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Ten Most Amazing Things about the Port Arthur Massacre


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by Mary W Maxwell

  1. Thanks to our uncaring Parliament, rules about concentration of media ownership favor two publishers who thereby can influence the nation. They concocted a story about a lone gunman — when it was in fact a “special operation.”
  1. Thanks to uncaring citizens, the false story is still accepted even though many researchers have presented conclusive proof of its falseness. Shame on Australia.

  1. An intellectually handicapped person, who likes company, has been deprived of visitors, except his mother, for 19 years, and he is often in solitary confinement. Martin Bryant is not treated like a human being.
  1. About 99% of the academics in Oz couldn’t care less.
  1. The judicial system has no value. No matter how much the law says Bryant should have had a trial, he had none. No matter how much the law says there must be a coroner’s inquest into the deaths, there was none. Let me repeat: such a judicial system has no value to the public.
  1. A band of Insiders in government think they can get away with anything. They are wholly unaccountable. This can be measured by the fact that when we know they have committed a crime – e.g., tampering with evidence, no one can be bothered to indict them.
  1. The rest of the parliamentarians are apparently there for selfish reasons. God help us.
  1. Gun control was effectively achieved, nationally, within weeks of the massacre, thanks to John Howard. As the push for citizen-disarmament is rather uniform worldwide, it must be that Australia is doing the bidding of outsiders.
  1. For years, the media appears to have been preparing to incite the killing of Martin Bryant, who is now 48.
  1. Nevertheless, almost a thousand people have signed a petition to demand a coronial inquest!!!

Many others, too, may be out there champing at the bit to do something about our terrible situation. Go for it!

— Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB writes regularly for GumshoeNews.com. She is busy producing a show for the Adelaide Fringe.





    • Hey, it’s up to 1006 signatures — THANK YOU

      No more of that sound-of-silence business!

      “And in the naked light I saw
      Ten thousand people maybe more
      People talking without speaking
      People hearing without listening
      People writing songs that voices never shared
      No one dared
      Disturb the sound of silence.”

      FORGET IT!

      • Ta.
        One of my favourites.
        I have the S and G albums.
        What about Mr Cory (Corie?)
        Seems to fit the description of ‘those who are’.
        Then there is he who represents the public and quietly are gassing themselves on methane from political lies and BS from our politicians and msm.

  1. This week all the articles at GumshoeNews.com are about the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre.

    Martin Bryant better start packing his bags at Risdon Prison, as Ausiies are no longer willing to countenance the situation!!!!!!

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