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An article by G5

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The Two Party (non-democratic, deceptive) System, is the false illusion that Ideological Paradigms exist and are postured as spectral Policies or Manifestos. But the Agendas remain unchanged.

The alleged Democratic pretenses of, discerning choice or even following cultural tradition, do not deliver rational populist decision by legitimate universal franchise.

Ballot Box, Mass Media manipulated drivings and preserved bilateral voting deceptions, deliver what they would, through mawkish sophistry and specious reasoning. Belief System imprintings of a Two Party System are disavowed.

Commonwealth Nation States as; Australia and Canada, are controlled by Executive Councils, beyond the populist vision of Federal Parliaments. America is controlled by its constitutional; Electoral College, Executive Orders (tractioned precedent), and Amendments 22 and 25. None of which is Democratic in the understood context.

History; as a definitive; has been mutated to, words concerning vague events of the past, and from which nothing is understood. Constituencies are delivered incessant lies. Administrations are not Government.

Mass Media is the witting collaborator of government deceptions. Information Management is the manipulation of; Paranoia, Prejudice and Naivete.

Alternative Media is the unwitting ally of deceptions and diversions by innate renderings of inane imaginings and embellishments. The Commercial Imperatives of both these media platforms lead to the same obtuse, disingenuous, self-serving mythologies.

Social Media has predictably constructed its own vacuous culture of the absurd, and debased communication by inventions of dialectics as One-Liner and Textese. Sycophancy rather than Modernity, and the follow-on from the induced Post Literate Age.

Logic has been mutated to absurdity. Which impinges on Rational and Critical Thought. The various disadvantages are inculcated by Education diverted to Training, and the inserted Regurgitation, and Reference Game.

Truth, Fact and Reality are secondary to the primal fixations of the three platforms. All of which have evolved as agents of influence for the diversion of Reality and Legitimate Function.

Administrations are unable to permeate unaccountable Apparatchik Government below, and are controlled by non-transparent elements from above. Leaders of Government are ceremonial and script reading, baggage controlled, herd centres of focus and diversion.

Mass Media is weaponised against Administrations, where it is determined by controlling elements, that the overarching Agendas of those elements are not catechismic. As: The 1954 Menzies – Evatt Election, manipulated by the deception of The Petrov Affair; The 1975 Whitlam – Fraser Election, manipulated by the deception of The Supply Bills Affair; and The 1973-4 Nixon – Agnew substitution for the ‘unelected’ Ford – Rockefeller Executive. Apart from the many ‘deaths’ as; Lincoln, Diem, JFK, Kirk et al.

The insanity for control by variously flavoured, Centralist Totalitarianisms; that have failed throughout history. The abrogation of entrusted legitimate responsibiliites, for concocted Foreign Policy Agendas delivering domestic socio-economic devastations. And as what they would predictably deliver to the target nation states.

“[People don’t want much, just], someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for.” Norman Kirk.


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  1. Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt correct. John Rappaport had this nailed years ago. Exit the Matrix. Nothing is as it seems and we are manipulated slaves on a prison planet.

  2. We must seek our own knowledge, use our mind. If it seems u real or extreme, maybe it is, may just may were being lied too ?

  3. To be honest, i just figured it all out….. Everything i have been told, seen, watched, discussed, learnt and even experienced is all a lie…. The trick seems to be to forget everything you thought you knew (brainwashed into believing), then invert what is on the news, television, radio and in the political arena to give you about 1% truth of the world…. But at least you will have 0.99% more truth than the silent and sleepy majority…

    Then search for your own truth and let no other person dictate their version of knowledge, truth and love ever again….

    • welcome and congratulations on this awakening of your ability for clear thought and taking your personal power back – a day of celebration for certain! the good news is that many are awakening as you’ve just described, each and every day! and as this happens, the ‘ruse is up’. and our future generations have a glimmer of a great opportunity for living and loving in a world full of common sense, kindness and consideration, supported by all constitutional rights and freedoms ‘for real’ this time…

    • Yes – you need to Read Between The Lies to extract truth. You can infiltrate the news by becoming part of it and thus interfere with the matrix. Find TV news camera crews and get in shot wearing a ‘hoax’ cap or ‘fake footage’ t-shirt and they freak out. They are trained in dealing with thd public as both you and them are on public property so they are told not to speak to you or be very friendly despite your behaviour as you may ‘turn into a nut case’ and stuff up their live footage which costs tv networks lot of money as time=money. They know they are lying and justify themselves because they are ‘just doing their job’.

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