrest,’ but you get my drift.
          Anyway, we can’t even get to the stage of indicting if we don’t first get thru the mental fog enough to see a crime when it is a crime.
          I see crime in the video mix that Dee has supplied above. Big, massive crime. Biiiiiiiig crime. (I am not referring to crime-across-borders, e.g., murdering Iraqi children or blowing up a Syrian neighborhood. I am speaking of crime in the White House, Pentagon, Parliament.)
          What about Julie pushing the Russian blame for MH17 crash before any evidence was collected? Is that merely “understandable politics”?
          Is everything to be deemed “understandable” these days?

          I do not acccept my son being sent to war on false pretexts. I do not accept my aunt getting a disease from chemtrails. Is my only recourse the ballot box? I don’t think so. There is LAW.

          • Law? When the judges will ignore both the evidence and the law to arrive at a judgement that insults your intelligence?

            I tried to figure out a way to get around the corruption in the courts and the best I could come up with was a court where three judges were sitting. The presiding judge would be Australian, however the other two would be from another English Common Law jurisdiction, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, etc.

            Perhaps such a bench would be more immune from local politics and good ol’ boy club favours. It would also provide a forum to compare and assess the legal reasoning of the Australian judges.

          • A judge who “ignores both the evidence and the law” clearly commits the crime of OOJ. She may also be performing a malicious prosecution. Even if it was the DPP that brought the case, Mrs Judge did not have to put up with it.

            What about Public Servants who go along with the 160 deaths in custody of Aboriginal men post-Fitzgerald (the 1990 “Inquiry”)? Is that just a matter of “Aw gee whiz, too bad”? No. It is a crime. Let’s say accessory-after-the-fact to the crime of murder.

            Isn’t that the whole point of having a category of crime known as accessory-after-the-fact?
            Terry, I like your Threesome idea, but it smacks of acceptance that a judge is corrupt. I do not accept that. I say indict and try any corrupt judges, or we’re all about to go down the gurgler.

          • “Terry, I like your Threesome idea, but it smacks of acceptance that a judge is corrupt. I do not accept that. I say indict and try any corrupt judges, or we’re all about to go down the gurgler.”

            And who is going to do the indicting and trying? Their mates on the bench?

            Here’s just one anecdote from my time in ‘law’. I had a client that had a contract with the NSW Government. The Government breached the contract, my client sued in the Supreme Court of NSW.

            I prepared written submissions with case authority. I appeared before the court and told the judge it was a matter of contract interpretation and he could review my submissions and case law, then have his associate call us when he had a judgement. The judge agreed and left the bench to read the submissions. I got a call about 3 hours later that the judgement was ready.

            The judge came on the bench, looked at me and said “Those were very good submissions Mr. Shulze, and I don’t say that lightly” – which is lawyer talk for “yeah, you’re right, but I’m not going to give it to you”.

            He then proceeded to give a judgement using his own legal theory that any first year law student would laugh at – “what, was His Honour on drugs when he wrote this” – 700 years of contract law thrown right out the window.

            His Honour obviously knew more about ‘law’ than I did as he was elevated to the Court of Appeal 18 months later. I doubt he would have had that appointment if he had gone against the Government.

            The threesome concept would never be accepted in Oz. It would expose the sham of the system.

  1. More than embarrassed – I’m ashamed of the actions of Australia’s puppet Leaders, so quick to “help” in illegal wars and now with the bombing of Syria. Did Asad ask us to help by bombing his infrastructure? If we are trying to get rid of ISIL in Syria would not you think that you would be working in conjunction with the same Country that’s being invaded?

  2. The recipe is a trick and a poisonous shonk.
    Tried it and after half an hour it blew out the oven door and spread right across the kitchen walls and floor. Stuffed up all the electrical white goods and and like acid rain is eating into my heritage European floor tiles and going to collapse the floor joists underneath.
    It is getting worse, the stuff seems to be multiplying as in ‘the sorcerer’s apprentice’.
    I’m being flooded with the gooey stuff and the whole f’n house is going to collapse.
    I am calling 000 or 911 to get the NWO rescue squad here, will they arrive in time?
    Noo! Tried that. The NWO phone service in India does not understand English. Best I could discern was; “you silly dumb whitey think you bomb the world and get a medal. Now you pay you oozie dumb rsole.”
    Bloody hell Dee, never again am I going to try one of your idiot recipes, any half brain self respecting idiot should have known that; if you heat up your concoction ruination and disaster is at foot for all in the vicinity.
    I have to pack up and get out of here. Wonder if anyone in Point Piper could put me up on their Lawn.
    Send water and baked beans pls., I am going to nick Malcolm’s kayak and head to the Galapalagos, plenty of tortoise soup available there and few, if any, idiot politicians.

      • Thank you, but I have to respectfully decline.
        Not used to the permanent dark and the mushroom’s diet, fed by the corporate mass media, shock jocks and politicians.

        • Ned, your respectful declination made me wonder about the US. So I typed “America” into a google search and the very first thing that came up was “american deception.com” which, for a price, will let one download the Skull and Bones membership list.

          For no price they provide this plea to readers:
          “Children are being programmed to accept whatever is thrown at them, without question or concern. Should one not clearly see a diabolical agenda today we only ask that you investigate further and stop depending on the nightly news which is devoted to mind manipulation and conditioning to a particular viewpoint. Those controlling the media are the same individuals who have been running the world for hundreds to thousands of years. That’s why nothing historical is ever attached to the daily happenings.”

          Ned’s philosophy writ large.

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