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The Building 7 “Cold Case” Crime is Not Going Away


Matt Campbell lost his brother in the WTC towers. He contributed to Gumshoe with this article The Myth of the Alleged 19 Muslim Hijackers. He forwarded me the link to the film below – made by coppers and fire fighters for coppers and fire fighters. Support the film here.

Dr. Hulsey –  a professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and the Chair of UAF’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering – with his team of Ph.D. research assistants have begun a two-year modeling study of WTC 7. They’ll use sophisticated computer models and will evaluate the probability of various hypothetical causes of WTC 7’s collapse. Trailer source from here.





  1. Can”t wait to see that Dr Karl provide his enlightenment on the video and ‘our’ ABC and their man; ‘there is nothing to debate’, Faine have a go.
    Great fun, pulling wings off nincompoops.
    Perhaps our dumerryn might give us another enlightened article for that msm Fairfax lot and claim that the official government 911 mass murder conspiracy theory is not tin foil hatter’s unscientific fantasy.

  2. Absolutely amazing, that it’s taken so long for the Americans to see the wood for the trees. Amazing. However, there is a video clip that was published at the time, (may still have a copy myself, need to dig deep look for it) of Silverstein admitting he ordered the pulling of the building. No one at the time, persued that statement and/or the implications of it.
    For example, to “pull” a building would take days, if not weeks of thorough planning to place explosives appropriately to allow the free fall of the building. Yet, not one person ever asked when the planning for this began, and when the placing of the charges was done. There, in it’self, is the evidence of complicity of the Government and Silverstein, in the murder of it’s American citizens.
    And of course we have the “other missing piece the ANTHRAX attack”. Does anyone even remember that ? To this day, innocent people were hounded, and some committed “Allegedly” suicide to escape the pressure, thereby leaving in limbo the accusations. However, some folks with a little intestinal fortitude, maintained the pressure, and eventually the accused was discovered to be totally innocent, thus the investigation then focused on another unfortunate victim who ultimately received millions in compensation for being falsely accused. The investigation, still, to this day, has not found who the culprits were, but they have conceded, the Anthrax could only have come from a secret Government facility.
    Be that as it may, the question needs to be asked, “why was the anthrax sent to Congress members in the first instance ?”
    Could it be, this was a warning, to all members, “leave things alone, stop asking questions,we can get you anywhere, anytime should you rock the boat.
    History reveals, it worked a treat.

    • I doubt the Insiders would have killed those Congressmen with anthrax in an envelope. It could have been baby powder or confectioner’s sugar.

      As I recall, this “attack” on Congress caused Capitol Hill to close down. Hence no legislatin’.

      Yes, thanks Eddy and Ned.

      • Mary, the anthrax ‘attack’ was real, here’s a page on it – http://911research.wtc7.net/post911/terror/anthrax.html

        Now for a bit of an interesting story. I was in Hawaii at a military installation about 10 days after 9-11 when I ran into a spook that had been in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. We hit it off and had an interesting conversation when no one else was around. He told me about a ‘contact’ of his that worked at Ft. Detrick and that there was going to be an anthrax attack.

        We speculated as to what the targets were going to be. Since it was weaponised anthrax, we assumed it was going to be deployed in places like train stations or airport terminals.

        The fact it was later sent to select members of Congress and the media in order to intimidate them showed it wasn’t a real attack using the anthrax’s capabilities. It was just another dog and pony show psy-op – by the usual actors.

        • Terry, I quote the last paragraph of the item you linked:

          “Just one month after Hatfill was exonerated, the FBI threatened to charge Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, a US government microbiologist and vaccinologist for 36 years and senior biodefense researcher at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) in Fort Detrick, with involvement in the anthrax attacks. The FBI had been investigating Ivins since late 2006, and according to his lawyer he had been cooperating. Ivans reportedly committed suicide by taking an overdose of acetominophen and codeine. On August 6, 2008, the FBI and the Justice Department declared that the case had been solved.”

          Just one of those suicides…
          Terry, you agree with me that no real anthrax was mailed to Congress? and i would assume the postal workers who died also died of something else disguisd as anthrax. The peeps who most suffered were the military who had to take ridiculous anti-anthrax shots. Terry, can u comment on that? As you are still walking the earth I presume you did not get too many Army vaccinations.

          • OOps, I add this:
            By Joby Warrick
            Washington Post Staff Writer
            Saturday, February 20, 2010
            “The Justice Department officially ended its eight-year investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks Friday with the release of hundreds of pages of documents that starkly portray the mental unraveling of the deceased Army scientist accused of committing the worst act of bioterrorism in U.S. history.”


          • This is from Wikipedia, if you know what I mean:

            “On September 17, 2008, Senator Patrick Leahy told FBI Director Robert Mueller during testimony before the Judiciary Committee which Leahy chairs, that he did not believe Army scientist Bruce Ivins acted alone in the 2001 anthrax attacks, stating:
            ‘I believe there are others involved, either as accessories before or accessories after the fact. I believe that there are others out there. I believe there are others who could be charged with murder.[150] ‘
            Tom Daschle, the other Democratic senator targeted, believes Ivins was the sole culprit.”

            I would like to point out that the House of Reps can impeach any federal officer, including, of course, FBI. — MM

          • I wasn’t privy to the medical reports, but from everything I’ve read, they did use the anthrax from Ft Detrick.

            Considering the source of my ‘heads-up’ notice, the theft of the anthrax was not done years earlier, but was likely in the first week after 9-11.

      • Mary, there was legislation and it was the patriot act. Those who opposed it received the anthrax.
        Reports on all this are over a decade ago.

        • Of the 100 senators, 98 voted for the Patriot Act on October 24, 2001. Mary Landireu abstained and the one “Nay” came from Russ Feingold. The other 98 creatures said “Go for it.”
          (I am grabbibg that info from Educate-Yourself-dot.com. Will verify later at Thomas.gov.)

          I stand corrected by Ned as to the closing of the Hill.

      • Mary, it’s nice to see, that you have missed the point entirely of the anthrax threat. It proves there’s still humanity within you.
        However, the physcopathic people in charge of the World, do not share this trait, and know very well, the simple THREAT would be enough to ensure everyone else toes the line. The fact that some folks actually died from this event, was simply icing on the cake.
        Take note, this is how these people think.

  3. For those who have been deceived by the official 911 government mass murder conspiracy theory and who are new to the topic, a good start is at Mike Rivero’s site in Hawaii: http:///www.whatreallyhappened.com.
    See the index at the top of the web page under ‘911’ .
    Just open and challenge one’s mind and believe that some criminal governments actually have murdered their own citizens, then blame/frame a desired enemy with lies and assistance of a murderous mass media to falsely
    justify killing, invasions and theft. They are referred to as ‘false flag’ events. Search the topic and note Malcolm Fraser’s interview here at gumshoe confirming the realities.
    Those who take part in these scenarios and those who provide aid comfort and protection for them are TERRORISTS
    and ‘killers’, as aiders and abettors.

  4. I smell rotting fish. Why do you need some ‘sophisticated’ modeling software to prove the law of nature which Newton discovered centuries ago? There already are numerous clips of controlled demolitions which, when compared with WTC7 clips prove that WTC7 was a controlled demolition.

  5. Here we go again telstra, nearly every time I attempt a comment I am closed off mid sentence and some stupid ad appears and contact is pulled.
    Where are we? France. There they are closing down sites like whateverhappened.com.
    Piss off or refund my money.
    Now as I was saying.
    The 911 misinformation brigade can be detected after a decade of observations.
    The Australian chapter of liars and deceivers are intectual drongoes. We have sen them in action, all they can do is use bullying tactics, derision and vilification which is exemplified by ‘our’ ABC drones.
    The real masters of obfuscation are those who have hounds running with their prey. The prey being those who seek the truth
    And expose tne mass murderers.
    Basically, it is the same modus to control the politicians y massaging their egos to have both sides think they they are accomplished opposition. Thus the public are deceived into thinking that they aree ‘represented’.
    I have to close as I have been typing around some ad inviting me to sign up to gumshoe and provide details. I cannot close it. So no proof reading!
    Dee, can you resolve these bastards and tell them that they are intruding in democratic discourse?

      • Right, from reports at $380,00 per annum of our money paid to Faine by ‘our’ ABC, am I pissed off?
        So since his October 2010,
        911 (nothing to debate!) insults to Kevin Bracken and no intellectual consideration demonstrated on the merits of what Bracken was refering to, (building No 7) work it out at say: per year.
        350 X 5 is 1.750 mill since 2010 paid to Faine by the taxpayers to bully and ‘deficate’ on Bracken, we the taxpayers including his poor ABC listeners.
        Just imagine our Faine, as a ex lawyer standing before any judicial officer and in his submission on a case, claiming:
        Well, the other side are hollocaust deniers etc.
        Clearly, he has chosen correctly to forego any hope in the law and join and remain there, with the ABC and that serves the purpose of the ABC. Otherwise the ABC would have sent him off to go and try hiis career and hand in court submissions for his clients.
        Stick to your gig with the ABC is my humble advice to Jonathon Faine.
        Pity the listeners to ABC.

  6. “Incontrovertible” is a good thought provoking study of the “war on terror” and WTC Building 7 puzzles in particular.
    It has a pace that encourages contemplation of the many questions posed throughout, and incorporates a breadth of perspective that is essential to achieving any complete understanding of how and why 9/11 fits the pattern of our political realities.

  7. I just watched Incontrovertible – New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke and thought it was extremely powerful and well presented.
    It’s the kind of documentary that could just wake many people up. In particular those people who are serving in the military or police forces.
    I sent the link to my father who served in Vietnam and his reaction was one almost of relief as he was able to release the guilt he had built up within himself as a result of his war experience.

    Dad, we forgive you but its time to be a hero.

    • “Guilt he had built up within himself as a result of his war experience” ? Did your father actually confide in you and tell you that, or are you assuming he feels that way ?
      Because I as a Vietnam vet certainly feel no guilt whatever, however I do feel incredible bloody angry at the politicians, the media, as well as the religious authorities and many other NGO’s who all spread the lie of the Yellow peril. (Just as the lies are being spread today, by the very same people, all over again.)
      Your comment that it’s time to be a hero, are also, IMHO, out of line. The time for us, (Vietnam Vets ) to be hero’s is long gone, we have done our bit, and have been cast aside as so much detritus and forgotten. Just as the military personel involved in the M.E. wars of aggression, are also beginning to discover.
      Today it’s time for the younger generations to step up to the plate and carry the load, a generation that is far better informed than we ever were in our time.

      • Dear Eddy, There are several Youtubes of “Winter Soldier Hearings” in which today’s military express intense guilt for having bludgeoned their way into the homes of Iraqis..

        So what’s the deal? If a soldier is told to do it, do you advise him to disobey? If not, and he carries out a cruel order, I would say that guilt is appropriate. (Where does the buck stop?)

        Please don’t think I mean you. In the 1970s we definitely did not understand what was going on (The Commie peril, etc). But the soldiers of the 21st century are able to educate themselves.

        • Hi Mary, ref your question, ” If a soldier is told to do it, do you advise him to disobey? If not, and he carries out a cruel order, I would say that guilt is appropriate. (Where does the buck stop?)”
          Short version ? In a “normal World”, his matter was settled at the WW 2 Trials, wherein no such excuse as “following orders” was accepted by the American judiciary. I say “Normal World” because today’s World is anything but “Normal”.
          Laws, International Conventions, moral standings have all been cast aside and Raffertie’s Rules apply, anything goes.
          It may have escaped your attention, but early on in the Iraqi ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq, there were military personel who refused to follow their orders, in fact it wasn’t just one or two, it was a whole large group. This was in the media for approximately 5 days, and many threats were made against the perps, then all of a sudden the whole thing simply disappeared off the radar, as so many such events seem to do.
          I’m convinced, the establishment used that situation as a demonstration to the rest of it’s military, what would happen if they ever though of copying such an action.
          We also need to consider, many of the young folks who signed on swallowed the 911 fairy story hook line and sinker, thinking they were doing a great job by volunteering their lives.
          It is these very same people, who woke up to the lies they were subjected to, once the entered the war zone, the TRUTH was there, staring them in the face, yet they had given their pledge to accept orders, therefore they were obligated to follow thru.
          This is the situation that causes the suicides so rampant today within the U.S. forces. These people discovered they were lied to, tricked into signing their lives away, and treated like so much disposable rubbish to be cast aside when usefulness had expired. In fact many were not even allowed to leave the military when their term was up. Work that one out.

          • “yet they had given their pledge to accept orders, therefore they were obligated to follow thru.”

            I don’t understand. pls explain.
            Mary, I can understand how civilians fail to understand the reality that confronts soldiers when they are confronted with reality in a war zone.
            When you sign on the dotted line, it’s basicly a contract where you RELENQUISH your life to the military and the QUEEN for the duration of the contract. Period.
            There are no clauses within that Contract, that allows you to have second thoughts when you arrive at the war zone. So what are soldiers supposed to do if they don’t find things to their own satisfaction ??? MUTINY ????
            This one of the many reasons why our troops suffer so terribly from PTSD. The REALITY you enter, when arriving at a war zone, is something no civilian can imagine in their worst nightmare. Forget Hollywood crap, made to encourage you to sign on in the first place. There’s nothing noble or honorable in war. Despite claims made to the contrary, there are NO RULES either, with the exception of “don’t get caught out doing the wrong thing”.
            Many people find this REALITY extremely difficult to deal with, considering all their lives they have been brought up to see the World in a totally different light. When they come home, no one would ever believe the stories they could tell you, simply because civilians find such stories as…. unbelievable.
            Why do you think the soldiers of WW2 never discussed their involvement on returning home ? In the end, it rotted them out, from the inside, if they didn’t take their own lives or drown themselves in alcohol.
            How does one insert one’self back into the alternative reality that the majority of us live in, after returning from the REALITY World, when we KNOW, everything we’ve ever been told is a LIE ?
            Then when you see these lies being repeated, time after time, and the people, despite knowing now, that these are lies, still swallow them hook line and sinker.
            I have seen first hand, men break down on the battle field and turn into zombies, these men were R.T.A. (Return To Australia ) as quick as was humanly possible. No one was allowed to talk about these events. These men were threated as if they never existed, they just disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. Follow up enquiries were dis-encouraged and stone walled, they were just GONE.
            The rest of us saw these events unfold, and unless we made serious effort to control ourselves we saw what was waiting for us, if we lost our cool as well.
            Thus you become a machine, follow orders, keep quiet, squash and revulsion your feel and take it one day at a time until the tour is over.
            As a direct result of my experiences, I believe Australian troops have no business whatever outside Australia, it is claimed they are a DEFENCE FORCE, if that is true, they should only be used to DEFEND Australian shores. They have no business being in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Syria or anywhere else for that matter.
            I also believe Australia has matured enough to shoulder responsibility for the defence of Australia ourselves, we need to build a defence force that does not rely on other nations for material, ammunition/rations or technology.
            I also believe, America IS MOST DEFINATELY NOT A FRIEND OF OURS, and will never assist us in the time of need.
            As long as we insist in being tied with an apron string to the U.S. Australians will die pointlessly and needlessly.
            Past precedent history is quiet clear on this issue.
            I have nothing further to add to this issue.

          • Dear Eddy, Your several Comments are more valuable than you realize. This column is getting a bit long so I will start a new article next week with a title such as “What Is a Soldier To Do?”

            But if you care to, please say more about RTA as I did not quite understand. Did those men actually disappear? You mean they did not go back to their homes, or what.

            Thank you, in any case for saying the young ones should step up to the plate. I think that is also what xr-barra meant when he urged his father to be a hero. We need a phalanx of hero’s.

            It can happen. The Internet is a new weapon.

          • Mary, ref your question on R.T.A. For all intents and purposes to the remaining soldiers, these Damaged people were “disappeared” We never saw or heard from them, or what happened to them, ever again.
            Try to understand, in a war zone 6 months into a tour of 12 months, mentally everyone is teetering on an edge, we’ve all seen and done things, none of us had ever imagined in a thousand lifetimes we’d ever do, laws were none existent, and people really need to get their heads around that one. The military has it’s own laws and they do not follow a civilian society’s laws. Whenever we gained some leave and visited the local flesh pots and bars, the behavior of our people was utterly shocking, I had no idea my fellow Australians could actually behave in such a manner, the local constabulary turned a blind eye, as we were untouchable. However, that is not to say, that there were not some good people, who did behave appropriately and with great kindness.
            Every time someone broke down mentally, posed a serious threat, it could contaminate everyone else around who were all on the edge. For the survival of the remaining soldiers in such cases, it is vital that such wounded people be separated and removed as quick as possible.
            I don’t say that to be cold, hard or callous, it’s an established fact, that such things can snowball and get out of hand lightening quick, something you simply cannot afford in a war zone. The wet bar on the evenings such an event occurred would be crowded, and many would seek solace in alcohol, which at 10 cents a can, was abundant.

      • Eddy, my father has only recently been able to talk about the things he saw and did to the people (of ALL AGES) in a country that had not done anything to harm the security of Australians in Australia. His guilt was then and still is today that he knew he was in a war that he did not believe in and that people were killed/injured as a result of his actions.

        You say “Your comment that it’s time to be a hero, are also, IMHO, out of line. The time for us, (Vietnam Vets ) to be hero’s is long gone, we have done our bit” and my response is this:
        If you believe going to another country and shooting their people is doing your bit, surely you can be a hero for all the people of the world but sharing how you were lied and tricked into waging a bullshit war. Surely you can share with us all how you have come to realise that all wars all based on lies and trickery and that as my dad has explained if he was asked to go to war again he would REFUSE.

        To me he is a hero because he can see what happened in Vietnam was wrong and now he has the courage to admit and share his knowledge.

        • xrbarra2014.
          “If you believe going to another country and shooting their people is doing your bit,” I do not believe I said any such thing, it would appear you have taken what I’ve said totally out of context, for some reason known only to yourself.
          I believe my last comment to Mary explains concisely what my views and feelings are on this issue.
          And YES, your are correct, hell would freeze over before I ever took up arms OUTSIDE of Australia ever again. I would do everything in my power, to dissuade anyone from ever sighing up such a pointless suicidal venture.
          I was under the impression my posts made that quiet clear.
          I applaud your Dad for stating the truth, to anyone who would listen. BUT, my experience on that matter, tells me folks are not interested in what returned servicemen have to say, we are all weird and crazy, suffering from PSTD, therefore mentally incapable of coherent thought, and should be ignored.(that’s the views I get whenever I discuss these issues)
          Again I say, as in the response I gave Mary, that’s why returned servicemen are reluctant to speak of their experiences.
          Maybe it’s a deliberate defence mechanism of society, knowing that such men and women have been exposed to, pretending it doesn’t concern them, or as some also say, “they signed up willingly, what’s their problem ?” conveiniently ignoring the fact that these people were LIED to in the first place.

  8. well, some good news for anyone interested in an open, transparent, unfettered investigation into building 7.

    “WTC 7 Evaluation is a study at the University of Alaska Fairbanks using finite element modeling to evaluate the possible causes of World Trade Center Building 7’s collapse.”

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