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The Human God Today — Mr Big – How Doth He Run the World?


ludovico-mazzolino-family- UPPERDetail from “The Holy Family in a Landscape,” by Ludovico Mazzolino (1480-1528)

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

It must take great concentration for one person to control the human race. I can’t really name who that one person is. I’ll call him Mr Big. (I realize that our ruler is probably a coterie rather than a single operator. Still, the mission has to be single-minded or it wouldn’t have the great success that it obviously does have.)

Really, Mr Big’s task is nothing less than to keep any leaders anywhere from becoming strong. Zheesh! What a job.

Poor guy has such burdensome responsibilities.  You wonder, does he ever get hay fever, or suffer a slipped disc? I guess not – he doesn’t have time for those things.

To capture his outlook in a nutshell, I’ll put myself in his shoes. I’ll speak in the first person about how he gets the job done.  Admittedly this is a ridiculous undertaking, since I was not to that manor born. Presumably he was born to it. (I mean he was trained from birth; no one is ‘innately’ a manager of the world.) The following is my best guess:

 Mr Big’s World View

 Good morning. I am the big, big man. Here is my story.

To start with, let me tell you that my first concern on this job is to acquire some collaborators. After all, I go to sleep at night and don’t want to wake up decapitated. So I must find persons who can both be a Praetorian guard for me and who will come to see our program of World Control as something that they, too, own.

I want them to feel responsible for its upkeep and for its long-term future.  I know plenty of basic psychology: these guys need to see me as totally committed, and need to know that there is no room for doubt. It’s also wise for me to implant in them the realization that there’s no way for them to have second thoughts and escape. Can’t have any of that.

Hmm, I guess I generally have to enslave them. Two of my big boys, Henry Kissinger and Rupert Murdoch, are my slaves. They were controlled from childhood, as was, of course, “President Bush Senior.” So they don’t really know any other way, such as personal freedom, options, etc.


I also need hordes of minions. I find that buying people off usually works well. You’d be surprised at what a swanky salary will do to most folks. It may be that they add a cubit to their stature just by thinking of themselves as WORTH that much income. Then they can ‘relate’ to me.

But even when my hold over the minion is by a bribe, I still need to know that he’d be afraid of disobeying. Threats come in handy. My minion will see that one of his colleague’s wife died of cancer, or his teen got addicted to drugs. Even if he doesn’t consciously realize I did this, he unconsciously knows it.

A person is like a dog or a child, knowing things by observation or by “sensing” them. The use of words comes later in a child’s life, and came later in our species’ evolution. Before language, we must have had a complete physiological system for dealing with the world. Call it ‘instinct.’ I rely on it all the time when controlling the broad public.

Business Is the Main Controller

Like any other foraging animal, the human has to go around collecting food every day. Yet today in the industrialized countries, known as the developed world, hardly anyone collects his food (or water) directly from Nature. There is an assembly line of land ownership, crop production, processing, transport, and retailing, right down to online shopping.

I actually control what everyone in the developed world eats. Of course I do this through corporations. Society originally decided to allow “limited liability corporations” to form. These were given a charter that stated that the shareholders could not lose more than their investment, if the venture went bad.

Luckily for me, people have long forgotten that societies can revoke a corporate charter. They have forgotten that when the group applied for a charter it had to show how the social benefits flowing from it would justify the special deal of limited liability. No law school would ever remind its students of this!

I don’t get into a sweat worrying that they’ll remember. Granted, the US has an old fashioned law called the Sherman Anti-trust Act that could put various businesses out to pasture. But I, of course, make sure that Sherman is never enforced. I control all governments, and all law schools. (Not to mention all medical schools, all theological seminaries, etc.)

All Cultural Products

Food is everything and I can starve the world if I so choose. But I also run most other endeavors too. I have corporate control over all manufactures and all marketing. If I want people to drive bigger cars, or smaller cars, I just snap my fingers and it is done. If I want young women to wear a new kind of bra or no bra, it will happen. The time required is only the number of months it takes for factories to adjust.

The way I handle industries is by determining who sits on the boards of corporations. And we have interlocking directorates. A guy or gal who sits on Coca Cola’s board may also sit on the board of Disney or Ford Motor. They report back to me if anything seems amiss at a board meeting, or if anyone needs disciplining. No corporation is going to go rogue on me.

In the last few decades I have wanted to stimulate constant cultural change. The purpose of this is to create instability and to deprive people of routine and familiarity. It messes up their brain to have constant change. I want their brains to be messed up, so there has to be a steady stream of new items and new practices – such as new ways to do one’s banking.


Speaking of banks, the bank is the protector of my position. It took a few centuries for this to coalesce. Recall the city-state of Genoa? When there was no money, people bartered for what they needed or wanted. If one person wants another to clean his house; he can pay in bananas. With money, people can save up in a way they cannot save bananas.

Lending activity itself becomes a major business. For this we need a bank-type institution. The banker becomes like an intelligence agency, looking around for information — such as who has an invention that is bound to become popular, or which group is planning to kill off a rival.

Once banks get so big that they can lend money to a nation to undertake a foreign war, they naturally desire to foment wars. For a bank, the beauty of having a government as the customer is that it is unlikely to become a bad debtor. It can raise money by taxing the people. I loan money for wars all the time.

Don’t forget also the importance of drowning families in consumer debt. Fifty years ago I told David to send a ‘plastic card” – unsolicited – to all his Citibank customers. This has made people try to live high off the hog, poor things. It’s also my policy to have all students face a mountain of tuition debt when they graduate. So they can’t go into self-employment.


The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. You will have noticed that I am ruling the world. Ergo, you can assume that I am rocking the cradle. What is it that I want to control in the child? Well, basically everything – you know how I am – but definitely his health and his education.

If possible, I also want to control the religious exposure he will have. I want him to have a blind faith so that he will not become a critical thinker. I want him to look to God for help so that he’ll always have hope, even in bad situations. Thus he won’t bother to imagine other solutions.

As far as morality is concerned I want him to have a strong sense of obedience to authority. This works best where he thinks the instructions are coming from an other-worldly source rather than just being his society’s allocation of rights and duties. I’d hate for him to realize that he has a major say in what the rules should be!

I also wish to deceive him into believing that any modern society can establish a system of law and that its courts will act impartially no matter what distribution of power prevails. Ha. It will be even more convenient for me if he thinks that there is such a force as “justice” in this world. He’ll keep appealing to it, instead of noticing that I am the determiner of justice. Almost all judges realize that I am the force behind them.


Some of the peoples of the world have more wealth and power than others, just as some individuals in a given society do. They want to accumulate more things for themselves. Peoples will “buy” what they want, even from faraway lands. Recall the spice trade: one of the first sea-going powers, the Dutch, set up the East India company to transport to Europe such things as cinnamon and silk.

One can imagine a situation in which trade is fair. Nation A may lack copper but have much native timber. Nation B may want timber and have plenty of copper in its mines. They could swap. But if Nation A is rich, it will keep its timber and try to grab the copper from Nation B by stealth or force.

It’s the same as when a rich individual grabs from a poor individual. Stealth and force are the usual means. But don’t forget another means: morality. The rich can teach the poor that the poor owes some of its possessions to the rich. This has been done among nations, too. Consider the recent loan to Greece, or the 1980s loans forced on Latin American countries.

Since I am in charge of all trade in the world, I make the rules of trade. Then each government rushes to obey the rules, such as WTO or NAFTA rules, claiming that he does this as a favor to his own country. The line he uses domestically is that it any rejection of the trade rules would harm his nation’s ability to make exports, “on which so many jobs depend.”

The trade rules I devise have no regard for any nation, rich or poor. They are just a way to control everyone. You may think I aim to please the multinational corporations that want to see no tariffs and no restrictions to their setting up a business in any country. Ah, but if you look at trade deals like the TPP you’ll see that my real purpose is world government. These “trade deals” have the effect of watering governments down.


The press has always been my best friend. Consider just this basic rule of neuroscience: if a person hears something stated three times in a short period of time he takes it as fact! Another rule is: if he hears that a ‘trend’ has already started, he will assume that he must follow the trend. So I instruct the media to tell people that such-and-such a trend is happening.

One of the nicest gifts to me is the fact that if something – anything – is reported as having come from an official source it will be believed.  Of course, back in evolutionary days it was an adaptive trait for us to follow the leader. All persons acting as independent units would be impossible.

Today the group’s leader does not even have to be a real person. One can announce that an organization has said such-and-such, and this will be taken as though coming from our leader. Media often invoke ‘the authorities’ as its source.

Another fantastic advantage of mass media is that it creates a false impression among people that they are listening to their neighbors speak. This used to be done through Letters to the Editor, which I controlled by having troublesome letters omitted and by hiring individuals to write others.

That can’t compare with social media in which all the folks think they are speaking to one another outside my control. Granted I have lost a teeny bit of control through Youtube and some blogs, but as far as the young and impressionable go, I’m still able to call the shots. I largely use celebs to tell people what the going attitude should be. This method never fails me.

Mind Control

The media control I have just referred to is a form of mind control.  I look at every possibility for controlling people’s thinking. Book publishers and libraries are under my sway.  Oddly, academics are no longer keen to push their own intellectual products. I imagine this is because their salaries have more than doubled and they are amazed about that.

Then there is the trick of control through terror. This is more standard than you may realize. Experts have found that if you barrage people with bad news, even news about faraway peoples, it leaves an expectation of trouble. I have tried to put as many stories out there as I can without looking ridiculous.

Not that they are all “stories”. When I think we need an earthquake, we get one. When I think we need a school shooting we get one. When I think we need to have Moms murder their kids, they do so. I also arrange for products to be recalled as unsafe, be it toothpaste or automobiles. This helps keep everyone anxious and off-balance.

Yet even those things are only indirect mind control. For decades we have been using fluoridation of water to create a more docile population. We always use flickering screens during TV entertainment to put people into the state known as alpha brain wave, where they become suggestible.

We have various plans for accessing the brain’s motor control directly. And for years we’ve been able to alter the mood of a whole community by use of electromagnetic frequencies. At this time we can send audio messages that bypass the cerebrum. I don’t wish to reveal any more of my tricks at this time, thank you.

Police and Military

The police and military are more or less the same thing. They are men who wield guns and other destructive weapons. They are my Praetorian guard writ large, and in a sense they are also a type of mind control, in that they create a wrong impression.

People still think that their nation’s army is there to help fight enemy nations. Not true. There are no real enemy nations anymore. If A hits B, it’s because I have decided that this should happen. My reason could be to help a consolidation of power – we don’t want too many separate nations.

It could also be just to keep the people of A and B busy worrying about each other. This ploy works 100% of the time. People are programmed from birth to see an enemy and to imagine countering it by force. Most importantly this keeps their eyes off me. They honestly do not see that I am Enemy Number One.

Today I am busy running NATO, an army that belongs to no particular nation. The taxpayers of “white” nations contribute most of its funds. I guess they think it helps them keep the non-white majority of the world under control. Actually I invented it mainly to keep the white minority from getting too independent-minded. Just wait till I use it on them.

Which brings me to the function of police. If one neighbor steals from another, or rapes his daughter, it is still possible for the offended party to report it to the police and maybe get some redress in a court. Nowadays, however, we use the police academies to teach cops that the public is its enemy.

As I was saying, people take morality seriously. It’s fairly easy to train cops to think they’re the upholders of morality, via law. They look upon a speeding driver as a baddy, and once they’ve pulled him over they’re likely to find some other crime to charge him with. Merely to put handcuffs on him may degrade him for life. Yipee!

My Future

There are moments when I tire of being Mr Big. There are even moments when I regret how easily people believe what I say. They do it because, zoologically, the human species is a species of followers and imitators. Still, it would be nice to see a bit more action in the cultural competition department.

As for the state of the planet, we should never have allowed the population to reach seven billion, or even four billion. If everyone lived like an animal we might be able to survive, but oh no, everybody has to have air-conditioning and a car and has to throw away kilos of packaging each week.

I am getting tired of eliminating people by natural disasters and wars. It just leaves a bunch of depressed families and great blights on the landscape. Unfortunately pretty soon I will have to go for the nuclear option.

It won’t affect me personally as I have a sort of a bunker in readiness, but it will deplete my pool of henchmen. That could be a bit of a hassle for me. Also since mass surveillance has invaded even my own privacy, I’m a bit worried that certain embarrassing things will be revealed.

Why don’t you give me a buzz and suggest something. I am looking for new ideas. Offer me a package as it were. You may be surprised at my willingness to negotiate. I can talk, you know.

After all, I’m only human.

ludovico-mazzolino-family- UPPER


— Mary W Maxwell, PhD (Politics), LLB, is a fulltime worrywart. She is pretty sure we are headed into the abyssaroonie. The way to avoid this is to use the old nog. It has been done before and there is no particular reason why it could not be done again. Contact her at maryWmaxwell.com.



  1. Mr. Big should visit Uluru and the kakkadu in Australia and have a word with the indigenous people. No doubt there are similar cultures in other places going back scores of
    of thousands of years, some even had ’empires’
    Poor Mr. Big, he is but a millisecond in earth’s existence and has such a
    minute time to enjoy it to gain wealth, massage his ego, enjoy it and then it will pass as he progrsses on for enterity. He may, for now, contemplate his minuscule time of indulgence creating a facade of self importance in the promotion of hate and dissension.
    Spoilt brat control freaks and psychos are them! We others shall prevail in due course.

  2. Thanks Big Guy for the real low down.
    Our media is the biggest unreality show on earth. Bigger than Barnum and Bailey circus, now our country is awash in a sea of pink for breast cancer awareness month. I’m very aware of my breasts and I want to know the cause not shell out my hard earned dollars on pink clothing. There in lies the conundrum, do I wear pink and support my sisters with cancer or do I boycott and look like I don’t give a crap? I’m going to tell people I don’t look good in pink.

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