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More on Angela Merkel: Is It Bad To Protect One’s Country?



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I suspect that very few national leaders have the ability or the motivation to speak for their country anymore. They are point-men (as we used to say of third world leaders who were in cahoots with the British empire, or the US empire.). Today everybody is under the control of the globalists.

On the one hand, this is no secret. Some insiders have proclaimed it. For example, Zbigniew Brzezinski said, back in 1978, “No more nations, please. Bye-bye borders.” On the other hand, leaders still couch many of their propositions in the old terminology of protecting the nation.

Consider how often the phrase “national security” is mouthed. National security implies that it’s desirable to protect our group against a menacing foreign group, right?

The Syrian Refugees Entering Germany

Recently, Germany announced a seemingly humanitarian response to the fact that people are fleeing Syria due to violence from the Islamic State or from… um .. maybe NATO….

Whatever the cause, we’re now seeing huge numbers of Middle Easterners, mostly men, entering ports on Europe’s side of the Mediterranean. Germany has said it will (more or less) welcome 800 thousand Syrians.

Naturally, the German people are feeling pressure. They have the following concerns:

  1. The refugees could mess up Germany’s own services, e.g. by filling the hospitals or drawing on the welfare payments
  2. The refugees are bringing in a religion that is not the traditional Christianity of Germany, and since Muslims say God directs their laws, they might prove unwilling to accept secular laws.
  3. No one has vetted the refugees. They may be the worst criminals and these could subject German towns to crime.

Has Angela Lost Her Mind?

At a public event in Germany, the chancellor, Angela Merkel, took questions from the audience. One young woman asked about those three items. What answers would you have given? I think the audience expected to hear something along the lines of:

“Our nation must come first and these immigrants will only be allowed to stay if they can accept our laws. As for vetting, we didn’t get a chance to do it, due to the bombings in Syria, but we will deal with it soon. As for the cost, yes it costs us to be generous to people in trouble, but that is the civilized norm, isn’t it?”

Surprise, surprise, that’s not what she said. She talked nonsense. Please listen to her on the video below, or if you can’t invest the 10 minutes, just take my word for it that she acted as if there is no problem. In no way did she stand up for Germany. She didn’t even try to ‘tune in’ with the woman in the audience who asked “What will you do to protect our culture in Europe?

Is Nationhood a Value — Yes or No?

I wish to argue strongly for the value of the nation – any nation. (Or tribe, if a cohesive group lacks the numbers to be called a nation.)  Angela Merkel may have been instructed to say what she said. Her bosses, the globalists, have won her over to the position of Brzezinski “Bye-bye borders.” “Nations are unfashionable” “Let’s move on.”

The globalists are looking forward to the day – and it appears we are headed there fast – when the globe is openly run by businesses and their ‘tribunals.’ Law as we know it will not exist. Nor will parliaments, other than as talk shops.

Legislatures, if they remain at all, will resemble the toothless General Assembly of the UN, and big decisions will come from something like the 5-country “Security Council.” (There’s that word again!) In other words, we’ll have a global dictatorship.

As I said, Merkel is greasing the skids for this.  Clearly, she doesn’t think her society is a thing of value. (Goethe and Bach and the rest of them must be rolling over in their graves.)

Granted, in some of her weird remarks below, Merkel appeals to an ideal, a kind of goodness. You could even say that she sounds a bit like those who defend human rights in a universal way. They feel that the world has already become one culture. Their wording could be:

“We are committed to the rights of every person, and every person is equal. When a state has a law or policy that conflicts with those human rights, the human rights must prevail. They are the highest law.”

Hogwash is what I say to that!

One’s Particular Society MUST Come First

I reject the goody-goodyism. Not that it isn’t lovely to claim that every human being deserves good treatment. But the only way to be assured of good treatment – or at least harbor some hope of it – is to have a society, a community. It is from those around you that you must look for enforcement of agreed upon rules — and articulation of values.

It’s futile to look for human solidarity in a global form. We simply are not built that way. You look to our own society when you’re in trouble, right? Luckily, we really are built to be helpful in times of need. But for mutual aid to work, there has to be a perceptible mutuality. Roughly speaking, we all must know that the persons we help would feel obliged to do a similar kindness for any compatriots.

Ah, compatriots. Angela Merkel correctly said “Look at the map of Europe – it has constantly changed.”’ That is true.  I do not ask that all nations stay identical to what they are now, forever.  But I do say – Value the nation!

At the moment, Germany can best keep a grip on its culture by talking it up. They can, and I believe should, engage very openly with the persons they are worried about. I also think they should not get their knickers in a too much of a knot about hijab, burka, or any form of clothing.

(I lived in Muslim society for 5 years.  The fully veiled faces intrigued me. So did the fact that our house was built in such a way that I, as a wife, got automatically locked in when Husband went to work. But our Arab hosts seemed just like us — eminently normal. I think the demonization of Muslims would be comical if it weren’t creating so much harm all around.)

syriaAccording to syrianews.cc, the refugee story is exaggerated: millions of children returned to school on September 15, 2015.

Angela’s Guardian Angel

Call me prejudiced but I think Merkel has no philosophy of her own. She is one of the many Servants of the Servants of Whomever. Globalist strategists will be pleased, not displeased, that this refugee thing is going to act as a transmigrasei to weaken the German community. Come to think of it, they probably designed the refugee flow for that very purpose.

(“Put nothing past them.” Or as Terry Shulze says, “You can never be too paranoid.”)

BIG QUESTION: Is there a genocide going on? Is the Wesley Clark laundry-list of countries simply a depopulation undertaking?

I see no hope, ever, of nations loving one another. But I do see the phenomenon of enlightened self-interest.  I wager it’s very much in our self-interest right now, right this minute, to open up an unembarrassed discussion (OK, an embarrassed one, if you insist) on the current depopulation that is proceeding apace everywhere.

The “prestigious persons” in our own society who are at the controls would – supposedly — spare us, as their top priority. But no, they have abandoned that task. They do not feel like community members. They’re members of their dear little club. Do you think they will protect you when the crunch comes?

You have got to be kidding.

“Nation Building Begins at Home”

In the ’60s we grooved on the coffee-table book of photographs entitled The Family of Man. The thinking seemed to be that ‘we are all one.’ But after encountering the science of sociobiology it dawned on me that humans live in groups. We evolved to do it that way and should not pretend we are well equipped to carry on a daily existence as globalized atoms.

Just now I looked up The Family of Man on Amazon and saw this remark by a reviewer:

“There’s something VERY ’50s about these photos – the Germans look ‘German’ – the Irish look ‘Irish’, and so forth. This collection of photos presents a very UN-MELTED ‘melting pot’ at the same time it reveals a universal humanity and compassion.”

So far, I have been arguing that we need nations as this is the source of mutual aid. A nation and its polity form the locus of law. So we oughtn’t to be saying Bye-bye borders, for that reason alone. I neglected to mention that identifying with the ancestry of one’s group is also a not-to-be-missed psychological support and inspiration to the individual.

I feel silly saying these things; they are so obvious. But you won’t think they are obvious to poor old mind-controlled Angela when you watch this vid.

In conclusion, I urge everybody to be as politically incorrect as possible, even unto telling ethnic jokes. (You know you tell them in private.) It keeps the community’s identity in force. Nothing wrong with that. Without community we are not going to survive. Stick up for your people!

Where is Ned Kelly when we need him?

I recently said at Gumshoe that the demographics of China are such that Australia is doubtless going to become more Chinese.  So the thing to do is negotiate the values. Share. Borrow. Compromise. Yell. Don’t collapse. We have much to give that can make life better for Chinese immigrants. They know that! They don’t want us to be mealy-mouthed nobodies.

Anyway this is about Angela. God help us if the great nation of Germany can’t come up with something better than its present chancellor.  Were I German I’d tell Angela she can have one chance to clean it up. Just one chance.

Genug ist genug already.

— Mary W Maxwell can be reached at her websites maryWmaxwell.com and ProsecutionForTreason.com.
















  1. Charlie Hebdo? Pommy bastards are given a soft ribbing at a website as follows:

    An amateur group of Islamic film makers have posted a video on YouTube which mocks Christianity and Jesus Christ.

    It is believed to be so offensive that St Peter’s church in Shrewsbury have postponed their tea and cake morning until next Wednesday, and Dorothy Green from Margate has written in to Points of view.

    When will the madness end?

    • Quote, ” An amateur group of Islamic film makers have posted a video on YouTube which mocks Christianity and Jesus Christ.” Unquote.
      What evidence was supplied to verify the claim the posters are as claimed ? Can the names be followed up and verified ? Have the made other video clips in the past that can verify their legitimacy ?
      I would have thought that in today’s World, which is rife with false flag events deliberately concocted to ensure people get carried away with their emotions and behave abominably, people would ensure the bonafids of ALL such material before perpetuating the divisive tactics.

  2. Oh Golly, Gee Whiz, someone’s finally followed the dots and got the whole picture ? A bit late now I would think.
    Think back to Merkel’s response to the reports that the U.S. had been recording every telephone conversation she had for years.
    Think of the beautiful data base they would have of information they could use to compromise Merkel at the drop of a hat.
    Consider her response to that release too. How effective and positive was that response ?
    From where I sat, a warmed up fart would have had more effect.
    Right then and there, she displayed for the whole World, she no longer represented the German people.
    I’m just blown away, the Germans are unable to recognize that little fact. I guess they MIGHT wake up when they have lost their jobs to a refugee who will work for nothing, then get kicked out of their home because they cant keep up the mortgage. Then, and only then, will they see the light. TOO LATE.

    • I agree with Eddy that peeps can’t see it when it’s their own country (not mentioning any names Rudd giving Bush a salute). There’s nothing to stop Merkel suing Bush for this assault or at least sexual harassment:

      Except maybe the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961):
      “Article 31 A diplomatic agent shall enjoy immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving State. He shall also enjoy immunity from its civil and administrative jurisdiction, except in the case of: …etc
      But there’s also this:
      Article 29 The person of a diplomatic agent shall be inviolable. He shall not be liable to any form of arrest or detention. The receiving State shall treat him with due respect and shall take all appropriate steps to prevent any attack on his person, freedom or dignity.”
      Confused? The writers of tisi treaty may not have envisioned a president-gives-chancellor-nonconsensual-backrub type thing.

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