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What Is SAS’s Mission? Could They Have Been at Port Arthur in 1996?


-david-everettDavid Everett

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Special Air Services and Commando’s are two of Australia’s special forces. They are trained in unusual skills including how to withstand torture, how to break open a safe, and how to smuggle equipment under water. It goes without saying that they are trained to kill.

In March 2015, I put on a variety show at the Adelaide Fringe. It had ten acts, one of which had to do with the unfair imprisonment of Martin Bryant. As a result of a story about this, Kevin Woodman wrote to me and said he had information to share.

He reckons that the shooting at Port Arthur in April 1996 may have been done by an ex-SAS man, David Francis Everett, who was age 33 at that time. David’s life suggests he was being used by someone to carry out a range of crimes. He got a lot of media coverage for his exploits. (David died of cancer in 2013 at age 51.)

At first I interviewed Kevin Woodman only by phone. The results were published as “Port Arthur Massacre and Martin Bryant’s Innocence: A New Perspective,” at Rumor Mill News on July 8, 2015.  I gave Kevin the pseudonym “Shane Gingkotree,” as I didn’t think he should take the plunge with his own name.

Last week I hopped over to Perth, mainly to interview Cherri Bonney who is gathering signatures for a petition (at Change.org) to be submitted to Will Hodgman, premier of Tasmania. She demands a coronial inquest of the Port Arthur massacre, not just for Martin Bryant’s sake but “for all our sakes.”

While in Perth, I asked Kevin Woodman if he would be wiling to re-do the Shane Gingkotree interview, as it were. (The first one had been done only by telephone.) Kevin Woodman is a 78-year-old retired electrician who has lived in most of the states of Oz, and overseas in NZ, UK, South Africa, and Papua. He did National Service in 1956.

Kevin has wanted for many years to get the story out there. If the SAS was involved in Port Arthur, we need to know abut it, don’t we? Granted, it is difficult for people to understand what “special operations” are.

Per Wikipedia:

“Today, the Australian Army possesses a number of units that perform more conventional direct-action type commando roles, as well as counter-terrorism response, long-range patrolling, and clandestine deep-penetration operations.”

Would I (Mary Maxwell) go so far as to say that the SOG’s –special operations groups — of any nation might engage in the production of a terrorist incident? Yes, I do say that all the time! It has been a hallmark of political life since 9-11.

I don’t know if that sort of thing transpired in Australia in 1996. The team at Gumshoe hasn’t tried to dig into that subject. Rather, we got antsy about Martin Bryant being in prison, and this led to the contact from Kevin Woodman.

Now we find ourselves having to face up to the question of whether Port Arthur was part of the worldwide schedule of shoot-outs.

Admittedly, I made a stink last year about the Sydney siege. Recall my Youtube chiding Tony Abbott for laying flowers at Martin Place, and my worry about the number of bouquets? Did you see my recent yelping about the “United We Stand” headline in which Aussies were seen to be feeling the trauma from the stadium in Paris?

Kevin Woodman has taken a chance by going live with his insight about possible SAS involvement at Port Arthur. Please hear him out and respond with comments.

The Life of David Everett (1962-2013)

Below I have added a video of David Everett. The audio quality is poor but it is very valuable material. You can learn about David’s life in the book he wrote, entitled Shadow Warrior. Personally I feel as touched by David’s plight as I do about Martin’s.

Let me add that Kevin’s story is by no means firm proof that there was an ex-SAS person at Port Arthur that day. It’s “a concept.”

There may be many other concepts needing to emerge. That cannot happen while the stupid story of “Bryant the killer” dominates in Australia.

— Mary W Maxwell is a graduate of University of Adelaide Law School. She can be contacted at Gumshoe News, or at Mary@ProsecutionForTreason.com



  1. Kerry O’Brien of ABC “looks into” the PAM, in 2011, by giving air to Martin’s two British “biographers.” At 4 mins 50 sec, one of them, Wainwright, brilliantly suggests that Martin made stops on the way to PA in hopes that someone “would give him a reason not to go ahead with what he planned.”

    Aw gee, if only somebody had bought him an ice cream….

    Hey, Everyboy, it’s Your ABC.

  2. I hadn’t knwon this till I saw it in Wikipedia (CIA) today:

    “Bryant attempted suicide on 25 March 2007 by slashing his wrist with a razor blade. On 27 March he cut his throat with another razor blade and was hospitalised briefly.”

  3. All the many stories related to the incident at Port Arthur in Tasmania confirm the whole truth has been withheld from the public. And given there was NO trial, NO coronial inquest, NO royal commission, NO enquiry, etc., true facts, foolishness, and false information have become deceptively jumbled. But two things are clear and are supported with hard evidence: 1. The massacre at and near Port Arthur in April 1996 was an evil official operation conducted as a prelude to the implementation of gun-control legislation; and, 2. The mentally-handicapped patsy Martin Bryant (IQ of 66) is innocent. Read the book MASS MURDER: Official Killing at Port Arthur, Tasmania (2nd edition; 2014). free pdfs via BIGWORMBOOKS@gmx.net

      • Meeting Kevin Woodman was a lot of fun. He took me up to Wi-Fi Hill (not a joke) in Perth where I met the staff of Station 101.7. They broadcast “music for oldies” non-stop every day of the year. It can be listened to worldwide on Net. All your old faves.

        Maybe life is worth living after all.


    • Of course it should have been stated that the families, relatives, and friends of all the victims have never been served justice. Officially, they have been abused, lied to, and ignored.

      • By God I never thought of them, Keith. Though I do in regard to other false flags.
        It’s so rare for any victims to show anger. Get a load of what Dee has uncovered re MH17 but we don’t hear from any of those families. Dee hears from Matt Campbell re 9-11. Lost his Bro.

        Honestly, the “desuetude” of anger is key to our probs.

  4. From Wikpedia (CIA) re the SAS:

    The SASR also continued to train overseas with other special forces units. On one such exercise in the Philippines, a US special forces C-130 Hercules crashed into the South China Sea shortly after take-off from Subic Bay on 26 February 1981, killing 23 passengers including three Australians from the SASR.

    [wonder whom they were after]

    Meanwhile, following the Sydney Hilton bombing [Eegads!] in February 1978, the SASR was given responsibility for providing Australia’s military counter-terrorism response force. In addition to being able to respond to terrorist attacks in Australian cities, the SASR counter-terrorism unit was required to develop a capability to board ships underway and off-shore oil platforms.

    The regiment was not involved in operations during the Gulf War in 1991 although two troops were again placed on standby for deployment at short notice, while other elements remained on high alert to respond to a terrorist incident in Australia if required.

    {Did they help at the Sydney siege?]

  5. This whole conspiracy story is a load of bullshit.
    I was in the paddock fencing when the SOG officers landed and have relationships with family members, first aid officers and firies who came under fire there on the day. The only reason that pig Bryant was dragged out of there alive was because of local politicians need to calm public concerns around the SOG perceived overreach on previous operations.
    I am no particular friend to the local police force, but in this case there is no cover up.

  6. It’s impossible to fully evaluate the “Everett” theory but the interview with Woodman was an interesting initiative.

    • Dear Christopher, I definitely do not know (and Kevin Woodman doesn’t know) if David Everett was at the Tasmanian peninsula on April 28, 1996.

      But we can say for sure that the media gave David a lot of coverage, starting with A Current Affair in 1987, picturing him as a nice bloke who cares about the rebels in Burma. (That story gets pretty elaborate – Everett was supposedly importing arms from South Africa to help the Karen. Nonsense, really.)

      Kevin, having an ear for further news, noted that the Western Australian papers often headlined the criminal exploits of Everett. As well, there was the supposed ability of David-the-fugitive to elude police for a year, finally showing up as an instructor of rappelling on Magnetic Island, Queensland. I don’t think so.

      I had not heard of the escape (from house arrest) in a wheelie bin until this interview. Oh my. The simple themes they use to trick us.

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