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Yes, You Hafta


the age

by Mary W Maxwell

On November 3, 2015 Dee McLachlan wrote a rippin’ mad article at Gumshoe entitled “Derryn Hinch Supports the Washington Syria Script.” Happily, it stirred the readers, who sent in 72 comments.

Christopher Brooks emailed “Hinchi,” the offending journalist, with Dee’s question: “What is your obligation, as a media professional, for furnishing evidence that Assad used chemical weapons — as you say he did?” Hinchi replied “I don’t hafta.” Actually his words were not quite that ungrammatical – I’m paraphrasing.

The title of the article at hand, “Yes, You Hafta,” is my rejoinder to Derryn Hinch and all his colleagues. Yes, you definitely hafta. Is that because the Press Council says so? Stuff the Press Council. Who cares what a whitewash entity says?

(See the APC’s rejection of Keith Noble’s formal complaint about the outrageous slandering of Martin Bryant.)

You hafta because you hafta.  Google for “the Fourth Estate.” You’ll feel nice!

Judges Hafta, Too. Who Ever Said Otherwise?

One of our readers at Gumshoe, a barrister, has said that most judges in Australia know that Martin Bryant (now age 48) is innocent. Of course they do. And what’s more important, they know who is guilty.

They, the judges, need to come forward. Yes, come on; get it over with.  Note: each judge takes home a big salary. I happened to see a document the other day that established the pay in 1922 for South Australian judges at 2,000 pounds a year. That was probably a fortune back then.

Why are judicial pay-packets so pudgy? It’s hush money. Logically, there’d have to be hush money if our Overlords, the cabal, want to stay afloat!

They need judges to look the other way when the Overlords murder 35 people at Port Arthur, for purposes of panicking the public. (Dr Richard Day adumbrated that in his 1969 speech, for Pete’s sake.)

There have to be judges who won’t open their dear mouths – ever – about the deaths in custody of prisoners in Australia, especially Aboriginal men. “Ho hum. You know how it is, that sort of thing happens. Don’t look at me!”

But I am looking at you, Enrobed Ones. You absolutely hafta. And you know it.

How About the Governor General?

It goes against my grain to criticise the GG. I consider the monarchy sacred. That is why we have a king – he or she stands for the right (and in our minds, stands for society). In my view, society and the right are the same thing.

However, the Australian situation is confusing. In Canada, Her Maj is queen and is even the commander-in-chief of Canada’s armed forces (should there still be any of those, après Northcom).

“The Crown” has a role to play in 15 ex-colonial countries. That doesn’t include the ex-colonial country into which I was born, and over which Queen Hillary will reign next year.

Now then, does the Oz Governor General “hafta”? I say yes. How can we claim to have a person occupying an important position and then say “Oh, but it’s a fiction, pay it no mind.” Daftaroonie, right? Let’s think how the GG might help us by manning up to some of our current problems.

The Australia Act of 1986 removed from London the constitution of this country. In other words, the authority of the Australian Constitution now lies somewhere between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, not near the Channel Tunnel.

That’s a help. But where does the GG fit? In Chapter I, Part I, Section 2 of the Constitution, we find:

“A Governor-General appointed by the Queen shall be Her Majesty’s representative in the Commonwealth, and shall have and may exercise in the Commonwealth during the Queen’s pleasure, but subject to this Constitution, such powers and functions of the Queen as Her Majesty may be pleased to assign to him.”

GG – Is You Is, Or Is You Ain’t?

Royal assent is required before any bill can become law. Sounds like a biggie to me. Are there any laws you don’t like, such as the anti-terrorism secret-tyranny bill of 2007?

Or the George Brandis special of 2014 (cf “Bella Vista incident”) that will keep secret all SOG operations?

Oops, was Port Arthur an SOG? Was it “the massacre we had to have”?

Why blame Brandis? Without the Governor General’s signature (Sir Peter Cosgrove), it would’ve been dead in the water. One wonders how a GG decides which bills to approve.

Remember the song by Louis Jordan “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby?” Well, I want to ask Australia’s Governor General: Is you is, or is you ain’t, a leader of this nation? (And, by the way, as commander-in-chief of the ADF, did you advise us to bomb Syria?)

On October 28, 2015, I attended Senator Nick Xenophon’s speech at the Commonwealth Club of Adelaide. He said he might propose that South Australia become a sort of republic. Well, actually he only mentioned “an elected head of state.” This could at least make for discussion of constitutional duties. Yay!

Do Pollies Vaccinate Their Children?

I was told a while ago, by a ‘birdie,’ that some selected parliamentarians have been allowed to pose as Acting Prime Minister for 24 hours, only in order to claim it as an enhancer of their superannuation package. (What, we may ask, is an elected person doing getting a ‘retirement’ allowance of any kind?)

I promised I would check on it. The Remuneration Tribunal told me to ask someone else. I didn’t (yet) because I haven’t got the heart to find out if it’s true. Whaddya reckon? Would any of them do that? I don’t know.

Anyway it’s only money, but passing a bill that says vax-evaders lose their Centrelink payment is not. Forced vaccination must be – at the very least – the crime of assault.

Senator and Reps: you hafta. You hafta repeal that legislation immediately.


All of you, you hafta because you hafta. I don’t think I can be any more specific than that.

Oh wait, I can offer an “incentive”:

You hafta, because not to would be to engage in fraud or cover-up or other obstruction of justice and you don’t want to spend the next few years in Risdon Prison, or other suitable place of punishment, do you?

With or without the chocolate.

— Mary W Maxwell would like media persons to curl up with a copy of her book “Truth in Journalism,” co-authored by Dee McLachlan. She invites judges to become entranced by the chapter on Judicial Treason in her book “Fraud Upon The Court.” She can be reached at maryWmaxwell.com




  1. The only way a Judge will come forward would be if he has terminal cancer and he has no family to think of beyond his own mortality. Such is the world we now live in.

    A bit like the former Italian PM who, riddled with the big C blew the whole whistle on 911…………but…..what would he know, must have brain mets etc etc.

    I suspect that many of what we (almost) know to be truths would not be accepted by many even if they saw it in the Herald/Sun/Bolt’s website. Like I said earlier Mary, hate becomes its own opiate.

    • Paul, if “A” can’t come ’round becuase of her hate opiate, that’s OK. We don’t need everybody, just a happy few.
      If those around her started to ‘believe,’ she would feel left out. And she wouldn’t have enuf steam to keep the hate story going!

      Re the judges, same deal. If one or two did it, others would say “Gee that wasn’t so hard, was it.”

      Re protecting one’s family members, i agree that that’s the key.
      It’s bad for the cabal that I am a nulliparous widder-woman.

      Still, re fracking and that sort of thing, don’t the parents of young kids feel that if they DON”T risk doing something, their kids are going to have to pay ten dollars a glass for drinking water?

      • Carrot and stick, bribe and blackmail. Works like a charm everywhere. If someone decent sneaks in there’s always that history of depression or that flight that took off in bad weather or the “Boston” brakes fitted to the hackable new car.

        • Well, now that you speak of it, Paul, I think i went down the wrong track at the end of my article, i “threatened” the judges, media, pollies and GG with their being caught out and punished by their underlings (such as myself). The far greater likelihood
          is that their “overlings,” having used their services, will dump them from a helicopter, or whatever it is they do with old, dispensable servants.
          I often wonder how even the fairly high players like Hillary or Rummy have come to believe that they would be protected. Surely they have all been thoroughly taught that promises are meant to be broken.

          • Furthermore, Paul, recalling my 4-Part essay “Selfishness and Human Dependence,” I wish to say: don’t label me ‘decent.’
            I am Forever Mammal and, no matter how many articles I may churn out about, say, making the world a better place for Martin Bryant, it is always Number One’s welfare and survival that I am angling for.

  2. Mary, this question of accountability and how we can give practical effect to bringing accountability to issues, policies and understanding is in my view the core of our challenge.

    Almost all petitioning and challenging actions against error and crimes of power will ultimately come down to interrogating our, and others, responsibility to seek out and rely upon in our thinking and action calculations, the highest integrity of information and methodology of critical thinking.

    On the surface this seems so basic and obvious it does not even enter most conversation space due to the unconscious limits placed on the acceptable boundaries of subjects and policy by the dominating “ideology”.

    Just yesterday I was wrestling this issue with Anna Vidot who is a national rural journalist based in Canberra.
    I had spoken with her and sent some reference approximately a month previous following a report she compiled on trade agreements.
    I was following up my information and challenge.
    I had achieved a good impact explaining “money realities” and how the common discussion was incredibly flawed once we take a fully honest account of all relevant factors.
    My proposition was naturally drawing attention to the evidenced reality of our political and economic architecture that must be accounted if we are to fully evaluate the motivations, purpose and certain outcomes that will flow from the policy of monopoly that is central to all our current policies.
    The challenging negotiation is to apply every ounce of ability towards presenting a cocktail of intellectually seductive persuasion mixed with a rock firm logical expectation that no person in public life has the luxury to escape full accountability.

    Predictably, Anna squirmed and dodged with all the plays I have heard a thousand times. Because I am holding all the information high ground the force of reason and logic builds behind my point of view in relation to the time I can convince her to surrender to our discussion.
    Realistically, a national journalist like Anna is a hard egg to crack but our discussion was very civil and lasted long enough for me to take the ground out from under her initial view.

    There are millions of adult minds associating in a complexity of influence just in our Nation alone.
    The intensity of the light of truth that shines upon our affairs depends principally upon the generating effort of individuals prepared to always carry and shine their torch into the darkness.
    This is a simplistic account of what I consider is a very complex element of our associating reality that must be approached with the same focused precision as an engineer or mathematician.

    Yes Mary, we must have the habit of encouraging all our fellows, particularly public responsible actors, with the demand that “You Hafta” be fully accountable and never come to class unless your homework has been thoroughly completed.

    • From official US gov’t report by Taguba on Abu Ghraib:

      “Breaking chemical lights and pouring the phosphoric liquid on detainees; pouring cold water on naked detainees; beating detainees with a broom handle and a chair; threatening male detainees with rape; allowing a military police guard to stitch the wound of a detainee who was injured after being slammed against the wall in his cell; sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick, and using military working dogs to frighten and intimidate detainees with threats of attack, and in one instance actually biting a detainee.”

      No later accountability, other than court-martial of Sgt Graner.

      Same with abuse in domestic prisons. Same with MK-Ultra.
      No one is held accountable. Who’s fault is that? Ours.

      How about the death of Ibraghim Todashev in Florida by an FBI “investigator”. He, and perhaps all FBI men have apparently been assured that they can kill and get away with it.

      Note: NSW police chief has just stated that his men are now receiivng FBI-style training. (Page 9 of Nov 17 Advertiser)

  3. More On Hinch
    Hold your horses, everybody. I just heard from Cherri Bonney. She tried to recruit Hinchi for the cause of Bryant’s innocence and he (Derryn Hinch) was oh so chivalrous, He called her “Stupid Delusional Idiotic And very Brazen to say that Martin Bryant wasn’t the gunman.”

    Hinch also claimed he had interviewed some women just after the Massacre (maybe that answers Dee’s question as to Hinchi’s participation in the famed Media Conference in Hobart that coincided with the massacre).

    He says those women saw Martin Bryant with the gun and shooting at people. (Keith Noble picks apart every one of the many witnesses, bad and good, in his book “Mass Murder.”
    (Big book — you could pull a muscle lifting it. Free download, though.)

    Cherri has organized a petition to the premier of Tasmania, so she can’t be Stupid, can she.
    But as for Brazen I think I side with Hinchi on that one.

    Go, Cherri!

    • If you want to get a job on ABC radio, or at The Age, you can train yourself on how to give insults and derision to the public by listening carefully to this Jon Faine put-down of a caller. It is simply remarkable how he does it.
      “The best defense is an offense”, eh, Jon?

      • What a f&ckwitt! This Faine scum is the epitome of maggitry, i couldn’t even listen to 60 seconds of it without my blood boiling. I am not a sadistic person but i want him to die just like anyone would like a cancer cell in their body to die!!!!! Maybe he’s playing for the cabal, or he is truly that stupid and ignorant, don’t care, he was absolutely an so utterly rude such atrociousness and repugnance i still want him to leave Earth asap.

        • The scumbag Faine’s true colours came out when Malcolm Fraser told the truth about the USS Liberty on his program. Faine was totally discombobulated – with Fraser being an ex-PM it meant Faine couldn’t use his normal instincts and colourful digest of savage insults and this left him at quite a loss for words.

          • A crewman of the USS liberty wrote to Faine describing how the brave IDF forces attacked the Liberty for two hours murdering about 30 sailors. Even straffing the rafts launched in expecation of having to disembark. The israeli torpedo boats, helicopters then departed leaving the ship and crew to their fate.
            Clearly one can conclude that the original intention was to murder all survivors AND SINK THE SHIP SO EGYPT WOULD BE BLAMED AND THE US WOULD ATTACK Egypt.
            His name is Joe meadors from the USS Liberty organisation.
            Too much detail to mention here, a search will disclose the mass murders and act of war that the ABC continues, to cover up and lie to the world.
            Faine and the ABC ignored Meadors’ correspondence. ( he sent me copies) So to did the jewish times (? Title, but based in Bondi Junction) the paper had headed: ‘Shame Fraser’,
            Gerard Henderson from the Sydney ‘institute’ (not joking!) INSULTED Fraser for his exposure that the attack was DELIBERATE in the press last January.
            So for Faine.
            So for the Jewish times/news.
            So for ‘our’ , allegedly, ABC,
            So for the Sydney INSTITUTE.
            Now we know where bullshit and lies reside.

  4. re vaccines.. before any sort of medical intervention, a patient must be able to make an “informed choice” and to do that, they must be made aware of any and all, benefits AND risks.

    There is only ever one side of the story that our media tells us regarding vaccines, but because more and more people are able to find information online these days..


    they want to punish us, and make it mandatory. shame shame shame

    • Can a thousand mothers be wrong?
      See British website Followingvaccinations.com.
      A typical example: (Note: DPT= diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus)

      “Fiona Cargius, had DPT at 8 months, was hospitalised with a rash, temperature, had MMR at 13 months, had rash, temperature, lost all vocalisation, now severely autistic, non-verbal, ulcerative colitis and has history of seizures. (Wrexham)”

      See lengthy discussion in my book Consider the Lilies, which is a free download at maryWmaxwell.com. See the Exhibits A-E.

  5. I hope someone finds this interesting.
    ‘Jordan Maxwell on Paris Attacks, Friday the 13th , The Knights Templar and More’…
    Just the first 10 mins. is informative.

  6. I have been waiting for someone to argue against my licentious presentation of the GG’s role. Is he is or is he ain’t a national leader? Most people think: ain’t. It’s only a ceremonial role.

    I admittedly am trying to hold him to more. For instance, I’m trying to ‘blame’ Sir Peter Cosgrove for the recent decision to bomb Syria. I am aware that this is out on a limb. The website of Australia’s Governor-General says:

    “Under Section 68 of the Constitution, the Governor-General is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Australian Defence Force, although in practice he or she acts only on the advice of Ministers of the Government. The Minister for Defence is responsible for Australia’s defence policy.”

    Um, could someone tell me why that which occurs “in practice” deviates from what is said in plain English? You can’t get much plainer English that “commander-in-chief.” Whom does he command – no one?

    In America, by contrast – and I am not saying this should be Australia’s way – the president is commander-in-chief and can make any and all decisions about the conduct of war. (He never does, since George Washington’s day, but legally he can.)

    In the US, the cabinet post of Secretary of Defense has no parliamentary base. That person is not elected. He runs the Pentagon, as it were. He certainly can’t decide to go to war, as the US Constitution explicitly gives the war-declaring job to Congress.

    In Oz, the Defence Minister is answerable to the Prime Minister. How does this allow for a military role of a GG as commander in chief to come into it?

    I am, granted, ignorant, but I also don’t get it. Do we have a queen or not? Please explain.

    • From what I’ve just been reading, he’s also a Freemason and a Big Blot who shouldn’t be in the position. Canberra it would seem is infested with them. I wonder if the goat on the roof has an apron?

    • I’ve heard it said that Australia has not had a valid Constitution since 1919 and our acceptance as in independent country into the League of Nations. The Constitution accepted at the turn of last century was for a self-governing colony of the Crown, not for an independent Nation-State, which had to be our recognized status to qualify our entry into the League. Does anyone here have anything about this? Does the GG represent the Crown or a Corporation?

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