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Apportioning Blame For MH17


mh17 headlineHerald Sun headline 14/10/15.

The Australian headlines (and Australian politicians) leave no doubt that President Putin had a hand in the downing of MH17. Australia is not waiting for the criminal findings. And nothing much has changed since I wrote about the “Disgraceful Reporting” in the Australian media on July 19, 2014.

But let us recap:

MH17 – the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER departs Amsterdam at 12.15 pm, on July 17 2014, carrying 298 passengers (38 Australians) and crew, scheduled for Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft flew at approximately 10,000 metres (33,000 feet) over the conflict in Ukraine, where Eastern Ukrainians were fighting the forces of the newly elected Kiev government.

The West had supported a rebellion and a “non-elected” government (in Petro Poroshenko) in Kiev, and the anti-NATO Ukrainians held their ground, resulting in a civil war. These Ukrainians looked to Russia for support and were labelled as “pro-Russian rebels.”

When MH17 was shot down in the conflict zone, the Australian media immediately pointed to President Putin being the culprit. The ex-prime minister Tony Abbott was even threatening to shirt-front Mr Putin. I and others on Gumshoe reported on MH17 many times (see here), and we also wrote about the secret deal between Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium. The non-disclosure agreement, which all governments initially refused to acknowledge, forces a consensus among these parties, potentially tainting an honest investigation. Gumshoe had a breakthrough when Christopher Brooks supplied a letter (from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) confirming this.

mh17 letter blurred

Now, the final report into the downing of flight MH17, from the Dutch Safety Board (DSB), has delivered it’s findings.

Investigation Findings

The summary of the Dutch report is (BBC article):

1. Brought down by a warhead that detonated outside and above the left-hand side of the cockpit and broke apart. The back of the plane continued for 8.5km before breaking up further.


2. Buk missile system used was carried on a class of missile installed on the Russian-made Buk surface-to-air missile system.  The Dutch Safety Board says the weapon used was a 9N314M-model warhead carried on the 9M38M1 missile (from the bow-tie or cube shaped fragments).

The Russians dispute this, insisting that only older warheads and missiles of the 9M38 type were still in the hands of the Ukrainian army and state that the Russian army had phased them out. They argue that investigators should not have discounted an air-to-air rocket.

3. Passengers barely aware of attack, but the report says: “It cannot be ruled out that some occupants remained conscious for some time during the one to one-and-a-half minutes for which the crash lasted.” One passenger was found wearing an oxygen mask, but it was “unclear how the mask got there.”

4. Calculations show that the missile was launched somewhere in an area of 320 sq km in eastern Ukraine. Additional investigations are required.

5. The report found that about 16 military planes and helicopters had been shot down in eastern Ukraine in the weeks before flight MH17 was downed. Ukraine should have closed its airspace to commercial traffic.

We will have to wait to see the detail in the criminal investigation.

Russian Statements

However, I made contact with the Russian consulate last night, and they forwarded me these two press releases. I quote:

“First, once again, we express our deepest condolences to those who lost their families, their relatives, their sons and daughters and parents in the air disaster in the skies of Ukraine.

Russia had demanded an objective, all-embracing and transparent investigation into the MH17 crash straight from the start. We were among those who, together with Australia, initiated the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution 2166, which contains requirements for the investigation. Unfortunately, Russia’s proposal to use the UN Security Council mechanisms to organize a transparent investigation, as it is stipulated by the above-mentioned resolution, was ignored. The United Nations Secretary-General did not present comprehensive proposals to the UN Security Council on measures to assist the investigation. Our questions concerning the investigation that we distributed at the UN Security Council in September 2014 also hang in the air.

Nevertheless, throughout the period of the investigation we sought to ensure our constructive participation in a group of experts and make a maximum contribution to its work. We shared all the intelligence, technical data and analysis which could have helped the purpose of the investigation. We hoped that our experts would in turn gain access to all the information and materials, obtained by the group, which did not happen to be the case. Dutch partners have also ignored the findings made by “Almaz-Antey”, the main manufacturer of the BUK missile systems. Therefore, we have serious doubts whether the true purpose of the Dutch investigation is to establish the real causes of the air crash or justify the previously made accusations.

Here are some issues of particular concern. Ukraine has failed to present to the international community the recording of a conversation of the military air traffic controllers as well as the information on the activities of Ukraine’s air defense forces in the region of the crash. We also called attention to the strange fact that a year after the investigation had begun, fresh information appeared that new fragments of a missile, which allegedly destroyed the plane, had been found. The way in which the investigation had been carried out could not but affect its final results.

Further investigation could show a way out of this situation. The investigation should be duly adjusted and should involve countries that possess materials capable of shedding the light on the MH17 crash. We are certainly ready for this work.

The major finding of the Dutch report, which we agree with, is that Kiev is responsible for not closing its airspace over the warzone to civil aviation which could have prevented the disaster. This fact is indisputable.”

And the second:

“On the findings of the Russian defense system manufacturer “Almaz-Antey” into the causes of the crash of MH17

“Almaz Antey”, a Russian defense manufacturing company, conducted two full-scale field experiments aimed at recreating the real circumstances of the MH17 tragedy in the Ukrainian sky.

In July 2015 a BUK 9M38M1 missile was detonated near the aluminum panel mimicking a Boeing aircraft. According to Yan Novikov, CEO of the company, “in the course of the experiment it became absolutely evident that if the Malaysian Boeing was downed by a BUK missile, it was done with an old BUK model which does not have double-T iron strike elements”. The outcome of the experiment was sent over to the Dutch Safety Board (DSB).

In October “Almaz Antey” conducted a second experiment, this time using the 9M38M1 missile and a decommissioned Ilyushin Il-86 passenger aircraft.
The simulation of the missile attack on the aircraft “unequivocally proved that if the plane was brought down by a BUK system, it was done with an outdated 9M38 missile from the village of Zaroshchenskoye”. The representatives of the company also underlined that the last missile of this type was produced in the Soviet Union in 1986 and that all such missiles were decommissioned from the Russian Armed Forces in 2011 due to the termination of the life span.

Both experiments concluded that the missile that downed MH17 was an old BUK model fired from a government-controlled area of Ukraine. Unfortunately, as the final report of the DSB has shown, the Dutch investigation team neglected the evidence, provided by the technical experts of “Almaz Antey”.”

It is clear and most unfortunate that Australia and the West are not interested in a open transparent process.

ostrichesThe mainstream presstitute journalists waiting for their next instruction on reporting MH17. “Pik–pik–pik–putin–pik–pik–p-p-putin”. 


  1. Unless all is disclosed for transparency nothing can be believed.
    The msm is not transparent and is protective toward an account that is a running dog of government policy. (Sorry; US government policy and agenda!)
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  2. Adelaide Advertiser online says this:

    In a statement, Malaysia Airlines thanked the Dutch Safety Board for its exhaustive and detailed report.

    “MAS is grateful for the support from the Dutch Government in dealing with all aspects of the tragedy and leading the technical investigation,” said the statement.

    “MAS has worked very closely with the Dutch authorities and given full cooperation to the investigative team.

    • Dee, are those comments from the print edition of today’s Age?
      Pretty impressive.

      Here is the page 2 headline of ADELAIDE Advertiser (Oct 15):


      I’m thinkin’ maybe:


  3. Thanks for that Dee. I have read the report and the appendices and it is mostly interesting for what it does not say. In addition to the points made above, the most glaring omission is the US radar data. The Russians talked about that at their media conference on 21 July that was barely reported in the western media. An American satellite was directly overhead at the relevant time. A lot of details were recorded. How do we know? Because on 20 July John Kerry gave an interview to NBC’s “Meet the Press” in which he boasted about all the information they had. The Americans refused to release that data to the inquiry.
    The Report said that the missile was narrowed down to an area 320 square km in size where both Kiev forces and separatists were operating. They could not narrow it further. That did not stop Julie Bishop lying that the report showed the missile was fired from territory held by the separatists.
    The American satellite data could narrow it down to a few square metres. The irresistible inference is that the Americans know who fired the missile and that they will not say so because the finger would point at their friends in Kiev.
    Look at it from the other angle. If the American data showed that the separatists fired the missile do you not think we would have heard about from then until Kingdom Come? Of course we would.
    Turnbull’s posturing in Parliament yesterday shows that he is no better than Abbott in following orders from Washington.
    Robert Parry on his excellent website Consortium News compares it with the Conan Doyle story about the dog that didn’t bark. Precisely.

    • It is a sad state in a purpoted demoecracy with an alleged freedom of the press that there are so many questions and suspicions.
      We have learnt from the official 911 BS to not trust our government/s. Add to 911, all the proven false flag murders conducted by governments with the cognisant and cover ups by our politicians and controlled mass media.
      Our politicians and mass media are sabotaging our; freedom to think, be free, contemplate, be aware of government ( for others other than us) and their serial lies to cause killing, hate and theft.
      It is reaching the tipping point. Who has any confidence in our governors?
      As Kennedy stated: (parahasing) ‘ if peacefull revolution is denied then violent revolution is enevitable’.
      We are approaching the inevitable and our politicians and mass media are bringing it on. You there Mr. Murdock and Australia’s ABC and SBS? After all, we pay over Billion per year to feed you hypocrites?

  4. This reference provides some useful accounts from the Australian Federal Police that confirm the inflamed rhetoric from Abbot and Bishop aimed at the behavior of locals in the early days following the MH17 tragedy.


    The key dimension of the MH17 incident is the relativity, context and perspective of innocent civilians caught up in war.

    Wealthy western victims of war receive attention, respect and significance that is not accorded the tens of thousands, likely hundreds of thousands, that perish anonymously without any visible outrage, investigation, or compensating assistance.

    This disgusting hypocrisy is blatantly documented in the contrasting attitudes towards MH17 victims and the now documented willful collateral murder that is systemic to the drone assassination policy openly prosecuted by US agencies with associating Australian complicity.

    The broad MH17 conversation is bankrupt of honest political objectivity and drenched in hypocrisy.

    The MH17 criminal investigation will proceed with predictable political contamination irrespective of the more objective judgement lens and wartime historiography that should calibrate accountability for these 298 lives and all those affected and implicated.

    • Wow, Christopher, that is quite a blessing to think the Aussie police are sticking up for truth. I will print here a bit of the article you linked above:

      The AFP [Australian Federal Police] is also expressing its “irritation” at public claims of the cause of the crash by Tony Abbott. In their presentation to the media, the Australian officers “go out of their way to acknowledge and to defend the humanity of the Ukrainian rebels who were accused of bringing down the aircraft.”
      In an unprecedented declaration of its independence from the Australian Government, the AFP’s official version of the investigation of the MH17 crash and the ongoing investigation in Holland has appeared in two reports released this week by a local newspaper — the first on October 11; the second on October 12. No police, prosecutors, or forensic investigators from any of the other national teams working on the MH17 case have said so much on the record. The only Dutch pathologist to make a public reference to the evidence, Dr George Maat, was fired by the Dutch government for doing so. For Maat’s case, read this.
      The AFP’s decision to go public this week contrasts with Victorian Coroner Gray, who has closed the evidence. Gray’s spokesman has announced, also this week, “the current state of the investigation is such that [the court] has determined that the report is not for release.” Australian lawyers plan to challenge Gray, for violating the law in concealing the MH17 evidence gathered from the bodies of the Australian victims.

      (There are many more links within that article — Mary)

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