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Ditto Mr Costello – We Do Have a Duty to Ask the TOUGH Questions


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Peter Costello was Australia’s Treasurer from 1996 to 2007 (during the Howard Government). Since leaving Parliament in 2009, he has served as Chairman of the Independent Advisory Board to the World Bank in Washington, is a Director of the Nine Entertainment Corporation, Chairman of the Future Fund (with $100 billion), and has a column in The Age.

His article in yesterdays’s Age was entitled: We have a duty to ask the tough questions on Islam and terrorism.”

Firstly, let me quote his article:

“The World Trade Centre 2001, the Bali bombings 2002, the Australian embassy in Jakarta 2004, Madrid railway station 2004, the London Underground 2005, the Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai 2008, Charlie Hebdo, the Parramatta police station, the Bataclan Theatre in Paris — I could go on but you get the picture.

And the picture is not that all this is the work of Islamic State. Most of those jihadi attacks preceded IS. They were organised by different groups — al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba in India, Jemaah Islamiah in Indonesia — but they all had one thing in common.”


“All these attacks are coming from people who subscribe to one religion, which is not Catholic or Protestant or Jewish or Buddhist or Yazidi. Plainly it has something to do with Islam.”

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Yes Peter – we do have a duty to ask the tough questions. So let’s begin asking them.

Did you know Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan was a CIA invention?

Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as a counselor to Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966–1968 and held the position of United States National Security Advisor to President Carter from 1977 to 1981, told us that the US (the CIA) created al-Qaeda as a geopolitical weapon. (Read here and here)

You mention 9/11, and your online article even has the iconic image of “United Airlines Flight 175” flying into the South Tower.

Next tough question: Who was really in control of flights – 11, 175, 77, 93? The evidence does not point to Arab (Islamic) pilots, and they cannot account for the collapse of Building 7.

Did you know that a third skyscraper – almost the height of the Rialto – just “came down” at 5.20 that afternoon?

The building was not hit by a plane, it had limited fires, but it just collapsed, partly in free fall – imitating a demolition event. This tough question is buried by the media, and the paper you write for does not have the guts to investigate the facts. If you look at the science, you can only conclude that 19 Arabs could not have pulled off 9/11. Just impossible.

Have you heard of Peter Power?

On the 7th of July, the day of the London bombings, a security-related company, Visor Consultants, had been commissioned to carry out an emergency drill for simultaneous bombings at 9 am – at Edgware, Aldgate and Piccadilly stations. These were the exact locations effected by the explosions. The head of Visor Consultants, Peter Power, disclosed this on radio and TV. (Listen to him here saying ““The Hairs On My Neck Are Standing Upright” because of this extraordinary coincidence.)

You see Peter (Costello), a false flag event often is planned alongside a drill. On 9/11 too, there were drills matching the real world. (Read here)

Have you heard Retired General Wesley Clark’s memo revelations (when he visited the Pentagon just after 9/11)?  This once Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO (1997 to 2000) revealed in 2007 the the plan’ to destroy 7 countries in 5 years. Yes — they planned the destruction of seven countries, “…starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”  (Listen here)

You and your Canberra comrades fell for the political LIE and joined the geopolitical plan to destroy Iraq (and eventually the birth of ISIS).

Your article is essentially about “Religions are not all the same,” and you reference Dr Mark Durie’s article in the The Australian that says in Islam “There are three choices: conversion, surrender, or the sword.”

You write:

“So what we need from the Islamic scholars is to tell us, and more importantly to tell would-be jihadis, why these difficult sections of the Koran and the Hadiths are not to be taken literally and not to be followed today.”

How dare you criticise Islamic scholars when you were part of the most terrible plot that destroyed an entire nation of approximately 30 million – leaving a million plus dead. We watched on the nightly news the appalling and unnecessary “war games” that we were all part of. You, John Howard and others should be answering the tough questions in a court over the war crimes that were committed in Iraq. 

You write:

“After each atrocity, complacent political leaders trot out the same platitudes…  ”

Politicians and the mainstream media do trot out the same platitudes – the same “Washington/Canberra/London” script. But you all fail to ask what is behind the (once) fraudulent war on terror.

Your article is obviously is inspired by the recent atrocities in Paris – by ISIS. So–

Next tough question:  Who is behind ISIS?

Barrister James O’Neill has written about ISIS for Gumshoe. His excellent article – ISIS as the instrument of foreign policy.

Peter, it is the West that has systematically destroyed countries for geopolitical gain. Many of the Islamic Jihadists were just “guns for hire”. It is Neocon thinking (or those directing the Neocon thinking) that operates on the THREE CHOICES for control: conversion, surrender, or the sword (war).

In this article, on Wanttoknow (sourced here), “The Covert Origins of ISIS” is explained.

“The Libyan revolution… was portrayed as an extension of the Arab Spring, and NATO involvement was framed in humanitarian terms.

The fact that the CIA was actively working to help the Libyan rebels topple Gaddafi was no secret…” and

“After Gaddafi was overthrown, the Libyan armories were looted and massive quantities of weapons were sent by the Libyan rebels to Syria.”

“—the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is working with Al-Nusra, Al-Nusra is working with ISIS, and the U.S. has been sending money and weapons to the FSA (even though they’ve known since 2012 that most of these weapons were ending up in the hands of extremists).”

As U.S. Air Force General Tom McInerney said, “…we helped build ISIS.” (see video here)

Peter, you are not even close to asking the tough questions. You wallow in your politico-pension and corporate benefits, and now you write for the mainstream media that refuses to debate the tough questions. It is shameful.

There is so much to cover, but as you said “I could go on but you get the picture.” I too could go on. But you get the picture.


  1. You, John Howard and others should be answering the tough questions in a court over the war crimes that were committed in Iraq.
    I’ll second that motion!
    My tough question ……..Are you, Costello, another complicit war criminal …..or just a complete dumbsh*t !!

  2. Treasurer, the person in charge of the Treasury – that place where they keep the treasure.

    This is the same clown that sold off Australia’s gold for a pittance because it was a ‘barbaric relic’. I’m surprised the guy can even tie his shoes.

    • ooops… jumped the gun..

      “I was intrigued by this story, so I bought a 1999 first edition, FIRST PRINTING, of this book. The reference to 9/11 isn’t there. On page 22, we have, ‘It was a pity that there weren’t more like him at the Bureau, instead of the clone bureaucrats who were too afraid to do anything that hadn’t been sanctioned for at least a decade. I hated it when I saw it, prayed I wouldn’t turn out to be like that in the years to come. MAYBE I HAD A CHANCE NOT TO BE, IN THE COUNTER-TERRORISM SECTION. THE BUREAUCRATS DID THEIR THING IN WASHINGTON, BUT IN THE FIELD, THE RULES FELL AWAY. You were there on your own, or at least you were if you were on the ground with a terrorist group in Tunisia.’

      I also e-mailed Ms Coulter to ask her about the original report. She replied that she had added the 9/11 stuff in 2003-4, in order to make later printings more current.

      Karen Rice
      Scholars for 9/11 Truth ”

      sorry.. carry on…

  3. I’m sure Costello knows all or most of this, but I do sometimes wonder at which point their soul leaves the building never to be allowed back.

  4. http://www.petercostello.com.au/

    Greetings Peter Costello,

    This correspondence is public.

    I read your recent article, ‘We have a duty to ask the tough questions’.

    What about the well evidenced deeper political realities at the root of Islamism?

    Why has your analysis ignored the dimensions explained by Nabil Naeem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEuJ5v3AbJg

    I could table a mountain of documents that evidence the collaborating association between the Islamist brands and Western intelligence communities and objectives.

    I invite your response to the implications of the political architecture outlined by Nabil in this interview.

    If you believe Nabil is not qualified could you give some reasoning?

    Christopher Brooks

  5. So The Age is at it again.
    Recently it put up poor gullible Dumerryn and now they throw Poor Peter into the lions den. Pity the lions!
    Time for anyone considering submitting anything to The Age to carry out due diligence and research their topic competently.
    Love to read an article from John Winston Howard explaining his reported ’embarrasement’ that has led to a few million dead and refugees flowing out of the countries he helped destroy over the last 14 years and resulting in the Muslim ‘invasion” of Europe as planned and sponsored by George Soros and his globalist fascist brigade to rid the world of the sovereignty of countries with borders creating social distrust, conflict and mayhem.
    ‘Problem, reaction, solution’!
    Come on Johnie, we want to read it for the history books.
    Please also tell us Johnie; what product does Janet use to polish up that medal of freedom hung around your neck by George Bush, for his “man of steel’.

      • Could be; ‘a man of steal’? (No flesh no soul)
        As JWH (and his cabinet) belonged to Bush.
        What is the difference?
        You may look up the picture/video of a grinning Howard, as Bush puts the noose, oops, the ribbon, over Howard’s neck.
        Bit like ‘bridling’ a mule.
        The Age should produce a winners medal for its usual selection of mules to compete for the ‘Wankleys’ awards under the deception, whoremongers and lies category.

      • Second attempt at reply. In short.
        As JWH (and the cabinet) was and is, owned by the USA and those who own/control the USA, JWH was ‘HIS’, (And theirs)
        GWB had no need to state ‘my’.

        • Ned dear, remember in 1990 when some spoiled brats in Kuwait said “We don’t need to fight Saddam, we’ve got our American slaves.”?

          You might have thought that would cause a bit of a mutiny in the US Army, but nope.

  6. Funny, the truth leaks out slowly, verifying who the masters were of the previous politicians Governing Australia. We all know much of this, it’s all OLD news, we should instead be concentrating on what’s being done RIGHT NOW, what deals are being struck, with whom, and at what cost to Australians.
    We should be focusing on SITTING members and the words that come out of their mouths, who they rub shoulders with, and why, remembering the whole time the actions of the past politicos who sold us all, down the drain for thirty pieces of silver.
    It would appear, after a few tiny releases in the MSM regarding the Transpacific Trade Agreement, it seems to have slipped off the radar, and Australians have slipped back into their deep slumber, pretending everything is Hunky Dory.
    In the meantime, the politicians are working night and day to male it happen, and no one says BOO.
    The apathy of Australians, is indeed, self destructive.

    • ‘….. Sitting members….!
      And which interests finance them and those msm journo and shock Jock prostitutes who run them for the election charade. I include the ‘Greens’.

      • Bob Brown was a good senator during the 1999 MAI crisis. You should check Hansard to see thunbelievable abuse he took on the floor of Parliament.

        For trying to spare Australia from the ravages of a TPP sort of thing. Yay Bob!

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