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Why the Kennedy Assassination is Still Important



By James O’Neill*

Last Sunday, the 22nd November, was the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States.  It was an anniversary that passed without note in our mainstream media.  A conference held in Melbourne over the weekend attracted zero media attention, despite the attendance, in person or by video link, of some of the most important names in JFK assassination research.

Why should we be concerned?  After all, it was more than half a century ago and all the major players of the time have mostly died.  I suggest we should be concerned because the Kennedy assassination marked a turning point in American history and established a pattern that has recurred in multiple “deep” events ever since, up to and including the latest terrorist atrocities in Egypt, Syria, France and elsewhere.

I won’t traverse the details of the assassination itself.  No serious researcher believes the Warren Commission fairytale of Lee Harvey Oswald as the “lone nut” gunman (a favoured meme of the mainstream media).  Those who still seek to uphold the Warren Commission are unlikely to be persuaded now.  Those who have long rejected the Warren Commission will be familiar with the extensive excellent research literature available to the genuinely interested, including seminal work by Jim de Eugenio, James Douglass, Peter Dale Scott and others.

What is of particular interest in 2015 is the extent to which the mainstream media will go to suppress the real evidence; promote absurd “revelations” as SBS did last year in promoting the “accidental” shooting of Kennedy by a Secret Service agent in a car following the presidential limousine; and the persistent defaming of those who point out, for example, the scientific impossibilities of the official explanations of deep events as “conspiracy theorists”.  A term incidentally, promoted by the CIA as Lance de Haven Smith has shown, from the 1960s as a means of discrediting those who were drawing uncomfortable inferences about the CIA’s role in the Kennedy killing.

Buildings falling at free fall speed (9/11); magically impregnable passports (7/7 in London, 11/13 in Paris; energy deficits in projecting steel beams, pyroclastic clouds and powderisation of concrete are only a few of the huge number of anomalies that David Ray Griffin and others have detailed as essential components of deep events.  Even when official agencies such as the FBI refute these, as with Barbara Olsen’s alleged lengthy cell phone conversation with her husband before the alleged crash of Flight 93 into the Pentagon, the media simply ignore it.

Just as they ignored the civil trial brought by the King family against the State of Tennessee and others in 1999, alleging responsibility of the State and other government agencies for the death of Martin Luther King, what one might have thought would be the trial of the century was ignored by the media.  William Pepper’s book Act of State gives all the details.  Suffice to say here that after a three-week trial with 70 witnesses the jury took only a few hours to find for the plaintiffs.  Yet our media still promotes the James Earl Ray fantasy in the same vein as Lee Harvey Oswald.

Sherry Feister, a long time prosecutor and expert in ballistics, blood spatter, trajectory analysis and anatomical reactions to being shot was one of the Melbourne presenters.  Her data should have been on the front page of every newspaper in Australia.  Her data, based on rigorous scientific evidence, shows conclusively that Kennedy was shot from the front by a high-powered rifle, by a gunman standing at the south end of the Dallas Plaza overpass.

Multiple medical witnesses at Parkland Hospital and Bethesda corroborated her expert analysis, based on ballistics, rigorous mathematical calculations and all the other components of a real investigation.  When then, in the face of this overwhelming evidence, that the official Warren Commission story cannot be true, does the mainstream media persist in lying to us and concealing evidence?

The answer, I suggest, is beguilingly simple.  The media does not exist as a vehicle for examining the truth, or posing tough questions, or even meeting its own purported objective of informing citizens, as they are entitled to be informed in a true liberal democracy.

They exist, rather, as agents of the very forces that control our industry, our financial sector, and the huge military-intelligence-information industries that promote the narrow interests of a tiny fraction of the population.

Kennedy stood up to those forces, graphically described by his predecessor Eisenhower in his farewell address in January 1961 as the “military-industrial complex.”  Eisenhower would not recognise the behemoth that this has become, where interlocking ownerships and directorships of the major media and armament companies ensure what Gore Vidal called ‘perpetual war for perpetual profit.’

It was the major reason, as Douglass demonstrates, why Kennedy was killed.  His commencement speech in June 1963 at American University and the signing of the National Security Directive to withdraw American troops from Vietnam were effectively the signing of his own death warrant.  It is also the major reason why every American President since Kennedy, without exception, has embarked on successive wars, assassinations of foreign leaders, coups, invasions and the destruction of civil societies in more than 70 countries in the post world war 2 era alone.

Syria is merely the latest victim in a long line.  Assad was a marked man the day he refused the American request for Syria to be part of the Qatari pipeline that was part of the overall strategy to destroy Russia by replacing Russian gas to Europe with Qatari gas.  If Syria falls to the US, Israeli, Turkish and Saudi trained, financed, supported, and protected forces of ISIS, have no doubt that Iran is next in the firing line.  Iraq, Iran and Syria are way stations en route to the much bigger prizes of Russia and China.  The TPP and the TTIP are similarly vehicles aimed at the destruction of Russia and China and with the considerable side benefit of greatly enriching American corporations.

At the recent G20 meeting in Turkey the Russian President Putin presented the assembled leaders with evidence as to the identity of ISIS’s backers, including members of the G20.  The western media failed to report those revelations.  To do so would have raised awkward questions that did not fit the official narrative.

The Russians, in Syria lawfully, unlike Australia, the US and France, bombed the convoys of oil trucks Putin had told the G20 were heading for the Turkish border (where Erdogan’s son runs the company that buys the oil for onward transmission).  The western media did not convey that information either.

Russian video of their planes bombing the convoys was shown on PBS television in the US.  The accompanying commentary however, suggested that it was American planes that were doing the bombing!  Russia wasn’t mentioned.  Also missing from the PBS commentary was that American planes and satellites had failed to detect these convoys in the preceding 12 months when the US was allegedly bombing ISIS targets.

Malcolm Turnbull has thus far resisted the deranged demands of former Prime Minister Abbott and former Defence Minister Andrews for Australian “boots on the ground” in Syria.  It is to be fervently hoped that he will continued to resist such urging.

Australia has a fundamental lesson to learn.  We cannot as a nation continue to be a part of the madness that has inflicted western foreign policy for the past several decades.

The circulation figures show that the mainstream media has a steadily diminishing readership.  More people now derive their news and informed commentary from the alternative, largely Internet based, media than ever before.  That carries with it the real prospect that a change in foreign policy can be achieved as an ever increasing proportion of the population reject the self-serving and fundamentally dishonest narratives served up by the mainstream media.  They have lied, obfuscated, misled and withheld information for too long to be likely to change now.

It is therefore all the more important that we maintain and foster an independent media, which will surely come under attack as a threat to the previous information monopoly of the mainstream.  Our very survival as a species may depend upon it.

*Barrister at Law.  He may be contacted at joneill@qldbar.asn.au


  1. There is a tear jerking article on the reasons for and the consequences of the killing of JFK at the ‘Dave Hodges common sense show’ site.
    I commend it to everyone and particularly to the ‘whore’ mongering mass media and our suckered ‘whore’ mongering spivy politicians.
    When will Australia have our own Kennedy to replace the Rothschild et. al. killers?
    I do not recognise any of our federal politicians with the potential for taking up the challenge.
    Time to filter out Canberra.
    ‘If peaceful revolution is made impossible then violent revolution is inevitable’ [JFK]
    Fascinating programme last night on the power of the mass media to cause and manipulate politicians and the suckered media public into war.
    Not sure whether ABC or SBS but it is some program that has a series on geniuses and shakers etc.
    It followed a program on the Wright brothers and the complexities of their aircraft design, only to lose to an opponent who produced aircraft for warfare in WW1 on direction by the US government for the ‘war effort’. (Profits!)
    The following program followed the tussle by Pulitzer against Hurst for print media domination.
    In short; Hurst dramatised the sinking of the USS Maime (sp?) in Havana Harbour in about 1896.
    They lied and had the public demanding war with Spain. …. All based on lies and suppositions. To match the Hurst readership, Pulitzer swallowed his prior principe a and matched the Hurst baying for blood.
    So what has changed? Wmds anyone?
    Clearly we have very slow witted and thick gullible politicians and a mass media with decades of blood and misery on their hands
    Time to take heed of Kennedy’s visions mass media and you also, Mr. Turnbull and crew .
    The public are awakening Mr Rothschild to you and your spiv lying shock jocks and killing for power and profit with the banker mates.
    Was it Mrs. Rothschild who is reported as stating: ‘ if I did not have five sons, there would have been no world war?

  2. The biggest reason why the JFK murder still matters is because an absolutely shocking number of names connected to that crime also show up years later connected to 9/11. If I had superb video making skills my most important project would be graphically showing how these names migrated around in the American business, government, and think tank power structures over the years to bring us the most traumatic events in our history, 38 years apart. Read _JFK – Why He Died and Why it Matters_ and then read _Another Nineteen – Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects_, in that order. You will then “get it” that these seemingly distant events are inextricably linked.

  3. A few days ago it seems, Cern blew a gasket or some such thing. Huge explosion blew a hole in the side of it.
    ‘Cern melt down cover up. Sgt. Daniel Brad Mac Bolen (Bases Edit)’ Typing that in should get you there..
    Appears to be a whole new thing on Mind Control.

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