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Five Collateral Deaths in Boston Marathon Situation So Far


ibragim todashev, 2Ibragim Todashev (age 27)

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Who, if anyone, has died so far, as a consequence of the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing? Three people died immediately. I quote CBSNews:

“Two explosives went off near the finish line killing three and wounding 264 people. The three killed were 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, 8-year-old Martin Richard, and 23-year-old Lu Lingzi.”

Some critics have expressed doubt that those deaths were real, but I have no reason to doubt the three deaths or to question the cause (explosives.) This article will look at other deaths, some of which were murders by firearms, which I see as “collateral.”

Sean Collier

CBSNews said:

“Sean Collier, 26, an MIT campus police officer, was fatally shot in his patrol car April 18th by the Boston bombers.”

That is where we start to enter the land of misinformation.  The video of the two persons approaching a parked car on the MIT campus, in the dark, on April 18, is not nearly good enough to provide an identity of “the two bombers.” Nor can we see even a glimmer of Sean Collier, the victim, in that parked patrol car! Certainly Collier’s murder is an open case, not a closed one.

(That very dubious video was shown to jurors in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It’s Greek to me how the jurors did not laugh, or cry, at such unworthy “evidence” being thrown at them.)

officer-sean-collierSean Collier

Five Collateral Deaths

Sean Collier, campus police officer, can be considered the first collateral death in the Marathon case. There are at least four more, or seven if it should ever be determined that “a drug related murder of three men in Medford” was an arranged death, having to do with the FBI’s need to blame Ibragham Todashev for a crime.

(Todashev’s posed a threat to the prosecution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, as he may have been able to expose the FBI’s machinations with ‘informants.’)

I am in no position to judge the three Medford deaths, as we have no data, but my hunch is that it was fictional throughout (I mean that no such murders took place). I will ignore those three deaths and cite only five other “collaterals.” In addition to the aforementioned Sean Collier at MIT, these are:

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Ibragahim Todashev, a cop named Dennis Simmonds, who died a month later of an aneurysm (see below), and a “bad man” named Angelo West, who shot a cop in the face. Which cop? John Moynihan, age 34, who almost died, but recovered.

The Deaths of Tamerlan in Massachusetts and Ibragahim Todashev in Florida 

I have written about these two deaths before, so will only mention here that I leave them at the doorstep of the FBI. It is not disputed that an FBI officer shot Todashev to death in his home in Florida; his supervisor acknowledges that he did it, albeit in ‘self defense.’ (Oh, come on.)

I consider it equally plain and straightforward that the FBI killed Tamerlan Tsarnaev after taking him into custody. Any talk of his having died in a shootout with the Watertown police is a lie. Not only is it a lie, but it changed several times.

For example, it was first reported that the younger brother, Dzhokhar, ran Tamerlan over with an SUV — a carjacked SUV, of course. As I have commented, carjacking is getting to be diagnostic of false-flag shoot-outs!

The Boston Globe reported this shamelessly. Couldn’t anyone in super-educated Boston see that with two brothers surrounded by well-armed cops, the younger one would never have been able to drive away”?

In any case, as seen in the ‘podstava’ video below, the police or the FBI arrested Tamerlan while he was in good health, no wounds. His mortuary photo shows that he was subsequently roughed up. I am sorry for his parents to have to see it.

BomberDeathPhotoTamerlan TsarnaevMortuary photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Simmonds, a Year Later, Almost to the Day

The third person I name as a collateral death is Dennis Simmonds. I quote ABCNews.com:

“Simmonds, a Boston patrolman, was among the officers who engaged Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a shootout in Watertown on April 19, 2013, days after two bombs exploded at the Marathon finish line. Officials said Simmonds sustained a head injury when he was struck by shrapnel from an explosive device the suspects detonated.” [Emphasis added]

I repeat: in the above scene we have two brothers surrounded by cops – an overwhelming force arrayed against them — yet they supposedly had the chutzpah, and the skill, to aim an “explosive device” at the cops. What nonsense. Picture it!

Dennis-O-SimmondsDennis Simmonds (age 28)

As for the death of Simmonds, ABCNews says:

“On April 10, 2014, Simmonds, 28, collapsed while working out at the Boston Police Academy gym and died at a hospital…. ‘A young kid like that doesn’t just die … without something causing that,’ Police Commissioner William Evans said after Friday’s ceremony. ‘There has to be a nexus to it.’” [Emphasis added]

To which I can only say ‘Agreed in full.’

Angelo West and the Facial Injury of John Moynihan

Having listed Collier, Tamerlan, Todashev, and Simmonds, it remains to explain the death of Angelo West. This is a bit confusing as it involves two heroic cops who almost died but unexpectedly recovered. Let’s start with Richard Donohue. According to Laura Crimaldi at the Boston Globe (I am going to assume there really is a Laura Crimaldi at the Boston Globe):

On the same day a federal jury sentenced Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings [viz, April 8, 2015], the Transit Police officer who nearly died in a shootout in Watertown was promoted to the rank of sergeant.  “Richard ‘Dic’ Donohue Jr.’s parents pinned the new sergeant during a ceremony Friday morning. His promotion came several hours before the 21-year-old Tsarnaev learned his fate. ‘Just over two years after the events that impacted us as a community and a nation, we can finally close this chapter in our lives,’ Donohue said.”

So the first hero for this part of our story is Richard Donohue. Good for him.  (Incidentally I can’t see why a Transit Police would be involved in the famous shootout in Watertown, which, to repeat, never happened anyway.)

So how does Moynihan come into the story? (And from Moynihan comes the Angelo West sub-story.) I quote the Associated Press of March 28, 2015:

“Moynihan is a former Army Ranger and Iraq veteran who was honored at the White House last year for being one of the first responders in Watertown following the April 2013 gun battle with the Boston Marathon bombers. He helped save wounded transit police Officer Richard Donohue. Donohue was shot in the leg and nearly bled to death when police tried to apprehend Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.” [Emphasis added]

Are you with me? So far the beauty of Moynihan, as far as the PR aspects of this story are concerned, is that he, an Iraq veteran, helped a man, Donohue, who might otherwise have died on April 19, 2013 in Watertown.

That is, Moynihan is hailed as a first responder for the wounded Donohue. All of this during the non-event in which the Tsarnaevs threw no bombs and did not commit fratricide with a carjacked SUV.

Angelo West and a ‘Traffic Stop’

Now then, this hero, John Moynihan, pulled a guy over, as one often does on the road.  It was March 27, 2015. Angelo West was DWB (driving while black) in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Again, listen to the Associated Press of March 28, 2015:

“Angelo West, 41, died in a gunfight with police after shooting Boston Marathon hero cop John Moynihan in the face during a traffic stop.”

Angelo West, 41, is seen in an undated picture released by the Boston Police Department in Boston, Massachusetts March 28, 2015. West died during a gunfight on Friday after shooting Boston police officer John Moynihan in the face during a traffic stop, police said. Moynihan is expected to recover, Police Commissioner William Evans told reporters on Saturday. REUTERS/Boston Police Department/Handout FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS
Angelo West, (age 41)

Maybe we shouldn’t interrupt the narrative to inquire about there being yet another “gunfight with police.” The AP continues:

“Moynihan and five other gang unit officers in two cars had stopped a car driven by Angelo West, 41, as they investigated a report of shots fired. Police Commissioner Evans said West shot Moynihan as he approached the car, and the other officers fatally shot West when he continued firing at them as he tried to run away.”

I guess Angelo was running backwards. Or maybe he knew how to run forward and yet direct his fire backward? Amazingly we are told:

“Prosecutors said West had several gun convictions, including one that involved firing at police in 2001.”

I really did not know you could fire at police in 2001 and not be pushing up daisies in 2015.

Isn’t it policy these days — perhaps starting with the shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes on the London tube? (Menezes had been WWE — Walking While Ethnic). Many reports related to the Marathon seem to say that if a baddy is on the loose (e.g., Dzhohkar in the boat), the authorities should assure their death rather than effect their capture.

Anyway, there is a spot of good news: “District Attorney Daniel Conley said his office will investigate West’s death as state law requires and the investigation will be ‘completely transparent.’” Excellent.

The Donohue-Collier Connection

One more thing, a small matter. Recall that Donohue isn’t on the list of five collateral deaths, as he is happy to be alive. Indeed he said so. According to Laura Crimaldi:

“Donohue, 35, reflected on his first day back in uniform in March. He said he was greeted by 5,300 unread e-mails and “a lot of hugs and handshakes.” “My son has perseverance, strength,” said Consuelo Donohue, who wore a blue dress and yellow scarf in a nod to the ‘Boston Strong’ colors.” [Imagine it! Colors for this event!]

“The firefight in which Donohue was injured erupted on April 19, 2013, after Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan, shot and killed Massachusetts Institute Technology Officer Sean Collier, 27, as he sat in his cruiser on the Cambridge campus. Collier and Donohue were friends and attended the police academy together.” [Emphasis added]

“Donohue was revived through a series of blood transfusions and spent a month in the intensive care unit. “Sometimes I think about how crazy it was and how lucky I am to be alive,” Donohue said. “You just think, ‘Wow. That was close.’ ”

[Again, agreed in full.]

Concluding Guesses

Of the five collateral deaths, I have no special interpretation for that of Sean Collier. (Though I can cite many instances where a patsy’s alleged attack on his main target is ‘foreshadowed’ by an alleged hit on someone other unfortunate victim, frequently a family member.)

The other four seem easily explained.  Tamerlan had to go, so that Bostonians could never hear him interrogated — they’d chuck out the Marathon bombing as a typical false flag. Todashev needed silencing, as he knew of the Tsarnaevs’ likely innocence.

Christopher Simmonds may have objected to having to lie that he participated in ‘the Watertown shootout.’ So he got an aneurysm and passed away in the police gym. If by any chance a request had been buzzing around, for cops to speak up about the falseness of the Watertown thing, Simmonds’ death would be a sharp warning not to proceed. Note: I am only guessing. It’s possible that he died truly naturally.

Regarding Moynihan, I again see a potential whistleblower being ‘taken out’ – although he unexpectedly survived the shot in the face. Moynihan’s war service may be relevant here. Other veterans, whom we sometimes learn are furious about a lot of things, may have been approaching Moynihan to come clean about the Boston Marathon.

So he had to be silenced. (I wonder, will I myself be silenced? I sure do a lot of yakking about the travesty of the Tsarnaev court case. See my “Maxwell, podstava” video.

Anyway, Moynihan did not die of the face shot, nor did Collier’s classmate Richard Donohue of the bleeding leg. So that’s nice.  But a patsy would need to be conjured up, to explain Moynihan’s injury. According to the police report, having been traffic-stopped (over another matter), Angelo West got killed by cops for shooting the established hero Moynihan in the face.

So I’ve chalked up West’s death as collateral to the Marathon. Again, I’m only speculating. Maybe there was some other, genuine cause for that traffic stop, and the driver then went wild. Recall that “a transparent investigation” has been promised, so you can check up on that.

(Daniel Conley, elected DA of Suffolk County, looks like a nice man. And he may well be wishing like mad that you would call him about the Angelo West death. Please do.)

Cough It Up

I believe collateral deaths are all in a day’s work for the media and the authorities. Indeed the Marathon body count of five is quite low compared to other covert operations. Google for “Clinton suspicious deaths” or “Bush suspicious deaths.”

Gee, Cops, there’s plenty of work for you if you’d like to become real law enforcers!  And you still need to find the killers of the three people who died at the finish line, eh?

If in fact you already know who they are, are you able to tell the people of Boston? Hop down to Adelaide and whisper it to me. Or I can meet you on the blue Danube or wherever. Or just write it as graffiti on a bench in the Boston Common.

Hurry before more of you get taken out.

  • Mary W Maxwell’s latest book is “Fraud Upon the Court” (Trine Day Press). She is OFD – originally from Dorchester, the Irish ghetto of Boston. Now she lives in Australia, and awaits your visit to her website: maryWmaxwell.com.




  1. Who’s at the Back of the Shed Today?

    Phantasmgorical! A few days ago I passed over Dee’s item on Jon Faine’s 9-11 views. It’s only the audio of his talk show. Now I have listened to it. Please don’t miss it. He says that the caller (Kevin Bracken) must be among the loonies “coming together round the back of the shed to believe in absurd nonsense.”

    Wow. What would he say to my 5 collateral death theory? Kevin Bracken had only said that aviation fuel is not hot enough to melt steel. That was enough to get Faine to call him many names!

    Granted, my story, too, is absurd. I have hinted that Officer Simmonds was wiped out at the Police Gym. That IS absurd. I even suggested that the traffic stop re Angelo West was a set-up. Wouldn’t it be absurd for authorities to go around pulling a guy over, so that it could create a story as to how Officer Moynihan got shot in the face? Yes, it would be absurd. I hope I’m wrong. But I’m not wrong about Tamerlan or Todashev (even though killing them was pretty absurd).

    Anyway, Faine gets a salary of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars from a public radio channel, to host calls from citizens. He should even have to listen to my (outlandish) story and knock it down on the merits. Dee has delivered to Faine a copy of our book, “Truth in Journalism.” I guess he’ll be calling Dee to invite her to speak about that topic.

    Meanwhile I am sorry to report that British filmmaker Anthony Lawson, who narrates the Faine video below, has died of colon cancer.

  2. On April 27, 2015, the Governor of Maryland called up 5,000 of his state militia troops to assist police, for the protection of property in Baltimore. (Someone had set fire to a CVS Store.)
    That was a constitutionally permissible move by a state. It did not involve the US military.
    Would it be constitutional for Governor Baker of Massachusetts to use his state’s militia against the FBI for killing Tamerlan Tsarnaev?
    In this video I canvass some options.

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