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Sylvia Meagher? Yes. Mae Brussell? Yes. Rebekah Roth? Surely You Jest


MAEMae Brussell (1922-1988), inaugurator of conspiracy research


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I am here to eat crow. On September 14, 2015 I wrote a splendorific article, “Kisses to Rebekah Roth.” It was published at RumorMillnews.com. I had heard her on  a radio interview (as carried on Youtube). She said she was an airline flight attendant and purser.

Roth gave amazing accounts of the reactions she had to 9-11 soon after it happened, and then years down the track. It all sounded perfectly believable. And she promised that her book contained fresh revelations.


An astute reader, Christopher Brooks, told me not to judge so quickly, as the lady had not presented her credentials. I replied that I had ordered Roth’s book, “Methodical Deception,” and would comment after I read it. I have now read it.


Lemme tell you – it’s all in the title. Yes, this is one heck of a methodical deception. Or, should I say, Rebekah’s claims, on radio, as to what’s in her book, is a marvelously methodical deception.

For starters, she claimed on radio that her life as a stewardess gives special insight into the things she uncovered. But I found hardly any material in Methodical Deception concerning her on-plane career! In the book she is the fiancée of the president of the US (not Obama, but a guy named Sherman).

At the end, President Sherman promises that he will uncover and even “convict” the wrongdoers of 9/11. Guess he better check up on the Constitution’s separation of powers! Oh my, I am having a good laugh at myself. This book, like no other I have seen before, comes close to being a full-on prank.

Many people have parted with “good money” to buy it. In the Youtube performance, one of the radio callers chides Rebekah for not making her work free online. This gives her a chance to say that she deserves the money for having worked hard chasing down all the documentation.

If there is any documentation in the book you’d need a magnifying glass to find it. The man who called in that complaint was probably a plant. It now seems likely that every aspect of Roth’s publicity campaign is a joke. Really funny.

The one “new piece of evidence” about 9-11 that RR claims to have put forward is that the planes did not crash into the WTC, but landed and went to a huge hangar at Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts. On radio she told us that a resident of that locale phoned her and said a jumbo jet had flown low near her house on that famous morning. But the book treats that person’s report as part of a fiction!

Granted, the book is advertised as a novel. I figured the author, wanting to name names (as I do!) may have used that device to escape lawsuit for defamation. But don’t worry – Ms Roth doesn’t defame anyone. There is a sort of undercurrent that “the Israelis” did 9-11. But even the small portion of the book about that is childish and proffers nothing of substance.

Note: if you want to pursue the idea that one of the planes landed at Cleveland Airport, see the work of Dean Hartwell. If you want to invest your $24 in great book about the phonecalls of 9-11, order Elias Davidsson’s “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11: Counterfeiting Evidence,” Just see his website: juscogens.org, to get a load of his honest and dutiful approach to research.

Davidsson’s material is so compelling that I wonder if Roth’s book (or should I say “Roth”s book) is a disinfo job meant to throw people off the scent of Davidsson’s ideas. By the way, I do not regret Rebekah’s radio shows. At least she is reaching some members of the public who never even knew there was a controversy about the identity of the passengers.

Another well-documented book is Richard K Ryan’s “Another Nineteen; Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects.” It, too, deserves to have the CIA write a novel, to throw people off the scent, as Ryan does his darndest to track down the story of the put options.

Just imagine us citizens being so silly as to let that important fact of history (the put options) go uninvestigated. As Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said of his fellow Soviet citizens in the 1970s, “We didn’t love freedom enough. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened.” Yep, that’s Americans today.

The title of the article at hand mentions Sylvia Meagher. Now there was a gal! Within four years after the death of President Kennedy, she had done the necessary in regard to the Warren Commission report. Having bought a copy of the 26 volumes of testimony, Meagher cross-indexed everything. Her still-beautiful book is called “Accessories After the Fact.”

I also cite Mae Brussell as the kind of gal that the alleged stewardess Rebekah Roth is not. Brussell started to see parallels between the JFK assassination and the Watergate affair. She did a cross-indexing in the style of Sylvia Meagher.

Among the things Mae noticed were the involvement of prisoners and mind control in these public crimes. She also saw the influx of Nazis into the CIA in the late 1940s, as is now known as Project Paperclip. Brussell collected every scrap of information she could about suspicious deaths in the Hollywood area. Thanks, Mae.

Dear readers, you needn’t waste your time on what I am about to type for the remainder of this article. It consists of some typical excerpts from Rebekah Roth’s 9-11 book “Methodical Deception.” This is just to back up my ‘allegations’….

By the way, as of today, the Amazon reviews of Roth’s book all seem to have the same tone. To a man they are enthusiastic, and none of them mentions the complete gap between what was promised in the radio interviews and what finally gets ink.

Here are excerpts from three Amazon reviews:

(Keith Kinter): I purchased the Kindle version on the weekend, hours after it was available. Very difficult to put it aside! It has suspense, drama, action,…. I applaud Rebekah Roth for her style and talent, and her perseverance in doing the research needed to find the truth. With a terabyte of Freedom of Information data to dig through, she has the documentation to prove her theories. [I’m like Huh?]

(Don Hursell): I had pre-ordered the hardback version. As soon as I found out that the Kindle version was available I grabbed it. What a great read…. It puts the missing pieces together of what “REALLY” happened on 9/11.  [I’m like Excuse me?]

(John A Jauregui):  Essential reading for any young adult interested in a commercial aviation career. I am giving both books, to nieces and nephews in high school and college. [Poor kids.]

Now for a taste of the thrilling narrative that occupies most of the 32 chapters of “Methodical Deception.”

Page 131: “As darkness began to take hold and as the lights of the Strip could be seen from their guesthouse north of downtown, Gordon received a call from his friend at Metro. A car fitting the description had been reported abandoned at an Extended Stay Motel. The police had not yet responded to the call.” [Honest, it goes on like this forever.]

Page 162: [Here is a bit of the hot conspiratorial stuff, which occupies, at most, five pages in the whole book]:

“More oddities about Beamer’s phone call, the GTE operator he was talking with said that after his historic, let’s roll announcement, he didn’t hang up the phone. She listened for at least 15 more minutes and never lost the connection. The operator told the FBI that the line just went silent….”

Page 172; [one of the M-rated passages] “Tears welled up in her eyes and began to softly roll down her cheeks. Joel took his handkerchief from his tuxedo pocket and sweetly wiped each tear….She reached up and kissed Joel passionately.”


— Mary W Maxwell lives in South Australia. She apologizes if her earlier review of Methodical Deception caused anyone to make a purchase! As compensation, why not download one of her books, gratis, at her website ProsecutionForTreason.com. You are also warmly invited to sample GumshoeNews.com for articles that that don’t go in for headlong, reckless commentary about 9-11, although it is sometimes hard to know where to draw the line. As for the possible survival of Barbara Olson, Maxwell holds forth here.


  1. it is easier to fool someone than convince them they have been fooled.

    despite all the minefields of disinformation, misinformation, obfuscation and downright lies.. the truth remains, the official account of 911 is impossible.

    • Here is Mae Brussell on the Church in Latin America. Very interesting. The “Liberation Theology” crowd were Marxists who proselytized the poor. I would guess that this philosophy was introduced in order to create what she describes at 19 minute of her tape. Priests teaching soldiers (“who might have a conscience”) that such Marxists were “enemies of the state” and that Argentina needed protection from them. Can you imagine.

    • Speaking of poisoning the water supply, the National Geographic magazine (presumably run by the CIA), said this in 2004:

      “The most sweeping review ever of hydraulic fracturing found that it has not caused widespread harm to U.S. drinking water. But the controversial method of extracting oil and gas from underground rocks still poses many threats to water, officials with the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday.”

      • America does have a fascinating problem with large amounts of pharmaceutical compounds turning up the waterways, including in the drinking water, notably the psychoactive meds they seem to all love and need so much.

  2. Mary, Rebekah Roth claims to have some “evidence” in her second book. A classical sales pitch.
    She has also announced she is starting her own regular media.
    Until such time as someone actually questions her properly we do not know much at all about her and her “new” claims.
    I must admit I am just a little shocked at how easily she has seduced all the interviewers with her weaving speculations into the many 9/11 questions that have been widely discussed and disseminated for more than a decade.
    We are swimming in a very murky pond that is constantly topped up with new toxic contaminating matter to drive us insane or make us appear insane.
    It requires an almost super human discipline to survive and it is impossible to be unscathed by the deceptive methods.

  3. Mary, to your list of recommended books on 9/11 I would add the series of excellent analyses written by David Ray Griffin, particularly the later books that take advantage of further information. You will also be familiar with Operation Mockingbird, the CIA program to infiltrate the media to ensure their version is the one that gets the most mileage. We see examples of this all the time.

    • Thank you, James. The only one of Griffin’s books I read was “Contradictions.” It is based solely on statements by officials about 9-11 that contradict one another. Love it.

      I see in the Amazon reiews of Griffin’s “Distortions and Omissions” that ‘our boy’ Daniele Ganser of Switzerland has sent in a review. He says: ” I use this book with my history students to illustrate how history can be distorted through omissions and distortions.” Yay!

      • Mary, the Contradictions book is excellent. You will also benefit from reading The New Pearl Harbor Revisited (2008) and 9/11: Ten Years Later (2011). Enjoy.

  4. With the mention of books worth reading, it’s been a lot of years since I’ve heard ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy.’ – Gary Allen. and ‘Descent Into Slavery’. – Des. Griffin. spoken about.

  5. James Fetzer, a colourful character indeed, has suggested another moniker for Rebekah Roth is Monika Gainor. Take a peek at http://youtu.be/x36CTVtpfBc.

    I stumbled upon RR two nights ago, googled and found a few interviews. Initially I was impressed by her knowledge. I’ve been looking into anomalies on her claimed subject matter since July 2001, being one of the few who was actually “waiting” for something like the attacks that unfolded on September 11 that same year.

    Rebekah Roth seemed to have facts uncovered very early on and currently rarely mentioned. For example one of the first things that impressed me was her reference (not by name) to the Bukhari “Brothers”. Each of which were first named as “pilots” who steered the planes into each WTC – Flight 11 and 175 in the “official” narrative. Adnan’s rental car is the car that quickly became Mohammed Attas car in the first days of the unfolding story. This car allegedly was the one with the Arabic flight manual [sure] and the Qur’an left in it. It was upposedly what lead the “investigators” to uncover the whole plot in Adnan’s Florida home.

    Sadly, for the scripters of the “official” narrative, Adnan Bukhari quickly solicitored a law firm to act on his behalf. CNN was forced to retract the Bukhari storyline because Adnan was alive and well and his “brother”, Ameer, who was actually no relative of ANY kind, had died in a small plane crash on, coincidentally, September 11, 2000.

    Now you would think this would have shot the initial story to the same state as the pulverised buildings but, No! The story didn’t skip a beat. Mohammed Atta was inserted to “ring leader” status and the story marched on. http://edition.cnn.com/2001/US/09/12/investigation.terrorism/

    Anyhow, “Rebekah’s” reference to these piqued my interest and I downloaded the kindle version of “Methodical Illusion”. Well!! You can imagine my reaction. It reads like a VERY badly written “Mills & Boon” edition. Psychologically the persona i had heard interviewed in the 4 hours or so of audio I had listened to did NOT match this “Housewives of the skies” narrative I was being forcefed in this so called “page turner”. Red flags were shooting up all over the place, I had to investigate. Enter James Fetzer.

    Now if you go to RR’s you tube channel you will find an interesting comparison beyond just the voice similarities. On James Fetzer’s “expose” “Rebekah Roth exposed”, around 31:52 you will hear “Monika” laugh.

    To compare this to a “Rebekah” laugh go to her “Busted! 2 Flight attendants/pursers take on 911 Truth” around 12:04. ( http://youtu.be/X_Tfn8pwCSI )

    By now I’m thinking – wow this really sounds like her, I mean REALLY! … AND …the Monika persona fits the “housewives of the skies” narrative. Also, the side kick “husband” makes an appearance and role plays the infomercial banter technique. No coincidences right? From her lips to my ears!!

    So… I decide to do a couple of searches in my kindle book. First one “phix” (word play should be noted – both Monika and Rebekah like those). Sadly the search elicits no responses. I’m deflated. BUT I notice around the same place on the expose vid, on my screen there’s a “doTERRA” reference – so I type that in.

    A hit:

    “She had just the thing in her suitcase—a dōTERRA essential oil-based facial scrub and cleanser. – Kindle search loc 378 of 4708”

    That’s enough for me.

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