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Trick or Treat? The Price of Money Is a Big, Fat Trick


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Halloween is rather new to Australia. Some children went trick or treating last night. This may stimulate sales of candy and of costumes — two commodities that are easy to understand. But what about money? Can money itself be a commodity? Greg Buck offers his usual penetrating view of the subject:



    • I wish this site could allow editing of previous posts, I see I have included the link twice in the previous post. Sometimes I want to go back and edit some spelling or delete an extra word, whatever. Anyway, I suppose twice the links to Maloney might emphasise that there is some valuable information there that most people SHOULD be paying attention to. (spend some time with his videos)

      As far as Halloween, I remember when my first Halloween arrived in Oz and someone said “that’s an American holiday” – HELLLOOOO. It is a Celtic holiday, some say Irish, some say Scottish, whatever, the immigrants quickly incorporated it into the American culture and the kids love it. – A mate told me he saw it being celebrated in Thailand.

      On this Halloween, we had heaps of kids arrive all dressed up, giggling and laughing (and scooping up the candy) – with the parents having almost as much fun as the kids. I carved a pumpkin with a candle inside – everybody thought it was ‘cool’.

      The rest of the holidays have adult themes to them, but Halloween is a KID THING! – get into it, it is a lot of fun.

    • What should the average person do? Live within their means and shun “cheap” debt. This would change everything, overnight. The status quo relies absolutely on the assumption that the next generation are going to saddle themselves with enormous debt in order to purchase their assets. The whole financial system has this assumption “baked in”. This is why we must, at any cost, be tempted with ever-declining rates of interest. Undo this assumption [by saying no to debt], and it’s game over.

      • Greg, under the present money realities, where all money is created as debt, if we all attempted to pay down debt the economy is starved of purchasing power and all types of unstable results unravel.

        The common term is “economic depression”.

        If a community associates to produce economic outcomes it can be accurately stated that what ever can be done is the affordable degree of prosperity.

        If all Nations on Earth achieved the physical economic capacity as Australia the glut of goods for consumption would be abundance.

        If the “money” statistics a prosperous community employs as an abstract mechanism to facilitate association, and measure relative values, choice and priorities, do not honestly reflect the physical realities, but are monopolized and corrupted in function by any sectional interest for exploiting benefits, the problem is in the politics, critical thinking and book keeping, not in our real opportunity for life, or the opportunity future generations can expect to experience.

        The world is self evidently abundant in it’s sufficiency, reliant on the efficiency of the human spirit to achieve the relative dividends our choices in association make available when we discover and apply the correct principles to release reality.

  1. Recalling that I had seen some fabulous spooky decorations and orange fabrics in the shops when I lived in Mannheim, I googled for “Halloween in Germany” and found this:

    “Only in large metropolitain cities of Germany will you see groups of children actually go door-to-door saying ‘Süßes, sonst gibt’s Saure’ as they collect treats from their neighbors. Partly this is because just eleven days later it is the tradition of children to go door to door on St Martinstag with their lanterns. They sing a song and then they are rewarded with baked goods and sweets.”

    I didn’t have any visitors last night in Adelaide but I’d have liked to make them sing for it.

    • Mary, I live in a small country town. After a few years of the kids getting goodies from a few houses – the tradition spread. Now the little buggers are coming out in force!

      The local school has a Halloween theme and the kids dress up – then they set out on their rampage of the town. We even get kids from the outlaying farms showing up for the feast of sugar loaded garbage.

      • Terry, my fellow Seppo-turned-Dingo, I’m not sure if this is on-topic or off-topic, but when I think back to what we used to get as kids on Halloween — mostly candy but sometimes an apple — which we hated, of course (How COULD they?), and occasionally money (a quarter, from the wealthier homes), I think of a minor scandal. It must have been in the Fifties. The word went around that some of the Treats were tainted maliciously.

        In light of Dr Day and all that crap, I’m now wondering if that wasn’t an early try-out for terrorism. I mean it did make you hesitate to eat the unwrapped sweets. I am quite sure the Tylenol terrorism never happened. They said 6 people died from stuff in the Tylenol bottles but no one was apprehended. Then Tylenol rolled out their bubble-pack.

        OK. Enough. If I knock on your door on St Martin’s Day make me sing.
        Greg Buck, I apologize for not talking about money, except .25

  2. Greg Buck always sheds some light on the mysterious relations between money, populist economic thought and our physical realities.

    Contemplative rhetorical explanations, that take the listener to a viewing point on economic subjects that break through the predetermined orthodoxies, is a necessary step to open minds to new alternative possibilities.

    That said, I believe we should always incorporate our petitioning with the fundamental message that we have the “Good News”.

    We must be clear the corrupting contamination of our abstract “money system” is engineering artificial stress and crisis, that sabotage and confuse honest peoples opportunity for a “life more abundant” in terms of both physical sufficiency, and our freedom potential to cultivate all dimensions of our spiritual humanity.

    Mike Maloney, linked by Terry, presents some good explanation of our money corruptions but advocates commodity backed metal solutions that I do not support as correct.

    The technical design and operation of a “money system” is secondary to understanding all the elements of our social, political and economic realities well enough that we achieve a common belief of what is reasonably possible in terms of results, a common belief of the agencies, forces and methods that are employed to stop us getting our desired results, and, a determined common attitude that nothing less that what we know is possible, will be acceptable.

    The “money system” is only an abstract administrative mechanism that provides a means to an end.

    Presently it serves the ends of monopoly and dictatorship over mankind imposed by the self appointed chosen elite.

    This elite wear a clever invisible cloth woven with the ancient skills and designs of those who love power itself above all else and hold to a Messianic world view of their tribe.
    The craft of permanent governance by deception is cherished, nourished and selectively shared beyond the tribe in appropriate portion to seduce assisting willing collaborators.

    The key threads of this invisible cloaking armor, are the multiple complimentary language and political devices, woven by Zionism, Jewish Identity, The Holocaust Fraud, Antisemitism, and the populist framing of any suggestion of a Global Banking Conspiracy as insane.

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