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Justice Denied — Martin Bryant Is Innocent – Shame, Australia


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By Christopher Brooks

Dedicated to Carlene Bryant, mother of Martin Bryant.

Most Australians have no questioning thoughts at all regarding the guilt of Martin Bryant for the infamous “Port Arthur Massacre”.

I believe the evidence confirms Martin Bryant was a manipulated victim at the Seascape Cottage siege, and did not kill anyone at the Port Arthur historical site. This is the only rational judgement that can be substantiated from all the information in its totality that is accessible to all Australians. If Martin had been afforded proper legal counsel and process this is exactly what Martin’s testament and the forensic evidence would have revealed.

Martin Bryant was persecuted by the responsible investigating authorities, he was persecuted and defamed by the media, and he was abandoned by the Australian public who were also victims of this horrendous caper.

making martin bryant“Creating” the monster (Sydney Morning Herald 2009)

It is somewhat a burden to have to stand up for truth when lies are the popular choice, but this matter is unique in modern Australian history. It has potent poisonous effects and dynamic impact on the free discussion of the conspiratorial dimensions of political power, and the bewitching role the media plays with clever associating word spells and targeted “witch” declarations.

Yes, conspiracies are real and are evidenced regularly in our courtrooms. Our history books are drenched in the criminal schemes of power.

Not surprisingly, conspirators would prefer it was deemed a crime to critically contemplate their activities, and many gullible people have bowed to that ridiculous mentality, breaking into nervous sweats if the “conspiracy theory” spell is cast in their direction. It works with magical results.

Media Crucifixion

The mob were instantly seething and frothing at Martin Bryant as a result of the overwhelming judgmental media crucifixion. It was conducted both against him, and also against the social, legal, journalistic and political sensibilities of our Nation, following on from the very traumatic real tragedy.

In the frenzied outrage and shock that was exploited to the maximum degree by willful political opportunism, the legal standards and due process that are the foundations and protector of civilized society, were trampled and abandoned.

Gun confiscation was the visible result but deeper possessions like our freedom to speak and think were under much greater attack.

Martin Bryant principally, his mother Carlene, and all critical thinking defenders against deception, have had to endure the arrows of abuse and ostracism from the unthinking mob, with not the slightest prospect of breaking the powerful spells woven by the Witch Doctors, until, eventually the truth does seep into the public conversations, and the heresies are challenged, truth fights for its rightful ground in the arena of ideas. It eventually claims self-evident recognition when logic and reason overcome the manipulating self-interest of power, and its controlling narrow purpose.

It is well time we rescued Martin Bryant from political prison.

Martin Bryant is growing old behind prison bars, yet still time is always on the side of truth, for no lie lasts forever, and the ugly belly of our political realities is now in clear view in the Middle East. The Australian Government is openly exposed as collaborating with the Al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists as their assisting air force while they operate as a US proxy military invasion army, aimed at the overthrow of an elected Syrian Government. That should be sobering up our critical calibration of our information content and sources!

While Russia, by legal invitation, is opposing this murky invasion force the US proxy agencies are escalating the armaments suitable to attack the legal defenders of Syrian sovereignty. The US is also busy destroying the vital economic infrastructure of Syria, as is its regular habit, pretending it is challenging the phantom “ISIS”. Yet it facilitated ISIS as a prelude to justifying action that cannot ever be accounted with honesty.

syria destroyedSyria destroyed

This conspiracy is confirmed by the documents. Are you getting the picture yet?

This is the mischief of rich and powerful — tricky business for monopoly and profit.

The Port Arthur event, like no other in my life, imposed a tight monopoly over the critical thinking boundaries of Australians.

The mastery of a national Delphi “group programming”, locked in a consensus narrative. It framed any hint of dissident questioning, or persuasion towards applying our Law, as the worst variety of dangerous “hate” promoters and “massacre” sympathizers. A declaration for Law and justice can be twisted to unbelievably corrupting effect if you have the props for the illusion!

The demon brand makers have their formula for influencing the public imagination honed to perfection.

Revolutions can have surprising origins, but thinking for oneself, and observing various results, is coming back into fashion. Our common thinking behavior is complex and often slow to wake up to very obvious information realities. Hindsight is always marvelous.

New information, new ideas, new understanding of how a false reality can be constructed to fool whole populations, demand different action as our reality is calibrated anew, and focused to achieve better outcomes and correct the now-learned, exposed errors.

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the tragic Port Arthur event when on the 28th April 1996, 35 innocent people were killed, many more physically injured, and even greater numbers psychologically damaged as victims or as responders to the recovery effort.

When all the available information is studied and calculated with a complete understanding of our present political and information realities it is impossible to escape the disgrace that Martin Bryant himself is one of the most maligned and defamed Australians in my our lifetime.

The brand is so powerful I cringe when I type “Martin Bryant is innocent”.

The “Money Trick”

I was introduced to, and read my first treatise on the “money trick” as a young man, in Lightning Over The Treasury Building, by John R. Elsom. I was both thrilled and traumatized to gain a shattering bolt of understanding of the world I lived in, combined with a sobering realization that all the sources and agencies of information I had trusted and relied upon to formulate my conception of reality, up until that time in my life, were deeply corrupted.

In itself, Lightning Over The Treasury Building, is not a particularly recognized masterpiece at exposing the sorcery of the money-changer magical deceptions, yet it was undoubtedly the turning point in my life. It jolted me into motion on my journey towards recognizing and understanding many economic and political elements that were previously hidden from my conscious awareness.

The point is, I realized the world is governed by identities, their agencies, and proven deceptive “banking” and “black art” techniques that have deep documented pedigrees and behavior patterns. These remain camouflaged unless very keen concentrated focus becomes our habit.

I had thought I was well-educated, I was very mistaken.

Incredible lies were reported and published about Martin Bryant to fuel the anger and revenge atmosphere that made it possible for our proper legal process to be transgressed with no outcry, as not even Hercules could have mustered the courage to speak out for justice in the emotion drenched moment with media baying for Bryant’s blood.

Martin was framed as gun obsessed, unpredictable, guilty of animal cruelty and bestiality, and devoid of humanity. Much more was stated and insinuated, both in published abuse and rumor, constructed with the certainty of guilt — such that none dared to say any contrary thought.

This character assassination was made possible because Martin was intellectually impaired and did exhibit less empathy for his fellows, but he was 28 years old and was never considered anything but harmless to all who crossed his path throughout his life.

The best basic collection of information, to gain some understanding of how far the truth about Martin Bryant is from the propaganda, begins with a study of Keith Noble’s, Mass Murder. That is a lengthy record of many of the issues surrounding the case.

Only when due legal force is applied can all the questions be answered.

Keith Noble identifies many questions and contaminating aspects of the media case against Martin Bryant and he documents the pattern of legal corruption.

Most Australians are not aware that for five months Martin consistently declared he never entered the Port Arthur historical site. After that, illegal strategies to manipulate Martin and his mother were put into effect by new legal counsel that has since been jailed for corruption.

Most Australians are not aware that employees at the historical site who knew Martin testified it was not Martin.

Most Australians are not aware the ballistics claims were riddled with contradictions and error.

Martin never had a criminal trial and much illegal conduct was committed in the treatment of Martin but Australia was too traumatized to notice or care. The truth can only be discovered in the proper processes of honest investigation, cross examination, forensic proof and open transparent constituted legal process.

Martin Bryant is still waiting for justice and I stand with him even though I fear his experience has likely further damaged his already childlike perception of the world about him.

Martin’s mother has my admiration and apologies.

You, O reader, will only understand with honest effort to break through the spells that have chained your mind. It was done at great effort and expense by those who will make us all non-thinking slaves if we allow.

Ironically, ignorance is a blissful state of mind for most Australians, who have no urgent sensation of any threat to their near-term security or opportunity for prosperity, unless it is a deformed version like the “debt crisis” or the many manifestations of the fraudulent “war on terror”.

Very few were conscious in 1927 of what was in store for the world over the next 25 years, despite the seeds of truth being possessed and generously offered by a small number with integrity and grasp of the economic and political dimensions.

We are now sitting on the cusp of a similar Geo-political confrontation with a very similar set of ingredients. We will hopefully create a different path than financial depression and world war. We shall soon see.

It is difficult to escape the tragic record of human effort over the last century that has made staggering technical and material progress, that has been significantly captured by a money trick that has made it possible to enslave our minds as the key to bringing all humanity into the service of the policy of monopoly, which is grounded in a materialistic philosophy that worships the abstraction of Mammon above truth and above the natural abundant physical reality.

Subservience to the dictates of Mammon has its grip upon us all as we negotiate our action limits, while Martin Bryant endures the shocking injustice Australia has, in a sense, blindly and unconsciously inflicted upon his life.

How accountable are we for our understanding of the world?

The remedy is to be informed and speak out for what is true, that which works. Is there really any other option?

What moral right allows us to claim any measure of a just humanity for ourselves, above another, when energy exists in our bodies and awareness in our intellect, to correct the transgressions of injustice against our fellows?

Tough questions for our troubled times.



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  1. Thanks for going bold, O Christopher. “Leading from the front” I believe it’s called.
    A student at University of Tasmania, Enrica Rigoli, did her thesis in Journalism on the media’s demonizatiion of Bryant. It is a free download. Rather dry, academic stuff, but important. i will quote one sentence:
    “The news framing of Martin Bryant implied a causal relationship between mental illness and violence, which has been shown to be a problematic and unfounded assumption in the research on mental illness and the literature about media representations of mental illness more broadly.”

  2. Here is a link to Dee McLachlan’s recent article on Keith Noble’s complaint to the Press Council:


    And here is a link to an article by me that mentions not only the lack of a trial for Bryant but the lack of a coronial inquest, in defiance of Tasmanian law:


  3. So what say you, John Winston Howard?
    And Steve Liebmann and the rest?
    Ref: radio 2UE liebmann’s assault on Kevin Bracken regarding his ‘conspracy
    Clap trap’ re 911, and including questions on Port Arthur about 20th October 2010 following ABC Faine’s insult of Kevin Bracken for questioning 911, also followed up by Frydenberg MP to PM Gillard in the Australian parliament question time on or about 20th October 2010. Search: ‘911 PM Gillard stupid and wrong’
    Well now radio 2UE, how about re-instating Liebmann’s diatribe on the UE site?
    Hey, we are only interested in the historic record, why has 2UE deleted Liebman’s diatribe calling Kevin Bracken a ‘goose’?
    Now we have UE and GB joined at the belly button; so for impartial discourse and examination of matters of concern.
    For an analysis of the ABC Faine-
    Bracken phone interview just search the topic and hear the analysis at Mycatbirdseat.com. Sorry I do not recall the commentator who died about end of 2014. Hear his voice and we will all know.
    So msm, go bite your …… The record exposes you lot as deceivers.
    Please would someone log the videos for what I have referred to, at present I do not have the resource……until

      • Paul, keep trying not to. It is not the secret.
        The secret is all of us. Look at what Terry said about “good” lawyers (and I add, judges) knowing what the score is and doing bloody nothing. Could we please not yell “Israel” and thus hang up our tools for the day?
        OK, OK, maybe I’m wrong. But take your thought further. If it is “the Jews” what is your next step, as an Australian, to deal with it?

        Wait! I want to take this opportunity, as I always do, to shine spotlights on any elephant-in-room. Good morning, Jewish ladies and gentlemen in Oz or elsewhere. R U reading this post about Martin Bryant? Who do you think did it? (I mean, who organized the whole false flag and caused the death of many people at PA on April 28, 1996?) Let me tell you, there are many sites on the Net that blame everything on you.

        How about you jump into the debate, please. Make some insightful comment about Bryant, and also about the media’s assuring that he spent the last 19 years in a cell.
        You got any special thing you can contribute as a Jew? Surely you do, just as I always feel I can contribute thanks to my Catholic training.

        I did NOT mean that you could contribute special remarks about Jewish Rupert Murdoch and his very outrageous dumping on the people of Oz, UK, and now the US. I don’t think that behavior in any way connected to his Judaic background. But tell me what you think.

        In the US, there is a group that used to be called B’nai B’rith and is now the “ADL.” Anti-defamation league. What a joke – defaming people is what they do full time. And they have been given some authoritative status within the US gov’t (via an Executive Order about 8 yrs ago).
        Now that I think of it, they would have the talent and super-charged energy to tell us: that Brian slept with a pig. (Yes. A “neighbor” of Bryant contributed that comment to the media years ago. Frankly, I think animals do what their species’ repertoire calls for and climbing into a human’s bed is not on the list, but I COULD BE WRONG.)

        Anyway, Paul, thanks for riling me up. Oz needs to put out an arrest warrant for Rupe for his recent item (about which Keith Noble, an Oz ex-pat, has written to the Press Council – see last week’s Gumshoe.)

        Actually, how about a prisoner swap?

  4. Christopher, you hit the nail on the head with your comments about the mind control of the masses. I had to deal with it at the time and for years later.

    I was at an Environmental Law function in Sydney and was talking to three solicitors about gun control and Port Arthur. A young lady was listening to our discussion and then piped in with some MSM tripe. I told her that she was incorrect and gave her the correct information. She tried again and again I corrected her. Once more she showed her ignorance and once again I corrected her. She then blurted out “I don’t care if Martin Bryant is innocent, I don’t like guns”.

    Try to wrap your head around that perverse logic – from a SOLICITOR no less!

    A few years later I had a person on an internet forum write virtually the identical words. “I don’t care if Martin Bryant is innocent, I don’t like guns”. I’ve heard variations of that nonsense many times.

    There is hope though. I was attending a Permaculture class and one of the women knew I was a barrister and asked me a question during the break. Her father had died and when she was cleaning out the house she found four unregistered rifles in a closet. She wanted some legal advice, which I gave her the relevant law and procedures. I then said “Did you know Martin Bryant is innocent”. Since she had already taken the ‘Red Pill’ in regards to 9-11, her reaction was one of curiosity instead of the more common MSM programed reaction. I told her I would bring in the four articles I had written about Port Arthur and another article on the Gun Control scam out of Canberra.

    I brought the articles the following week. The next week she came in, sat down beside me and unfolded the front page of a newspaper (the Telecrap I think). There she was in a front page picture of her and a bunch of other ding-bats from the Coalition for Gun Control in a demonstration for gun control on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

    She said “I can’t believe how bad they bull-shitted me”. I relayed something an old gunsmith (Barry Liggins) had said to me “If a government is killing its own citizens to promote gun control, that is a government you don’t surrender your guns to”. She thanked me for all the information and legal advice.

    I don’t know what her ultimate decision was in regards to those unregistered rifles, but I’ve got an idea…

    • I mentioned ‘Barry Liggins’ in my previous post. He was the original ‘conspiracy theorist’ before the internet and I thought he was nuts about the stuff that he went on about (he was ahead of his time)

      He had worked with the American Secret Service on getting more accuracy out of their sniper rifles. As such, he gained access to a lot of interesting contacts. He told me many stories, but the one about a dinner in 1978 is what started him on his quest for knowledge.

      He had been asked out to dinner in Washington DC by a fellow from a university. During dinner the fellow advised Barry that there was going to be a gun control push in Australia. Barry took the information with a grain of salt, but when it all started to happen a few years later, just like the fellow said – it woke him up.

      Rebecca Peters was sent out to Oz in 1982, became established and then started up the Coalition for Gun Control. She seemed to have considerable contacts – and finance. The story she told in the papers about her father working for the State Department overseas may have been real it also could provide a cover story for any international contacts she had.

      As an example of Peter’s contacts, when I was approached to provide a legal advice on a challenge to the gun laws. Peters was provided an audience with the NSW Bar Association and got an undertaking that if such a challenge was made that the Bar Association would fight it.

      I won’t go into a long, long series of various events, it is enough for the reader to know that the Port Arthur Massacre was a psy-op for gun control. Here is a link to an early article I did on the machinations in Canberra on the gun control issue. Please note that I wrote the article before I became aware that Bryant was innocent. The article is called ‘Gun Runner’. At the bottom of the webpage is another article I wrote called ‘Thin Edge of the Wedge’ which shows how the agenda was being implemented in Oz.


      • Terry, do you know the qualification status on the Seascape audio leak?

        Is there any interrogation history on that item?

        • That leak was very cleverly done. Bob Munro used the mind control techniques of the media to sneak out the audio clips. They did the program with Terry McCarthy who was the police negotiator.

          MacGregor apparently found out that McCarthy was under a ‘D’ notice of national security not to discuss the massacre for the next 30 years. McCarthy also left the force after the massacre. Anyway, he was interviewed for the program.

          The whole tone of the program fit the MSM agenda that ‘Bryant did it’ and when McCarthy discusses the various clips he suggests certain things that are again suggestive. The tone of the program and the suggestions got the clips past management – however, when you listen to the clips themselves they indicate something else.

          For example, on the clip where Bryant is telling them he has been informed (who’s in charge here Martin?) of the police with a night vision scope outside he states “you’re about to shoot your main man”. We believe the ‘main man’ was his handler, a fellow that was also involved with the NZ massacre. The problem that arose inside Seascape was that they were using a Generation III or above night vision scope (doesn’t require an illuminator) inside to monitor the police outside. When the police flicked on their illuminator outside, it blinded them inside and they had to get it shut down.

          That was another screw-up of the conspirators. They had to take the night vision equipment with them as it was Gen III or above and only the police and military are allowed to have them in Oz. They didn’t provide a throw away cheap night vision device to leave in Seascape for plausible deniability.

          The clip of the gunshot took MacGregor and Beattie a long time to figure out. They kept concentrating on the words being spoken. Finally, they split their functions, one listened to the words and another listened to any background noises. That was turning point and the gunshot stood out. Here was Bryant downstairs on the phone talking about preparing sandwiches for everyone while the killer was upstairs shooting the SKK out the window.

          Both the written interrogation of Bryant and the written transcript of the siege tape are heavily edited with obvious false statements.

          Considering the clamp down on information about the massacre, it is surprising what has been gleaned from the available evidence. If there ever was an inquiry, Crikey, just imagine what could be made available with subpoenas and the cross-examination of witnesses.

          • Well, it was a big operation and left a big ‘footprint’ – kinda like 9-11. There is absolutely HEAPS of avenues of inquiry for a dedicated media person to follow.

          • I’m retired now and not causing them the problems I used to. I must have caused them some concern back then considering all the assets they spent on me. I’ve got enough ‘spook’ stories to write a novel.

            Here’s one I like, I was invited to this meeting where this guy was some sort of secretive individual that offered to sell me an Uzi machine gun. He had this sidekick, a good looking woman all pimped up that kept calling him ‘Daddy’.

            They got the knit stockings, short skirt, tight top and make-up right, but she hadn’t quite got the ‘flirt’ thing down right. I would notice her looking at me and when I would look at her she would immediately look away. Absolutely no eye contact with me, ever. – She probably had a nice family life out in the suburbs.

            The whole thing was so over the top, you would have to have been there to fully appreciate it.

  5. A couple of interesting articles on Carleen Bryant.

    The book issues are notable.



    Carleen expresses her regret that she participated in Martin’s “confession” in the 60 minutes extract in the article.

    Has Carleen ever detailed her account in an interview under objective scrutiny?

    Has anyone read her book?


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