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Derryn Hinch Supports the Washington Syria Script



Derryn Hinch writes in The Age today (3/11/15):

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has gassed and bombed hundreds of thousands of his own people. Australia must not soften its stance against him.”  

He continues.

“In Washington, London and Canberra, Western leaders have described Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as an evil, bloody, power-crazed dictator, guilty of crimes against humanity, who must be overthrown. US Secretary of State John Kerry has said: “What he is doing is outrageous, unconscionable, unacceptable, disgraceful, craven. It’s horrendous. And we all know that; everybody knows that.” ….  And yet, our “compassionate, peace-loving” government is apparently about to support him.”

Mr Hinch, I respected you when you were found in contempt of court and served a 50-day prison sentence in doing what you believed was right, but maybe you should dig deeper into the Syrian situation if you write about it in The Age.

You quote Washington Post reporter Andrea Mitchell who recently asked Kerry: “Why isn’t this genocide?” Well, why do you not ask the question: Was going into Iraq on a completely fraudulent pretext not genocide by Western governments?  Over a million civilians were killed as a result.

Maybe you should do your homework as to how the West deliberately removed Saddam Hussein, then focused their attention on Libya and its president Gaddafi – then focused their energies on removing Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

On using chemical weapons, review the well-researched article in Mint Press (29 August 2013):

“Interviews with people in Damascus and Ghouta, a suburb of the Syrian capital, where the humanitarian agency Doctors Without Borders said at least 355 people had died last week from what it believed to be a neurotoxic agent, appear to indicate as much.

The U.S., Britain, and France as well as the Arab League have accused the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for carrying out the chemical weapons attack….  However, from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the gas attack.”

Now, the destruction of the the Middle East has been long in the planning.

You can easily find the interview by Retired General Wesley Clark on how SEVEN countries were going to be destroyed in FIVE years. In an interview in 2007 he describe his visit to the Pentagon just after 9/11 in 2001. He said:

So I came back to see him a few weeks later (2001), and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

Mr Hinch, please don’t become another Australian presstitute.



    • I’ll drink to that. It is possible, I suspect Hinch is broke after his stint in goal, and court cases wherein the result went against him, thus incurring massive court costs. Plus he’s not getting any younger either, therefore in the interests of a comfortable retirement, Mr. Hinch needs to bolster his retirement fund drasticly in the very near future, what better way to achieve that, then to jump onto the MSM bandwagon and perpetrate the lies being spread in persuit of the World hegemon agenda ? It pays well, according to Hinch, that’s all that really matters.

      • On reading Hinch’s article I thought of two possibities; whether he penned the article or whether he was fed with most of the material and was sucked into supporting more killing.
        He never struck me as being completely dumb and usually he has his own mind, self opinionated as it may be.
        But to opine in complete ignorance is puzzling and negligent.
        To be kind, it would seem that he could have been suckered like John Howard and his puppets were in 2001 and 2003.
        Howard is reported as being ’embarrassed’ with the trickery
        and deceit leading to the present Middle East genocide and the concocted and forced ruination of Europe by Muslim ‘invaders’.
        Hinch: Do know what you are doing?
        Shame! Do your homework or join the msm in their holes.
        I wonder if you even know about building 7, operation Gladio et. all.
        Time to educate yourself.
        Try black balling your msm controllers, before the hole collapses upon your integrity and reputation.

  1. Mr Hinch’s article exposes himself as one of the most uninformed opinionated
    Nincompoop of the MSM.
    He is certainly up there with Faine.
    As I read his article my thoughts were just as reflected here at gumshoe.
    My last comment was lost, which often happens.
    I could not be bothered repeating it.
    Hinch’s failures to expose the truth, including CLark’s interview assists what he complains of. i.e the continuing genocide by the coalition of killers.
    SHAME to the mass media for their continuing lies.
    Just another reason to black ball the msm and their advertisers
    Msm; keep digging you lot have about reached the right depth, before your holes collapse in on all of you.

      • Well, Hinch is now in the same paddock as Faine and the ABC, surely.
        Question is; who provides the oats.
        So far as the ABC is concerned, it is the taxpayers.
        And we pay for the invasions as well.
        Further, many of our mums and dads provide their children to be killed and maimed, as usual for the bankers.
        Look up ‘All wars are banker’s wars’ at:
        Rivero’s site:
        Learn something Derren? Perhaps, how you are being suckered?

        • Maybe we should pose a simple question to people, including Canberra personnel, asking how far they are willing to go:

          “Is World War III acceptable to you? And if not, at what point would you insist on withdrawing (if NATO and Russia are fighting)?

        • Deport the Jon Faines of this world. Send him home to his first loyalty. He hates us as it is, but like any narcissist he loves the attention, prominence and the money that he gets from being here.

          • Paul, if Jon Faine is an Australian citizen he is not eligible for deportation.
            If you mean he is a traitor to Australia, then the crime of treason could come into it. Funnily enough, my book on that subject is a free download at ProsecutionForTreason.com. That is a fairly seppo book but I have dingo-ized it at a Gumshoe article, in which I quote 2002 amendment to Commonwealth criminal law:

            Part 5.1, Division 80.1 of the Code now says:
            “(1) A person commits an offence, called treason, if the person:
            (a) causes the death of the Sovereign, the heir apparent of the Sovereign, the consort of the Sovereign… or
            (d) levies war, or does any act preparatory to levying war, against the Commonwealth; or
            (e) engages in conduct that assists by any means whatever, with intent to assist, an enemy: (i) at war with the Commonwealth…or (f) …to assist: (i) another country; or (ii) an organization … engaged in armed hostilities against the Australian Defence Force…

            I think defining the phrase “enemy at war with the Commonwealth” could merit at least a PhD dissertation. What about a terrorist who be allegedly a non-state actor, but whio is trained and supplied by one of the Big Powers?

            P.S. As for “engaged in armed hostitlities against the ADF,” we haven’t forgot the Bella Vista incident, have we?

  2. Well, well, well, Dalia Mae, your comment is music to my ears – at last there’s critical analysis that is so politically incorrect but so true!
    Hinch abuses when analysis fails him, while other media commentators belittle, dismiss any commentary from those with whom they disagree. The latest was on Ch 10: https://newmatilda.com/2015/11/03/watch-steve-price-loses-the-plot-after-guest-compares-andrew-bolt-to-hizb-ut-tahrir/
    And we then get back to basics: how to stifle debate and steer a conversation into fatuous tweets. The current shut-up words are: hater – conspiracy theorist – Holocaust denier – antisemite – racist – Nazi – xenophobe, among others.
    This labelling is the mechanism used to marginalize, to eliminate those who challenge the prevailing orthodoxy by destroying them – but it’s nothing new!
    In 1961 Sir Douglas Wright wrote a Prologue to the disturbing W H C Eddy book Orr. This Prologue has provided many victims of conspiracies with much-needed moral support because it offers a succinct analysis of this subtle elimination process.
    Sir Douglas identified its elements thus:
    1. Defame the victim’s professional competence, mental balance, truthfulness, etc.
    2. Reward collaborators from the victim’s group.
    3. Weld together the pack of prosecutors.
    4. Proclaim authority of the corporation.
    5. Spread defamation through the victim’s personal links and loyalties.
    6. Isolate the victim by giving him the silent treatment.
    7. Usually this leads to the victim’s resignation which is taken as proof of guilt. Dismissal occurs if the victim refuses to resign.
    8. A strong victim highlights the moral standards of society.
    9. People in authority perpetuate their own types because no one wishes to be shamed by his successor.
    10. Employees are as courageous as their security of livelihood and reputation permits.
    11. A governing body of an institution devoted to truth and justice is corrupt if it obstructs enquiry into its stewardship.
    Sir Douglas concluded his analysis with a timeless warning: ‘Such state of affairs is the antithesis of democratic processes and places the society in imminent danger.’
    It is in this sense that I personally ask: Where are our present-day Wrights?
    Could it be Dalia Mae or Dr Mary Maxwell at Gumshoe News?

    • Mr Tobin, I notice you happenned to link to the website “New Matilda” for that Steve Price bit.. funny that, considering we are discussing the media here, or what passes for it, and how they use shut up words to stop the truth..

      funny that – because – that site uses all those words, and more.. and even go so far as to say it in their FAQs…

      “On that front, we welcome comments of all kinds – supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise. However, we reserve the right to delete or edit comments that:

      • Are defamatory, abusive or offensive
      • Promote hatred of any kind
      • Attack the writer (or a fellow commenter) rather than the argument
      • Are blatantly off-topic (in particular comments which promote conspiracy theories).
      • Do not contribute to the discussion (in particular comments which promote conspiracy theories).
      • Mislead through impersonation
      • Don’t make sense

      Repeat offenders will be blocked from using the comments function on the site.

      Comments which promote Holocaust denial, or which seek to debate the Holocaust are not tolerated on New Matilda, and will result in an immediate ban of the user without notice.”

      They pretend to be shining the light in dark places, but when confronted with issues such as 9/11, holocaust, port arthur… their heads explode. They can censor comments much easier now the only option for commenting is to login via facebook.

      just saying.

      • Thanks for this – I had the New Matilda comment sent to me and I do not really know of its censorial policy on such fundamental matters as Port Arthur/ 9/11, and of course, the Holocaust-Shoah – and the latest taboo topic is climate change. The release of such topics from legal protection will occur when enough individuals know that truth does not need legal protection.
        The Holocaust debate splits into those who believe in limited gassings and those who still await proof that the murder werapon ever existed with the former enjoying no legal pertsecution while the latter get pounded into submission as did the Inquisition of long ago. One Revisionist speculation also offers an ‘if argument’, i.e. the gassings could have been carried out.
        So, New Matilda is morally and intellectually a bankrupt entity because it stifles free expression, or rather, it will split free expression into the free speech argument, but then quickly limits it by crying ‘hate speech’ whenever anything crops up that is too challenging to its own myopic world view.
        Thanks again for making me aware of this matter.

        • my pleasure.
          There is another australian site..

          where they tolerate posts about how the official account of 9/11 can not survive the slightest scrutiny, but only with the accompanying howls of “conspiracy theorist” nutter, etc etc from a band of bully regulars.

          they do however offer to print submissions from readers, and myself not being qualified in anything associated with article writing, have resisted any such invitation, theres plenty of articles written on the web for people to get information regarding 9/11 etc, except they ( sunscribers/regular readers to that website ) dont seem to bother to go look for it, so how glorious for them to be served up a plate of cold hard facts to digest.

          its a pity that so called alternative media sites, follow the same path as main stream media, and i look forward to the day when someone who is able to construct a sentence or two more coherently than myself and who has a little more credibility than calling themselves fair dinkum, on the internet, does actually submit an article to them that explains the state of affairs regarding important topics to the more apathetic amongst us. 😉

          I believe a local voice for aussies is important for news, and it is hard to find a good site that doesnt compromise. grateful for gumshoe news – putting australian media, mainstream and “alternate” to shame, shame, shame, leading by example with truth & integrity.

          • Gumshoenews is a good start, but have a look at http://tomatobubble.com/id933.html and find out how a current matter – the ISIS controversy – is handled.
            Then look up the details of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan and you will understand what genocidal plan we in Australia are also indirectly involved in – the elimination of the European racial entity – the browning of Europe. Can you hear those cries of “racist-racist” coming my way?
            As to the Middle East – always ask the question: Cui Bono – in whose interest, e.g. IS does not attack Israel, and recently an Israeli general stated that ISIS is not a danger for Israel but Iran remains a threat, etc.
            Just take care when you browse – you’ll be testiong the limits of our democracy.

          • It goes beyond that. The Iraqis recently captured an Israeli officer (Brigadier or Colonel depending on the source) with a bunch of ISIS characters. He is being kept in an undisclosed location to avoid an Entebbe type rescue mission by the Israelis.
            We also know that Israel is treating wounded ISIS fighters in a military hospital on the Golan Heights. They have even admitted it, but still our msm refuses to publish that fact.
            They also refuse to publish any discussion about the fact that not a single Israeli site has been the target of ISIS. Such a discussion might of course leads to some uncomfortable conclusions about ISIS being a tool of US and Israeli foreign policy.

  3. Surely Hinch is now on the “CIA payroll”!
    He couldn’t be that DUMB…………could he !?
    Disgusting! Have lost all respect I may have held for him after his jail stint on principles!

  4. Incredible outburst from Hinch!

    I heard mention recently on ABC radio Hinch has his eye on a Senate seat. He may have needed to demonstrate his loyalty to those who must be pleased and obeyed.

    Contact The Age and all MP’s and interrogate them referencing the many contrary reports and studies that contradict the claims Hinch made.
    The article provides the material initiative to challenge at all levels of information including Talkback.

    Is Hinch accessible anywhere to interrogate his claims?

    Even the UN investigations do not support Hinch because they evidence Syrian “opposition” chemical weapon activities and possession.
    This is useful.
    And this.
    …..supported by this……
    And this.
    And this.
    And this very useful important development

    The key question is what WMD claims are credible considering the political pattern and climate?

    Interrogate the documents and source pedigree that inform those who hold the Assad Devil attitude.

    Interrogate the relativity of the Syrian tragedy and the stability and peace that preceded intervention by the gang of crony collaborators.

    • I sent this to Derryn at … hinch@hinch.net

      Simple but it makes the point. Derryn will ignore this of course but if his political plans proceed later opportunities for public scrutiny will emerge. We could also raise the Bryant case with our “champion” of justice.

      Greetings Derryn,

      This letter and your response will be public.

      I read your tirade against Assad in The Age with some disappointing feelings of deja vous.

      Derryn are you aware Turkish politicians claimed in a press
      release last week that chemicals and rockets used to frame Assad originated in Turkey?

      Derryn, are you aware the UN investigations only confirmed
      chemicals were employed in Syria but evidenced that the “opposition” had chemicals and did employ them against Syrians?

      Derryn, are you aware the majority of Syrians who have fled the conflict encroaching on their homes moved into the territory controlled by the Syrian government, not into Europe as you claim?

      What does this mean about their fear of, and judgement of the
      Assad led Syrian Government?

      Is there any historical pattern of atrocity tales and poisonous
      propaganda preceding and facilitating the manufacturing of public consent when war ambitions are on the agenda?

      Have you read or heard about the incredible revelations from the recently German published “Bought Journalism”?

      Most of the refugees flooding into Europe are not Syrian despite his impression in the media.
      Agree or disagree?

      What role did US intelligence and their proxy associating
      communities play in bringing the Syrian conflict into life?

      Can you provide me with the particular documents and reference that has informed your view?
      Can you present some statistical data and sources to support the claims in your article that Assad has “gassed and bombed hundreds of thousands of his own people”?

      There are many claims in your article that I believe are false
      but I relish the opportunity to put the issues squarely on the table out in the open for public judgement.

      When would you be available to conduct an interview where we can interrogate all the documents, history, political architecture and patterns of Geo-political power struggles that might need to be calculated to achieve an honestly calibrated understanding of Assad, Syria and the Middle East realities?

      I have more than thirty highly referenced and qualified
      investigation reports, articles, interviews and documentaries that I would relate my research and base my interrogation.

      I would happily provide this material to yourself previous to any interview as my only interest is to achieve genuine justice for all based upon totally open accountable scrutiny of all relevant information.

      I do not hold the Syrian Government or Assad as ideal or
      faultless, I do believe in honesty and objective relative context when it comes to apportioning blame and formulating the best policy solutions.

      This approach requires serious effort and a constituted
      methodology of working things out.

      Considering the tense and grave state of world security I will
      expect that you will embrace your responsibility to be fully accountable on the public record for your allegations.

      Justice applies to us all, Assad is not excluded, nor the millions of Syrian people who wish to defend their
      right to elect their politicians and defend their Nation against an invasion force that has been poured
      onto their land like acid.

      Derryn, I look forward to your response.

      Christopher Brooks
      03 58662788

  5. She who knows everything just informed me that dear Derren is or is planning to stand for parliament.
    Anyone have any details?

  6. Christopher,
    Very suxcint questions you ask of Derryn that he would not hope to be able to consider., as most of the material is known to the world of reality, a world he appears to be divorced from, otherwise he would not have even considered penning such rubbish.
    Ditto; to the msm for printing it.
    Derryn quite rightly exposes, disgusting paedophiles who abuse children and those who ‘protect’ the perpetrators.
    Perhaps he should give a thought to comparing disgusting criminal paedophiles with war mongers, killers and their protectors in this context?
    The latter group:
    Orphan children,
    Maine. Hildren,
    Destroy their social structures,
    Destroy their education and employment prospects.
    Destroy their physical environment and homes,
    Cause lifetime emotional distress,
    Steal their rightful inheritance to the resources of their country.
    Perhaps it is worse Derryn?
    Now listen to General Wesley Clark and consider who are the greater disgusting criminals; paedophiles and their ex users and protectors or warmongering invaders, killers and thieves and the liars who protect them and even endorse continuation of the same crimes?
    Think on that ….. Perhaps? After Clark, look up the reference king provided here by those who can distinguish the mores serious consequences of killer warmongers and their protectors from disgusting criminal perverted child a users and their protectors.
    Long way to go Derryn to find balance and reality.
    Perhaps the msm journalists should reflect also on a comparison of their role in the paediphile/killer realities.
    Now who would invite a paedophile protector home? So why would one tolerate one of our warmongering politicians even entry through the back gate?

  7. Mary, the refugees come from Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places as well as Syria. A significant proportion of the Syrians have been in Turkey for 2 or 3 years and were pushed out by Erdogan to suit his own political purposes. As far as Hinch is concerned, he is just the latest in a long line of so-called journalists who write according to the Washington script. It is at least as much the fault of his editor that such unmitigated crap is allowed to pass into publication.

    • James, on ‘editor crap’, may i repeat the Age editor’s words re Bali bombing, as cited by me in Gumshoe article, Oct 5, 2014:

      ‘BIN LADEN’ VOICES NEW THREAT TO AUSTRALIA by Tony Parkinson, National Editor Nov 14, 2002
      The Bali bombings were in direct retaliation for support of the United States’ war on terror and Australia’s role in the liberation of East Timor, according to a taped message attributed to terrorist chief Osama bin Laden…
      If authenticated, the tape represents the first substantive evidence that bin Laden survived [the 2001] US-led military campaign in Afghanistan to crush the Islamic terror cells blamed for the September 11 attacks….
      The tape singles out Australia as a close ally of Washington…. “You will be killed just as you kill, and will be bombed just as you bomb,” it says. “Expect more that will further distress you.”… Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said that even if the tape was verified as genuine, the Howard Government would not be blackmailed.

      — Needless to say, the tape remains unverified. — MM

      • Indeed, verification would be impossible seeing that the said OBL died in December 2001 of natural causes after a long illness that even his stay in the American hospital in Dubai in July 2001 was unable to cure.

      • “— Needless to say, the tape remains unverified. — MM”

        I remember viewing an alleged NSA transcript of a conversation between John Howard and George Bush. Howard was having problems with the population not going along with the Afghanistan war and could see even more problems getting the masses to go along with involvement in Iraq. Bush said something to the effect “we’ll see what we can do”.

        Shortly after, there was the Bali Bombing. Surprisingly (or NOT) the bombing occurred in the AUSTRALIAN club and not the American club.

        That tape was also ‘unverified’, however, it at least had more credibility than a tape of someone who was long since dead.

        • Thanks, Terry. That recalls the photo of a solemn Howard at the relevant funerals.
          Not to put too fine a point on it, but the scheduled (come on, it was scheduled) bombing took place during Aussie school holidays. Does anyone think Bin Laden kept a list of which weeks in the year the most Australians would go to Bali?

  8. “240 Wars in 237 Years: USA Wages War More Often than Just Annually” at


    “US Needs War Every Four Years to Maintain Economic Growth – Belgian Analyst” at

    Who now is the GREATEST THREAT to world peace?

    And now the White House fool wants to start World War III with China while the ever-growing string of successive Lodge idiots, like obedient lapdogs, yap “Me too! Me too” at the top of their stupid voices.

    BTW. In Victorian literature, who always lives in ‘The Lodge’?
    ‘The game keeper.’
    Maybe this gives a clue to how the ruling elite regard Australians.

    • Dear Mr Hinch, WE NEED YOU.
      I don’t know you from a bar of soap, but a person in Victoria told me that you are loved. Imagine – loved!
      Anyone who works for the MSM and shows some integrity is a very valuable old chap.
      Plus, we hear that you may want to grace Canberra with your presence. OK, fine. Now make a recantation of your stupid report on Syria. Actually I am sure you did not write it. It’s like the alleged authoress of the Martin Bryant piece, Sarah Blakely.

      I will send you a copy of “Truth in Journalism.” a veritable textbook engendered by GumshoeNews.com. See the first chapter by Dee McLachlan, where she asks Rupert Murdoch to send “just one email” that could change the world. It’s here:


  9. Derryn Hinch has replied to my mail but is not answering my questions.
    Considering how Derryn makes such aggressive selective challenges towards accountability it does appear Assad and the Syrian Government are not deserving of evidence based justice.
    Derryn should furnish some evidence or publish a retraction.
    When did he become exempt from being accountable?

    Christopher. Since the publication of my article on Syria and Cambodia in the Fairfax newspapers I have variously been accused of being a CIA spy, a Washington puppet, a journalistic neophyte and some other things that Facebook would censor. The one thing we seem to all agree on is that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein’s arsenal. I note my critics have had ample airing on social media and don’t plan to add to it by joining the debate. Derryn Hinch. Melbourne. 4.11.15

  10. A further follow up response to Mr Hinch at…..hinch@hinch.net

    A time efficient action to join my challenges to Mr Hinch is to simply cut and past my letters with appropriate cover comments and supporting request that Derryn answer to my questions and accountability challenge which is obvious, reasonable and important.
    The same applies to Fairfax Media.

    Greetings Derryn,

    All my correspondence with you is public.

    Thank you for replying to my mail but considering your career has been based on holding people to account, where justice was being avoided, it is ironic that you are now avoiding genuine accountability despite the false war mongering atrocity propaganda you have spread with your Fairfax article.

    The Syrian conflict is a life and death subject that demands we all respect the gravity and responsibility we must contemplate when we speak and act as individual Australians, as we attempt to give effect to our will and formulate the best contributing policies and solutions.

    I was surprised to read you were signing on to the simplistic and shallow “Assad is a Devil” narrative considering the objective pattern of war rallying lies and deception has been well documented in all it’s elements over recent years.

    Derryn, you ignored all the intelligent questions and qualifications that should have been applied to your subject matter and sources leaving yourself exposed as a propagandist, not a seeker of justice or a critical thinker relying on a fully dynamic understanding of murky complex political realities that are contaminated and corrupted by multiple identifiable forces and mischievous strategies.

    In one article Derryn, you have destroyed your journalistic integrity, and announced you have all the qualities that fit you to join the “political class”, who abandon their accountability and scruples in surrendering their loyalty to monopoly power agenda.

    I urge you to reconsider your position and address the questions and challenge I make to you in requesting you face fair interrogation of your claims through on the record discussion that incorporates the tabling of all relevant evidence that has informed your opinion, along with contrary evidence
    that points towards alternative interpretations of what is really happening.

    I look forward to your response.

    Christopher Brooks
    0427 662188
    03 58662788

      • No way will Derryn risk his brittle crystal jaw, he has left the ring.
        The Fairfax editor will provide his transport from the stadium of truth and reality to a safe place under a rock in the fairy garden.

        • As predicted, see ,Christopher’s reply to Derryn at 1.24 below.
          So Mary; so you now still not accept that Derryn is ‘up there with Faine’, considering Derryn”a adoption of the Faime methodology of avoiding the challenge to deal with a subject by tossing in irrelevant topics.
          Dee it might be appropriate to repost for Derryn’s education the critique by Dawson of the Faine Bracken interview on 911 (about 20th October 2010 on ABC)
          Then Deryn might appreciate that he really does belong in Melbourne. (:-
          Seems that down there, there is no understanding that bringing up irrelevancies in a debate surely demonstrate that they have no case.
          See how you go before a judge Derryn and find out how long you are tolerated.
          Might work with your adoring fans, but in that case it is merely evidence that they are in good company at a sorry intellectual level.

    • Mary, Mr Hinch responded with a foul punch that reveals his not so honorable intent!

      On 5/11/2015 7:49 AM, Derryn Hinch wrote:
      I’ve been following the depth of some of the debate . Having been at Port Arthur I was intrigued to see that some of the most ardent Assad defenders think Martin Bryant didn’t do it. DH

      My response….

      Greetings Derryn,

      All my correspondence to yourself is public.

      Derryn, it is hardly an original distracting ruse to avoid uncomfortable questions by waving about “poisonous” associating language and topics
      that have the intention of denigrating and isolating threatening subject matter or debating opponents.

      I believe the colloquial terminology is “muddying the water”.

      Is this really your standard Derryn?

      You reveal the lack confidence you have in your article claims when instead of soberly interrogating evidence relating to facts, documents, sources
      and a full understanding of our political realities, you choose to manufacture a glib sandbox level distraction.

      One of the very significant elements all participants in political debate must understand, is this type of “trick card” device you are demonstrating.

      Nothing of any intellectual substance is tabled but instead you rely, for your illegitimate defence, on the threatening conditioned fear effect
      of particular “special” words and subjects that have almost magical power in their force over the common mindset, far beyond their basic rational meaning,
      far beyond the objective critical balanced thinking value of the subject matter where ideas stand on merit not religious emotive drenched dictates.

      In itself, this subject of employing devious political ability, instead of mature honest intellectual ability, plays itself out every
      day in many fascinating dimensions and is essential knowledge for all critical thinkers.

      The mild forms are political correctness that caution our thoughts and words, political “swear words” are aimed at dissident thinkers to warn
      they risk public approbation if apologies are not immediately offered on a platter, with apologies for transgressing the “official” doctrines,
      and the most stubborn independent thinkers know how serious the game is when “right wing extremist” or that meaningless, but often
      effective hoary canard, “anti-Semite”, is directed like a branding iron at opponents, when those with the means choose to inflict controlling
      discipline upon someone they do not wish to openly debate or allow to express their free opinions.

      An excellent confession on this “trick” is provided by Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli Minister speaking in interview with Democracy Now.

      If it wasn’t so serious in it’s effect we could just enjoy the bluffing comedy performance of the court jesters who often under instruction from
      not so public characters, are forced to deliver and prosecute a “burning at the stake”. The chanting mob usually join the crucifixion.

      This type of avoiding technique is in it’s milder forms, commonly rolled out almost reflexively, by political players and even many experienced
      journalists and academics, when difficult questions are raised that challenge establishment narratives and scripts.

      Sorcery only works on people and in places where power and fear rules, and reason and logic have been suspended.

      Some people even hold the attitude that by calling an idea a “conspiracy theory” they become superior and automatically
      assume their opinion is correct.

      Derryn, I know you wouldn’t fall for that type of ignorant nonsense!


      Derryn, you broadcast opinions and claims that you seem reluctant or unable to evidence with credible supporting source documents that allow readers
      to establish the integrity of your journalism and defend, if necessary, our political discourse from becoming contaminated with potentially dangerous
      error in our the common understanding of Syrian realities which Australians rely upon to judge their political action.

      I note you do concede there are some historical WMD deceptions to inform us of the climate and patterns of our political realities.

      Are you calculating these realities?

      Requesting reference and sources are a basic and obvious challenge yet it seems you wish to escape accountability by your distracting attempts to smear those
      who are questioning your statements by coating the issue with the very tragic and politically controversial Port Arthur incident.


      Derryn, I do not shrink in the slightest in my belief that Martin Bryant is innocent, just because you might hold the populist view and think that
      their is some type of intimidating authority in stating your view. Many people are convicted of crimes and are later declared innocent.
      Some people are executed for crimes that are later declared to be committed by other parties. Most of these people even get a proper trial.

      My opinion is based on studying the evidence, and I myself have publicly expressed that view because I believe it involves a very grave injustice
      imposed upon Martin, his Mother, and the Australian people. Any reader can explore my stated opinion, reasoning and evidence I site on the subject.

      If you wish to interrogate myself and the evidence that has informed my view I am available and would insist our discussion proceeds with
      microphones and camera recording so we discover how the various documents, facts and explanations stand up to rigorous scrutiny and cross examination.

      I believe the same sound standards of research and accountability should apply to Assad, Syria and the broader Middle East issues and political power architecture.

      Is there any other method of investigation that can be relied upon to uncover all the truth that is possible?

      What I find generally, is many people with strong opinions on controversial subjects, melt in their resolve when genuine, open, honest and publicly accountable,
      on the record, is on the agenda.
      What I often find is politicians and journalists mostly shun any space where serious thinkers with sound methodology of research wish to objectively apply the
      necessary serious concentration and constituted process to interrogate subjects to legal standards.

      Derryn, rolling out the “Port Arthur” number might even get you some applause in spaces where the easily manipulated gather to cheer their favorite thought idolatry
      and champion the priests and prayers that comfortably confirm their false religious beliefs.

      I am always available to interrogate the justice issues relevant to the tragic Port Arthur crime, on the public record, and I never fail to answer any written
      challenge to any of my stated claims or opinion.

      Any person who thinks their opinion of “Port Arthur” validates mocking others who hold different views would no doubt be confident and fearless to
      defend that opinion on the public record. Good critical thinkers understand that when exaggerated political and social influence create a taboo
      atmosphere around any idea that stifles free expression special interests are protecting lies that assist exercising their power of the majority.


      I do understand the incredible power, and the techniques involved, that cleverly have some words and topics packaged and wrapped with the deliberate
      intention of generating a perceived foul social and political stench upon targeted ideas and people.

      In some respects this influence has gained a systemic relation to our society and all it’s contemplations through media, education and social engineering.

      Sensitivities and beliefs have become ingrained in the common mindset that fuel the mood and response of the mob in it’s community reaction, that for many is
      totally unconscious, but never the less, very effective at maintaining the majority at a safe distance away from threatening information or ideas that might challenge the
      prescribed orthodox interpretations of what is, or is not possible.

      Undoubtedly Derryn, these tricks have been aimed at yourself on occasions when your journalism investigations strayed beyond the tolerated limits that must
      be managed by the very powerful corporate and financial special interest groups.

      Perception of some level of justice, a Melbourne Cup every November, annual Grand Finals for every code and shopping sales that reflect religious experience, keep the peace.

      Don’t mention the War! At least not on the weekends or after hours!

      My questions and invitation to publicly interrogate your Nov 2 article on Syria and Assad remain unanswered.

      Why would you not be able to evidence and source your claims?

      What are readers to conclude from your reluctance to provide obvious standards of accountability and your distracting mischief to smear your
      critics instead of furnishing honest genuine answers with sources and reference?

      Christopher Brooks

      • “Having been at Port Arthur” – uh, Derryn, it is a tourist site, LOTS of people have been at Port Arthur. I don’t doubt you’ve been to the Sydney Opera House either.

        Perhaps you were at that media gathering of 700 journalists in Hobart that just happened to be available to be loaded on the waiting buses to be driven around and given the ‘proper narrative’ by the Police. If so, didn’t that series of unusual coincidences raise any inquiries in your investigative journalistic mind?

        I have also talked to people who were actually there when the massacre was taking place, people like Wendy Scurr. I have a lot more confidence in their credentials of “having been at Port Arthur”.

        There is plenty of information that is now available on the Port Arthur Massacre, perhaps you could do a new article where you discuss the information. It would give you a chance to demonstrate your journalistic integrity.

        Oh, and don’t worry about ‘defaming the dead’ or ‘opening old wounds’ – that BS no longer works. You should be able to do the article to an open minded public that would welcome your insights.

      • One thing must not be forgotten is the fact that Derren Hinch is a Kiwi, and in the world of ‘Gamemanship’ they have few or no peers. Spoken with the experience of five years in New Zealand in the late seventies. That statement was actually written in the Auckland newspaper by a born and bred New Zealander.

  11. TKO! TKO by Christopher!
    For the benefit of newcomers: That was Round Three of the 2015 Thriller in Manila, right here at Gumshoe.
    Derryn Hinch, journalist (or maybe ‘journalist’) at The Age, set up the match on November 3, with a headline “Get Assad.”

    Round One: Our editor, Dee McLachlan, takes a selfie of the newspaper (it costs $2.50 to actually buy) and writes her article. Gumshoe’s oh-so-sober commenter, Christopher Brooks (dairy farmer with One Vote) emails Hinchi, as is his wont. He says “Do the right thing.”

    Hinchi replies “I don’t hafta.”

    Round Two: Gumshoers line up to “Get Hinch.”
    (for example, Ned sprays Mace at Hinch; Maxwell tries the honey approach.) Brooks writes to Hinch “You can’t slip away like that.”

    Hinch writes back “I was at Port Arthur.” (What the hell does that mean? Was he a survivor of the Broad Arrow café shootout by Special Forces? I mean those forces sure were special!)
    Imagine Hinchi being foolish enough to tread on the most sacred territory of GumshoeNew.com – the Martin Bryant case! (Or is it Building 7 or the TPP or the Marathon or Malaysian Flight MH17 – one of those.)

    Round Three: Christopher Brooks calls in the heavies – Socrates, Karl Popper, that sort of thing – and a surprise guest, a former Israeli minister, Shulamit Atoni, who says “When someone from Europe criticizes Israel, we bring out the Holocaust. When in this country [US] we say it’s ‘anti-semitism.’ The organization is strong and has a lot of money….”
    Christopher also jeered “I will be happy to talk Port Arthur material – with cameras blazing” (shades of Niels Harrit with a poor old BBC ‘journalist.’)

    Hinch passes out in the ring.

  12. Hinch made a public allegation and accused Assad of bombing and gassing hundreds of thousands without a ‘hinch’ of evidence. He complains that someone said he is CIA. Poor didims! Wha’. mummy, they are being unkind and nasty. Boo hooo!!!! I want to talk about Port Arthur, bbooooo whooooo!
    In other words he is alleging that Assad committed ‘mass murder’ and when challenged does not substantiate his allegation nor deal with contrary evidence.
    He has had three days to do so, as has the Fairfax interests.
    He and Fairfax have crawled under the rock where they belong and left their deceived paying readers with a evil deception…… As with previous lies and deceptions leading to millions dead in the Middle East and millions of refugees whose lives have been destroyed and who are about to destroy Europe’s culture.
    Need I explain more? If he gets to federal parliament he will be in his element.
    God help Australia!

  13. Oh dear, Hinch has really put his foot in his mouth this time, it would appear.
    However, after keeping tabs on all the posts on here in regards this issue, and calling on Hinch to substantiate his utterings, I find it a little strange that our Foreign Minister made exactly the same allegation recently, yet it would appear she is coated with Teflon, and no one took her to task on the very same issue.
    I wonder why that is ?

    • Eddy, that is an interesting question. It is not just on Assad allegedly gassing his own people, which independent investigations have ruled out (see also Hersh’s article on the same topic). Bishop was also chanting the Washington and Tel Aviv line that ‘Assad must go’ until the US recognised the realities following Russia’s intervention. She then seamlessly changed her narrative to ‘after. Transition period’ and nobody, but nobody, raised a question.
      The day that the Dutch Safety Board report came out she said that the BUK missile had been fired from separatist territory which was not what the report had said at all. Again, not one person in our tame media raised the obvious question. There are many more examples. The question is why does she get such a charmed ride?
      It may be the lazy and incompetent media who never bother to research the issues and just nod their acquiescent heads whatever drivel she comes out with.
      Or, and this is not to exclude the first option, the mainstream media is so wedded to the official BS that it is more than their job is worth to actually do their jobs.
      The other morning on Radio National Bishop was interviewed by the overrated Fran Kelly. It was sickening. You could almost hear the boots being licked.

      • Julie is featured in SA Life, an upmarket magazine. Says her family was in financial distress for many years after they lost their cherry farm in the bushfire of 1955. She shared a bedroom with two sisters. (Imagine getting three teens to share anything today!) Julie graduated from my law school, Adelaide, in 1978, then worked at a Perth law firm before answering the siren call to Canberra.
        I wonder what could have happened to turn her brain from normalcy to fantasy. An absolute tragedy for all of us, the consequences of which we have not even begun to contemplate. Julie Bishop, if you hear this, think about how to help Australia. It is your duty. Wake up!

        • Mary, you say you wonder what could have happened to turn her brain from normalcy to fantasy ? Not hard to answer, IMHO.
          As an active Union representative I found myself many times in the Industrial Relations Commission fighting the establishment on one thing or another. During this time, I found myself rubbing shoulders with many Legal representatives who just minutes earlier, I was going toe to toe with in the court. During these times, we had many an exchange and it was rather weird to discover that in many cases, these same representatives we were on opposite sides with in the courts, shared many of our own ideals. They also revealed that in many cases, the KNEW what the outcome of our case would be, BEFORE a decision was even made by the judges hearing our case. How could that be, when we had not yet finalized our own submissions ????
          This did not happen once, nor twice, but on many occasions, leading one to believe there was an alternative PARALELL Industrial Relations Commission that had already dealt with our issue and made a decision before our case was even half submitted. However, we were totally unawares of who these people were, and in what capacity they made such decisions.
          Now, the way I understand it, Julia Gillard was deeply embedded in this circle, demonstrated very clearly with her infamous case of trying to make James Hardie Asbestos case look like a benovelant Father Christmas, thereby establishing her credentials that she’s quiet prepared to do anything to serve herself and promote her own interests above all others. I’m pretty sure the whole legal fraternity took notice of this and set in place the machinery to take advantage of her character for their own gains. Nothing like having a willing participant in your corner.

          • Eddy, I am sure your experience is as you describe it. And, altho I do not know of that Gillard incident, it makes sense. She may have, for some reason, sold out like that.
            But Ms Bishop does not look like a seller-outer. i guess I should face up to the fact that her behavior re, say, the MH17, is proof enough that “Julie is another Julia.” But it does not ring true to me. Hey, her family worked a farm.

            Can we really belive that not only is “radix malorum cupiditas,” but that nothing else ever matters? Doesn’t “fame” matter — by which I mean the archaic usage, as in “good reputation.” Even today’s prime minister, MT — is gold everything?
            Remember what happened to Midas….

          • Hi again Mary, Find have to challenge the assertion, that Ms. Bishop does not look like a seller-outer. Firstly, I need to ask the question, what exactly does a seller outer look like ?
            My experiences with the Union fraternity and the legal ramifications that I was exposed to during my tenure, revealed to me, very clearly indeed, how someone who had the bravest purest thoughts could be compromised easily quickly even without them being aware of it until after the fact. Then once they have been compromised, their creditability is forever shattered, and they can never again stand up and claim their actions are honorable.
            The behavior of the various institutions are very sly and sneaky, never coming out in the open, offering opportunities that would never be offered if they were not in an official capacity on behalf of the Union, sly offers, of reduced working hours, perks like free lunches, tickets to special events ect, ect. Even to the extent that they have spoken on an issue to all Exec members of the Union who all agreed to their proposal but this one was absent, they simply need his approval. Of course if you haven’t got a devious mind, (ever since my Vietnam experiences, my mind works over time trying to find the real reasons for offers that are too good to be true) people simply are not prepared to be played like that, so they usually agree to the request, thus compromising themselves totally from their fellow Union members, who are totally in the dark of this whole event.
            Such actions are fully planned, step by step, and then implemented to achieve an agenda.
            In fact the managers where I worked, admitted to being sent to the University once every three months, to be updated on how to manage and manipulate the work force to their will. This was a state run institution mind you.
            Of course once you are compromised, how do you recover your creditability ? That’s when people become fully and totally corrupted. In for a penny, in for a pound, saying was born for a reason. I’d hazard to say, our Julia has at one stage or another, been compromised, and then decided on the later, every action she’s taken in her career so far, has proven this. Moreover, in her doing so, she has attracted the attention of a very powerful group, who have now chosen her for much greater things as a direct result. I predict, within a very short time, said Ms Bishop will shortly be putting her hand up to be the next Australian P.M.
            Save this post for future reference. You heard it first from me.

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