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We Are ALL Disabled


san bernardino shooting

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

This article is a follow-up on the San Bernardino “Inland Regional” incident. This morning, Dee (editor of Gumshoe News) phoned me to say there has been a shoot-out in America, and would I like to write about it? I said “Emphatically, NO. I am sick of this topic.” So she wrote it.

Now I see that the event was aimed at disabled people. If you’re in a shopping mall, you can run and hide, but if you are disabled and in a wheelchair you can’t escape. Right away I realized “we are ALL disabled.” We all can’t escape. So I offered to write an article about that factor, rather than about San Bernardino. And here it is.

What Is a Psy-op?

First I need to say that the various contributors to Gumshoe – a bunch of conspiracy theorists, including myself – did not come into the world with special knowledge. Even as recently as a few years ago, we took for granted that what the Sydney Morning Herald said was so, was so.

Then, thanks to the Internet and its miraculous child, Youtube.com, we found out that there is a “reality” and there is “media reality” (or government reality). Since 9-11, but possibly for many decades before that, persons who run the major media outlets have been involved in “psychological operations” – known as psy-ops.

Don’t give me a dirty look like I am paranoid. The US Congress signs, every year, the budgetary allocation known as the National Defense Authorization Act and it plainly gives money to agencies for psy-ops.

How would those legislators not feel shame in doing that? Well, passing over the fact that Congresspersons all seem to have had the ‘shame’ portion of their brain extirpated, there’s the excuse that we need to develop psy-ops as a weapon against enemies. That’s all supposed to be part of the RMA – revolution in military affairs.

People weren’t stupid after World War II. They saw that the American attempts to confuse the enemy by friendly radio shows could be turned around to domestic society. So they passed a law forbidding that, the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948.  It was repealed in 2013.

Not only are domestic psy-ops now allowed, the US military puts plenty of personnel to work at it! Many are stationed, for example, at CNN. I think soldiers constitute the bulk of persons making comments on blogs. This makes me think that in the old days, the Letters to the Editor of newspapers may have been authored by persons who had a special mission. Namely, the mission to deceive us as to what the public thinks or wants. Oh, darn!


I don’t want to cover any of that again. Let’s zoom in on the latest. Dee McLachlan points out in her December 3, 2015 article that a DRILL was occurring near the time of the actual shootout in San Bernardino.

Amazingly, she also pointed out 14 months ago that a CIA person, Mike Morrell, gave a “warning” as to future shootouts in shopping malls. That remark by Morrell had caused Dee to predict that shootouts would become commonplace in the US. The alleged shooter is supposedly ISIS, or similar terrorist group.

So what we have here is a member of government – allegedly a retired member, Mike Morrell — saying that HE IS IN A POSITION TO KNOW that Americans will be killed, willy nilly, while shopping in malls. How did he know?

I say the almost-obvious thing is that he is in on the planning. He can sue me for saying that. Go ahead, Mr Morrell, sue me. I might lose my house? OK, I’ll lose my house. It seems only logical to me that, if you can predict that ISIS would do shootouts in shopping malls, you have trained them to do just that. At the very least it has now been admitted to, by Obama, that we are the suppliers of ISIS.

Manchurian Candidates Galore

Moreover, I have been thinking for some time about the large number of men in American prisons (the US has seven time the incarceration rate of European nations). I suspect they are there to be trained as killers, perhaps under hypnosis. The “Manchurian candidate” phenomenon has already been confessed to, by the CIA. People can be trained, under mind control, to commit crimes ‘unwittingly.’

Another source of hypnotized killers could be our own (Australian or American) military. They surely are trained to kill, although the alleged target is a foreign enemy.

A skill once learned cannot be wiped out, right?

Let me name two sad men: Whitey Bulger, now in prison for his deeds as a member of the Irish mafia in Boston, and the late James Earl Ray, who was wrongly convicted of assassinating Martin Luther King. They both reported that the US Army had done them a dirty deal. They were given the big mind-control torture and made into criminals thereby.

Whatcha Gonna Do?

When we learn of such terrible things, what are we supposed to do? I think of the song from Oklahoma, about the girl who “cain’t say no.” She sings:

Whatcha gonna do when a feller gets flirty

And starts to talk purty

Whatcha gonna do?…

S’pposin’ that he says

That yer sweeter than cream

and he’s gotta have cream or die?

Whatcha gonna do when he talks that way?

Spit in his eye?

So what we gonna do when Whitey Bulger or James Earl Ray – and the many, many other ‘graduates’ of the MK-Ultra program — tell us what happened to them? Spit in their eye? And what of targeted individuals, such as John Finch in Melbourne, who gets tortured electronically on a regular basis and nobody helps?

“Never Rock Your Dear Little Boat”

I have noticed that folks (including me) tend to keep their old beliefs even when new evidence pops up that vitiates those beliefs. Thus if we were told, by media or government, that “Islamists” go in for terrorism and love to do hijackings, we put this into our brain and can’t get it out. No one wants to rock his or her mental boat.

Well, that just won’t do. Judging by the San Bernardino shooting, we may be on our way to what Dee McLachlan (care of Mike Morrell) predicts as a new trend. You go shopping at a mall and Bang! You’re dead. Is there any reason to “accept” that trend? Of course not. We need to start rocking our little boats.

Remember: the way our brains carry out their work is based on what our needs were in evolutionary times, in the Pleistocene. Picture a Steven Spielberg type scene. There we were, running around with wooly mammoths, or whatever. We were not in any danger of shoot-outs in the mall.

We were in danger of a group of Homo sapiens, from the next valley, ambushing us. We evolved to look out for that bunch of foreign, funnily-clad people. Maybe in those days the cladding was feathers. Or dandelions. You never know.

But today it is the garb of an Arab male, age 35 or so. Wow is he fearsome! Better call the police to protect us. Better send our sexy jet fighters over there to exterminate his brethren. Let’s band together and sing anthems, and “be strong” (you know, like Boston Strong).

Be Strong in a Different Way

See? We lag in ability to catch up with the present. The harm-doers of today are not the foreign devils. They are the overlords of the world. Your basic Rockefellers and similar. The CIA is a typical organization serving them. ASIO, MI6, Mossad, FBI, whatever. So the persons we should be “calling the police” on are those guys. Agree?

Now it may turn out that many of them were so duped, they thought they were working on the side of the angels. Actually, if so, that shows that humans have an innate need to believe they are doing good (psychopaths excepted). And that’s nice. Really it is a good sign; let’s capitalize on it.

Let’s ask ALL members of the secret services to come forward. We should announce that there’s no longer a role for any secret services. (I mean other than the role of cover up of their master’s crimes.) Then make it possible for each of them to cough up what he knows.

Most of them do not have the big picture. Their knowledge is compartmentalized. Even they are jaw-dropped at what they read on the Internet today!

A TRC Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon

People keep forgetting that we have a wonderful legal system. I rate it A-plus. As soon as we can wrest it away from the Bozos, we can start using it again. Possibly “good judges” could start employing it today, and tell us whose wrath they fear for doing so. That would shortcut a lot of research! And it would be so simple.

But assuming, for economy-of-argument, that the upper level of government (judges, elected officials, generals, directors of the alphabet agencies) won’t play ball, we’ll have to set up our own one-sided ball game.

Truth and reconciliation groups are an established way to do this. Among the famous ones are: the government-sponsored one in South Africa when the walls of apartheid came tumbling down, a UN sponsored one in El Salvador that blamed a lot of the death-squad stuff on Uncle Sam, and a recent one in Rwanda.

The usual routine is for a pardon to be offered in exchange for testimony. It is said that the people need to know what happened and who dunnit. I think the idea of a TRC accurately reflects the reality that it just won’t be possible to haul all the miscreants before a judge and mete out the deserved punishment. (Quel pity.)

Personally, I think that’s our situation today. The Bozos have got quite a grip, mainly through mind control, on all who might try to arrest them. I could be wrong; there may be cops who dream all the time of making the Big Collar. Ya nevah know.

I started this article by entitling it “We Are ALL Disabled. But are we really? Maybe it’s an illusion. Maybe we only think we are powerless while really we are extremely powerful.

Please see the video below. It starts by talking about Martin Bryant, but a minute later turns into a discussion of the fall of Ceausescu in 1989.  Lots of fun.

— Mary W Maxwell can be reached at her website prosecutionfortreason.com




  1. Do Mass Killings Bother You?

    We now know this. A young man who had successfully killed on a large scale went to his religious leader with doubts and was told that mass killing was part of God’s plan. The young man continued killing until he had participated in killing sprees that took 1,626 lives — men, women, and children.

    I repeat: his death count was not the 16 or 9 or 22 lives that make top news stories, but 1,626 dead and mutilated bodies.

    Do such things bother you?

  2. I’m getting tired of taking psy-ops apart, so I’ve only taken a cursory look at this incident, but it already seems to have that ‘smell’ of a psy-op about it.

    I expect in another couple of weeks enough information will be available to make an assessment as to whether it was a real attack or a set-up for a couple of patsies. Somebody in the alternative media will likely assemble the information on one page and save me from having to sort through mounds of BS by the MSM. Until then, I have a lawn to mow.

      • Not a bad start on deconstructing it. I heard early reports that the couple destroyed or wiped their disc drives before going on their rampage. Yeah, I’m sure that’s on the mind of someone going to meet Allah.

        And allegedly the trigger for the attack was some verbal argument – so they decided to go full Rambo and shoot disabled people in wheelchairs. Yep, that’s logical…

        And the woman allegedly swore allegiance to ISIS under a different name on her Facebook page, then a few hours later deleted the entry (probably when she found the page had been hacked).

        And they left behind their 6 month old baby…

        I finished mowing the lawn, I’ll be cutting firewood today. I’ll read another instalment of this fairy tale at some point…

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