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Eureka? Boston, Sandy Hook, Port Arthur, Dunblane


sandy hook hearing

Second from the left, Police Chief Kehoe at the FOIA Commission Hearing in Hartford, CT

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I think I’ve got it. Here it is. All four multiple-death incidents really did take place, but in no case was the patsy the real killer. Tsarnaev brothers, Adam Lanza, Martin Bryant, and Thomas Hamilton didn’t kill anyone.

Who did it? Hired killers.  Who hired them? The Powers That Be, of course. How do those killers get hired? They work for quasi-police groups. I would guess public ones such as Homeland Security and FBI, plus private firms.

Who else is to blame? The mass media get right in there with a tall tale about the patsy, and adamantly refuse to cover any other aspect of the case or listen to witnesses. The law enforcement system gets in there and tells more tales. (For example the Tsarnaevs boasted to their carjackee that they had done the Marathon bombing. “So there!”)

How about the courts? Two of the patsies did not need a trial, since “they killed themselves on the spot” – Hamilton at Dunblane and Lanza at Sandy Hook. At Port Arthur, the patsy, Bryant, was retarded. He was given no trial and has been allowed to rot in jail for many years.

At the Boston Marathon, there were two patsies, brothers.  One, Tamerlan, was surreptitiously killed by police or FBI. The other, Jahar, was given no chance to offer a defense in court and has recently been sentenced to death.

Public Reaction

For the most part, people believe whatever the newspaper or TV says about such dramatic incidents. This is changing of course, thanks mainly to the egregiousness of the 9-11 Inside Job. In two of the four cases under consideration here, I find the written record of investigation marvelously enlightening.

  1. First we have Sandra Uttley’s book, Dunblane Unburied. She had no inkling of the killer being anyone other than Hamilton. But she was annoyed that the government hadn’t refused that man’s request for a gun license – since many parents had complained that Hamilton mistreated their boys at summer camp. When Sandra Uttley pursued this and other issues she met a great barrier of cover-up. Clearly there would be no need for a cover-up if one old man with a gun had gone bunkers and committed the mass murder. There must be more to it.
  1. Re Port Arthur, we have Keith Noble’s massive compilation of research by many Australians, and it is freely downloadable under the title “Mass Murder.” The bottom line is that there is no evidence for Bryant’s involvement and heaps of exculpatory evidence. The fact that the judge, Sir William Cox (later governor-general of Tasmania) did not provide a trial should be enough to tell anyone that there is foul play.
  1. The Boston Marathon, as I have described in numerous articles, was done by someone other than the Tsarnaevs. Just consider the fantastic piece of evidence – a jihadi-type confession written by a 19-year-old on the fiberglass wall of a boat, in which he refers to his brother’s death even though he could not know at that point that Tamerlan was murdered. The whole thing is an embarrassment; never mind the house-to-house searches for this lad, like a scene from Baghdad.
  1. Sandy Hook is puzzling and I admit I am projecting onto it the comparative similarities of the other three killings. The incident that Sandy Hook most resembles is Dunblane. The most compelling thing to me is the officials’ unwillingness to answer simple questions. A citizen named Wolfgang Halbig sought some Freedom of Information answers from the police chief of Newtown, Connecticut and to say it was like pulling teeth would be an understatement.

Possibly Halbig is one of the many bloggers who claims Sandy Hook did not happen (i.e., no child died). I am not sure if that is his thesis. I do not go along with that. I believe all 26 children died. I have said before that even with genuinely deceased children, the Powers That Be could arrange all sorts of complicated stories on the Internet to confuse us.

I am unfazed by the stories of crisis actors and fake blood (or lack of blood) at both the Marathon and Sandy Hook. Quite possibly there were crisis actors thrown in to make sensible people afraid to go near the case, out of fear of making fools of themselves. (Telling an amputee that she was not really at the Marathon is a bit hard for most people to do.)

So, for me the clincher is the behavior of officials when questioned, and the out-of-protocol behavior of judges. I remain extremely ashamed of the legal profession for allowing such things to go unnoticed.

Anyway the question now is: what to do. I recommend we panic. What? Well, panic is not a good thing but it may be one step above living in la-la land. And why should we panic? Because the courts have closed down, for all practical purposes. Our elected politicians have closed down.

As for the police persons of the various cities, I’ll bet they are scared to death of the thugs in their midst and do not know whom to go to, to complain. They don’t want to look like sissies, right?  Ah, the dread of sissydom. It has a lot to answer for!

— Mary W Maxwell hopes you will read her new book Fraud Upon the Court that discusses these terrible things and offers a bevvy of solutions.




  1. Sorry, I shouldn’t assume that everyone knows these events:

    Dunblane is in Scotland, the tragedy occurred in March 1996; Port Arthur is in Australia; 35 people were killed in April 1996. Sandy Hook is the name of a school in Newtown CT; the children died on December 14, 2012.
    The Boston Marathon bombing took place on April 15, 2013.

    My recent Letter to the Attorney General re Marathon is at: http://gumshoenews.com/2015/09/13/an-open-letter-to-massachusetts-attorney-general-maura-healey-regarding-the-death-in-custody-of-tamerlan/

    • Oh my. Is anyone getting tired of these lies from Wikipedia?
      There were 37 school shootings in the US from 1974 to 2000. By whom? Wikipedia (i.e., CIA) notes that a PBS Frontline program in 2015 showed:
      “certain similarities among the perpetrators. “The researchers found that killers do not ‘snap’. They plan. They acquire weapons. These children take a long, considered, public path toward violence.” Princeton’s Katherine Newman has found that, far from being “loners”, the perpetrators are “joiners” whose attempts at social integration fail, and that they let their thinking and even their plans be known, sometimes frequently over long periods of time.
      Perpetrators who “run amok” in schools and other public settings do also share in common a deficit in their capacity for empathy coupled with their inability to contain their aggression.”

      How about the MWM version: Persons who plan the school shootings are lackeys who work for very sick men at the top.The men at the top did not experience any love in their childhood and basically do not even know that love exists. Babes can be murdered for the sheer fun of watching the parents’ reaction, and as a means of making sure all the players (e.g. politicians and judges) are stil under control. If any of them speak out, they die.

      Your choice.

    • You’re quite right Mary, and I’ve never looked hard enough at things that way before. If a legal process (enquirer, trial etc) is necessarily attached to these signature events, then the greatest clues can lie in watching how that process gets played out, not in who did what to whom and who was wearing the red cap etc etc. Often its about dogs that don’t bark as much as those that do.

      • Yes, Paul, this is why I have gone berserk over the way Judge George A O’Toole in Boston federal court has so lightly requested a sweet chariot to swing low and pick up young Tsarnaev. Has O’Toole no grandchildren? HAS HE NO FRICKIN DECENCY?
        Googling “Maxwell, podstava” will bring up the video that Dee and I made on this matter. Talk about dogs not barking! The tape of Tamerlan being arrested, in good health, is in the public eye and no one is getting blamed for his subsequent murder. Let’s call these “barkless situations.”

        • Jeepers. I had never heard of Jimmy Saville until Fair Dinkum mentioned it today. Now I have read some of it. Mind-boggling.
          Owing to David McGowan’s valuable book, “Programmed To Kill,” I was aware of Dutroux in Belgium and the Praesidio in California. In both cases excellent material came to court, but it got overridden. Maybe the peeps of Belgium could run a moot court re the Praesidio case (and make a judgment), and the Californians do the same for Dutroux.

          Our Truth and Reconciliation Coalition (re MK-Ultra) got involved a bit in the Nebraska situation. My sense of the Satanic stuff was that it’s a cover-up for the production of mind-controlled children and “Manchurian candidates.” Sort of a distraction and/or a ‘religious’ justification. But now I’m not sure.
          Logically, anything the top dogs do must be related to their need to hold onto power. Recall Kay Griggs saying that her husband was forced into weird stuff in adulthood. He did not torture boys voluntarily. So it doesn’t all boil down to personal addictions.

          I call upon any person who is high up in the professions, or in Parliament, to press for an answer to what the kidnapping and murdering of children is ALL ABOUT. Come on, Canberra, there’s got to be one among you who has the normalcy to do this. And you could propose legislation that it’s firing-squad time for anyone who blackmails a person with regard to pedophilia.

          Come to think of it, we do need a TRC — one that the perps can approach. In 2011, the CIA put my group out of business so fast that I had to admire them. They climbed into our TRC and the next thing you know it was boom-boom-boom-boom.

  2. …this is malarkey…one of the main photo of The BM Bombing that made magazines, websites and news stories… shows the evacuation of some guy sitting up in a wheelchair, with both of his legs supposedly blown off by the bomb blast. Yet, they are evacuating him in a wheelchair..(?)…where he is sitting up and looking into the camera for effect? Who evacuates a person, whom just moments before had their lower legs blown off…who evacuates them in a wheelchair? How was the guy so able to be alert and…”bravely resolute”…..not to mention being evacuated without leaving a single drop of blood in his wake as they rushed him out of the scene? Well, he was actually a former US Soldier who is now a paid crisis actor…(working that day)…, and he had lost his legs in Iraq five years before. As far as Sandy Hook, the key there is who ordered the Porta-Potties and had them on scene before any kind of supposed violence took place…why can’t we see the contract as to who signed and arranged for the PP to be on site? Why are they threatening anyone who goes near the thing and trying to shame people into stop looking? Why did they give Newtown 55 million dollars to bulldoze the crime scene and build a new school? Does it really take 55 million dollars to build a new school? I think not. Who would not let rescue helicopters come in and “save” some of those kids? How did the Coroner declare them all dead in 8 minutes? Who paid off almost al of the real estate in Newtown a year before the incident and did so on a Christmas Day Holiday when the county recorder’s office would have been closed? I am not sure of this writer’s intent…but it sounds like a lot of dis-information to me. We all know they are pulling off these BS Emergencies…so I see no reason to believe anything about them, nor a writer who dismisses the most obvious parts of the story. There is something wrong there.

    • Hmm. The commenters seem to say “Don’t bother prosecuting anyone, as nothing really happened.”

      I agree that it is hard to wade thru the Youtube videos on the subjects of Marathon and Sandy Hook. Some are made by genuine citizen-investigators (yet they rarely provide their real name) and some are paid disinfo artists.

      My take on the crisis actors is that some crisis actors were indeed employed IN ORDER that they could then be “discovered” by Youtubers. The (desired) result would be that folks would start shying away from the whole Marathon or Sandy Hook debate because it’s just too “iffy.”

      Listen: there’s no need to make a decision on the street-level items, such as whose leg injury was not bloody enough, or who ordered port-potties two days in advance. You can do all that is needed by skipping the street-level and just look at court-level.

      I think the court-level stuff reveals what this murder-business is really all about and it ain’t pretty. But please don’t ignore it. We need intelligent, caring citizens to stay the course.
      Gonna be very sorry later when our chance to prosecute has been taken away….

      • Correction. I said “I believe all 26 children died.” Twenty were children; the other six were staff members.
        If Adam Lanza died there, I assume that would make 27. As at the Sydney Siege, the deaths of Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson are mentioned but not the death of “the gunman.”

  3. Isn’t it much easier to look at these events as controlled propaganda, with publicity shots that seem to demonstrate the event took place? Don’t tell me you cannot have a huge conspiracy with crisis actors because someone would snitch, either. That’s a small detail, but if you are a longtime employee of one of the huge governmental agencies, you must sign certain things about nondisclosure or lose your health insurance, get prosecuted, etc.

    I don’t for one second believe in the Boston Marathon. The story needed a lot of patches, for instance to explain the absence of upper body damage. It needed some photos done to show damage which in the immediate aftermath of the event did not take place.

    You could peer into this abyss of a story or one of the other ones, ask others to do so too, but no one will because it is so time-consuming and it rocks their trust that the government is there to protect us from evil beings. I do not, however, believe that killings happened (at least for Sandy Hook and Boston).
    What is more distressing is the level of power to control the narrative of our times, and to have so many cooperative employees willing to go along with that. But the stage sets themselves? Amateurish. In a real bombing, there is a pile of utterly helpless people, not a few unlucky amputees surrounded by helpful caring bystanders. We just don’t know mayhem like the rest of the world does, thank goodness. Our version at Boston was highly sanitized, in spite of the impossible wheelchair guy.

    These stories are, like many films, designed to promote policy. If this were the former Soviet Union no one would bat an eye at the extremes the government might go to underscore the need for some policy or another. But it’s here too, from the Kabuki of TSA to the drones and military clad police at sporting events. You know how they always say “Freedom costs!” well, so does a protection racket.

  4. fyi, there was no Sandy Hook massacre.

    Proof? Start with the McDonnells. Cameras caught these phonies preparing (with the aid of police personnel) for their staged, fake-grief photos. That footage is part of this video:

  5. I agree with RJ O’Guillory, whoever wrote this seems to be spreading disinformation (especially around Sandy Hook and Boston). Not one body ever shown in Connecticut, no trauma teams, no helicopters, no ambulances… And Boston? A drill happening at the exact same time and the presence of Craft International, with their employees carrying backpacks that were fully loaded and match the pics of the backpacks used?

    Somebody hasn’t done half the reading they claim to have done if they believe these incidents were anything other than theater.

  6. Well done but at Sandy Hoax IMO NO ONE died.

    Sandy Hoax was a FEMA and CAPSTONE preparedness Exercise. It involved police and government participation at the Federal, State and Local levels.

    I do believe there were DEAD children shot up. Just not the ACTORS who played their parents, children. So how did the bodies appear. IMO the children’s bodies that were autopsied were cadavers SHIPPED in and shot up at Sandy Hoax.

    Yes it is terrible but it is also logical and we have NO death certificates nor evidence of these deaths.

    When you have a CRIMINAL Gun Grabbing “government” this is what your get. Watch for it, it is not over.

  7. When Mary visited my Melbourne studio last month I asked her to present her interpretation of the Dunblane school shootout. I think she has made an important breakthrough on that subject.

    • Big, fat apologies to anyone coming to our site for the first time who doesn’t know that we drop bombshells left, right, and center in the Gumshoe arena.

      I am well aware that what I said in today’s article is shocking and terrible. I am pretty stunned about it myself, and it must be worse for someone who hasn’t previously contemplated this stuff.

      if you happen to believe this theory about the authorities being the actual kiddy-killers, you may want to call a 1-800 hotline for personal support. (And don’t view my video below until you think you are ready for it.) Zorree.

      • If they can apparently kiddie-fiddle with such impunity and lack of conscience (as we are ALL now seeing, not just we “conspiracy theorists”), then it isn’t a big step for them to move from fiddling to killing.

        • Dear Paul, there does seem to be some connection between pedophilia and murder. But there are apparently many peds who don’t go in for violence and don’t belong to a ‘ring.’ I am guessing that most of the boarding-house teachers named in the current Royal Commission are loners.
          I’ve also suspected, from the beginning (1990-ish) when the huge crop of Catholic priests got outed for abusing children, that they were PLANTED. Why else would the bishops so diligently protect them?
          Yes, I am saying it was all part of a scheme to discredit religion, something Rabbi Martin Antelman says happened also in the Jewish faith. (See his “To Eliminate the Opiate,” what an eye-opener!)
          I don’t think Antelman knows about mind-control, but if the priests were put thru the paces of mind control, I imagine they could have had their sexual impulses tipped in a certain direction. Which is not to say that man-boy sex does not occur naturally. In the bonobo species (first cousin to chimpanzees), it is standard office procedure.
          (Note: female victims, too, are currently reporting to the Royal Commission; you can attend the hearings in Sydney.)

          The trafficking of children is said to be extremely lucrative. Ergo, there must be a huge market for kiddies. Perhaps the customers are routinely protected from legal interference, so they can remain always afraid of prosecution if they cease to do whatever they are ordered to do in their professions.
          That said, since loads of people must be living in a blackmailed state, I can’t understand why more of them are not chronically depressed. Politicians never looked depressed to me; they look ‘neutralized.’

          Over to you, Paul, and I appreciate your argumentation. (And we can ask Dee to discuss trafficking since she is the wrtier and producer of the movie The Jammed, re slaves in Oz.)

          • Have you seen the website Aangirfan Mary? This is someone or group who appear to have a lot of time on their hands (which makes me a tad suspicious usually) to document some extraordinary history of political and other activity of our Betters including much of the spooky pedo underbelly. They seem to have a very global perspective and quite a bit of access (which also admittedly raises the odd red flag).

          • Thank you, Paul. I went to the site but haven’t much inclination to sleuth it as I don’t have anything to contribute.

            The Aangrifan website shows the demolition of the school in October 2013. So that’s 3 of my 4 that got razed: Dunblane’s gym, Arrow Café, and Sandy Hook school. I’m glad they didn’t feel the need to raze Copley Square to help us not feel offended by the Marathon “incident.”
            The media say Lanza shot his Mom while she was asleep. How would anybody know that? I note such “extra killings” are often reported as precursors to a spree. Charles Whitman in the Texas tower in 1966 – the first of its type, on a college campus – had earlier shot his wife and mother “in their respective homes.” Is that even plausible?

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