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Another Year of Ankle Biting Stories Winning the Walkey Journalist Awards


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The media enjoyed another award ceremony last night celebrating their excellence.

I have written before about the Walkleys (or as Ned coined – The Wankleys). In my article, Gold Walkley Awards – Excellent Journalism Avoiding the Real Crimes, I noted past winners are usually “ankle biting” stories ‘allowed‘ by the mainstream propaganda machine. Winning articles often focus on subjects like – environmental events,  Labor turmoil or Unions, attacks on individuals, powerless countries, sex abuse, and of course cruelty to animals. And again this year proves the point. 

Some of last night’s winners are (SMH):

The Gold Walkey – ABC Four Corners team for their investigation into animal cruelty in Australia’s greyhound racing industry.

The All Media Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique category went to – “Come and get me, PM rolled by his own ministers” and “Abbott’s gamble with no safety net“.

The cartoon award went to David Pope. 1449125460008

An ABC TV Four Corners team won the business journalism category for their coverage of “7-Eleven: The Price of Convenience“.

The International journalism category was won by the authors of “People Smuggler Cash Payments”.

And let us not forget about the scoop exposing Minister Bronwyn Bishop’s extravagance with her tax payer funded expenses.

walkley awards bishop

I am not saying that these stories are unimportant, but where are the big stories? Like exposing the criminals of 9/11 (for starters).

At the end of the year we might hand out a couple of Silver Spankleys to Gumshoe writers. I suggest that James O’Neill for  “ISIS, Syria And Australia’s Confused Foreign Policy“, Christopher Brooks for “Justice Denied — Martin Bryant Is Innocent – Shame, Australia,” and to Mary for her Royal Commission and shoplifting priest article and video (where she asks who the bishop really works for), be nominated – but Mary is part of Gumshoe, so she’s ineligible. We will put Greg Buck forward in the video category for his “On The Resources Boom and Printing Money Out Of thin Air.”  Well so much for the 2015 Wankleys, the Gumshoe Spankleys will soon be announced.



  1. Further list of Walkley’s:

    TV/AV News Reporting
    • Jane Bardon, ABC News and ABC News 24, ABC TV and ABC News Online, “Mining Giant Glencore Forced to Account for Gulf Pollution”
• Siobhan Heanue, ABC News, ABC TV, “Nepal Earthquake”
• Chris Reason, Seven News, Seven Network, “Lindt Cafe Siege”

    All Media Investigative Journalism
    Ruth Lamperd, Sunday Herald Sun, “White Death”
• Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Sam Clark and Max Murch, Four Corners, ABC TV, “Making a Killing”

    • Brad Norington, The Australian, “Battle of Wills”

    I’m not quite sure what “Award partner” means. Maybe Dee shouldn’t recuse me; I could be an award partner.

    As for Channel Seven winning for covering the Lindt Cafe Siege, what can one say?

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