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Keith Noble Challenges The Australian Press Council Over Martin Bryant


20150913_153655News Corp Reporting, 11/9/2015. Martin Bryant, the man who allegedly changed Australia’s destiny.

Port Arthur – from timber camp, to a brutal prison, and now a “world class” tourist attraction.

A perfect location for brutality

In brief (for our international readers): The Port Arthur penal settlement began as a timber station in 1830. The station ran various industries, such as ship building, shoe making, timber collection, brick making and later a flour mill. In the 1840s the convict population had reached over 1100, and the punishment philosophy shifted from physical to mental subjugation. The 1870 the numbers of convicts dwindled. With the remaining convicts being too old or insane to be of any use, the last convict was shipped out (from England) in 1877.

In the 20th century the abandoned prison became a Historic Site. Thousands of tourists visit it every year, arriving in buses from Hobart, the capital of Tasmania (Australia’s island state)

Then, on Sunday 28 April 1996, there was a massacre. This how the official Port Arthur site describes the event:

“…a young Hobart man armed himself with three high-powered firearms and a large quantity of ammunition, then drove to Port Arthur. Just north of the township he entered the home of a local couple he knew. Inside, he shot and killed them both. He drove to the Historic Site and ate a meal on the deck of the Broad Arrow Café. He re-entered the café, which was crowded with lunchtime customers, took a rifle from his bag and began shooting. In the first 90 seconds, 20 people died and 12 were injured. The man then moved into the adjacent car park, where he shot and killed four more people and wounded a number of others. After shooting indiscriminately at people in the grounds of the Historic Site, he got into his car and drove up the former main entrance road to the original toll booth. In this area, seven more people were killed in two separate incidents, during which he stole a victim’s car and abandoned his own. The man then drove north. Outside the General Store he killed one person and took another hostage. He drove back to the house where the first killings had taken place, firing random shots at vehicles along the route and injuring a number of people. At the house, the man set fire to the stolen car, then took his hostage inside. Through the afternoon and night, shots were fired at police officers on the scene. At some point during this time, the gunman killed the hostage. In the morning, he set fire to the house and was captured by police as he fled from the burning building.

After initially pleading “Not Guilty” to all 72 charges, some days later the man changed his plea to “Guilty” to all charges. He was therefore sentenced to life imprisonment with no eligibility for parole on all 72 charges, including 35 charges of murder.”

Note: On the page “Sunday 28 April 1996 – A brief outline of events” on the official Port Arthur government website, they do not mention Martin Bryant’s name.

At Gumshoe, we have reported on Port Arthur before and Mary Maxwell has specifically addressed the failure of the judicial system.

Keith Noble, PhD.

The other night I spoke to Keith Noble, an Aussie ex-pat living in Europe. He has written and collated evidence on the massacre in a 600 page book – MASS MURDER, Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia. He writes:

“Until two years ago, I had no idea anything was broken. I believed in the justice system…. What I found left me shocked and sickened. The information was there, easily accessible, for me, or anyone else to see. …The more I delved, the more apparent it became that something is terribly wrong with our system, but hardly anyone seems to know, or care.

Near the front of the book, he sums up the (his) case against Martin Bryant:

“NO hard evidence proving guilt, NO motive, NO fingerprints, NO legal representation, NO truth, NO credible identification, NO public inquiry, NO legal integrity, NO proper firearm ownership, NO DNA evidence, NO coronial inquest, NO free admission of guilt, NO witness testified in court, NO forensic results, NO crime re-enactment, NO jury, NO complete list of evidence, NO JUSTICE!”

Noble focuses on the the mainstream media role in promoting the official narrative “even though its associated dishonesty and deception has been detailed for many years”. He says mainstream media never raise the 22-body refrigerated mortuary truck, the embalming equipment prepared in advance, nor the identity of the woman who police saw later running naked and screaming at Seascape cottage late Sunday afternoon.

Mortuary truck

So, now Keith Noble, PhD, has sent a very detailed complaint submission (on the 27th September) to the Press Council, attention: John PENDER, Executive Director, and David WEISBROT AM – Chairman & Professor Emeritus, University of Sydney – complaining about the integrity of News Corp reportage.

I quote from Noble’s submission:

“Dear Mr. PENDER, Dear Prof. WEISBROT,

Thank you for your attention to this submission which accompanies an official complaint related to newspaper and website articles published this month by News Corp Australia.

This 21-page submission focuses on the cruelty, inaccuracy, and unethicalness of newspaper and website articles which demonize an individual and incite hatred against that person, and which might encourage an act of fatal violence by an official or inmate of Risdon Prison who has not been told the truth about the massacre (28 APR 1996) at Port Arthur in Tasmania.

These articles by News Corp Australia are blatant and outrageous. Thus, this submission will be distributed throughout Australia and around the world. Inciting hatred of a person possibly leading to the death of that person is unacceptable to moral people. Please note [that] your reply detailing the corrective action taken will also be circulated throughout Australia and internationally. If the APC fails to reply detailing such action, then it will be declared an unethical and deceptive body. Such failure will be publicly and ongoingly associated with the coverup of the official killing and wounding at Port Arthur. (How involved was ASIO in all of this?)

People in Australia have told me that no action in relation to this complaint and submission will be taken by the APC. It certainly seems that News Corp Australia publications can and do publish whatever they want related to the massacre at Port Arthur. And this is not some new development. Back on 30 APR 1996, The Australian front-paged an image it had manipulated which made the victim appear deranged. And even though The Australian quickly apologized for publishing this false image, the article headed Face of a Killer continues to deceive the public and promote hatred.* (It seems no APC action was ever taken against The Australian.) And where one newspaper goes, others follow. On 19 DEC 2010, the Sunshine Coast Daily (not a News Corp Australia newspaper) published a hit-piece article inciting hatred, and it too was accompanied by a manipulated image which made the same subject appear maniacal. (* See dates and descriptions on p.139 of: Kyla McFarlane. Tear ; in Anna Smith & Lydia Wevers eds. Victoria University Press on Display: New Essays in Cultural Studies; 2004: pp. 130-150.)

It seems APC has no interest in curtailing cruel, inaccurate, and unethical journalism related to the Port Arthur massacre and related matters. And if this is true, then the APC is complicit.”

Noble makes further references, questioning this type of reportage about the life of the prisoner. I am quoting from his submission to the Press Council:

»Bryant has been involved in several assaults and was part of an attack in February that left a male nurse with a fractured jaw.« What part (large part? small part? mere observer?) Martin Bryant played in this alleged attack is not revealed. This cruel statement is hearsay unsubstantiated by any reference and is unaccompanied by a name of a real person who could (would?) swear it was true.

»Bryant has wreaked a violent path through various wings of Hobart’s sprawling jail, including vicious assaults on government staff and nurses.”

»…Bryant stockpiled military grade automatic weapons.« There is no hard evidence confirming a stockpile of any weapons. This allegation is part of the official narrative which is corrupt, inaccurate, and deceptive. Martin Bryant’s then girlfriend
Petra Willmott declared the following in an official written statement dated 30 APR 1996: »I have never seen any firearms or ammunition at Martin’s place.« The corrupt so-called expert Gerard Dutton made damning ballistic statements which were NEVER PROVED at a trial.

»…he has also been known to pay other men with family blocks of chocolate in order to let him perform sexual services for them.« (sic)

»He was later described by experts as having the emotional and intellectual age of a five year old.«

»…is drugged to point of being ›almost a vegetable‹.« (sic) It seems Martin Bryant has been drugged since 30 APR 1996. After he was apprehended, it was reported he had an IQ of 66 [retarded; what must it be now?] and he was functioning at a school-grade six level. It seems Bryant is officially and constantly drugged and the public is encouraged to hate him because he is now almost a vegetable.

Martin-Bryant-with-wombatMartin Bryant

Australian Press Council

Australia’s press council puts forward these principles:

Accuracy and clarity

  1. Ensure that factual material in news reports and elsewhere is accurate and not misleading….
  2. Provide a correction [if needed]….

Fairness and balance

  1. Ensure that factual material is presented with reasonable fairness and balance, and that writers’ expressions of opinion are not based on significantly inaccurate factual material or omission of key facts.
  2. Ensure that where material refers adversely to a person, a fair opportunity is given for subsequent publication of a reply….

Privacy and avoidance of harm

  1. Avoid intruding on a person’s reasonable expectations of privacy, unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest.
  2. Avoid causing or contributing materially to substantial offence, distress or prejudice…. Integrity and transparency
  3. Avoid publishing material which has been gathered by deceptive or unfair means, unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest.[!]
  4. Ensure that conflicts of interests are avoided or adequately disclosed, and that they do not influence published material.

Keith Noble will keep us informed if and when he gets a reply from the Australian Press Council.




  1. The disgrace known as the Melbourne Herald/Sun also published the doctored image. I never forgot it, and that’s about the time I started to lose all faith in mass-media. The realization also dawned that those who did this knew they could get away with it.

  2. I glanced over that disgraceful ‘Telecrap’ article and what I thought about it at the time is not proper to express, even amongst the lowest example of uncivilised cruel company.
    To think that some journalists tolerate and share an employer and workplace comprised of such distasteful people.

      • The article over the last month.
        You know the prison trade in chocolate bars one.
        For other readers, the interview referred to is Clark with Amy Goodman in March 2007. The Tele people are too hyped up with their chocolate to even notice it and the implications, being; prima facie, a series of massive war crimes.
        That the ‘Televil’ people ignore and deceive the public in regard thereto.

    • It may also be noted that as part of the msm, the ‘Telecrap’ still lumbers innocents for the blame for the 911 mass murders by not reporting on the evidence that proves that their official government conspiracy theory is BS.
      The ‘Telecrap’ journos are protecting people ( be it unwittingly) who murdered over 3,000 innocents and will not even acknowledge the role in supporting the lies of wmds resulting in over 2 million deaths in the Middle East with all the resultant misery and destruction resulting from ‘ the plan’ (pre911) exposed by General Wesley Clark Amy Gooam for the US, and our puppett lot, to go to war and kill in seven countries.
      So who is really handing out most of the chocolate bars?

  3. Don’t watch the news, don’t read the news, don’t listen to the news folks. MSM is a pure evil lie existing only to benefit the cabals, the governments and to do the bidding of the so called elite. This is a trumped up story and has been from the very beginning. UMMMM…..Sandy Hook, 9/11, Boston bombings, missing flights, Port Arthur, all lies designed to instill fear and take away more freedoms. This is all playing out very nicely and is part of the agenda to control the masses. Unfortunately there is no concern for the innocents they decide to make look guilty. Our courts try us by Admiralty law, not by common law. Martin Bryant will never see the light of day with a fair trial. He will never be given a trial because then the Australian people might just starting asking some very uncomfortable questions. He will remain drugged and isolated until he dies. His fate was sealed the day a shadow figure/s decided to use him to further their cause. Shame on all of us really.

    • Dear Vicki, I keep hearing people say on the Net that the courts use Admiralty Law. I don’t know what this refers to. Pray tell if you know. My understanding of criminlal law in Oz is that 3 states have opted to keep the English common law — SA, Vic, NSW. (Shall we say, the three southeastern states of mainland).

      The other states are called “code jurisdiction” states — as is also the Commonwealth itself and the ACT and NT. They have produced a copmplete codification of their criminal law (which is composed to some extent of common law anyway). Plus there is a Model Criminal Code that exists only as a model, in case any state is looking to update its law on, say, rape.

      When Tas wanted to — pardon my French — screw Martin Bryant, it had only to look to the codified law of Tas. No Admiralty stuff, unless I am missing the boat. Ha ha, a pun.

      • Sorry if I’m butting in, but the best way to get an understanding of this is to type in ‘U.S. Act of 1871’ The second top of the list ‘The United States of America isn”t a Country it’s a Corporation.

        • Dear Kevin, You are absolutely welcome to butt in. I have seen that claim about “corporation” and I cannot sink my teeth into it at all.
          I think a government is what you make it. I think a people
          is what has been forged from previous generations.

          In US, I am a republic-lover. In Oz, I am a monarchist. Just can’t stand it when persons who are holding a public trust to enforce law start playing games. What can they hope to gain in the long run? Idiots! At present they are in deep doo-doo (we all are).

          Vicki above says Martin will rot in jail. I say he won’t. Where y’all gonna put your money on this one, Woodman ol’ buddy?

  4. It’s time to unlock the investigation files……

    Just on that, why did they decide to lock these away for forty years?

    I speak from personal experience when i say that the Media in Australia are COMPLETE LIARS and NEVER let the TRUTH get in the way of a GOOD STORY or the AGENDA.


  5. Our information problems are wide ranging and very frustrating to address, but the element that emerges in the comments here, that is of primary significance as always, is to accurately diagnose the root of the problem so our effort is well directed and fit for the situation.

    I meet very few who are maliciously participating in falsehoods.

    Almost everyone are subject to spells that contaminate the thinking process and emotions.

    Accurate truthful information is always our want but truck loads of documents will not have the slightest effect on a mind that is under programmed external control.

    Only when the target is released by breaking the spells will alternative information register as legitimate.

    Ironically, ignorance is a blissful state of mind for most Australians who have no urgent sensation of any threat to their near term security or prosperity opportunity unless it is a deformed version like the “debt crisis” or the many manifestations of the fraudulent “war on terror”.

    Very few were conscious in 1927 of what was in store for the world over the coming 25 years despite the seeds of truth being possessed and generously offered by a small number with integrity and a full grasp of the economic and political elements and dimensions.

    We are now sitting on the cusp of a similar Geo-political confrontation with a very similar set of ingredients.

    It is difficult to escape the tragic record of human effort over the last century that has made staggering technical and material progress that has been captured by a money trick that has made it possible to enslave our minds as the key to bringing all humanity into the service of the policy of monopoly which is grounded in a materialistic philosophy that worships the abstraction of Mammon above truth and the natural reality.

    Subservience to the dictates of Mammon has it’s grip over us all as we negotiate our action limits while Martin Bryant endures the shocking injustice that has possibly damaged his fragile psyche beyond recovery.

    What moral right to any measure of just humanity above another can we claim when energy exists in our bodies and awareness in our intellect to correct the transgression?

    Tough question for our troubled times.

  6. Mmmmm I once had a little faith in Keith, but the book including latest versions don’t quite add up. If there is a reason for inquiry, Keith and Macgreggor are covering details themselves and making wilder accusations. Why will they only reference a very small part of the seascape conversations and Andre wildly make assumptions and directly accuses SOGs by name. This take on things seems to bend and twist, but it’s been 20 years. There a 500, 000 Tasmanians and yet only 300 on the partition. This side of the story has been going on for 15 years or more and making an asumtion that Australians get their facts from paper and TV just isn’t the case. If key words Martin Bryant or Port Arthur are searched there is far more information with innocent statements than there are with actual mainstream media. if any one questions a theory. Their called a patsy, or a shill or a government operative. I’ve studied this event so damn much, from both sides, and while Keith Writes well, there seems to be a large amount of conjecture. I’m afraid after watching the Mrs Bryants wording and state, I couldn’t tell you if Martin told me he was guilty, I’m not
    allowed.? Then state almost as if either Andrew or Keith have literally told her to say there is no evidence that links Martin to PAM. Then there’s the claim of Bryant having smooth skin. He didn’t. Then there’s the claim he wasn’t identified by people before the print in the paper. Then there’s a complete bluff off of all witnesses. All 18 direct identifiers? it started to seem a few years ago that Keith has gotten all his information from mainstream media, but makes claims he has read all the witness reports. Why are theses not available? He makes the claim of hearing all the tapes, Why is the full seascape taping that he’s herd, not available he’s made everything else available. I’m concerned tha Keith and Andrew are losing sight of the outcome and becoming wrapped up in their own fame. This is their biggest story, they’ve led the way the entire time. and getting too big for their boots. I’m lost now. Some of the explanations of Bryants guilt and evidence is becoming far more believable. Keith and MacGregor seem to know more than their saying the seem to be covering details up. Why don’t they mention the the coincidence of Matins Father and Martin’s Benefactor both being suspicious they literally glance over it.
    $250000 from the sale of the farm. drowned in a shallow dam with a weight belt around his neck? That’s a very hard way to kill yourself. Martin didn’t seem fussed? and was investigated No one refutes these facts. Then sooner than later martin’s good friend dies in a car accident that has no real explanation of why it veered off the road. Martin was in the car? and investigated. $500000 and a big house, why do they state Martin wasn’t known to police, and almost dispel the whole thing as “ohh poor Dumb Martin? ” they seem to not provide evidence in its full yet make the same accusation of the police and courts. Neither were present at the court. They were both aware, every one was aware. but why the concern so late in the game? Then there’s Scurr, and the mysterious leaked tapes training tapes , rubbish bin? Tip? these things just don’t seem to add up anymore. Why is an author pushing the inquiry? this isn’t murder she wrote. Where’s the Lawyers pushing the legal system, what’s writing a big letter to News Corp going to accomplish. What’s insulting nearly every Australian going to accomplish. If an enquiry is to occur I don’t thinks it’s going to happen with two Authors leading the way. The credibility is dwindling and this avenue seems to be getting desperate. Surely there has to be another angle. This ones not working.

    • Brett, this is not a question of who said what. Let us start with due process.
      Trial, Coronial Inquest.
      Then determine guilt.
      I don’t care for the mountains of details and working out who did it.
      The trial and inquest should determine that. That is what tax payers pay the government to uphold.
      Not so Brett?

      • Totally agree. We’ve had 20yrs of people sticking up for the appalling handling of the Port Arthur Massacre. Many, many people want answers and a coronial inquiry whilst a moral obligation was also a legal obligation. All I can say is whatever accusations Noble is putting forth it is helping promote the fact this required a more intense investigation.

  7. Lone gunman, mentally unstable, low IQ, its happening all the time in the United states and in Europe. Usually happens when the government needs to get an emotional reaction from the public like the government murder of Jo Cox In Britain. Same story there. Lone gunman, mentally unstable and low IQ and what is the reoccurring theme with these lone gunmen? Tavistock Institute in London has been using mind control since WW2, Joe Vialls (Ari Ben Menashe) has admitted himself that he was under mind control when he shot and killed the police woman Yvonne Fletcher in 1984 for the government. It was done to place blame on Libya. Wake up people, this happens all the time. Martin Bryant was supposed to do the Massacre himself but he was just incapable and they had to make other plans with a new shooter. Martins IQ was just too low to enable him to carry out the entire planned event so he was drugged and made believe he had kidnapped someone. I believe he thought he was playing a role in a Police training exercise which is why he used the name Jamie when talking to negotiators.

  8. Oh yea, Just another note. I fully expect that Martin Bryant will be found suicided (MURDERED) in his cell soon. More people are starting to wake up with all the latest false flag events being exposed in the United States and Britain and are starting to see all the inconsistencies and unusual illegal practices that occurred with Port Arthur. With the false flag event of Port Arthur including people in the highest political positions in Australia, Britain and the United States being involved, I really doubt they will ever let it be exposed when another death (Martins) will stop all the talk and investigations..

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