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Nuclear Weapons and Kenny Galbraith’s Birthday



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB


John Kenneth Galbraith, Professor of Economics at Harvard, was US Ambassador to India in the 1960s. He is best known for his popular book The Affluent Society.

In 1998 he was enjoying the 40th anniversary of that book. I went to his home in Cambridge to interview him about it. This was two days before his 90th birthday (b. October 15, 1908). He was in good form despite being on crutches from what he said was a severe car accident. He lived till age 97.

I tried to get the interview published at The Age, but without success. And since that was before the days of blogging, I abandoned it. Seventeen years later I’d like to mention an odd remark Galbraith made at the close of the visit. In fact it was so odd I never really dwelt on it till recently.

When I was leaving his house he walked me to the door, but not down the steps to the garden, on account of his crutches. As I got to the bottom step I realized that, being nervous, I had forgot to ask my most important question, which was about the MAI. The “Multilateral Agreement on Investment” was a prototype of the TransPacific Partnership – TPP – that was being studied in Oz in 1998. I had heard about it from Pauline Hanson (my taste in politics being catholic as well as Catholic).

We were very lucky that, in the late 1990s, thanks to Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, the Commonwealth Parliament had made it mandatory for treaties to be put out for public comment. I made a submission on the MAI treaty. So did 900 other souls. We each got access to each other’s names. Virtually all were opposed to the MAI, although I recall one submission in favor of it. It came from a committee of Australian university vice-chancellors.

Now back to that moment on Galbraith’s bottom step. I turned around to my host and said “I am worried abut the MAI.” You’d never guess what his reply was. He said, in a fairly serious tone, “Don’t worry about the MAI. Worry about nuclear weapons.”

Mind you, this was eight years after the USSR’s Communist Party had thrown in the towel. I wondered if he thought I was stupid.  Nowadays I can see that I was indeed stupid. The hurling of nukes never had to be limited to the Cold War — or as we should call it today, the non-Cold War. (After Antony Sutton’s revelations in National Suicide we can say there really was no war there at all. See Sutton’s comments in a Youtube video.)

I can now admit, in 2015, that John Kenneth Galbraith was no slouch. (To be precise he did slouch a bit, probably because with his six-foot-five height he was rather towering.) He perhaps knew of a real nuke danger to us all.

When I wrote the Gumshoe essay last week about Mr Big, the human god, I had Mr Big say, matter-of-factly, “Pretty soon I will have to go for the nuclear option.”

My ‘source’ for that idea was Dr Day’s 1969 speech. Dr Day had said — as though he were casually discussing the price of eggs – that nukes could be deployed domestically. Here are the exact words of Dr Lawrence Dunegan who leaked Dr Day’s 1969 speech in 1988:

We would bring in the ‘New International Political System.’

“If there were too many people in the right places who resisted this, there might be a need to use one or two or possibly more nuclear weapons.” As it was put this would be possibly needed to convince people that, “We mean business.” That was followed by the statement that, “By the time one or two of those went off then everybody, even the most reluctant, would yield.” He said something about, “This negotiated peace would be very convincing,” as in a framework or in a context that the whole thing was rehearsed but nobody would know it.

Please note that the entire Dr Day speech is printed in our new book, Truth in Journalism, and is also here at GumshoeNews.

So let’s start worrying about nuclear weapons, and the inadvertently suicidal decision-makers who may be truly interested in using them.

— Mary W Maxwell’s latest book is Fraud Upon the Court. 


  1. Way back I noted and article that described a scenario which is simply as follows.
    It will be arranged that there shall be an agreed nuclear exchange by opposing powers. The targets will be agreed and limited. One can guarantee that the square mile ‘City of London’, being the financial hub will not be one. (:-}
    ‘Oh dear’, the world shall sceam, we cannot have that. So to resolve the problem created and to attend to the public reaction, the solution imposed by prior arrangement will be some bureacracy of world government controlled by the fascist corporations (via the UN?) which will include the mass propaganda media jointly carrying out Joe Goebbell’s duties as the Reich Minister of Propaganda for the NWO.
    Could be close at hand, together with a financial collapse requiring a global currency reset and ‘bail in’ of banks to slurp up as much as is left of the remaining asssets of the middle class.
    Over the decades the pliticians have placed countries and states into debt resulting in the selling of the people’s assets to cover current expenditure and interest on borrowed money. All been done under the umbrella of privatatisation.
    I suggest all future debt laden naive trusting peasants, (serfs ) should read Dr. Day’s exposures very carefully…..as linked by Mary in her article. At least note paragraphs: 2, 4, 8, 51, 63, 70 71, 88 and particularly 97 which relates to the necessity to plan and use terrorism which would be used to make governments conform.
    Clearly a couple of nuclear devices killing a million or so would be a nice little terrorist act, ie by two sides, to assist in making people succumb to the big plan/s for fascist control and for their intentions for their created and concocted necessity for plenty of human culling.
    Now will our mass media warn you of this, other than in the context of facilitating, encouraging, financing or framing and blaming mad hyped up religious zealots being responsible for all terrorism founded on created hate and distrust?
    Pretty simple concept, cruel cunning buggers!

    • Dear Ned, I am very grateful to you for that exposition.
      See how “gracefully” one can slip into speaking of using N bombs as if one were talking about an ordinary, “understandable” event (e.g. “we need” to use nukes to help the banks, or whatever).
      Mein Gott.
      Please Folks, read Ned’s comment a few times over.

  2. Hello all. It’s been getting kicked around the internet for quite some time now, that the two cities in the fore front for a good old fashioned nuking are New York and Los Angeles. Because I can’t help myself when it comes to a bit of good old fashioned snooping, I managed to discover a four engine airliner at the bottom of the sea one kilometre off Malibu beach. It certainly didn’t crash. I telephoned what appeared to be the top scuba L.A. dive shop and was told they didn’t know anything about an airliner in the sea off Malibu. I have been keeping an eye on it on a regular basis while ‘someone’ else has been doing their best to hide it. Airliners are very air and water tight as we all aware. I have no scientific training what so ever. My thoughts have been along the possibility that if it had an atom bomb in it, and it was filled with hydrogen say, what would happen when the A bomb was detonated?,
    That covers L. A. By rights if N.Y. is maybe also on this Agenda
    then they should have their own airliner under the sea off the coast. So I went looking and low and behold they do, one kilometre off the shore under the sea off Long beach N.Y. While every one is thinking Submarines, Missiles, Bombers etc, these things could be parked on their own doorsteps and they don’t know it.
    I’m aware this is mostly supposition But I have prints and the co-ordinates. Cheers.

      • Regarding the Los Angeles airliner, go on Google Earth, go halfway along Malibu beach, a bit left of Dukes Restaurant. Come straight out from the shore for a kilometre. It’s just inside the greyish part of the dark patch they’re using to hide it. The coordinates Are roughly 34 degrees 1.640′ N 118 degrees 38.404′ W. If you want to have a fiddle around with slider, take it back to 2011, then bring it forward to 2013 and if you’re lucky you’ll get a good look at it. Because it has rounded wing tips I’m guessing it’s a Boeing 707. I think it was the L.A. Eco Dive Centre I phoned. That was a waste of time.

        • If this is not a bridge for sale, then it is serious information.
          Who said: ‘See something say something’?
          Well it has be seen and said.
          They better get off their backsides and investigate something.
          What? They expect us to do something more?
          The metadaaaa spooks who are paid for by the taxpayers have noted all this, so go investigate and earn your dinner.

          • As a post script:
            We pay a fortune for the governments to spy on us so that they can protect us.
            Then it is quite reasonable to expect them to do their jobs efficiently.
            Maybe one day they will track down all the hackers who infiltrate our banking details steal our money and put them before the courts.

  3. This does not surprise me at all. But who is Dr Day I’m sure the strength of the post would be increased with this information. This is the sad truth and we need to come together to expose it to the masses but I fear the media pollution has them in their pocket. I keeping and eye and planning my escape, just hope I see it in time!

    • If one will not read of Dr. Day as referred to in all the information referred to in the article then just search: ‘insider exposes the NWO in 1969,.
      There are heaps of refernces one is at jeff Rense. It comes out at the top.
      Read it and appreciate that they control the limited corporate mass media as planned. Therefore the mass media is financed by the public to screw the public and the freedom of their children, all with the support of the editors and journalists.
      Remember the commie who claimed that when capitalism is defeated then the capitalists will sell the rope to hang themselves.
      Now the politicians and mass media journalists are selling the rope to hang the public with no idea that they are to be hanged in due course.
      Stupid as!

      • Thank you I was not putting the article down anything but. Just is just I wanted to know what position he held in the scheme of things. Having looked it up now its even clearer to me his convections to the global elite. Things are escalating fast now and we need to prise open these cracks to break their cocoon. I have given up on the polluting mass media and try to expose its toxicity to those around me, which is a difficult task, everyone wants prove and evidence from reliable sources! As I say what’s a paper someone’s opinion it that really evidence? Thanks and a great comment to scary insight to our future, we might still have time 🙂

    • You require evidence?
      I do not know your age but anyone who is in their late 60’s only has to look back and contemplate matters from the late 50’s in the light of Dr. Day’s disclosures in most aspects.
      Too much to refer to, but has to be obvious to all but the brain dead aged 60’s plus, who have not succumbed to the demise pill, yet!

      • I know it’s obvious and yes I put two and two together and get this answer. I read around and like a few sources before I take anything as truth, that just common sense (not offence to anyone who writes). This article fits with what I have been reading, and as I stated previously does not supprise me in the slightest, merely a comfromation. My point being if I am to get my circles on board (a wide range of ages) I need to have enough evidence to pull them away from the mass media pollution they are smothered with. And being only mid thirtys so don’t have that memory so to be pointed out to it has been and insight, Thanks again

        • I regret to suggest that anyone under the age of 60 or thereabouts will not be convinced with anything, outside their limited life time. That is the way it has been designed …… Fascism through stealth, manipulation and
          Patient they are.
          Perhaps concentrate on the seniors you know and test them by recording their observations on the changes in their experiences, including regulations and corporations devouring the little business.
          Point out the destruction of manufacturing and outsourcing leading to local unemployment and dependence on government etc.
          It is a worldwide western phenomena to increase public dependence on government, leading to control of the dependent.
          Certainly it is a challenge to those under 60 to understand.
          As an example search ‘1975 Lima Declaration’ as it applies to Australia. It is a ten minute video that also applies to the US. Clinton gave encouragement for US corporates to outsource to the Asians.
          The bankers have designed a debt economy to enslave the public.
          I suggest that you go to Mike Rivero’s site: whatreallyhappened.com and look up his video: ‘All wars are banker’s wars’, that will start you off.
          I wish I knew at 30 what I know know. Perhaps I could have done something more for my grandchildren!

          • Yes I’ve seen that video or similar. About the gold backed dollar and in 1971 changing to oil and the not rosschild bank countries that are slowly been taken out. I share as much as I can. Its scary know at thirty just when I’m starting a family right on the edge of ww3 and NWO

    • Good question, Equality333. Sorry. Dr Richard Day worked for Rockefeller’s Planned Parenthood. He must have been allowed or even told to try out these ideas, not on the public but at a medical dinner. He said “Don’t take notes” but Lawrence Dunegan, MD, scribbled it down.
      Dunegan says that over the years when he ran into someone whom he had seen at the dinner he tried to get them to react to some of the shocking statements but could not find a taker.

      I believe that George Orwell and HG Wells were also told to float the truth to us. I can only surmise that the Powers That Be are unfortunately correct in their belief that we are wimps.

      Orwell says: Want to see what the futre looks like? A boot stampng on a human face forever. Geez.
      Equality333, you are young, you’d better confer with your mates about what to do.

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