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Is It Zionism or Something Else?


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By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Gumshoe’s editor Dee McLachlan published an article on November 3, 2015, complaining that Derryn Hinch, Melbourne journalist at The Age, had printed false facts about Assad of Syria. This led to a Gumshoe contributor, Christopher Brooks, shirt-fronting Derryn Hinch in the comments section of that article.

I referred to the Hinch-Brooks fight as the ‘Thrill in Manila,’ recalling the prizefight of Cassius Clay, later known as Mohammed Ali. By the way, the US Supreme Court granted Ali a draft status of conscientious objector. He said:

“War is against the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. I’m not trying to dodge the draft. We are not supposed to take part in no wars unless declared by Allah or The Messenger. We don’t take part in Christian wars or wars of any unbelievers.”

Anyway, on November 9, Gumshoe editor McLachlan pincered out Brooks’ comments and made them into a free-standing article called “The Dairy Farmer” (as that is the occupation of Mr Brooks). The comments on that article then began to focus on an issue which Brooks calls Zionism.

Whenever I see today’s troubles being blamed on Zionism I jump into action. Is this because I think Jews need defending? Maybe there’s a bit of that in my motherly heart, but mainly I hate to see the very important question of US policy-making get chalked up to an ethnic group. We need to have this out, urgently. I want us to put EVERYTHING on the table.

Christopher Brooks is a really good sparring partner and I would like our readers to get in on the discussion. You can find the back-and-forth in the comments of the November 9 article. Christopher can write a new article as a rejoinder to me, if he wishes, or can use the Comment section below.

The Brother Bond

Before discussing Zionism, a word about power.

Dee McLachlan tells me that in the South Africa of her youth there was an elite group among the Dutch-speaking portion of the white population – that is, the Afrikaans. It was called Broederbond, the brotherhood. Like any secret society or powerful Old Boy network, you had to be in it to get ahead.

I have recently re-read Justice Robert Jackson’s speech at the Nuremberg trial and noticed that he summarized the power situation in Hitler’s day in the following succinct way:

“The German people were in the hands of the police, the police were in the hands of the Nazi party, and the Party was in the hands of a ring of evil men.”

I don’t know what values the South African group promoted as its membership requirements. Nor do I know much about what a ‘worthy’ German had to proclaim in order to rise in the Nazi party. But I assume either would have been just so much fluff.

That is, the rationale proclaimed by the Broederbond, or by the Nazis, would be but an add-on to their real purpose, namely, sticking together to get what they want, and trying to break the power of any who would oppose them.

Recruiters could easily spot (and kill?) anyone who wanted to be a leader but was not suited to their ranks. I have found this in my own life since becoming a dissident ten years ago. I am blacklisted almost everywhere. Well, “I asked for it,” didn’t I? Yep, I did. This is the power routine.

Is Zionism an Elite Group of the Powerful?

Quick disambiguation:

  1. There was something called the Zionist movement that got underway in 1880s, of which Theodore Herzl was said to be the leader. (He died at 44; I’ll bet he got Bradstreeted.) The mission of Herzl’s group included a homeland for Jews, but not necessarily to be located in Palestine.
  1. There is a nation today called Israel. US President Harry Truman in 1948 seems to have been a key ally by recognizing the statehood of that new entity. (Note that quite a few new states have come about since 1990 – e.g., Slovakia, Macedonia, South Sudan. Recognition is often the key.)
  1. Zionism can be seen as a religious emotion of persons who love the Bible, or the God of Abraham, or who want in some way to be associated with Israel. A huge group of Christians in the US, especially in the South, identify as Zionists. I mention that to show how confusing a label can be.
  1. Finally (for my little scheme here, which itself shouldn’t be assigned any “meaning”), there is the Zionist political position. In order to deal with Christopher Brooks I will now speak mainly of that definition. In my fightin’ comments to the Dairy Farmer article, I had not realized that Brooks wanted to zoom in on this Number 4 aspect.

My guess as to what Christopher Brooks thinks is going on in the US is as follows:

A group called the Zionists, and/or the Neocons, has control of Congress, of the Pentagon, of the White House (at least in terms of foreign policy), and of the media.

Control of Pentagon? Control of US Foreign Policy?

Was I ever surprised to read, in the book by Thomas Barnett entitled “The Pentagon’s New Map,” that there is a plan to eliminate almost the whole continent of Africa, and large parts of South America, as well as the already well-marked-for-extinction areas of the Middle East.

Was I ever surprised to learn that Barnett was permitted – nay, forced – to publish his book, by the guys in charge! But I suppose General Wesley Clark had already announced the US plans to destroy 7 countries and nobody squawked, so maybe now it’s is considered safe to say that the US has big genocidal plans. (Actually, Dee McLachlan squawks every chance she gets; it’s becoming the theme of GumshoeNews.)

Still, the biggest surprise I got from Thomas Barnett’s book is that the campus of the Pentagon isn’t occupied primarily by governmental entities. It has been privatized. Wow. Barnett himself works for one of the companies at the Pentagon, Cantor Fitzgerald, an investment firm.

Note: the Pentagon also includes a wholly illegal entity called The National Guard Bureau. It sponsors  “Partnerships for Peace” – thus each of the 50 states currently houses foreign troops. I presume they are there to clobber Americans. I discuss this in my book, “Prosecution for Treason,” but have never seen anyone else refer to it. The mind boggles.

John Kerry, Julie Bishop, etc.

So, is Irish-descended John Kerry, the US Secretary of State a Zionist? Well, yes, if your definition of Zionism is the same as my definition of the cabal. Kerry is also a member of the secret society Skull and Bones, since his days at Yale.

As far as I know, that secret society came from Germany. I doubt that it affiliates with Zionism. Still, if Kerry is to operate as the head of US foreign policy, he has to play the cabal’s game. I’ve been told by commenters here at Gumshoe that the same applies to Australia’s foreign minister.

(That job is currently occupied by Julie Bishop; prior occupants include Kevin Rudd and Alexander Downer. You could ask them to explain whom they took orders from. Or you could ask anyone, including Julie herself, who told her to take the NATO line straightaway when Malaysian flight 17 crashed.)

An aside about Sheilas. The South African Broederbond is males only. They nixed the idea of having a Susterbond, as females can’t keep secrets. Yale’s Skull and Bones has recently ‘tapped’ (i.e., recruited) a few women. Wonder if they will spill any beans. Come on, Gals, talk! Come on, Julie Bishop, sing!

Control of the Media

I capitulate to Christopher Brooks straightaway in regard to Jewish control of the mass media. The boards of newspapers, movies, TV and radio shows, and control of most of the “alternative media” is in the hands of a few men.

aw-dame-elizabeth-murdoch-2012Dame Elisabeth (1909-2012)

Rupert Murdoch is the son of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, a pious Jew. The late British press magnate, Robert Maxwell, was buried on the Mount of Olives, a privilege that indicates his pro-Israel stance. In its early days, Hollywood movie making was controlled by just a few men, with hardly a Gentile in the lot.

Call me thick, but even with all that I still don’t see the power group as being “Jewish.” They are simply a power group. (And I definitely can’t give a nod to any notion that the power-behavior of a Jew is ‘genetic.’ Sure, power behavior is genetic – we’ve all got that gene, thank you.)

Control of media is surely the most important means today for the cabal to suppress any challengers. (And they are far from 100% successful, poor things.) Here is what they said in 1905, in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” It is amazing:

“All organs of the press are bound together by professional secrecy  ….We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries….  Through the Press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade…. And if there should be any found who are desirous of writing against us, they will not find any person eager to print their productions….  Trial shots… fired by us in the third rank of our press, will be energetically refuted by us in our semi-official organs.” (Wow.)

The So-called Protocols

The Protocols appeared in a Russian newspaper in 1905, and were translated by London journalist Victor Marsden. The Elders of Zion disclaimed authorship. So the question is: did Zionists write it, or did someone else try to attribute it to them for purposes of stirring people up against the Jews?

My best guess is that it was cooked up for the purpose of stirring. (It is still having that effect today!)  I doubt that someone caught the Elders red-handed with minutes of their meeting, so to speak. Yes, it reflects a real plan to screw the world, but no it did not get “leaked.” It was purpose-built.

Still, my best guess as to the religious affiliation of the Protocols writers is: Jewish. The purpose of trying to stir Russians up, in 1905, was related to the planned takeover of the Czar’s government. (Reminder, you are not dealing with a well-versed historian here; I am only trying to connect dots.)

What followed in 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution, is well-documented to have been carried out by Wall Streeters.  A leading member was Paul Warburg. He had also played a major role in the takeover of the US economy by dint of the Federal Reserve Act, whose legislation he engineered in 1913, along with Jacob Schiff, his co-religionist.

As far as I know, it’s a historical fact that Warburg’s brother Max got Lenin transported into Russia on a ‘sealed train.’ In 1922, in Paris, Wickham Steed published this quote, alleged to be from President Woodrow Wilson:

“Who are the tempters that would dare whisper into the ears of the Allied and Associated Governments? They are not far removed from the men who preached peace with profitable dishonour to the British people in July, 1914. They are akin to, if not identical with, the men who sent Trotsky and some scores of associate desperadoes to ruin the Russian Revolution as a democratic, anti-German force in the spring of 1917.”

Excerpts from the Protocols

Please consider just these three paragraphs from what we call the protocols, published in 1905:

In these [Masonic] lodges we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence….  Among the members of these lodges will be almost all the agents of international and national police since their service to us is irreplaceable.  [They keep from view] our activities and provide pretexts for discontents. We execute Masons in such wise that none save the brotherhood can ever have a suspicion of it.  They all die as from a normal kind of illness. [Hello!]

“The people, under our guidance, have eliminated the aristocracy, who were their one and only defense and foster mother….  Masonry blindly serves as a screen for us.  We appear on the scene as alleged saviors – Socialists, Anarchists, Communists, to whom we always give support in accordance with alleged brotherly rule (of the solidarity of all humanity) of our social masonry.  De facto we have already wiped out every kind of rule except for our own…. Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only proforma, and by our direction.

“Capital must be free to establish a monopoly of industry and trade ….  This freedom [as in ‘a free hand’] will give political force to those engaged in industry, and that will help to oppress the people….  The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces – are all essential for the completion of the aforementioned plans.”

[Note: The UK, in 2015, is seriously thinking of privatizing its police! EEEEEKS!!]

Back to the Dairy Farmer, Christopher Brooks

As stated, I am arguing with Christopher Brooks. I now quote a few paragraphs from his wee-hours comments of November 12, 2015 – with which I totally agree:

Brooks: “I think…the relation between the elements of authority, philosophical beliefs, behavior, power in association, strategies, and results in terms of the practical realities, is the essence of our situation.

The social and political labels can be distracting or even poisonous if we allow the attached, often mischievously ambiguous symbolic imagery, to overwhelm our determined efforts to achieve firm consistent understanding ….

Unless we correctly understand how things work it is impossible to address why the results are not what most people are choosing politically or desire for their life experience.”

My invitation to readers is: Please try to identify our rulers. It is a sin not to. Have not the slightest inhibition about claiming that it’s Jews, the Catholic Church, or anyone else. Why in the world should you try to be polite about your tormenters?

— Mary W Maxwell is author of “Fraud Upon the Court” (Trine Day Press, 2015), and co-author with Dee McLachlan of “Truth in Journalism” (2015). She will say Yes to requests for a lecturer.



    • Correction: I said that Justice Robert Jackson gave a speech at Nuremberg. He was not a ‘justice’ at that moment. Although he had been on the US Supreme Court since 1941, he took a leave of absence to act as a PROSECUTOR in the Nuremberg trials.

      • I’m kind of floundering after today’s shirt-fronting, but I now comment on this item from Elias Davidsson’s website:


        My comment is that if “Israel” has turned the 9 members of a British committee, the guilty party is not “Israel” but those 9.

        (The quote marks around “israel” do not mean I doubt it’s Israel; I am using the quotes as I did re “China” wanting X.)

        And now I have a stronger sense of M Turnbull’s and J Bishop’s responsibility. Everybody is responsible “as per” their job description. No more passing the buckaroonie. No more secret phantom people up in the sky to take the blame. There’s no one there.

  1. Using the cover-up of 9-11 as a litmus test, I’ve puzzled over the labels: “evil zionist Jews”, “Khazarian mafia”, “mishpucha”, and “good Jews” (such as the Neteuri Karta Jews).

    I’ve sought out “good Jews” who will work to expose 9-11. It is rare to find a Jew who will speak of the Israeli connections to 9-11. Even Rabbi Dovid Weiss of Neteuri Karta (anti-zionist ‘good’ Jew) does not speak about 9-11 at all.

    Let’s not forget the “crypto-Jews”–those pretending to be something other than Jews, yet providing cover for Israel. Joseph Farah of the WorldNetDaily and John Hagee come to mind … claiming to be Christian and doing the work of Talmudic Jews.

    When “muslims did 9-11” comes from writers, politicians, and others, I cringe at the Orwellian deception. I’m more comfortable with “Israel did 9-11”, and even this moment the idea comes to me it would be better to say: “Judea did 9-11”. Sure, there were ‘neocons’ and shabbos goyim also involved.

    The cover-up of 9-11 provides us with many clues which point to “our rules”–a cabal of psychopaths.

    George Orwell chose “Goldstein” as the name of the arch enemy of Big Brother. In Animal Farm, the pigs were the rulers, and some pigs were more equal than others. Orwell knew.

    This article by Gilad Atzmon (who is silent about 9-11) says that for practical purposes, zionism and Judaism are one in the same. http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/2015/4/23/is-zionism-judaism

    Thank you for initiating this most relevant inquiry into who pose (behind the curtain) as “our rulers”. We need to know where to shine the light, and where to point our guns if it comes down to no rule of law solution possible.

    http://911JusticeCampaign.org Commence indictments, make arrests, INTERROGATE (learn as much as we can), prosecute and seize assets per RICO (racketeering) laws.

    • ReDiscover, why not read Kevin Ryan’s book “Another Nineteen” where he names suspects of 9-11. He names Jenkins of RAND corporation, and Wirt Walker who was apparently identified by the SEC as an insider trader on the put options, and 17 others.

      You want to see dead serious 9-11 stuff by a Jewish writer? Try Elias Davidsson’s “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11.” Or visit his boutique international-law website: juscogens.org.

      Re Orwell creating an ‘Emanuel Goldstein’ character — that is no bad fellow. Let’s ask Dee to run a piece on Goldstein.

      If any reader in Melbourne can go tomorrow to the Caulfield campus of Monash, the Media dept is hosting a speaker from the military, all day, 9-4, on ways to control social media. It is free of charge. i signed up but I can’t go.

      Here is Gumshoe’s review of Ryan’s book: http://gumshoenews.com/2015/01/29/a-whole-new-look-at-the-domestic-culprits-of-9-11

      • My point is not clearly made, so here is a clarification: Orwell was using a literary inversion to cast Goldstein as the good guy and the pigs (not kosher) in Animal Farm as bankers/Bolsheviks.

        Thanks for the juscogens.org link.

        The wicked have many veils, names and labels.

        Victoria Nuland (US State Department, “f*ck the E.U.”) and Robert Kagan (husband and PNAC co-founder) are not Irish.

        The Talmud seems to be a script for the Kosher Nostra.

  2. During my time , during 1959/60 ,in South Africa and Zambia I worked on the Kitwe copper mine with a comical Scotsman who certainly didn,t like Afrikaners. The thing I found strange was the fact he had an Afrikan girlfriend. An English South African on the site informed me that was simply the way of it. Afrikan men and Scotsmen dislike each other intently where on the other hand Afrikan women and Scotsmen hit it off great. I wouldn,t even try hazard a guess on why this is.
    As to who is controlling all this nasty business in the world I think the place to be looking at is Switzerland and the high altitude town of Davos. Also the most untouchable character in Europe appears to be known as Pindar which means Reptile King. Seems he drives around Europe in a white stretch limmo
    that no law officer of any kind is allowed to pull over for any reason whatsoever. Leuren Moret seems to be the one I’ve come across as well versed in this puzzle. If you haven’t seen her, just type in her name and you’re up and running.

  3. PS If you look at Switzerland on Google earth you will see it’s shaped like a pig. Also the town of Davos is right where the eye of the pig would be. Kissinger is also a member of some freemason or whatever lodge over there and wherever he hangs out has just got to be super bad. (I think)

  4. Well Christopher and Mary; fascinating topic, but considering my limited knowledge, so I do have an answer to iwhom the control freaks/fascists are running the world agenda, suffice to know that they are seriously evil.
    I have come across reports that ‘zionists’ run the show and use Jews as their ‘patsies bases on the ‘we are victims’ crusade.
    A simple question/comment:
    In about 1890’s Zionism was incorporated and it was announced in the Scofield ‘bible’ that the Jews were chosen by God.
    I was taught this in high school but could not understand why Jesus, as God’s son, could be so discriminating against ‘me’. Read the parable of ‘the good Samaritan’
    The discrimination is continuing in popular parlance.
    Clearly that perception, that I had is BS.
    I could enlarge on the BS reasoning,
    Now my wonderment is: how can a atheist possibly perpetuate that Jews are chosen by God and justify genocide of the Palestinians on the basis that ‘God’ presented a preferred real estate space on the planet just for a select supremacist minority in the world ?
    What is the reasoning for the US taxpayer and bankers to pour in billions to accommodate such nonsense?
    Seems that the mass media need to explain.

  5. An interesting aside that I recently saw in Israeli media. The Yinon Plan (for trashing the ME and remaking it in Israel-centric terms) has existed for many years now, and the events we are seeing there tie in to the guts of the Plan quite well. Awareness of Yinon has grown through alternative media so what do I see? A writer (Israeli) trying to equate Yinon with the Protocols, hoping to dispose of both with one keystroke so-to-speak. Laughably transparent. It was easier to disown the protocols as a fraud because there was virtually no scope for disseminating any analysis widely back then (though drawing attention to them to discredit them may have achieved the opposite, hence why they keep popping up). Yinon is a live plan, and can be easily researched by anyone with a Net connection and good search terms.

    I do think that “Zionist” is a fairly random, unsatisfying and narrow word that doesn’t really explain enough by itself, but it seems to do it for now. At least it places a “face” to the pipers who seem to be playing us along the global garden path.

  6. Mary, I think, for a point of view starting out critical of attributing too much weight to “Zionism” and “Jewish” special interest, as identifiable as “those in charge”, you presented some important evidence and discussion that makes the case against your proposition.

    Very obviously this is a question that involves so many complexities in it’s elements, the benefit in our effort is to be able to achieve the greatest common ground where it can be identified, along with the fluency and familiarity to navigate this sensitive topic with confidence and safety because it is carpeted with political landmines.
    A feature in the DNA of the terms Zionism/Jew/Holocaust and all the associating subject matter is the power realities and effects that can be abruptly dumped in any political space with results that are destructive of honest open dealings.
    I believe this article contributes positively to this objective.

    The terms “Zionist” or “Jewishness” are not principally about ethnicity though this obfuscation is common.
    The idealist interpretation might claim that point of view but the realist knows this is false.

    The terms Zionism or Jewish significantly relate to self appointed chosen supremacy over others and every where these terms are found in action this claim, to some degree, will be exercised to impose a belief in a one way street.
    My way or no way!

    The terms are utilized often for their practical effect by all associating western central planners who “plug in” when they need some illegitimate power over others.

    It’s all sorcery that works more efficiently relative to belief in the power.

    The curtain can only be drawn back if you know your subject and all the game plans.

    Much has already been stated in the previous comment discussion Mary identified in this article.


  7. Hmm. No comment yet from Christopher. I guess I have not sufficiently niggled him. Try again:

    Dear Dairy Farmer with Epistemological Leanings,

    I quote from your comment to me in the Nov 9 exchange (Thrilla in Isrilla):

    “Mary, I think we do have an organized conspiring enemy. It’s name is not as important as it’s philosophy, it’s methods, it’s effects, and it’s plans for our future.”

    Hola! My claim is that its name IS important. And if you wish to keep up your reputation as the Ultimate Stickler, how can you pass over this issue? I keep iterating that if people are sloppy about identifying the baddies, namely if they form an incoherent idea that it is a particular ethnic or national or religious group, (as we are wont to do – surely our brains evolved to be aware of a foreign opponent), then we will all bark up a wrong tree.

    Or, if it is supposed to be the Jews, we will fail to bark, as barking up that particular tree reaps punishment.

    Christopher, you went on to say:

    “It is an obvious question to want to try and clarify, ….Who is in charge? In fact if we cannot discover who is making decisions and how sanctions over results are exercised we will find great difficulty in achieving the slightest political influence.”

    Needless to say I am in complete agreement with you.

    We need, like mad, to find out who these sicko’s are.

      • OK, Christopher, can we get into some nitty gritty? I have been told that Bibi got his training years ago from George Shultz. Please say whom you think George Shultz answers to. Presume he answers to someone, and that he made his way up the ladder with help. Here is that ladder, per Wikipedia (i.e., CIA):

        “George Pratt Shultz (born December 13, 1920) is an American economist, statesman, and businessman. He served as the United States Secretary of Labor from 1969 to 1970, as the director of the Office of Management and Budget from 1970 to 1972, as the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 1972 to 1974, and as the U.S. Secretary of State from 1982 to 1989. Before entering politics, he was professor of economics at MIT and the University of Chicago, serving as Dean of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business from 1962 to 1969. Between 1974 and 1982, Shultz was an executive at Bechtel, eventually becoming the firm’s president. He is currently the Thomas W. and Susan B. Ford Distinguished Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.”

        • The link is my talk back comments on banking and my point of view is their is no subject that is not totally contaminated by the “effects” of the money monopoly.
          You will have noted Shultz was also associated with finance and the military industrial complex.
          The “money trick” is a key part of directing policy.
          Shultz is in not insignificant respects governed by his conception of reality, as we all are, which involves his training, his education, his beliefs, and associating factors which in themselves are complex.
          In the Goulburn Valley there is a program on a regional level with similarities in character to the Rhodes Scholarship.
          It was established by a very powerful political and business benefactor in this region.
          Every year it selects a diverse group of young people with high demonstrated ability and engages them through a training and networking program that then continues on through their lives. The effect on the peer prestige and networking advantages for these highly motivated and capable individuals continues as the membership is on going and the next selection is mentored by graduates of the program.
          The relationships are forged when the prospect of prestige is attractive, minds are impressionable, and ambition is high.
          I have observed young friends I know become involved and effected by the program.
          It is a seductive formula if you wish to be “successful”.
          The young people selected are the cream of the community.
          We are all subject to the relevant associating forces and peer compromising realities because it is part of our nature.
          Our individual personality provides us with the capacity to think, understand, learn and, most importantly, choose how we can make a difference with good strategies and powers of persuasion.
          An important part of our present reality is that the unique power associated with our Zionist/Jew/Holocaust terms, guarantees the separation of totally honest thinking from all public space and integrates the abstractions of supremacy and mammon into dominating tools for achieving monopoly and the consequential destruction of the individual spirit.

  8. Looking at this all from an overview, it seems that terms are merely a means of identifying certain factions. From what I’ve read (and been told) – there seems to be two realities: The world we live in (in which “elected” governments operate) and then the world of intelligence agencies and banking systems. I presume both intel agencies and all banks are essentially “private” systems and operate above and almost autonomously from democracies etc. So to go back to the onion example… people are on the surface; then layers of governments; then shadow governments; then major corporations; then banking systems; then intelligence organisations… and as we get to the centre of the onion one can only guess…

    • OK, Dee, what I gain from your metaphor is that Intel guys (and gals? — can gals keep secrets?) are near the center and therefore they are not near their respective nations. Eureka!

      So the cabal at the center has Humints on their payroll — oops, no, the stupid taxpayers provide the salary!); they meet together (Soviet and American, for example) and are not enemies.They are under the wing of “mother.”

      Jayz. I do recall the late Sherman Skolnock saying that many Communist Chinese military personnel have full clearance to examine anything at US miilitary bases.

    • Is the existence “holocaust denial” (actually research and questioning) an example of no smoke without fire? The legal nonsense they’ve created actually draws attention to the very question they are trying to kill off.

  9. G’day Mary,

    Thanks for your work.

    I agree with Christopher Brooks. Those creating the global control matrix over the last two millenia or so have created a complex pastiche of ideologies and counter ideologies, movements and counter movements, actors and pseudo actors such that identifying the real culprits as distinct from enablers, shabbos goy and those who go along to get along et al, is difficult.

    For instance, the Zionist ideology (movement or whatever) is really just one of a great variety thereof, created over time by, guess who? The Jews ie the Rothschilds and their ilk. The Rothschilds funded the establishment of the Illuminati which then set up the Jacobins who carried out the Jewish COUP which the Jews have consistently mislabelled the “French Revolution”. The result? The Ancient (Catholic) Regime was destroyed and its members and supporters were “Head Chopped”. Does that ring any bells or suggest WHO might be behind ISIS and all the other head chopping terrorists in our world today?? Jews also gained domestic rights and acceptance denied them previously in France.

    The Rothschilds then brought on the American War of Independence by seeking to destroy Colonial scrip and to control the money supply in the American colonies. Similarly, they funded both sides in the American Civil War during which they spelt out the rationale for free range wage-slave workers in lieu of chattel slavery, saying in the Hazard circular sent by London banksters to US banksters in July 1862:

    `Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattels slavery destroyed. This I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led by England, is that capital [the banksters] shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. The great debt (national) that capitalists will see to it is made out of the war, must be used as a means to control the volume of money. To accomplish this the war bonds must be used as a banking basis. We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make this recommendation to Congress.’

    The US Congress passed the National Bank Act of 1863 giving the banksters power to create money as debt, but not exclusively. In 1872 Horace Greeley said of the Act:

    `We have stricken the shackles from four million beings and brought all laborers to a common level, not so much by the elevation of the former slaves as by practically reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by our iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.’

    Clearly those controlling the Anglo-US Empire knew exactly what free range slavery was about just as they understood what free range empire was about. Colonel Edward Mandell House is said to have given a very detailed outline of the plans to be implemented to enslave the American people. He stated, in a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (President 1913 – 1921):

    ‘ Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that’s you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation (USA) to foment this plot against America.’ – Colonel Edward Mandell House

    President Woodrow Wilson ceased being president of Corporate US in January 1921. The obvious implication is that Colonel Edward Mandel House KNEW what was to happen (and did happen) at least 10 years before it occurred. The Great Depression was the proximate cause of the bankruptcy of the US and most other nations (other than Germany) around the world in the 1930s; thereby enabling the banksters to initiate the acceptance of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) legal system globally and the commencement of the Strawman mechanism in the US and elsewhere. As Colonel Maxwell House was an agent for the Crown banksters in the City of London from whence the policies causing the “tightening” of credit causing the Great Depression originated, there is also a clear implication that the Great Depression was meant to have the effects that it did. By “tightening” credit that is, reducing the supply of fiat“money” available in the US and in national economies all around the world, the Jew banksters bankrupted almost the whole world and laid the foundations for implementation of the Strawman illusion and the current global matrix.

    Through the imposition of fractional reserve banking and the UCC the “free” human workforce was destined by the Banksters to replace the negro *chattel* slaves of the 19th century: AND THEY HAVE! Welcome to wage slavery. For an informative discussion of some aspects of the mechanism as it operates today see Mary Croft’s: “Natural Man vs. Artificial Person, Law, Money & Banking” in six parts the first being:

    Since the 1930s the Jew banksters have assiduously continued to construct a world of illusion in which wage-workers think they are free while their only real freedom is the ability to pay for their own upkeep while accepting whatever work and wages the controllers offer and paying all the taxes, licence fees, charges and penalties levied upon them by the fictional corporate legal entity “state” and myriad other fictive paper corporations. So instead of humanity rapidly working its way towards utopia during the last 80 years it has been steadily grinding its way to dystopia.

    Arguably our current dystopic world is NOT down to an amorphous mob of psychopaths but has been organised by Talmudists. Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini in 1871 is evidence to that effect. Arguably also, the conspiracy could not have been implemented by banksters just creating endless supplies of “money” out of thin air, they also needed a dedicated corp of ideologically committed mind controlled “believers” on the ground. Judaism has provided those “believers” by ensuring that a globally dispersed cadre of millions of mostly ethno-centric Khazarian supremicist orientated, mind controlled Talmudists was in place to “man” core elements in the global matrix control apparatus.

    But I digress.

    The Rothschilds and Engels funded Marx to produce the Communist Manifesto ie, having historically created the “money meme” and usurious banking, the Jews went on to create Capitalism, Socialism, Fabianism and then Communism, which they then had Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin et al, morph into Bolshevism. Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said that the Bolsheviks killed 66 million RUSSIANS (not Jews). (Note also, the DOUBLE SIX.) Indeed, having a copy of the Protocols or criticising Jews got you executed in Lenin’s so-called “Russian Revolution”. THAT doesn’t suggest that shabbos goys had a real say in “The Revolution” does it?

    Arguably then, the Rothschilds and other Khazarian neo-Pharisees (who started calling themselves “Jews” in the 18th Century), dominated the Russian genocide. Suggesting that because some Russians supported or went along with them doesn’t alter the underlying truth, even if global Jew controlled governments, media, publishing, education and academic systems. Science funding, entertainment and cultural organizations etc, SAY otherwise. The Jews’ COUP in Imperial Russia was funded and created by the Rothschilds and their US agents who have consistently mislabelled it as ‘The Russian Revolution’ for disinformation and propaganda purposes.. For instance Lenin and Stalin’s Bolsheviks presided over the greatest genocide in history and so concealing the true perpetrators thereof has been vital for the Jews and their Judaic global conspiracy. Imagine the effects on global consciousness IF humanity KNEW that Jews genocided 66 million Russian Christians, 10 million Ukrainisn Christians in the Holodomor etc; and 24 million Germans, Poles and Eastern Europeans?

    In fact the Holohoax has also been thrust upon humanity to distract from the crimes of the Bolsheviks as well as the humungos war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Jew controlled Allies against Germans in and after WWII.

    Global Jewry uses divide and conquer techniques which confuse goyim by pitting them against each other but beneath the surface Jewish agents and Jewish Bankster “money” controls the process. To achieve this Jews not only create controversies but usually control both (all) sides of every important controversy and societal issue. To move societies towards Judaic goals the Jews use the Hegelian dialectic. They create problems which causes distress and socio-political reactions . Then they propose the solution they always intended to implement.

    This technique is used to create lots of seemingly genuine gentile “Movements” like Feminism, Political Correctness, Diversity, Same Sex Marriage, LGBT and so on. For instance Bernaysian techniques were used to create Feminism which the Jews designed to double the workforce and hence the tax take by Jew owned corporations like the IRS and the Australian Taxation “Department”. Feminism is also designed to weaken family life, remove babies and very young children from the family environment, placing them in state funded care and education from very early ages. It also assists in creating antagonism between males and females. The only group really benefiting from Feminism are the Jews and their banksters. NOTE also, that Jews do NOT insert Feminism, Political Correctness etc into their communal life nor do they allow immigration ie outsiders to ensconce themselves within the bossom of Jewish communities. TRY migrating to Israel if you are not a Jew or seeking to convert Jews to Christianity or some other faith and see how you get on.
    Also, ask yourself, WHY is vilification and hatred of 80 million Germans OK yet ANY justified criticism of Jewish behaviour is howled down as “racist” hatred, yabba, yabba,yabba?!

    Peace and Blessings,

  10. Mary, no shirt-fronting intended from me.

    I might just clarify a comment I made Nov 13, 12.55 pm, because on reviewing I recognized my meaning was muddled.
    I should sack my proof reader.
    Posting on the run this weekend with Musician daughter performing at functions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    My comment ” I believe this article contributes positively to this objective” was intended to convey that I think this article is very positive in exploring all the complexities of our search to identify exactly “who is in charge”.

    Reading back it could be construed as the opposite.

    We are discussing a subject that is designed keep us running in circles instead of understanding the practical results of monopoly power and working out how to challenge the power over us and harness and use the power in us successfully.

    We can only achieve that end if we understand all the components and elements.

    Ron Chapman’s comment post sets out a good summary of the political architecture and associating dynamics.

    Mary, my comment on the Ursula Haverbeck jailing is that it is more of the same sorcery tactics, by the same magic purveyors of supremacy beliefs, against the foe they fear most, who dare expose the “pretty lady didn’t really get sawed in half”. That would ruin the whole damn show.

    Elias Davidsson is generally confirming of the real political architecture but as far as I am aware he propagates the Auschwitz “extermination” thesis.
    Henry Makow is a similar example.

    I wholeheartedly agree that placing accountability right back at the individual space is the key to better social outcomes but only when we untangle and diffuse the invisible chains and minefields can we hope to make our way in that direction.

  11. Well it appears we’ve had our first Israeli Rabbi declare the Paris attacks to be punishment for the “Holocaust”. They really have no shame.

    • Paul, i am not joking here. would you be willing to “vote” as to whether you think the rabbi:
      1. thought the remark up, out of his own natural mind
      2. belongs to a club where members have meetings and are told that they should say such things
      3. is himself so mind-controlled that another person can make him say it without his really knowing he is being instructed.

      re number 3, I’m sure you know about “the helmet of obedience” and other ways in which directions can be sent to the inner brain. The method is reportedly also used in commercials or TV shows.

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