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The Amazing Connection between Algerian ‘Terrorists’ and the Genocide of Canada’s Indigenous Children


nafeez_ahmed_ Nafeez Ahmed

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Thanks to Nafeez Ahmed, who is a gentleman and a scholar (author of “The London Bombings”), I have cracked the code of terrorism. It’s so simple I don’t know how we could have missed it before.

Ahmed has researched “Islamic terrorism” in many countries, but I will present his work on only one country, Algeria, as the situation there is so neat and clean.

Genocide in Canada and the Who and Why of It

Let me precede our look at Algeria with a mention of Kevin Annett’s research into a Canadian genocide that lasted for much of the twentieth century.

Annett was a curate in the United Church on Vancouver Island. Some of his First Nation parishioners told him that native kids had been systematically killed while in the Residential Schools.

Indeed it turns out that those schools were hell on earth, despite what you would have thought to be the protection afforded by nuns. These nuns were no protectors; they were the perpetrators. It’s well documented; this is not idle speculation.

(Note: as my own experience with nuns has been entirely positive, I venture to guess that these nun-monsters were brainwashed into their role as harmers of children. After all, nuns give up a lot to serve God. Why would they voluntarily perform services for a bunch of very non-divine creeps?)

arnett canada

Annett himself was hunted down for having lifted the lid on this secret. Who went after him? The Church, the civil authorities, and – here’s the kicker – the logging companies.

Ah, it turns out that the decision to get rid of First Nation peoples was based on A DESIRE TO SEIZE THEIR LAND.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Apology

Canadians have been informed that there was a “problem” in the indigenous schools. It was not identified as a genocide (and its causes were not honestly revealed.) The following was read out by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Parliament, in Ottawa, on 11 June, 2008:

“Mr. Speaker, I stand before you today to offer an apology to former students of Indian residential schools.… In the 1870’s, the federal government …began to play a role in the development and administration of these schools.

“Two primary objectives of the residential schools system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their families, traditions and cultures…

“These objectives were based on the assumption aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal.

“Indeed, some sought, as it was infamously said, “to kill the Indian in the child.”…

“Very young children were often forcibly removed from their homes, often taken far from their communities. Many were inadequately fed, clothed and housed

[the understatement of the week].

“While some former students have spoken positively about their experiences at residential schools, these stories are far overshadowed by tragic accounts of the emotional, physical and sexual abuse and neglect of helpless children, and their separation from powerless families and communities.

 [Note: the key to powerlessness was that, by one stroke of a legal pen, each residential schools was made the guardian of the kids.]

 “It has taken extraordinary courage for the thousands of survivors that have come forward to speak publicly about the abuse they suffered. …

“Regrettably, many former students are not with us today and died never having received a full apology from the government of Canada [translate: were murdered].

“To the approximately 80,000 living former students, and all family members and communities, the government of Canada now recognizes that it was wrong to forcibly remove children from their homes and we apologize for having done this….

“We now recognize that, far too often, these institutions gave rise to abuse or neglect and were inadequately controlled [not true, they were superbly ‘controlled!’] and we apologize for failing to protect you.”

[Should be: We apologize for trying to wipe you out so the logging companies could take your land.]

— end of quote (abridged) from Canada’s prime minister

A Suggested Apology to the People of Algeria

Based on Nafeez Ahmed’s work, I have imagined an ‘apology’ that an honest future president of Algeria might make.

The following is only a draft. It’s fictitious but based on reality:

Dear Algerians, I stand before you today with a sorrowful heart for the hundreds of thousands of persons who were killed, but I also rejoice that we have uncovered what was the real cause of the fight among so-called “Islamic terrorists.”

In a way it is a pity that our nation’s land here in North Africa contains so much oil and gas. Our contract with BP alone was for 31 billion pounds. We also exported gas and oil to France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain. Naturally, those nations didn’t want to disturb any Algerian government with whom it was doing business.

The military coup kicked out the newly elected party of Islamic moderates in 1992. It then enjoyed a cozy relationship with the Brits and the Yanks. Algeria’s generals herded up thousands of non-cooperators, sending many to the desert.

The new military rulers of our country told everyone a fantastic lie, that a group of extremists did the roundup and the killing. They labeled this terrorist group “the GIA.” But, you see, they sponsored the GIA.

Dear fellow Algerians, maybe every strong ruler in the past has done the same – has set up a group to act as an internal enemy, but really to carry out its own dirty work, and to cause society-wide distress.

Funny we never realized it. It must be that our brains are so ready to believe the story about the enemy. Who would notice that their own beloved leader is the big, fat enemy?

We’ve been lucky in the number of European journalists who spotted some of the odd bits. Thank God we used to be a French colony. French journalists made the discovery – though it’s still not acknowledged officially in France, that our own GIA carried out the 1995 bombings of the French Metro!

That was done with French compliance, to establish in the minds of Europeans that “Islamic extremists” are the main worry. The French daily, Le Figaro, tracked a bomber, Boualem Bensaid, to London, and remarked “The British capital has served as logistical and financial base for the terrorists.”

Le Parisian reported that the Metro bombings involved ‘Abou Farres’ (a pseudonym) who was backed by the Algerian government. He had trained with the mujahidin in Afghanistan.

The journalists significantly pointed out that, although Farres was supposedly wanted for the Algiers airport bombing, he was “granted a residence visa in London in 1992, from where he recruited impoverished Muslim youngsters and sent them to al-Qaeda training camps.”

It was the magazine Paris Match that uncovered a ‘land mafia’ of intelligence agents who wanted to get peasants off the land, as all land was scheduled to be privatized in 1998.

The Sunday Times stated that within the first three weeks of 1998, a thousand villagers were massacred. This occurred with the screams and gunshots in hearing distance of the army, yet but no one raised a finger to help.

One of our own Algerian citizens, named Hakim, went to Le Monde to wail: “We have become assassins, working for crooks who infest the military. They want everything: oil, control of imports, property.” Hakim himself was then killed for leaking that news. He was dropped from a helicopter.

I want all Algerians to feel grateful to the aforementioned brave journalists. Also, many of our own government workers, especially in the intelligence services, came forth to admit the truth and warn us. Because of this, we can once more function as a country and not be in a state of fear and demoralization!

— end of make-believe Algerian leader apology


Thanks to a Book about the 7-7 London Bombings

In Australia, I happened to purchase Nafeez Ahmed’s careful study of the 2005 bombing of the London tube, and that’s how I found out the facts about Algeria. I wouldn’t normally have reached for material on Algeria, but it snuck up on me in Ahmed’s book.

I said above that I have “cracked the code” of terrorism. Let me see if I can justify that claim.

It appears to me that Mother England is the mother of all this terrorist stuff. Around 1920, the Muslim Brotherhood was started in Egypt by MI5 or MI6 (the UK “intelligence gang, with the initial MI for ‘military intelligence. The number 5 indicates domestic, 6 is foreign).

We have known, since Zbigniew Brzezinski’s arrogant statement in 1990, that the US (in a supposed effort to harm the Soviets who attacked Afghanistan) founded the mujahidin. The word ‘mujahidin’ means “one who fights in a jihad.” Since the fights are said to be ordered by God, it’s easy to understand the attraction of youth to those training camps. Some of the camps are called al-Qaeda.

I’d better not imply that I am the genius who discovered that terrorists were actually created by Western governments. No. Hundreds of thinkers already said that, in regard to 9-11. For me, the way the Algerian story and the Canada residential-school story match up has to do with land.

My claim is mainly about the motive of, say, the intelligence agencies.  They are not just strategizing about “international relations.” They work for those who would own every hectare in sight.

“The Canada-Algeria hypothesis” fits so nicely with the way I always see Homo sapiens, as an animal species. We do go in for group-to-group aggression. But we also are biologically disposed to stage a takeover in domestic society. Pierre van den Berghe laid this out in his 1980 sociobiological work. (Roughly, he says a modern state is a mafia.)

Do you want to take over your nation? Your best bet, for grabbing the max, is to do it all legally. If possible, do it by becoming the government! When you run the government you can make the law, and you can use the police force to commit violence.

You can tell lies to the public, such as by having serious-looking “reporters” and “newsmen” in the media prattle on about whatever you wish to convey. (I mean you can do that if you have ‘bought’ the Fourth Estate.)

The first thing to tell your naïve citizens is that the nation has an internal enemy (other than yourself, that is). How easy it will be for you to carry out the crimes of that alleged nasty group, all the while yelling about how nasty they are! You can round up citizens as ‘suspects,’ thus deterring anyone from having a go at you. What a system!

Note: in the Algerian apology above, I used only a small part of the findings that Nafeez Ahmed presents in his 2006 book, “The London Bombings.” Ahmed deals with many facets of the terrorism story, worldwide, some of which I disagree with.


My advice is to get rid of the concept of terrorism and just call the phenomenon “grabbiness. Not a very sexy word, but that’s what’s going on. Our species is like that. We grab. We also engage, constantly, in lying. We even practice cruelty.

Might you like to do something to alter society so that we have less grabbiness, less deceit, less cruelty? Then please start to talk about our normal everyday sins, and not clothe the story in the garb of a foreign enemy, or a bunch of ideological or religious extremists.

As for the use of weapons by young men, sure, it’s a normal, age-old practice in our species. But that doesn’t mean that when you find a Jahar Tsarnaev in Boston, or a Martin Bryant in Hobart, or a Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, you should chalk it up to a boyish determination to make bombs or use guns.

Be smart. Chalk it up to the BIG BOYS. They run our governments. They run all the TV stations. They run the courts. They create, from whole cloth, the stories about Jahar Tsarnaev, Martin Bryant, Timothy McVeigh, and a slew of others. They have the means to do it, and they have your gullibility to accept it.

I say if you insist on believing those crazy tales, you are part of the problem. You are oppressing your neighbor!

I’d like to suggest that every senior-year student of a Canadian high school be instructed to write a corrected version of that 2008 apology speech. The highest marks ought to be awarded to the students who can best work out what’s really going on in their society.

It’s basic. Sort of like learning one’s ABC’s, or learning how to brush one’s teeth. Don’t let anyone get a high school diploma without knowing the basics of human political behavior, and the ridiculous and embarrassing history of our run-in with “TERRORISM.”

— Mary W Maxwell’s latest book is Fraud Upon the Court. She can be reached at her website ProsecutionForTreason.com.


      • I used to think Elias Davidsson was the fussiest scholar re conspiracy topics, but he can’t hold a candle to Nafeez Ahmed. Despite having authored books that are chalk-o-block with damning research about 9-11, Nafeez goes postal if someone says “conspiracy theory.” This is on his website:

        “My position on 9/11 is pretty simple: I don’t indulge in theory. I detest speculation. I particularly hate the very phrase “inside job,” which is a meaningless bullshit euphemism for “I don’t actually have cast iron proof of specifically who perpetrated this operation, or how it occurred, but IT WAS THE GOVERNMENT”: a vague, amorphous cop-out typical of the conspiracy industry in general.
        In 2006 in the House of Lords, I was launching my book, The London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry (Duckworth) with the support of 7/7 survivors Rachel North and Prof. John Tulloch. When former MI5 officer David Shayler stood up at the event and declared that “9/11 was an inside job” and then proceeded to say the same about 7/7, I was so angry I told him there and then to his face in front of everyone present that his careless pronouncements were a disgraceful affront to the 9/11 and 7/7 families. He was shocked, sat down, and shut up.”

        Hmm. How did Ahmed get into the House of Lords? Jeepers.

        Personally I am happy to call myself a conspiracist. I am delighted to shout “Inside job! Inside job!”
        Still, it’s good to know that Davidsson and Ahmed have old-fashioned ideals about precise terminology.

        • Allow me to go further. I think that if a judge mucks up a case, that is preliminary evidence that the crime being tried was an inside job. What motive does a judge have for doing a less than excellent adjudication? Normally none.

          So someone is controlling him to come up with a certain answer. Who could that be? It’s never the accused (in the type of case we are talking about here). It is the prosecutor. The prosecutor is the government. Anything the government does officially is done “inside,” right?

          The trial of Jahar Tsarnaev was very crooked, prima facie, and so is the cruelty he is suffering in prison today, such as “no family visits.” (These restrictions are based on “Special Administrative Measures” – SAMS – at the behest of the judge.)

          Inside job! Inside job!

  1. Thank you Mary .
    Challenging thoughts for our dear Derryn to contemplate toward his next intellectual Fairfax opinion article for his adoring Bogans.

  2. Mary, you refer to MI5 activities in the Middle East in 1920.
    I suggest that the oil companies were first on the scene in the ME in the 1890’s.
    A very good source is Evan Black’s book: ‘Banking on Baghdad’ which relates the rape and killing of Mesopotania to the mid 1920’s.
    Mesopotania at that time was invaded by the usual oil riff raf controlled by the British Governor in Bombay using dispensable Indian servants of His Majesty. (Like Aussie soldiers in WW1)
    Dear Derryn might be interested to know that Sir Winston Churchill commended the gassing of Persians way before Derryn’s latest unsupported allegations that Assad is a mass murderer using gas.
    Poor Derryn, he has not been up to scratch with his homework.
    Be interesting to see Fairfax media report that Sir Winston Churchill was a mass killer for the interests of the oil interests.
    Sorry Derryn but despite Tobin’s intercession in the comments in the past article hereunder (3.11.15) on your ‘Asadenine’ allegations: you really are an idiot. Look up some history and tell the Fairfax mob that you decline to be a msm bunny any more.

    • Go, Hinchi! Help Australia! Help a koala!

      Yes, Ned, OK re 1890, and thank you. I figure the Dutch East India Company had it all down pat even earlier. This is all becoming frightening. Where will it end?

      Re Toben, I was surprised that he chided Peter for calling a spade a spade (if that is Peter’s opinion), as Fredrick himself has “made license plates” for calling a spade a spade. (When I was young we knew that our license plates in Massachusetts were made by prisoners. I guess now they make electronics.)

      Actually, Toben’s assignment, in a low security prison labor camp in SA, consisted of painting fences.

      By SA, I mean South Australia, not South Africa or Saudi Arabia.
      ‘Thought crime’ seems to have ‘universal jurisdiction.’
      (All right, all right, it was a civil not a criminal case. Same effect.)

      Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor’s book, “The Hidden History of the First World War” puts Winston Churchill in a very bad light. As for Jan Smuts, boy does he come off the trickster! He had often been considered saintly with his Family of Man type nonsense. Docherty and Macgregor have nailed him.

  3. Boom! CIA Director met with French Security Chief and…
    This video can be seen on ‘Dahboo777’ regarding the Paris shooting on Friday 13-11-2015

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