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Royal Commission on Institutional Response, and Senator Heffernan’s Plea


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by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

“I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I give to this Royal Commission will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” The public is welcome to attend the hearings of the Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse, usually held at 1 Farrer Place, Sydney – with some meetings in other capital cities. When I attended on October 23, 2015, the subject was, once again, the Geelong Grammar school complaints.

Two retired members of the Geelong hierarchy appeared to be blatantly perjuring themselves, insofar as their “lack of memory” of any such events runs against confessions by the main perpetrator, and by lesser staff members.

The House Master was asked “Have you read all the Commission testimony?”  Answer: “Yes.” Question: “Has it jogged your memory in any way?” Answer: “No, not at all.”

(Note: the child-abuser, Philippe Trutmann, a dorm assistant, was convicted of abusing 41 children.)

I will be very interested to see if charges of perjury are brought. The RC is not a court and has no prosecutorial mission. It does have the power to compel testimony (those two school officials would not have fronted up willingly!), and at the end it can recommend measures to be taken.

Protected Persons

I wager no charges of perjury will be brought. As I watched each of the two elderly chaps, I could only deduce that they are protected persons. If they are lying when they say “I have absolutely no recollection,” they must be saying that with complete confidence that they are protected.

If we look around the world at famous cases involving “pedophile rings,” no amount of excellent testimony by victims and onlookers seems to have any effect. The show must go on. This was true in the Dutroux case in Belgium and regarding the Dunblane fiasco.

Still, I have to say that I don’t think these two men from Geelong Grammar were lying. When one of them said he couldn’t remember a student from 1989 but could remember one from 1982, the audience snickered. Under cross-examination, the former House Master stuttered and blushed. But even with that display of apparent guilt I got the impression he was “telling the truth.”

Not Free Men

Indeed the experience gave me an insight I would like to pass on here, but with the caveat that I cannot back it up. Simply this: the two testifiers seemed to me to be “not free men.” The second man, by the way, a music teacher, was even more confident in his denial. I formed the opinion that his mind has been controlled by someone higher up.

That’s all I can offer. You would have had to watch the amazing performance to see how remote was any chance of either fellow breaking down and saying “Yes, it did happen; there was some sexual abuse of students and I regret not taking firm action at the time.”

I have not attended the ‘performances’ by Catholic priests and bishops but I am guessing it would be the same. In 1990, when the story came out about pedophile priests, my first thought was that the various curates who fondled children were not acing on instinct but were planted there to do that. I think it is all part of the Grand Plan to undercut religion.

(Note: Rabbi Marvin Antelman says similar. See my article on Satanism.)

Could there possibly be any other explanation for dozens of bishops to engage in re-assigning an offending priest to a different parish, where the further abuse of children was virtually guaranteed? They all followed the same formula.

It’s often postulated that the bishops covered it up to protect the reputation of the Church. What nonsense! In any given instance they could have called the priest on the carpet and told him to resign. That is, the baddy could be defrocked. I am sure he wouldn’t have sued – he’d be fearful of a prosecution. No, surely there is another agenda here.

Senator Heffernan, Australian Parliament

 Now we hear from Senator Bill Heffernan that Fiona Barnett has accused politicians and judges of pedophile activity, going back 40 years. Heffernan thus plans to ask Attorney General George Brandis to extend the terms of the Royal Commission on the Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse – to include “the legal fraternity.”

I believe it should not be Brandis’s call. In fact the whole thing should be extra-governmental. You may recall recently when an FBI man in Florida killed a man named Ibraghim Todashev in cold blood, the “investigation” was conducted by his boss. With absolute predictability, the killer was found him to have not broken the rules.

Ms Barnett says she knows about child abduction, torture, and murder. You can look at a survey that was conducted by Americans and Germans, called the Extreme Abuse Survey. Whilst you may not want to set much stock in the allegations of victims, there is also a parallel survey of psychologists and therapists, who give very similar information about what they discovered in their clients’ lives.

Truth and Reconciliation?

As I have mentioned before, I joined (actually, was railroaded into) a group in America in 2009, called the US Truth and Reconciliation Coalition, headed by Kathleen A Sullivan, MSSW. I wanted it to be a place to which “perps” could make a confession. That is the usual routine for a TRC. The other members wanted it to perform only an educational role. In any case it unraveled after about 6 months.

For now, let me reiterate that watching the Geelong men deny any recollection of the child sexual abuse was pretty stunning. I formed the idea that they are not lying – they are “under control.” If I am correct, this is very important stuff.

Could it not explain ever so many things about the way our pollies speak in crazy platitudes? Could they, too, be not free men and women?

Once They Get You on Film

It has been said that one way to get people under control is to first tempt them to commit a sexual sin, then video it covertly, then spring it on them as blackmail. No doubt this has taken place may times. It may explain the hold that J Edgar Hoover had over numerous US presidents. (A problem of “the balance of powers” that the US Constitution did not prepare for!)

It is also said that the secret society known as The Order of Skull and Bones gets its recruits to ‘bond’ together, at their first meeting, by having each of them report his sexual history.

This occurs in an atmospheric way at the Yale campus involving the 21-year-old climbing into a coffin.

Anyway, even if that creates controllable people, I still think there is more reliable brainwashing that goes on and that I saw the results of it “in the flesh” at the Royal Commission last week.

But we ought to crack down, on principle, on the guys who are blackmailing our parliamentarians and judges. I personally would support an amnesty for any of the sins (not all sexual) that have been the fodder of blackmail. Just to put the blackmailers in their place.

How dare they invade everyone’s privacy!

— Mary W Maxwell is a devoted stickybeaker, and author of the new and very hot book “Fraud Upon the Court.”


  1. Wow. Here is an item from the Geelong Advertiser. Recall Dee’s article, comparing Julia Gillard’s dismissal of Kevin Bracken’s question about 9-11 to Paul Claridge’s (deputy house master) “exploding” when a boy reported abuse at Geelong Grammar.
    (Dee called this” institutional defense behavior”). I now see that Mt Claridge’s own son Jamie was involved:

    “Mr Claridge said in December 1997, a month after talking to others about Geelong Grammar and Trutmann, Jamie committed suicide. “She (Jamie’s mother) and other members of my family are convinced that he was interfered with by Trutmann and it contributed to his death,” he said.
    “Asked if he should have done more about a 14-year-old student’s report of abuse in 1989 Mr Claridge said “yes in one sense” but said that he had trusted Grammar to investigate and assumed it would call the police. Neither occurred.”

  2. Please see this website for a wrap-up of the Extreme Abuse Survey, as monitored by Wanda Karriker, author of “Morning Come Quickly”:


    Karriker’s book deals also with the “False memory Syndrome.” This was a big cover-up operation by The Firm, to discount any and all evidence tendered by the children.

    I note that Fiona Barnett says the treatment she received when she tried to speak out was more painful that what was originally done to her. I have heard a few MK-Ultra girls say that, too.

  3. For more, go to Shane Dowlings (sp?) site at Kangaroocourtofaustralia.com.
    I might add that the paedophile ‘mafia’ is controlled by those who define our destiny through blackmail.
    Bet the RC will not look at institutionalised child abuse at government and judicial/legal/media cover ups.

  4. In regard to Senator Heffernan’s urging a broadening of the inquiry (but I note $79 million has already been spent), we see the following item in the terms of reference for the Royal Commission:

    iv.”it is engaged in by an official of an institution in circumstances (including circumstances involving settings not directly controlled by the institution) where you consider that the institution has, or its activities have, created, facilitated, increased, or in any way contributed to, (whether by act or omission) the risk of child sexual abuse or the circumstances or conditions giving rise to that risk.”

    At the link below you will find the “Letters Patent, from Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia”:


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