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“You Will Never Hear Me Mention His Name,” Douglas County sheriff


A few days ago Chris Harper-Mercer picked up a gun and tragically killed 9 people at the at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. The Douglas County sheriff, in a press interview, said:

“Let me be very clear, I will not name the shooter. I will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. Media will get the name confirmed in time. But you will never hear me mention his name. We would encourage media and the community to avoid using it. We encourage you to not repeat it….”

Are we being conditioned to accept a sanitised Orwellian reality where certain “words” are “forbidden” or discouraged from use?


A 15-year-old gunman Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad killed a 17-year police force veteran Mr Cheng in Sydney. Today the NSW Police Association president Pat Gooley mimicked the Douglas County Sheriff, saying in a press statement,  “No member of the Police Association will ever mention the young man’s name again and I hope that members of the community will do the same..”

This has been done before. In Sandra Uttley’s book, Dunblane Unburied, page 50:

“We aren’t meant to say Thomas Hamilton’s name, After the Dunblane Massacre it was decided that mentioning  the murderer’s name only served to glorify him. What rubbish. We mustn’t forget Thomas Hamilton…”

We are being told, more and more, from the powers that be, to ignore reality – and to not LISTEN, SEE or SPEAK certain things.


Prime Minister David Cameron has warned us of people preaching and pedaling lies about 9/11 and that 7/7 London bombings. We must  NOT LISTEN to these people and said:

We must defeat this ideology in all its forms…”

At the Press Conference following the Boston Marathon bombing, officials released photographs of the Tsarnaev brothers. Richard Deslauriers from the FBI said:

“(these) photos and videos are posted for the public and media to use, review and publicize. For clarity these images should be the only ones, I emphasize, the only ones that the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible… and unnecessarily divert the public’s attention into the wrong direction…”



  1. Dee, the three videos you have ‘amassed’ here are open exhibits for the prosecution re the crime of obstruction of justice, being committed by the speakers.
    I suppose Ned will say my remark is over the top re the sheriff, and I admit MAYBE it is. But what is he trying to do? It is cuckoo to speculate that the killer was seeking glory.
    Recall my recent Gumshoe article “Fellatio for Chocolate.”? I quoted ABC host Ginny Stein telling us how easy it is to kill the prisoner, Martin Bryant. But I expunged some of her other remarks along the lines of the ego trip Martin is on, feeling important because he killed 35 people. We know he did not so much as say Boo to a goose. It is all fictional drama.

    Thank you for catching this new trick. Previously you caught the trick that the MSM will not utter the important term: false flag. That suppression is also a crime of obstruction of justice. IMHO.
    Next we’ll hear from Murdoch’s press: “A bank was robbed today but we can’t utter the name or the location of the bank.”

    • Well he should not be named, after all,
      someone might know him: e g , his medical providers and report in that he was on antidepressants and/or a person with problems.
      Cannot risk exposing his name or decent pictures, the medical treatment and history might be pinged. Someone might blab.

  2. Wonder if the name of the person with the initials KSM has also been banned.
    He has been locked up for over a decade awaiting a hearing on his alleged claim (under torture) that he planned 911 ‘from A to Z’.
    The corporate Mass media are too gutless to concede that it is controlled.
    One may as well go to the library and read Pravda (?) from the 1960’s, more historic reality there for amusement than with our present corporate mass media.

      • Oh. I was hoping Mend was a new commenter.
        We would welcome some new commenters!

        Ned, your remark about KSM being on ice reminds me that the defense lawyer, and I use the term ‘defense’ awfully loosely, pomised the court that once Jahar Tsarnaev is in Supermax there would be “no autobiography and no relaying of messages.”

        Maybe Jahar and KSM could write to each other. They could compare their “A to Z” masterplans. Say, I wonder when Jahar wrote the first draft for his Boat Confession. Maybe 2012 or so.

        Hmm. I wonder why his big bro didn’t use a false name when purchasing all those pressure cookers. Tamerlan could have signed “Albert DeSalvo” and who would be the wiser?

          • That would be ironic with the Cadbury factory being right there in Tassie. Maybe KSM and Jahar could chip in for a gift certificate for our political prisoner.

            Ned, do you believe we are saying things like this? By the way, do patsies automatically have the status of “political prisoner”? E.g., Sirhan Sirhan.
            To me, the term “politcal prisoner” conjures up someone like the late Gordon Kahl (who made quite a tactical booboo in preaaching against taxes), and his son Yori who is in prison for being Gordon’s son.
            i try to yap it when e’er I can. What else to do? “Or we will hang separately” type thing.

        • “We would welcome some new commenters!”

          Gday Ladies, Do you have twitter?
          I dont myself, nor facebook, but a lot of people it seems do use social media these days.. I sometimes browse this twitter stream.. https://twitter.com/hashtag/auspol?src=hash

          if you click on the “live” tab, you will see there is a constant stream of tweets coming through, of course, that page is only for the hashtag “auspol” – australia politics.. I think that a link to your articles with whatever hashtags you choose to use would help your news reach quite a few more appreciative readers.

          A few other independent media sites do that sort of thing, trouble is, they are as lame as the main stream media when it comes to publishing truth the way you do it.

          • Yep.. those tweets would reach so many more people if you just include a few hashtags I think.. #auspol #syria #911truth #whateveristrending – Im, not sure how many you can add.. but I believe they dont add to the character limit twitter enforces.. and then once a few more people start noticing, and start following, and retweeting..

            im looking forward to the imminent cacophony of much participation once a few more people get to appreciate the refreshingly honest… insightful writings here.!

  3. This utter political correctness has done away with FREE SPEECH. Just like Sandy Hook, no viewing of the children by the parents, who believes this malarky?
    We chair side amateur sleuths will get to the bottom of it even if our government representatives and lame stream media won’t.
    Kudos Mary, for another spot on observation of the clamp down on information that should be public knowledge.

      • Mary, did you know there are 4 wise monkeys! Do you know what the fourth one represents? These 4 monkeys were known as the four monkeys, not the three “wise” monkeys, and the fourth removed was possibly the only wise one out of them! Just another example of the construct!

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