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The Dairy Farmer vs The Shameful Australia Media


-derryn-hinchDerryn Hinch

The dairy farmer vs the best in the Australian media? Sadly there’s no match.

On the 3rd of November, I published Derryn Hinch Supports the Washington Syria Script. This led to correspondence between Christopher Brooks (one of Gumshoe’s contributors and commentors) and Derryn Hinch . Christopher posted the correspondence in the comments, but I have re-posted extracts below.

What is crystal clear, is that Christopher, a dairy farmer, is more astute, judicious, perceptive, and more rational, enlightened and informed than the best of Australia’s media personalities (…all put together).

Why is it that investigative journalists and media professionals seem unable to take firm steps towards rational thought and analysis of the facts? Many of these people have been “investigating” and reporting for more than three decades, yet they are trapped into parroting a prescribed script.

They might be good at the small stuff, but when it comes to the big events they seem to suffer amnesia, irrational thought, and a desire to denigrate their opponent.

Mr Hinch, you can be rest assured, you are not the only focus of Gumshoe News. We have focused on ABC radio personality Jon Faine in The Debate Around 19 Arabs And “Whether Or Not The Earth Is Flat”;  Laurie Oaks in Just Another Australian Presstitute; The ABC in 911 Elephants in the Room; Dr Karl; Patrick Carlyon in Disgraceful Reporting and others.

We keep asking: why are intelligent, educated (and often highly paid) media personalities unable to tackle the realities of events such as 9/11?

You only have to listen to BBC’s Mike Rubin interviewing Niels Harrit to realise that Rubin’s mind has been “locked” into a belief, and it seems no good argument can change his mind. Jon Faine, too, believes the debate over 9/11 is like debating “whether the earth is flat.” Mr Faine, a former laywer, seems emotionally unable to even have a debate over issues such as 9/11.

4 cornersFour Corners website

In May 2011 I wrote to Kerry O’Brien at Four Corners urging them to “tackle” Building 7.  I received a polite reply from the Program Assistant stating that they had run BBC’s The Third Tower in 2008, and concluded the email with “Unfortunately, however, the episode may not support your premise.”  “Investigative journalism at its very best” at Four Corners had declared the case closed. I dare say our esteemed Kerry O’Brien, now retiring, also suffers from the same amnesic “condition.”

It was when I met Professor Jonathan Barnett (November 2014) that I realised something happens to certain people’s thought processes. Over a cup of coffee we discussed the collapse of Building 7, as he was one of the investigating specialists for FEMA. Barnett and I went around in circles. He had no explanation as to why there was a variation between their modelling and reality, and also made an astonishing statement. He said with apparently great sincerity, that even though the building behaved like a demolition, there was no need to investigate for explosives.”

But, it’s when these media personalities attempt to denigrate Christopher Brooks that they will come up out-matched. Christopher’s diligent approach to the facts cannot be matched.


Brooks Episode One

Following is the essence of the correspondence between Brooks and Hinch (for the record):

2015/11/03 at 6:55 pm Christopher posted a comment “Incredible outburst from Hinch!” with many useful links.

2015/11/04 at 4:44 am 

“Greetings Derryn,

This letter and your response will be public.

I read your tirade against Assad in The Age with some disappointing feelings of déjà vu .

Derryn are you aware Turkish politicians claimed in a press release last week that chemicals and rockets used to frame Assad originated in Turkey?

Derryn, are you aware the UN investigations not only confirmed chemicals were employed in Syria but evidenced that the “opposition” had chemicals and did employ them against Syrians?

Derryn, are you aware the majority of Syrians who have fled the conflict encroaching on their homes moved into the territory controlled by the Syrian government, not into Europe as you claim?

What does this mean about their fear of, and judgment of the Assad-led Syrian Government?

Is there any historical pattern of atrocity tales and poisonous propaganda preceding and facilitating the manufacturing of public consent when war ambitions are on the agenda?

Have you read or heard about the incredible revelations from the recently German published “Bought Journalism”? Most of the refugees flooding into Europe are not Syrian despite the impression in the media. Agree or disagree?

What role did US intelligence and their proxy associating communities play in bringing the Syrian conflict into life?

Can you provide me with the particular documents and reference that has informed your view? Can you present some statistical data and sources to support the claims in your article that Assad has “gassed and bombed hundreds of thousands of his own people”?

There are many claims in your article that I believe are false but I relish the opportunity to put the issues squarely on the table out in the open for public judgment. When would you be available to conduct an interview where we can interrogate all the documents, history, political architecture and patterns of Geo-political power struggles that might need to be calculated to achieve an honestly calibrated understanding of Assad, Syria and the Middle East realities?

I have more than thirty highly referenced and qualified investigation reports, articles, interviews and documentaries that I would relate my research and base my interrogation. I would happily provide this material to yourself previous to any interview as my only interest is to achieve genuine justice for all based upon totally open accountable scrutiny of all relevant information.

I do not hold the Syrian Government or Assad as ideal or faultless, I do believe in honesty and objective relative context when it comes to apportioning blame and formulating the best policy solutions.

This approach requires serious effort and a constituted methodology of working things out.

Considering the tense and grave state of world security I will expect that you will embrace your responsibility to be fully accountable on the public record for your allegations.

Justice applies to us all, Assad is not excluded, nor the millions of Syrian people who wish to defend their
right to elect their politicians and defend their Nation against an invasion force that has been poured
onto their land like acid.

Derryn, I look forward to your response.

2015/11/04 at 6:30 pm

Derryn Hinch has replied to my mail but is not answering my questions. Considering how Derryn makes such aggressive selective challenges towards accountability it does appear Assad and the Syrian Government are not deserving of evidence-based justice. Derryn should furnish some evidence or publish a retraction. When did he become exempt from being accountable?

Christopher. Since the publication of my article on Syria and Cambodia in the Fairfax newspapers I have variously been accused of being a CIA spy, a Washington puppet, a journalistic neophyte and some other things that Facebook would censor. The one thing we seem to all agree on is that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein’s arsenal. I note my critics have had ample airing on social media and don’t plan to add to it by joining the debate. Derryn Hinch. Melbourne. 4.11.15

2015/11/05 at 5:38 am

A further follow up response to Mr Hinch at…..hinch@hinch.net

A time efficient action to join my challenges to Mr Hinch is to simply cut and paste my letters with appropriate cover comments and supporting request that Derryn answer my questions and accountability challenge which is obvious, reasonable and important. The same applies to Fairfax Media.

Greetings Derryn,

All my correspondence with you is public.

Thank you for replying to my mail but considering your career has been based on holding people to account, where justice was being avoided, it is ironic that you are now avoiding genuine accountability despite the false war-mongering atrocity propaganda you have spread with your Fairfax article.

The Syrian conflict is a life and death subject that demands we all respect the gravity and responsibility we must contemplate when we speak and act as individual Australians, we should attempt to give effect to our will and formulate the best contributing policies and solutions.

I was surprised to read you were signing on to the simplistic and shallow “Assad is a Devil” narrative, considering the objective pattern of war rallying lies and deception has been well documented in all it’s elements over recent years.

Derryn, you ignored all the intelligent questions and qualifications that should have been applied to your subject matter and sources leaving yourself exposed as a propagandist, not a seeker of justice or a critical thinker relying on a fully dynamic understanding of murky complex political realities that are contaminated and corrupted by multiple identifiable forces and mischievous strategies.

In one article Derryn, you have destroyed your journalistic integrity, and announced you have all the qualities that fit you to join the “political class”, who abandon their accountability and scruples in surrendering their loyalty to monopoly power agenda.

I urge you to reconsider your position and address the questions and challenge I make to you in requesting you face fair interrogation of your claims through on-the-record discussion that incorporates the tabling of all relevant evidence that has informed your opinion, along with contrary evidence
that points towards alternative interpretations of what is really happening.

I look forward to your response.


…Mr Hinch responded with a foul punch that reveals his not so honorable intent!

On 5/11/2015 7:49 AM, Derryn Hinch wrote: I’ve been following the depth of some of the debate. Having been at Port Arthur I was intrigued to see that some of the most ardent Assad defenders think Martin Bryant didn’t do it. DH

My response….

Greetings Derryn,

All my correspondence to yourself is public.

Derryn, it is hardly an original distracting ruse to avoid uncomfortable questions by waving about “poisonous” associating language and topics that have the intention of denigrating and isolating threatening subject matter or debating opponents.

I believe the colloquial terminology is “muddying the water”. Is this really your standard Derryn?

You reveal the lack of confidence you have in your article claims, when instead of soberly interrogating evidence relating to facts, documents, sources and a full understanding of our political realities, you choose to manufacture a glib sandbox level distraction.

One of the very significant elements all participants in political debate must understand, is this type of “trick card” device you are demonstrating.

Nothing of any intellectual substance is tabled but instead you rely, for your illegitimate defence, on the threatening conditioned fear effect of particular “special” words and subjects. These have almost magical power in their force over the common mindset, far beyond their basic rational meaning, far beyond the objective critical balanced thinking value of the subject matter, where ideas stand on merit not religious emotive drenched dictates.

In itself, this subject of employing devious political ability, instead of mature honest intellectual ability, plays itself out every day in many fascinating dimensions and is essential knowledge for all critical thinkers.

The mild forms are political correctness that caution our thoughts and words, political “swear words” are aimed at dissident thinkers to warn they risk public approbation if apologies are not immediately offered on a platter, with apologies for transgressing the “official” doctrines, and the most stubborn independent thinkers know how serious the game is when “right wing extremist” or that meaningless, but often effective hoary canard, “anti-Semite”, is directed like a branding iron at opponents. It happens when those with the means choose to inflict controlling discipline upon someone they do not wish to openly debate or allow to express their free opinions.

An excellent confession on this “trick” is provided by Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli Minister speaking in interview with Democracy Now.

If it wasn’t so serious in its effect we could just enjoy the bluffing comedy performance of the court jesters who, often under instruction from not so public characters, are forced to deliver and prosecute a “burning at the stake”. The chanting mob usually join the crucifixion.

This type of avoiding technique is, in its milder forms, commonly rolled out almost reflexively, by political players and even by many experienced journalists and academics, when difficult questions are raised that challenge establishment narratives and scripts.

Sorcery only works on people and in places where power and fear rules, and reason and logic have been suspended. Some people even hold the attitude that by calling an idea a “conspiracy theory” they become superior and automatically assume their opinion is correct.

Derryn, I know you wouldn’t fall for that type of ignorant nonsense!


Derryn, you broadcast opinions and claims that you seem reluctant or unable to evidence with credible supporting source documents that allow readers to establish the integrity of your journalism and defend, if necessary, our political discourse from becoming contaminated with potentially dangerous error in our the common understanding of Syrian realities which Australians rely upon to judge their political action.

I note you do concede there are some historical WMD deceptions to inform us of the climate and patterns of our political realities. Are you calculating these realities?

Requesting reference and sources is a basic and obvious challenge yet it seems you wish to escape accountability by your distracting attempts to smear those who are questioning your statements – by coating the issue with the very tragic and politically controversial Port Arthur incident.


Derryn, I do not shrink in the slightest in my belief that Martin Bryant is innocent, just because you might hold the populist view and think that their is some type of intimidating authority in stating your view. Many people are convicted of crimes and are later declared innocent. Some people are executed for crimes that are later declared to be committed by other parties. Most of these people even get a proper trial.

My opinion is based on studying the evidence, and I myself have publicly expressed that view because I believe it involves a very grave injustice imposed upon Martin, his Mother, and the Australian people. Any reader can explore my stated opinion, reasoning and evidence I cite on the subject.

If you wish to interrogate myself and the evidence that has informed my view I am available and would insist our discussion proceed with microphones and camera recording, so we discover how the various documents, facts and explanations stand up to rigorous scrutiny and cross examination. I believe the same sound standards of research and accountability should apply to Assad, Syria and the broader Middle East issues and political power architecture.

Is there any other method of investigation that can be relied upon to uncover all the truth that is possible?

What I find generally, is many people with strong opinions on controversial subjects, melt in their resolve when genuine, open, honest and publicly accountable, on the record, is on the agenda. What I often find is politicians and journalists mostly shun any space where serious thinkers with sound methodology of research wish to objectively apply the necessary serious concentration and constituted process to interrogate subjects to legal standards.

Derryn, rolling out the “Port Arthur” number might even get you some applause in spaces where the easily manipulated gather to cheer their favorite thought idolatry and champion the priests and prayers that comfortably confirm their false religious beliefs.

I am always available to interrogate the justice issues relevant to the tragic Port Arthur crime, on the public record, and I never fail to answer any written challenge to any of my stated claims or opinion.

Any person who thinks their opinion of “Port Arthur” validates mocking others who hold different views would no doubt be confident and fearless to defend that opinion on the public record. Good critical thinkers understand that when exaggerated political and social influence create a taboo atmosphere around any idea that stifles free expression special interests are protecting lies that assist exercising their power of the majority.


I do understand the incredible power, and the techniques involved, that cleverly have some words and topics packaged and wrapped with the deliberate intention of generating a perceived foul social and political stench upon targeted ideas and people.

In some respects this influence has gained a systemic relation to our society and all it’s contemplations through media, education and social engineering.

Sensitivities and beliefs have become ingrained in the common mindset that fuel the mood and response of the mob in its community reaction, that for many is totally unconscious, but never the less, very effective at maintaining the majority at a safe distance away from threatening information or ideas that might  challenge the prescribed orthodox interpretations of what is, or is not possible.

Undoubtedly Derryn, these tricks have been aimed at yourself on occasions when your journalism investigations strayed beyond the tolerated limits that must be managed by the very powerful corporate and financial special interest groups.

Perception of some level of justice, a Melbourne Cup every November, annual Grand Finals for every code, and shopping sales that reflect religious experience, keep the peace. Don’t mention the War! At least not on the weekends or after hours!

My questions and invitation to publicly interrogate your Nov 2 article on Syria and Assad remain unanswered.

Why would you not be able to evidence and source your claims?

What are readers to conclude from your reluctance to provide obvious standards of accountability and your distracting mischief to smear your critics instead of furnishing honest genuine answers with sources and reference?

Christopher Brooks





  1. Dee, I responded to another of Gumshoes articles about the SMH reporter outside of court who replied in our conversation about gun control and Port Arthur – “I expect most people in our trade would agree with you, but you have to understand we have editors that can change anything we write. We also have mortgages and kids in school. I think the general consensus is that someday we will make it right, but someday is always in the future”.

    It’s the system, it even affects the ‘alternative media’. For example, some years ago I sent both Brian Wilshire and Alex Jones the information on Port Arthur. Wilshire never even acknowledged receipt. Jones did respond and in that response he stated “where do we go from here”.

    Gee, I don’t know Alex, I thought this was information that someone in the ‘alternative’ media would be interested in. Apparently, even the alternative media is censored in Oz.

    Derryn Hinch is likely under the same constraints. If he wants to keep his job, he toes the line.

    Sadly, I expect the only source of legitimate information will be from non-corporate media. A media where the journalists don’t have to be presstitutes to survive.

    • Terry, you’re right. I believe Journalists could be divided into a few generalized groups. 1. Those who understand a bigger picture – but dare not tread over the line (as feeding the kids is a powerful instinct); 2. Those who are unable to lock their belief system (e.g. Faine thinks he can say what he believes, but is emotionally incapable to challenge his belief system); 3. The arrogant personality that does not even listen; 4. Editors or journalists who have a grasp of the facts, but are happy to perpetrate falsehoods or an “angle” for a bigger agenda (which they may or may not understand), and then 5. parrots

    • I see I wrote ‘Alex’ Jones instead of ‘Alan’ Jones. Anyway, I think Dee’s grouping is probably correct for the corporate media.

  2. I have just read somewhere that the 50 US ground troops being sent to Syria by Obongo are “cannon fodder”.
    Thier Moms ought to react.
    And since the purpose is to start a US-Russia conflict, we all ought to react.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. Now who remains mute when they are ripped off by a goods and/or service provider?
    Repercussions are often meted out to the scum who rip off people, often people just ban the crook/s.
    Now why do the same people tolerate being ripped off, sometimes daily, for about $2.50 per rip off, just to be deceived, misinformed and lied to by the msm.
    Even worse, the msm lies, misinforms and uses deceptions to support killing and invasions of innocent people in their homelands, wmds anyone; Oh dear how embarrassing says Howard after 14 years. Right JWH go tell that to the widows of our servicemen, the million plus relatives of the killed and maimed in the Middle East.
    Our msm spruiked all the lies for war for the US NEOCONs
    So why is the populace still being prepared to be ripped off at 2.50 per
    day? All year = about; say about over $400 per year, after tax.
    So do not pay the lying bastards, even when caught out like Hinch has been, their arrogance is such that they are telling their readers/financiers to get stuffed, we do not examine anything p#** off!
    We are: ‘We are Independant always’ which interpreted is; ‘We can stuff you anyway we like’.
    Have we received the message now?
    Right we have, so if one must want the astrology guide or race results at least note the msm advertisers and shun their businesses. Or, spend the 2.50 on a coffee and read their crap for free as supplied in the cafe.
    There are decent alternative news sites like this one.
    So what we need is for all to cite one or two worthwhile news sites, to be listed by gumshoe permanently
    There is a site that has started listing alternative sites: try GoodGopher.com/
    But we need good Aussie references.
    A rule of thumb for testing their credibility is the ‘911 test’. If they cannot deal with 911 they are definitely crap.
    Has Crikey.com ever exposed 911 or the Goodman/Clark war crimes exposure?
    So in short, no demo needed, no violence the public have the power….. Their wallets.
    ‘Have wallet can walk’,
    is the motto.
    ‘They’ need ‘us’, we the consumers, we do not need them, such as the Faine’s, ABC, SMH and their Hinch et.al.

    • THE CRAZZ FlLES is an Australian podcast website, of which I have appeared a few times. They are 9/11 “friendly” and deserve a plug for all the work they do. Sorry can’t c + p on my phone, will post later.

  4. Thanks Dee for compiling the Hinch comments in an article.
    Derryn will be open to some scrutiny in his political campaign.

    Mary, it cannot be denied that the world is edging in the direction of steadily escalating tensions that contain greater risk every day that we reach an irreversible domino counter reaction where the proxy chess warfare goes open, and, dare I say it, nuclear.
    It really does defy sanity.
    We certainly need to interrogate the issue at all possible points inviting explanations as to where do our subject(s) believe this is all heading and what reasoning informs their thinking on the subject.
    The conversation is muted if not invisible in the public space.

    This StormCloudsGathering report sets out a good context and set of talking points that incorporate many of the important elements. Zionism is not given due significance.


    I table this interview/commentary discussion as a useful calibrating item to keep our minds churning and aware that our reality is very complex and unpredictable.
    Monopoly and Concentrated Power in all it’s forms is the enemy of individual freedom, peace and security, hence, though Putin and Russia are holding some high moral ground in Syria, their bombs kill and maim and Russia cannot be relied upon to do anything but act in the self interest of defending and extending Russian power.
    In chess the aim is to win and sacrificing pawns is standard play.
    This discussion with Joel Skousen is an informed, in parts very speculative conversation, grazing about the possibilities that might unfold in our future.

    It all needs to be constantly interrogated.

  5. This is a reply to the comment below re Zionism:
    Dear Christopher Brooks,
    As you know, my theory is that a few men somehow run the world. I do not see their ideology as being Zionism, or any other “ism.”
    Sure, I’ve read “Synagogue of Satan” and other literature that points back to Mayer Rothschild in 1770. Almost certainly his banking family – 5 sons — was the key to getting central control of governments. From there, the world was his Empire. Must have been “Oh what a feeling!”
    (But I suspect he worked for an already-existing cabal. I start smelling a rat from the court of Elizabeth the First. Or Julius Caesar as the case may be).

    I agree that bankers designed World Wars I and II, way in advance. It’s well documented. They designed the Cold War, too. How nifty. It kept the public busy and confused.
    The Top Dogs seem to do all of this, and more, by controlling elites in London, Washington, etc. (Boy, is it pathetic how they get Congress to sign cheques for the Pentagon!)

    But I think Mr Rothschild’s birth into Jewry is irrelevant. He could have been a Swedish Lutheran and done exactly the same thing. (I don’t think he could have been a Hindu, as it was necessary for his base to be in Europe.)

    Of course I’ll grant that Rothschild could get many Jews to go along with his plans, by telling them a false story about their mutual share in a future dream of Israel. We all love to identify with our clan, our religion etc.
    My co-religionists and I used to say, without a blush, “Extra ecclesiam nulla salus est.”
    Translation for the heathens: “Outside the Church there is no salvation.” Even my Protestant neighbors couldn’t go to heaven, whilst I had the veritable Keys to the Kingdom.

    I go berserk when I see Internet Thinkers put all their conspiracy eggs into a “Jewish” basket. Why? Because it deters them from tracking down the REAL problem.
    I am 95% sure that the popularity of “Blame Zionism” is due to its ringing an emotional bell. We absolutely love to have an enemy. (This can even be seen at a basketball game between two local colleges, right?).
    So have a go at me, Christopher. Tell me that you are being rational when you say the Zionists are the bosses.
    I WILL LISTEN. Your letters to Hinchi are marvelous.

    (As for my theory, I spelled it out in the recent 4-part essay at Gumshoe. We are a mammal species with a male hierarchy and group-to-group aggression; all follows from that.)

    P.S. Christopher, dear colleague, I of course do not DEMAND that you show your cards. Anyway, may I urge you not to state any ‘holocaust denial’? That is but a trap, and GumshoeNews does not want to see you dragged through the courts and bankruptcy.

    • Mary, whats the deal (may I urge you not to state any ‘holocaust denial) and (GumshoeNews does not want to see you dragged through the courts and bankruptcy) That’s pretty heavy stuff! Was that a threat or are you actually serious when implying that denying the validity of the so called holocaust is some kind of hideous crime? I’m shocked either way. Please do tell, because this statement only reaffirms the points on Zionism and its control factor?

      • Rick, in my opinion it reaffirms that someone is using this for control. yes. But the ‘someone’ is not who you seem to think it is.

        Don’t worry abut me inhibiting Christopher! He won’t have the slightest tendency to shut up on my account. He has already told us about Ernst Zundel and I hope he does so again.

        i just don’t think it’s a good investment to walk into a known trap and spend your life savings in court. Do you?

        Rick, we haven’t heard from you in a while. How did you like my Algeria/Canada article? What do you think of my remark about Julius Caesar above? Any thoughts on Hinchi?

    • Interrogating the Zionist factor.

      Mary, the short answer is, I didn’t really claim “Zionism” or for that matter “the Jews”, rule the world, that would be just a little simplistic, but I do hold the point of view that no study of our political realities could be considered serious if all the complex intersecting realities behind these terms are not included.

      I noted in my comment that Zionism was not given “due significance” in the StormCloudsGathering report.

      Due to the unique contributing power wielded by the money/finance trick over human affairs, the money creation deception is a third critical aspect of monopoly power.

      These three subjects and all their intersecting and spawning tentacles are scarcely glimpsed, let alone appreciated by the majority of people in the world because these topics are hidden by the very deliberate activity of those who derive the benefits of these scams in power, wealth and privilege.

      Mary, I think we do have an organized conspiring enemy.

      It’s name is not as important as it’s philosophy, it’s methods, it’s effects, and it’s plans for our future.

      It is an obvious question to want to try and clarify, ….Who is in charge?
      In fact if we cannot discover who is making decisions and how sanctions over results are exercised we will find great difficulty in achieving the slightest political influence.
      If your factory order is not meeting your satisfaction you seek out the person who has the authority to deliver you an acceptable result. If the front desk is trained to mislead you and protect the manager from accountability, complexity is introduced.
      A conspiracy against your rights must be overcome.

      “Take me to your manager” we demand.

      It is more than reasonable to insist we find out who is in charge and set down a documented plan of how the world works.

      Our ability to preserve our freedom depends on how exacting we understand the enemies of freedom.

      The particular flavors of monopoly practiced by Zionism have some unique character and designs which can be studied in any credible political library but the shared character and values with other collectivist ideologies are perhaps more revealing of the political power architecture we must come to grips with if we are going to have any tangible impact to reverse the decline of individual freedom and achieve a future of our choosing.

      Zionism is just one of many manifestations of the “will to power” philosophy. The elevation of self interest above the interest of others.
      Communism, Marxism, Fascism, Socialism and Debt Finance Capitalism all, to a degree, adopt abstract idealism in various forms that seek to impose artificial destructive systems by force.
      Violence is often employed out of view or in disguise to punish the elements of society that will not conform.

      Australia has been engaged in killing and destroying to this end on a regular basis but it is sanitized with the fashionable deceptive themes of the day.

      These systems all elevate abstract concepts of how the world ought to work, instead of recognizing, discovering and obeying the authority and disciplines incorporated in both physical nature and our human nature.

      What is discovered in the practical results of differing social associations is that the greatest contentment and progress is achieved when individual freedom is maximized and Government is open, accountable and decentralized.

      We need good Government because we need order and stability. We need road rules. We need law and order.

      We need to strike the correct balance between individual freedom and our need for community and Nationhood.

      We need a constituted reality. It works.

      Mankind has recognized the technical authority in our material physical dimension, demonstrated in scientific progress and all our learned laws in mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering.
      The same could not be said for our understanding of authority and our learning in regard to our human nature and the relation of associating formulas, our political and social systems, and the consistent predictable results that confirm an inescapable link between beliefs, behavior and satisfying stable outcomes.

      This general principles of “manners maketh the man”, “reap as you sow”, “thistles do not yield figs” and much else are understood in a self interested personal sense, but not extended in disciplinary guiding significance towards resolving issues of political power, conflict and the cause of inequality and scarcity in a world of physical abundance.

      Great effort is being applied to mangle and confuse the application of principles and values directed by finance choosing or deleting ideas, action and people according to their ability and benefit to the policy of monopoly.

      This process also includes our belief system which is our point of view, our conception of reality, our world view, that is in many respects our learning and judgement about our purpose as a living human.

      Complexities and uncertainties are impossible to escape.

      Our training and education are not an insignificant factor.

      Mary, I don’t believe I am an animal enslaved by my biological tribal instincts though I accept our human nature does have instinctive dimensions.

      I certainly don’t “blame Zionism” due to “emotion”.

      I identify Zionism as an association guilty of many crimes using ideological, racial, geographical, historical and political strategies that are driving the enslavement of mankind by direct killing, terrorism, political manipulation, Think Tank and tax exempt Foundation strategies, and media propagated sorcery, all made possible by their collaborating “money changer” abilities and deceptions.
      That is the polite description.

      • Thank you very much, Christopher.
        I, too, think we have an organized, conspiring enemy. My best evidence for that is the 1969 lecture by Dr Richard Day, but also Orwell’s 1984.

        I, too, want to know who is in charge, The very fact that Rockefeller ‘ran’ Dr Day tells me that Rockefeller is in charge to some extent. Rockefeller reportedly said so, at Bilderberg meetings. And some of the open documents of the Council on Foreign Relations indicate the CFR’s compliance.

        Yet I still do not know who controls Rockefeller or the CFR. As you know, Carroll Quigley says the Brits in Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table invented the CFR. I don’t know if his given name Cecil means he is of the Cecil family from the Elizabethan era.
        Surely the fact that one man in the world is allowed every day to set the price of gold means things are pretty well centralized at the Bank of England!

        But I have seen enormous effort put into the MK-Ultra experiments — which, in their immediate ancestry, were from Nazi Germany. Pardon my use of the word ‘impressive’ but it’s impressive to me that anyone could be bothered to go to such lengths to create split personalities. I assume this is part of the huge ‘impressive’ effort that occurs in order to keep the Top Dogs from falling. (Such is my theory as to why we have a centralized hierarchy – it’s not greed as such.)

        Maybe the cabal members also have some warped beliefs that keep this work going, but personally I can’t see it. You used the word “collectivist” and “ideology.” I see no sign of those two things. Have not even heard them mentioned for 20 years. As for the Satanic cult justifications, I always say they are “rationales,” mere justifications for the power work that is already in play.

        I appreciate your analogy of the Front Desk person. Yes, she deceives us to cover the boss’s identity. Indeed it is staggering that we have had so few deathbed confessions or other major leaks. I am clueless as to who is running the show at the very top.

        I claim it is a silly, emotional fallback, for people to blame a religious or ethnic group (I will post a video of a Swiss man blaming the Muslims for everything). I am on record as saying that if Americans harbor the belief that it is “Jews,” I wish they would organize their anger into a trial of the alleged wrongdoers. It would be spectacular.

        I have also publicly begged any Jewish Americans (who are the intellectuals I grew up with) to step forward and argue with persons who say the Jews cooked up all the crazy stuff we are living with now. Come on, talk! Who the hell wants drones, Tasers, and the dumbing down of chilluns.

        I can say for sure from my cancer research (in my book “Consider the Lilies”) that there is a genocide going on all the time as regards cancer and other diseases. Also see “But Nothing Happened,” by Steve Ross, as to the fact that many diseases are curable but doctors are not allowed to know about it.

        At this moment I am reading Jerry Tennant, MD’s new cancer book (“Cancer’s On-Off Switches: Polarity). Let’s see if he gets a sudden urge, like Jeff Bradstreet, MD, to go for a swim. Sorry to be sarcastic but this really is the way it works: ongoing genocide via illness.

        Christopher, I guess you agree with me that “folks” are not willing to listen. It’s not that they haven’t had access to the information. I run into flat rejection all the time. At least Gumshoe affords some camaraderie!

        God help us.

        • Mary, I have some difference in emphasis with your points and reasoning.
          I think it is valuable to interrogate these questions because the relation between the elements of authority, philosophical beliefs, behavior, power in association, strategies, and results in terms of the practical realities, is the essence of our situation.

          The social and political labels can be distracting or even poisonous if we allow the attached, often mischievously ambiguous symbolic imagery, to overwhelm our determined efforts to achieve firm consistent understanding of the tangible realities, effects and outcomes over time.

          Unless we correctly understand how things work it is impossible to address why the results are not what most people are choosing politically or desire for their life experience.

          I would accept that moral guilt can only rest with individuals in a perfect world where individual power is pure and not compromised by any external contaminating effects.
          The world is not perfect.

          The contaminating effects are tricky and sneaky.

          Power can exist within the individual and beyond the individual.

          Mary, you have passed over Mark Weber’s referenced article that interrogates and documents the associating activities of the Jewish/Zionist lobby without recognition of the very substantial real practical action and impacts upon US political policy that includes fermenting the Iraq war.
          Is this not evidence of notable associating power in action?
          I do not believe we have the luxury of dismissing significant components of associating power like “Zionism” if we are intending to fix things.

          Weber’s article is just a tiny portion of the study on the Zionist/Jewish/Israeli dimensions of our reality.
          These terms are tangled in collaborating complexities designed to be elusive and contradictory so logical scrutiny is disarmed.
          The issues are murder, property destruction, supremacy, control, corruptions, centralization of power, historical deceptions, intimidation and agitation against different view points and on and on the crime list could go.

          What is important to recognize is the role of “associating power” that is a critical part of our reality for both positive and negative ends.
          Central Banking, Mafia, Masonic, Zionist, CIA and many other terms could be included in an interrogation of associating frameworks that are designed to achieve centrally planned objectives that exploit and manipulate the majority towards criminal ends by applying a basic sorcery methodology.

          Mary, there is a mountain of documents, books, documentaries and debates that evidence, explain and testify how it all works.

          We know a great deal about who is in charge.

          If I adopt a point of view that my computer has no video card and motherboard I am libel to not be reliable when things are not working to satisfaction and repairs are sought.
          A successful technician cannot ignore any component part in the interrogation and the better the associating relations and effects are all understood the more precise and efficient will be the diagnosis and solution.

          If the Jewish/Zionist lobby called itself a “Banana Peel” it would make no difference to the practical point of view that particular beliefs generate, and the mode of action that this associating belief will produce.

          Our legal system, with all it’s human imperfections, lend us some wisdom in the recognition that guilt and responsibility are complex questions that involve interrogating the conscious responsibility of an accused individual, weighing all the influences and controlling forces that might be relevant.
          This is another complex component of our reality but it is reasonably well unraveled by many quality studies that give us a reliable understanding of how this all works.

          We know how the “money trick” works
          We know there are fixed principles of association.
          We know a great deal about how those in charge operate.
          We know the racket is a pyramid casino Ponzi racket.
          When all the rational elements are included in our explanations
          it all makes sense of many previously puzzling Geo-political and economic issues.
          We don’t have all the answers or all the details but we have
          enough firm evidence to set out a coherent picture of the political architecture of the world.

          Mary, you despair your friend will not look up to see the

          I have never ever tried to convince anyone that there are Chemicals being regularly sprayed in the atmosphere because I have never seen any convincing evidence it is happening.
          I find it bewildering you would defeat your purpose with this action.
          Aeroplane jet contrails exhibit a great variety of effects depending on the atmosphere and some of these are visually spectacular. Some aircraft are fitted with equipment for cloud spraying to make rain and chemical spraying for agriculture.
          I am always open to being convinced of any new reality with evidence.

          Irving, Zundel, Tobin, Keegstra, Sylvia Stolz, Ursula Haverbeck and recently Aurthur Topham and French comic Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala are all legally and financially attacked by the establishment because they are dangerously threatening to expose those in charge and their lieing schemes.

          This group, their subject matter, and their documented evidence is attracting intense, to the point of viscous attention from the establishment organs so it is only logical to conclude these activist writers and artists are over the enemies precious ground. The Holocaust deceptions are wed to the Zionist ambitions.

          The evidence is plentiful and several trials have provided powerful court scrutinized interrogations that spectacularly expose that the Zionist/Holocaust scam is one of the most spectacularly effective mass deceptions in modern history.

          There are dozens of excellent standard items on the “money trick” in it’s many aspects, that must be knitted together with all the other components so the full picture comes into clarity.

          I certainly agree we have to wake people up and encourage people to broaden their vision but the topics employed to break the spell need to be well chosen and water tight with clear evidence that will jolt sensibilities.

  6. Reply to Mr. Black Nov 10.
    Below to my comment re alternative sites.
    Thank you David for the suggestion of another site that is 911 ‘friendly’.
    Telstra has knocked me out thrice trying to reply and once with some ad.
    Up yours Telstra, if you want my money provide an interrupted service.
    Dee, a site to be listed in your appendix?

  7. Mary, do you believe Zionism is not a powerful force in
    world politics?
    How would you describe it’s position and influence?
    How would you describe the Zionist philosophy
    in a moral respect and political respect?

    Historian and Journalist, Mark Weber, has presented his analysis and conclusion in this ihr article that concludes
    the Zionist/Jewish lobby is very powerful.
    He includes a long list of reference.

    Are Mark Weber’s conclusions supported by
    his reference?
    If not, how is he mistaken?

    You stated the Dr Day reports are evidence.

    This Ben Freedman speech was apparently recorded
    in 1961.
    How would this item compare as “evidence” with
    the Dr Day item?


    • Well, OK, Christopher I will do my best. I mentioned Dr Day, as he at least proves that plans were in the works. (Not with regard to identifying the planners.)

      Indeed if you go to my Prosecution for Treason book — as everyone should – you will find, in an appendix, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. They, like the Dr Day speech, propose to do this, that, and they other thing. Eventually somebody did do this, that, and the other thing EXACTLY as foretold!
      That utterly persuades me that there are planners. They even said they would cause diseases by inoculation. Zheesh! But do I think the Jews wrote the Protocols? Actually I don’t.

      Christopher, I want you to know that I have great trouble saying that a national group does anything. Can we say “China wants to populate Adelaide in the next 10 years”? Personally I can’t use the phrase “China wants.” To me, a wanting can only be done by a human being and “China” isn’t a human being.
      (That said, I think there is a plan for China to populate Oz soon.) (I think the World Gov’t has arranged it.)

      One more example. Can we say that “the Americans” tortured people at Abu Ghraib? I am American and I didn’t do it. I can say that Tom, Dick, and Harry did it (if I obtain their names from some list). But I have no doubt that the orders came down from a governmental entity in Washington DC. Loosely speaking I am willing to say “the Americans tortured people at Abu Ghraib.”
      (I am not so pedantic that I argue all day long.)

      Still, for the record, I do not think it is in the job description of the Prez to order torture that violates the laws of America. (See 18 Unites States Code 2441). So frankly, Christopher, I do NOT believe “the Americans” tortured people at Abu Ghraib. I think a bunch of gangsters occupying key gov’t positions made that happen. They need to be arrested forthwith.

      Now to the Jews. Not only had I heard Freedman’s speech before, I had also read Benjamin Franklin’s speech which has been expunged in most collections, in which he said America should not let Jews in as they will be the ruination of the place. It seems likely to me that Ben had no secret motives; he was genuinely giving advice. The US, however, made no such rule.

      All of that is prolegomenon. You want to know if Mary thinks the Jews are the force that is doing all or most of the naughties.
      Well, actually you say Zionists or Zionism. I have no regard for any “ism.” I would rather say Jews. Please forgive me but I don’t even know what is claimed to be Zionism. Here are two things that come to mind:
      1. I know there is a Political Action Committee called AIPAC of which the A and I mean America-Israel. I hate the AIPAC.
      I hate Congress for giving standing ovations to such entities.
      2. There has been a brainwashed affair within the Bible belt that makes Christians think they adore Israel. That is pure emotion, and is tied up with love of God and religion. I have no comment. One cannot control such things. What can one do about any of the religious cults?
      Nevertheless I myself love Israel. I was thrilled to visit Jerusalem – and that was 27 years ago when the Arab quarter was not cordoned off or its people harassed. I despise the bombing of Gaza. Every Jew in the world ought to be making a stink about that every day. (Jews correctly have a reputation as justice advocates.)

      How’m I doin’, Christopher? Am I making a mess?
      You want to know if I think the top dogs are Jews. Maybe, but I would not bet my house on it. I can see individual Jewish persons – Kissinger, Murdoch, Bronfman – doing terrible things. Just as I can see Frank Carlucci doing terrible things. Or Obongo. A rotten man’s a rotten man for a’ that. To me there is no Freedmanlike or Benjamin Franklinlike explanation for what is going on today. I keep writing that I think WE ALL are causing the problem. Not for a millisecond do I think that if Ben Franklin’s rule had been enacted would we have a nice clean Pentagon today.
      Boy, it irritates me that anyone could think an ETHNY is causing the problem. So how about this: The Germans are the founders of Skull and Bones, and also the founders of the torture-type medical experiments that got transferred to the USA in 1950, courtesy of Operation Paperclip. Do I think some strange urge lurks in the German people causing them to do medical torture? Nope. If it did, it would have to be in their DNA and not in the DNA of others, but as far as I know we all have a mixture of DNA.
      I am dying to know who is the boss of Kissinger, Murdoch, etc. The MK-Ultra girls, whom I trust, say Kissinger is a slave to someone else. Just think, Dr Day said they would stop making babydolls so that girls would not want to be mothers. My God, what careful planning that all took! Who the hell thinks of these things?
      The only talent I bring to the table (and I may be wrong) is my sociobiology outlook, which says it is normal for a male hierarchy to form, and for the alphas to have to put all their subsequent energy into staying on top (as they don’t relish being barbecued). The effort to stop manufacturing dolls is an attempt to weaken the family so that folks won’t even have that source of strength – the family – with which to challenge the stupid-ass top dogs.
      I WILL bet my house on that. And I want to barbecue the miscreants.
      Long story short, I don’t know if there is a Jewish cabal. If there is, it surely does not encompass every Mr and Mrs Jew. As for whom I blame, I point up to the sky over Adelaide which has some peculiar cloud formations and the persons I am talking to REFUSE TO LOOK UP. That is whom I blame for what is going on today.

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