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The Debate Around 19 Arabs And “Whether Or Not The Earth Is Flat”


The official theory claims that 19 Arabs took on American’s military might and the security of the Pentagon. The mainstream media continue with this myth to justify policy and politics. ABC 774 Jon Faine claimed (in 2010) “There’s nothing to debate,” when taking a call from Victorian Trades Hall president Kevin Braken. Faine went on with descriptions such as…  “lunatic fringe,” “absurd nonsense,” and “…debate whether or not the earth is flat.”

Mr Faine should listen to Bobby McIlvaine.

Kevin Braken reflecting on the interview and on 9-11.

Apology for the repetition, but it is absurd that the media refuse to debate this.



  1. No need to apologise for the repitition as it appears that the MSM is what was once regarded as a ‘slow learner’.
    The nuns in my day had an answer for us: we spent hours walking up and down the neighbouring paddock reciting 2 times 2 is four, 2 times 3 is six etc., way up to 12 times 12 is one hundred and ….. Oh shit!.
    Anyway, with the same system we learnt that B is for ball and B says ‘B’.
    Of course we were to young to understand tha B was for Bull and we now know what S is for.
    T is for Trump, the fellow in the US who on reports, knows what BS stands for and can add 9+I+1 to equal BS.
    Be interesting when Our Malcolm (and Julie) is ‘trumped’ and looks somewhat dumb when 911 is mentioned when they meet. How embarrassing for a GPS product?
    ‘You boys dreaming up the back, yes you Malcolm and young Faine, off you go to the paddock and repeat for the next hour, ‘I must learn my alphabet and spelling and not play the fool’.
    Good old sister Treasa, (sp) she had no time for foolishness and lying when I was under he wing.
    Pity our MSM was not brought up ‘proper and educated’.
    Leaving certificate physics appears
    to have been overlooked by the msm elves and the ABC, not to mention Malcolm’s days at Sydney Grammer.
    Oh well, some have had the privilege of a competent education and developed an inquiring mind, the rest have gone into politics, journalism and ‘think’ tanks like the Sydney Institute..
    Now: repeat after me: ‘The 911 mass murder official government conspiracy theorists are……..’

    • Just making this guess about Jon:

      1. he did not miss out on a good education

      2. he is not faking it or lying when he says 19 Arabs did it.

      There is a third explanation.

      HE IS NOT A FREE MAN. Can’t think. not his fault. Has been captured.

      Wondering: could this be related to what Dr Day meant when he said “Everything is in place. No one can stop us now?”

  2. The wonderfully refreshing Gumshoe News website is not the only avenue for 911 and political Truthers to get a word out. Melbourne radio 3CR 855am has a talk-back program, ‘Keep Left’ airing at 10am Fridays, little or no censorship, please tune in and contribute if you can.
    Cheers Gary

  3. “Apology for the repetition, but it is absurd that the media refuse to debate this.”

    more repetition required.. even so called “alternative” media..

    im looking at you AIMN & New Matilda.. gutless shills for the official conspiracy theory..

    if sites like that are the cure.. then the disease is terminal.

  4. […] I note that the maestro of “talking down” a conspiracy is Jon Faine of ABC 774 radio, a show with high ratings. When a well-spoken man from the Trade Unions, Kevin Bracken, attempted to engage Jon Faine in a debate about some aspects of the 9-11 evidence (or non-evidence, if you prefer), he was rudely put down. Faine said this was like “debating whether the earth is flat.” (Gumshoe article here) […]

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