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The Mainstream Media – Gotta Keep the Bryant Myth Alive


sister martin bryantPage 4 splash, Sunday Herald Sun

This Sunday an article reminding us of the evil Bryant. This is another article by Senior News Corp Writer, Sarah Blake, on Martin Bryant. But this is about his sister, Lindy. She writes:

“The piercing blue eyes are there, as is the distinctive white-blonde hair, but Lindy shares little else with her only sibling, Port Arthur killer Martin Bryant.

In the only interview she has given since Bryant’s deadly spree in April 1996, Lindy, a warm and intelligent 42 year old, reveals she has changed every aspect of her life, including her identity, to escape her past.

“I have had 20 years running away from this,” she says.”

The article offers little, except to remind us that he was aggressive and destructive older brother, but still childlike at the age of 29. Martin had difficulty relating to other children and the sister referred to “records of Mr Bryant torturing and harassing animals and tormenting his sister.” There are hundreds of thousands of annoying older brothers, but Bryant allegedly went on to expertly murder 35 people.

Blake does mention that Bryant’s mother has “seemingly desperate faith” in her son’s innocence. But this article about the sister – who has changed her name to escape the terrible deeds of her brother – clearly enhances the evil myth.

On the 12th of September Sarah Blake wrote about the Evil Bryant:

“Australia’s worst killer is a grossly overweight loner who pays other prisoners with chocolate bars for attention and has violently attacked several jail workers.”

The article showed pictures of Bryant like a caged animal.


One wonders what the purpose of these articles are now? Is it to counter the rising discontent that the evidence was improperly presented; that there was no trial; that books and articles outline the clear miscarriage of justice in this instance?

In my discussion with Keith Noble (re: A Noble Challenge), he expressed concern that “they” may be preparing the right climate for the “end” of Martin Bryant, and that he could so easily be “whacked” or succumb to an “accident.” And no one would care. Case closed.

But as Mary Maxwell in “Will Martin Bryant’s Case Get a Turn-around at the Adelaide Fringe?” points out. Martin Bryant’s arrest that should have raised red flags. For example:

  1. Martin did not have a trial, despite his being on a disability pension for mental illness.
  2. The shooter shot with right hand, Martin is a leftie!
  3. Local police were called away to a phony drug bust at the critical moment, a long distance from Port Arthur.
  4. The single-bullets to the heads of 19 of the victims could only have done by a marksman.
  5. Wendy Scurr, who was at Port Arthur all day, and had attended the victims, is always ignored by authorities.
  6. Media published a front-page photo of Martin before witnesses could identify him from their recollections.
  7. The only café person who knew Martin, said ‘It’s not him.’
  8. Broad Arrow café was torn down, hiding the evidence.
  9. Martin can be heard on a police walkie-talkie at Seascape Cottage, using a calm voice, perhaps with scripted lines.
  10. Contrary to state law (Tassie’s Coroners Act 1995), no coronial inquest was held. Hence the case is thoroughly suspicious.

And in “Justice Denied — Martin Bryant Is Innocent – Shame, Australia,” Christopher Brooks writes about Media Crucifixion.

“The mob were instantly seething and frothing at Martin Bryant as a result of the overwhelming judgmental media crucifixion. It was conducted both against him, and also against the social, legal, journalistic and political sensibilities of our Nation, following on from the very traumatic real tragedy.

In the frenzied outrage and shock that was exploited to the maximum degree by willful political opportunism, the legal standards and due process that are the foundations and protector of civilized society, were trampled and abandoned.”

The media are still working the same “game” 20 years later. This time they have got former Woman’s Day Magazine Lifestyle Director (2009 – 2011) and now newly appointed Senior Writer, Sarah Blake, to “author” and propagate the myth.

We will be running several articles this week on the Port Arthur massacre and Martin Bryant, so stay tuned.




  1. Correction: I said Martin was a leftie but that is wrong. He is rigtht handed but when he used a gun he shot with left hand.

    I agree that he is probably being set up for death. “Natural causes,” you know.

    Dee, we don’t know if Lindy really said there were records of her brother’s aggression. The so-called “record” used in court was the interview by psychiatrist Paul Mullen.

    And whio is this Sara Blake?

  2. if your gov is anything like the US gov, (and it sounds like they are) they generally pick very vulnerable young men to be their patsy. Someone with an IQ of 66 wouldn’t be capable of accurately shooting and killing that many people, and for what reason. This case sounds disgraceful. Mentally handicapped people should not be in prison, and who ever heard of not having a trial in such a serious case.

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