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A Noble Challenge over Martin Bryant’s Latest Prison Portrayal


PRESS COUNCILCouncil Chair Prof David Weisbrot (left of banner) and  Executive Director John Pender (right of banner). Taken at a 2015 Council event.

In my Gumshoe article of October 17, 2015, I reported that Keith Noble had sent a complaint to Australian Press Council (addressed to Weisbrot and Pender) regarding the “outrageous” and defamatory article in the Murdoch press, concerning Martin Bryant. Noble has since received a reply from the Press Council saying they won’t act on it, and it is a matter of “freedom of speech.”

Infuriated, Noble has sent a letter to photojournalist Gary Ramage, which I will print below.

Also recall Mary W Maxwell’s article “Fellatio for Chocolate?” in which she reports the ABC’s incitement of an attack on prisoner Bryant, and see Christopher Brooks statement on Bryant’s innocence.

20150913_153655It’s all about “evil” – the reportage in question.

This is the email/letter from Dr Keith Noble:


Below is a copy of an email which was sent to Gary Ramage on 12 November, 2015. It was also sent to over a dozen officials most of whom live and work in Tasmania – governor, premier, etc.

Ramage has until 22 NOV 2015 to reply. If he does not, the cash Reward (A$20,000) will be announced internationally. At that time, you will be sent a pdf copy of the Reward poster.

Ramage has placed despicable images of innocent Martin Bryant on Twitter (Sep 12; “caged circus animal”) and on newspix.com.au where they are sold.

Positive feedback continues to come to me. More and more people have got over their mental hurdle that was blocking them from understanding the fact that Martin Bryant is INNOCENT.  Nearly 20 years since the official massacre at Port Arthur, there are still people who believe Martin was convicted at a trial. But there was NO trial. (see below)

The State and the media (includes News Corp Australia, the premier purveyor of public poison in that country) keep insisting innocent Martin Bryant is guilty. But they NEVER provide a shred of hard evidence. A spread of despicable images without a single bit of evidence that has been confirmed in a sound court of law, tells us how desperate the State and the media are that the public does not start asking questions.

BUT WE ARE ASKING QUESTIONS AND WE ARE NOT GETTING ANY ANSWERS. And this confirms exactly what the facts tells us, Martin Bryant is innocent.

A former resident of Tasmania who now lives in Perth. Western Australia, is doing tremendous Internet work enlightening the public. Cherri Bonney, amongst other things, is a singer-songwriter. She has been compared to Linda Ronstadt, but this is not really accurate. Linda is good, but Cherri is better.

Cherri has set up a signature petition and she is communicating directly with the Tasmanian premier Will Hodgman (will.hodgman@dpac.tas.gov.au). Please visit Cherri’s site and sign her petition. Am watching it and it increases every day. Please tell your family and friends about Cherri’s work and her petition. Email it to them and ask them to sign. You can find the site here:

Some words from people who have signed the petition:

Nadine DOMONKOS (New Zealand)

“The government has framed this poor man. If he really did it back up your evidence in a…trial, let the witness speak, play the unedited phone calls. Let Martin speak and HEAR HIM. Disgusting how the media has portrayed this man and how sick the government is to do this. So much ‘evidence’ against him is bullshit and whoever did it needs to pay, the people need to know what happened.”

Carol FRYE (Australia)

“When a so-called free country incarcerates an innocent man through trial by media, it actually scares me to think where we are headed. John Howard* has much to answer for.” (* criminal former prime minister)

Greg HOFFMANN (Australia)

“I’m signing because I’m sick of the lies.”

Kerrin JEWEL (Malaysia)

“Since this atrocity happpened in Tasmania, the govt has done exactly as they wanted. Martin B NEVER stood a chance. I truly believe this man is innocent. If you look into the specifics of this particular shooting it is NOT possible for the likes of Martin B to have carried out such a crime, not mentally nor physically. The govt wanted the gun amnesty and they made damn sure they got it.”

Lindsay JOHNSON (Australia)

“John Howard stepped in to prevent the mandatory coronial enquiry in Tasmania. What was he trying to hide?”

William LAMOUR (United Kingdom)

“For the truth to come out and justice to be served.”

Janelle NEW (Australia)

“It’s about time he gets a fair trial.”

Mark NOVAK (Australia)

“When a government goes out of its way to deny the facts to the public, it’s because they have something to hide. I’d like to know precisely what that is.”

Terry SCHULZE (Australia)

“I’m a retired barrister that did extensive research into the Port Arthur Massacre. I KNOW that Martin Bryant is innocent.”

Anna PIPER (Australia)

“It’s been too long and too much ‘evidence’ that makes no sense.”

Angie RIVERS (Australia)

“Martin Bryant is entitled to a trial with judge and jury not a witch hunt. I cannot believe that this can still happen to a person and everybody sits there and watches except an educated few!!! Give Martin back his life and find the real gunman!!!! Educate yourselves!!!!!!!!”

There are pages and pages of such comments. Please sign then add yours.


Keith Allan Noble. Vienna, Austria”

Keith Noble’s letter to Gary Ramage:

“11 NOV 2015


Winner of a Walkley Award (2015)

Photojournalist for News Corp Australia

c/o Australian Press Council, Chairman, David Weisbrot – info@presscouncil.org.au

c/o National Press Club, President, Laurie Wilson – npc@npc.org.au

c/o Walkley Foundation for Journalism, CEO, Jacqui Park – jpark@alliance.org.au


Your attention to this email is recommended.

An email (3 NOV 2015; copies: murder.research@gmail.com) was directed to you c/o David Weisbrot, Laurie Wilson, and Jacqui Park. A copy of that email was airmailed to you c/o Julian Clark, CEO of News Corp Australia.

You were asked to reply by today, 11 NOV 2015. But no reply was received. Compounding your failing, you continue to display one of your (?) images on your personal Twitter page, dated “Sep 12” under the appalling heading: “Port Arthur killer Martin Bryant paces like a caged circus animal in Risden Prison.” (sic) And you continue to list many of your (?) images on newspix.com.au – on that website there are 14 images of your “caged circus animal” which you sell to MAKE MONEY.

You do not realize the situation that you, News Corp Australia, and Tasmania, are in. Or, your media colleagues did not convey my email to you. I do not know, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Attached to this email is the draft of a cash Reward poster. It will be released internationally after 22 NOV 2015 if no reply from you is received. Note that a letter sent from a lawyer or some official will guarantee its immediate release.

We (investigators) believe the sum of A$20,000 is highly appropriate given innocent Martin Bryant is now in his 20th cruel year of wrongful imprisonment. And the date of 22 November is significant as on that date in 1996 the criminal of a lawyer John Avery forced Martin – a mentally-handicapped human being (IQ 66) who was isolated in prison for over six months and there coerced – to plead guilty.

Of course Tasmanian officials ignored Martin’s pleas of innocence. (In his outstanding book THE CONVICTION OF THE INNOCENT: How the Law Can Let Us Down, barrister Chester Porter clearly confirms that: “If a person has an IQ of seventy, it is not very difficult” for officials “to persuade him or her to confess to almost anything” p.19. Porter also says false confessions are got out of “persons with a low IQ or who are otherwise mentally infirm” p.32.)

But it seems you would say – fuck that caged circus animal. Please let me know if this is not an accurate description. People around Australia are already describing you in less than flattering terms Mr. Ramage. So now is the time for you to clarify things. You, a Walkley Award winner cannot have anything negative reflecting on yourself. Nor can the Walkley Foundation for Journalism, which is becoming enmeshed in the worst injustice in modern-day Australia.

So, again you are asked to state: 1. What News Corp Australia claimed is the truth, the whole truth. If it is not the truth, you need to state: 2. Who took all the images of your “caged circus animal”; 3. Where exactly were the images taken – where the person you identify stood to operate the camera(s); and. 4. What are the technical specifications (body & lens) of the camera(s) used.

It seems that you are willing to keep an innocent retarded boy-man like a “caged circus animal” forever – or at least until they kill Martin Bryant or allow him to be killed in Risdon Prison. (Then you will probably raise the price of your images for sale.)

As more and more people around Australia are learning, testimony was not given in any court because the State did not want witnesses to give evidence. There is so much exculpatory evidence all charges against patsy Martin Bryant would have collapsed in a trial.

But there was NO trial, NO coronial inquest, NO public enquiry, NO royal commission, NO proper identification, NO forensic proof, NO fingerprints, NO weapon ownership proved, NO complete list of evidence, NO legal defender, and thus NO truth and NO justice. The families, relatives, and friends of all the victims of the official massacre at Port Arthur have never been served justice. And the perpetrators of the official massacre are still free. HARD DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE screams this out.

Learn about the Salzmanns (ASIO handlers?) who knew the gunman but not Martin Bryant. These Salzmanns sat inside the car with the gunman and had a conversation with him. Witnesses at the tollbooth have described this in their statements – statements the State does not want the naive public to know about.

Don’t forget that date of 22 November 2015 – we won’t forget you.


Dr. Keith Allan Noble

Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7, 1030 Vienna, Austria. 43-1-9712401

Author: MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, 2014; 2nd edition; 696 pp.

free pdfs: BIGWORMBOOKS@gmx.net; paperbacks: bookfinder.com

— No copyright on any of these public documents – copy, distribute, email, link, website freely”


    • Dear Media, somebody just posted this to my Youtube page:

      “Not only was Tamerlan Tsarnaev murdered, he was tortured to death. This might convince Governor Baker that an investigation is needed. Of course, this assumes that Baker is willing to deal with the issue, and if he is, he could do more with one honest press conference than with any court case.” [Yay!]

      Sounds good, but if the media attended his press conference would they then broadcast it or suppress it? Anyway, someone might shut off the governor’s microphone. I have heard that all US prexies have a microphone shutter-offer who trails them every day.

      Hey, young media types, it’s up to you. Take the lead. Get us out of this mess. You’ll be gald you did.

  1. I applaud Keith Noble’s attempt, but what can I add. I went through this crap a long time ago with the Council of Civil Liberties, NSW Bar Association, Sport Shooting Association of Australia, various media groups – heaps of gutless individuals and organisations.

    It is the culture, the peer pressure, the group consciousness. The picture of the APC members reminds me of so many of the PC crowd. I would expect that a number of them would support the ding-bat from the Environmental Law function that said “I don’t care if Martin Bryant is innocent, I don’t like guns”.

    The Australian society is brain washed, mind controlled – and the APC turns a blind eye to that media manipulation. It is another phoney front organisation to give the masses the illusion that there is someone, somewhere that will stop the madness.

    ‘Free speech’ my ass, I wonder how they would respond if I was attacked for posting the actual number of Jews that were executed at Auschwitz. Would they hold up their banner of ‘Free Speech’ for my documented revelation from the records of Auschwitz itself?

    I doubt it, but they will hold it up for the gross demonization of a mentally retarded ‘patsy’ that was helping the Police AND who also ran back into a burning building to rescue people he thought were inside. (yeah, PURE EVIL being demonstrated with that decision)

    Western Society is collapsing, the response of the APC is just another small signpost along the way.

    • OK, Terry, as long as we are collapsing (and I believe we are),
      we may as well hear the number of executions at Auschwitz
      (per your “documented revelation from the records of Auschwitz itself”). For ‘legal’ reasons, just categorize it as A, B, or C:

      A — less thn one thousand

      B — between one thousand and one million

      C — more than one million

      • Mary, over 56,000 Jews died in the typhus epidemics. Over 2,600 died in industrial deaths, camp fights, heart attacks, etc. As for the number of Jews that were intentionally executed (mostly for various camp infractions), I wouldn’t want to derail this thread on A topic that isn’t relevant to the discussion on media manipulation.

        • Thanks, Terry, you’re a sport.
          But while we have the APC’s attention (do we?), could you tell us these facts re accountability:

          In what language are the Auschwitz original records kept?

          The Soviets controlled Poland from 1948 to the ’80s — did that chain of custody arouse any doubts in you re the records?

          Do you know of any later legal documents (e.g., insurance payouts, court rulings, or legislative wrap-ups of hearings) that provide the ordinary researcher with figures as to number of deaths by execution in that camp?

          So, to stay on the topic of media manipulation, I want to note that even with clear records, the media can say anything. Of course a historical novel can also skew the record. As can a movie.

          How about all PhD degrees be excised from people who fall for media garbage. Then all Bachelor degrees, all high school diplomas, etc.

          • The records are in German, I read an English translation. The records are apparently available for others to research. I was surprised at some of the ages 60-70-80 year old people who died in the camp.

            The German rail system was a separate bureaucracy (Reichsbahn, I think) and its records of persons moved into and out of the camps correlated to the camp records.

            I would consider the camp records as the ‘best evidence’ of the camp fatalities.

            The issue of people’s belief systems is a complex one. When confronted with evidence that conflicts with their ‘beliefs’ they go into cognitive dissonance and will discount the physical evidence that sits right in front of them. I suppose I have an advantage having been a computer technician who had to work in complex mainframe computer systems down to the component level. You can’t BS a computer, it either works or it doesn’t. Chasing the Boolean algebra through the circuits can lead you up all sorts of dead ends if you hang on to beliefs or assumptions. It was an exceptional education on the use of logic. Oh yeah, I was also a Barrister for over 20 years and I developed a ‘nose’ for BS.

            Sometimes when I discuss Port Arthur with someone, you can see the cognitive dissonance in their eyes – ‘that can’t be true’. I don’t know what the answer is, but a good education would include courses in logic, propaganda and magic tricks.

          • Terry, I home educate all my children and have many long conversations with them about the “black magic” realities
            that operate all about us and how power works. This is key knowledge and must be the foundation of their understanding of how the present world is working.
            By the time they are about 15-16 years old their critical thinking skills are well formed and the teenage/alcohol/relationship issues are almost negligible because their understanding of all the information and peer pressure is mature.
            I doubt the spells over our lives can be broken until very significant numbers of parents break the link with the monopoly power and home educate their children.
            Associating principles apply in the positive as they do in the negative and parental authority is highly respected in a trained controlled home education space and siblings also play a very important role in reinforcing and assisting.
            I trust the truth of things is self evident and attractive to balanced moral minds so we concentrate on the thinking skills above all else aiming at producing independent self contained personalities that also appreciate the value of their fellows.

  2. Hello, Media. At 5.15 on this tape, Ms Haverbeck syas that the Paris rally shows that freedom of speech is precious. You, too, can use your own freedom as individual joournalists.

    Also at 3 minutes, Ms Haverbeck says that the judge in a trial, in Germany, instead of probing for facts, says “It is obvious.” That is what the media provided to all Aussies on April 29, 1996 — the “obviousness” of Martin Bryant’s guilt.
    I see in the Boston Marathon bombing case, the same nonsense: the police shows a video in which we can’t see the boy dropping his bckpack and says “As we see, the boy dropped his backpack.”

    Media, what is your responsibility in this area?


  3. I’d like to address this simple question to journalists: “In the event that a person accused of murder, in Oz, is locked up without a trial, does media sense that it has a special responsibilty to “hash that out,” for the public?”

    Keith Noble has provided me with the names of the Walkley Foundation’s board members. I was surprised that each works for MSM. i would think a couple of laypersons should be there. Anyway, I hereby ask them to please answer the above question.

    Quentin Dempster, presenter StateLine, ABC (member – chair Walkley Board)
    Gina McColl, deputy editor, The Sunday Age (member)
    Philippa McDonald, senior reporter, ABC TV News and Current Affairs (member)
    Laurie Oakes, political editor, Nine Network (appointed Director)
    Christopher Warren, federal secretary, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (member)
    Stuart Washington, senior business reporter, Fairfax Media (member)

  4. Interestingly, some eye-witness reports out of France just now describe an approach very similar to the way the Port Arthur killings were carried out. And for the 911 buffs there appears to already be a blast-proof Visa/Passport involved.

    • It also appears the refugee/migrant camp at Calais has been burnt out. It seems there were heaps of Drills taking place in Paris and wherever during the whole business. Some apparently think the camp was a staging post and the evidence has been destroyed. So there’s nothing new in that.

  5. So when the police spoke to Martin on the phone (it was aired on TV), why didn’t innocent Martin come outside and give himself up when he was told of what happened that day? No, he stayed inside and spoke about making cups of tea for the hostages.

  6. 7.30 Tonight, Nov 15, 2015 near Bondi junction.

    Persons! Could anyone attend this meeting? It costs $10.

    “How To Counteract Terrorism without Infringing on Human Rights.” The 4 panelists are:

    Jihad Dib – that’s his name, he is a member of parliament;
    David Knoll, of Uni NSW Law dep’t;
    Laura Tingle of Canberra Press; and Nick Kaldis.

    Moderated by Rimington, a Walkley winner.

    Sponsored by B’nai B’rith Venue: Emanuel Synagogue Sounds great, I think it is connected to Hillel at Uni
    NSW, that’s where i saw it advertised.

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