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The Herald Sun 7/10/15

The language around the TPP is littered with “gains… access… enjoys… wins… and benefits…”. With the headline, “Government hails (the TPP) ‘giant foundation stone’ for Australia,”  it looks like a rosy future ahead for us all, and the mining companies will “enjoy” selling iron ore, copper and nickel to Peru.

There was an excellent article by Michael West in the SMH. I quote:

“If this is such a great deal, why are they hiding it? There is, among other things, a four-letter answer to this question: ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement). ISDS is a mechanism for corporations to sue governments. Pharmaceutical giant Ely Lilly is suing the government of Egypt for lifting the minimum wage. Canada is being sued for a ban on fracking and Germany for its phasing out of nuclear power; all actions taken under ISDS clauses in free trade pacts…  Even worse, the authority of sovereign courts is ignored in favour of an international dispute tribunal.

An article on ABC online (by three political reporters) reported on Mr Turnbull’s comments (on a Melbourne radio station). “These deals are win-win,” and “The deal is seen as a legacy-defining achievement for US president Barack Obama but it still has to be ratified by a sceptical and often hostile Congress.”

But wait, Obama got the US Senators to restrict their own powers and grant him fast-track authority. But now that the text has been agreed upon, the discussion is over. This means they can’t discuss it. No filibustering is permitted, and no changes can be made to the text.

The following is what Jon Rappaport has to say about Obama and the TPP:

““For every President, there comes a moment when he does what he has been put into office to do… (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Obama was put in the White House to make TPP and similar treaties come to fruition. Failure is not an option. Obama’s mentor on foreign policy, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is David Rockefeller’s right-hand man. And David is Globalism personified… The TPP elevates mega-corporations beyond even their present status: In a nutshell, any threats against international corporate piracy would be adjudicated in private corporate tribunals—so the outcome is completely predictable.

Obama was never about creating more jobs in America. He was and is about Globalism. Otherwise, there was no way he could have advanced beyond the Illinois State Senate, in his artificial career.”



tpp 2

Meanwhile back in Australia, it was all praise to Minister Andrew Robb for saving the Medical Benefits Scheme. Three cheers. “Hip hip Hooray, hip hooray… hip hooray”. Beers all round, and let’s keep watching the “telly”.

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      • Thanks, Ned, that is a fun read. And may I point to Averell Harriman, on whom Anton Chaitkin did a number in his excellent book, “Treason in America.”
        I would have to put Woodrow Wilson on the list, too, for letting “Colonel” House share his room at the White House. And I don’t mean his bedroom, I mean the Oval Office.

        More on Col House in my ever-so-inexpensive book (free, actually): Prosecution for Treason.

          • i just googled for “None Dare Call It Treason” and was led to Amazon to buy a nifty book entitled: “I Dare Call It Treason.”

            the author is servando Gonzales. I quote a review:
            He provides hundreds of easily verifiable facts, proving without a shadow of a doubt that there is an invisible government of the United States and that its visible head is not in Washington, D.C. but in the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan, headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations.

            God help us all.

  1. Something happened to my proposed comment, so here goes again.
    The average intellectual earthworm would know that australia has been betrayed by our representives since at least 1975 with the Lima Declaration. See, what the msm and politicians will not refer to:

    The souls of those who died for Australia in WW11 have been knifed in the back by our politicians not to omit, destroying the futures of our children.
    It is an insult to our parted, for even a politician to present at any ANZAC day rememberance, They should be banned out of respect for our sacrificed for their treachery.
    The politicians and the MSM have no excuse to not know how they are betraying or allowing the betrayal of their felllow Australians, whilst we pay for their miserable existence.
    It was all set out with more by Dr Day in March 1969,
    As the msm, commentators and shock jocks will not report on all this, why support them and their advertisers?

  2. I am continuously sprouting that the agenda that the old/new world order is alive and well in Australia. Ned is spot on. Our politicians commit treachery every day of the week while lining their own pockets with backhanders from the cabals. The trouble is, if you are reading the posts on here you are probably very aware of how we are being controlled, however the real truth is not reaching the very decent people who really need to start learning about our prison planet, the cabals and their unauthorised abuse of the people. We are headed very firmly down the track of the US as the same shadow government there is the same one here. We need to scream it very loud as the MSM will not report the truth and the psy ops of these scum is beyond belief. I am truly counting on the fact that the American govt is not counting on the patriotism and genuine love of the country that their people have, and hoping that when the shtf here, it will be the same. If it takes a group of redneck Aussies to lead the march for common decency in this country, count me in.

  3. I am getting sick of my Telstra internet service so will try again.
    It is becoming a habit that when I attempt to log a comment, the connection falls out.
    Better fix it up Telstra.
    Now for the message repeated.
    Would you kindly as a favour pass on this gumshoe link to the two Australians you have mentioned?
    Ditto to all readers for their contacts and representatives.
    If our. politicians are not for Australians then they are against Australia!!

  4. OK, loosen up.
    This will be my fifth Ttempt to comment at gumshoe. When I have ‘submitted’ the Telstra connection falls out. Even when I sent a message ‘this is a test….’
    So here is hoping.
    I ask a favour that you would send this gumshoe link to the two Australians you have mentioned.
    In short: ditto to all readers to send to their contacts and representatives.
    If the politicians are not for Australians and our sovereignty then they are against Australia and it’s sovereignty.

  5. “But now that the text has been agreed upon, the discussion is over. This means they can’t discuss it. ” Dee, with respect, I do not think this is entirely correct. The text of the agreement needs to be confirmed. Obama is required to publish the complete text at least 60 days before the congressional vote. For most of us that will be the first time the actual text has been sighted. Parts of the draft text were leaked by Wikileaks but that did not attract too much attention here.
    A fundamental fact about the TPP is that it is NOT a trade treaty. Only 7 of the 29 chapters actually deal with trade. It is there for two principal reasons: to expand and entrench American corporate power; and as a vital tool in Obama’s attempts to “contain” China. The minor benefits that will accrue to Australia are vastly outweighed by many factors. One, as noted above, is the ISDS provisions which will effectively negate our sovereignty by giving lawyer run tribunals the power to overrule national legislation and make the taxpayer fork out compensation. There is already a substantial body of examples of this, although the corporate media as usual completely ignore the actual history.
    Another is that Australia persists in the delusion that it can maintain a friendly and profitable relationship with China (the main source of our wealth for the past 30 years) while at the same time cozying up to the Americans in their pursuit of Asia-Pacific hegemony. There is a rude shock waiting not too far down the track.

  6. I have attempted 5-6 times to comment here.
    I note Dee and James managed, so I shall try again with a general repeat.
    May I seek that you send a link to this article to the two Australians that you have identified.
    Ditto to all other concerned readers and include your local representatives and contacts.
    If they are not for Australians and our sovereignty, then they are against Australia.
    BTW my phone service is with Telstra. You have a problem Telstra?

    • and so, to Bed:
      I found this poem but will only print the first half, as poetry is a bit of a worry in the copyright department.

      In Praise of My Bed
      At last I can be with you!
      The grinding hours
      since I left your side!
      The labor of being fully human,
      working my opposable thumb,
      talking, and walking upright.
      Now I have unclasped
      unzipped, stepped out of.

  7. Further to my earlier comment the US Trade Representative Michael From an has now announced that the full text of the TPP agreement will be released to the public in 30 days; i.e. by 7 November. I am unaware of any similar commitment by the Australian government, and it is at least an open question as to whether our pro-TPP gungho media with its mushroom growing philosophy will actually publish it here.

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