A Singer with a Conscience – Cherri Bonney’s Petition for Martin Bryant

cherri lr 11-1Cherri Bonney and her band NCHANT

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

It takes all kinds to make a world. I’ve been working on the case of Jahar Tsarnaev, who was unfairly convicted of being the Boston Marathon bomber. This has caused me to meet people from unexpected places whose sense of justice compels them to get involved. It is wonderfully stimulating.

Today happens to be Human Rights Day, and this article celebrates the fact that one thousand signatures have now been obtained for the sake of Martin Bryant “and all our sakes.” The person who organized it is Cherri Bonney of Perth.

Recently I was thrilled to meet Cherri.  Thrilled because she is so strong and competent and has simply decided that she can’t put up with Martin Bryant’s incarceration any longer. See the video below an interview she gave for Gumshoe News.

Her petition is at Change.org.  As of yesterday, December 9, 2015, it passed the thousand-signature mark. SO WHO EVER SAID AUSTRALIANS DON’T CARE ABOUT MARTIN BRYANT?

Oops, I said it myself but I apologize. It’s lovely to think I was wrong.

Actually, we have only just learned that in 2008 anther lady, Salama Shaquana, got a petition going re the innocence of Martin Bryant. She obtained over 300 signatures.

Cherri’s petition merely asks the premier of Tasmania to hold a coronial inquest – which happens to be required by state law anyway (The Coroner Act, 1995).  No doubt he will say yes.

For overseas readers of Gumshoe: Here in Australia there was a massacre in 1996 and one man has been doing prison time, unfairly, ever since then, namely, Martin Bryant. He happens to be an intellectually handicapped person.

An Added Attraction: Music!

What’s more, Cherri has composed a new song for Martin Bryant. The title is: “I Wish I Knew How To Be Free.” It is hoped that her music may transmit a message to even to the hardest of hearts.

Cherri was born in beautiful Renmark, South Australia. With her mother being a classical pianist and her father a guitarist she never had a chance to be other than musical. Her best instrument is the autoharp.

She has also been a long distance runner and cyclist, and is qualified to practice herbal medicine!

Note: The petition is ongoing – please add your signature. Maybe we’ll get a million!


— Mary Maxwell has camera, will travel. Do you have information that could help Martin Bryant?  Contact Dee McLachlan, editor of Gumshoe News, or Mary at maryWmaxwell.com.




  1. You are completely off your chops woman! You should’ve been supporting your own son in his time of need rather than helping this psychopath!!!! You don’t deserve your surname, your pathetic existence is an offence to our family!!!! You should be ASHAMED of yourself Janet!!! 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    • Such a stinging comment.
      Interesting that a so called psychopath – mentally challenged at that – is given no trial; a defense that worked for the prosecution; and no coronal inquest. Thank the Universe that people who search for truth are around. It is society that is run by psychopaths. You only have to review our recent ventures into Iraq and understand that a million people were killed for nothing, It is hard to get ones head around this and stay sane…

    • Sal look whos speaking? you come across as a rather blunt, arrogant, judgemental, sick individual! I am an ex military man whos main role was to specialize in weapons I can assure you that I know more than anyone on this page about a wide variety of fire arms ranging to rocket launchers and artillery guns, Martin could have not possibly had such a high hit and kill ratio given all the information provided, I can also assure you that the media does bend the truth or the fact there is corruption with in our government, I have worked there! You naive muppet! How ever SOG snipers were present and more than perfectly capable of carrying out these ordeals as orders are orders at the end of the day…this will be the last comment I leave as I should not even have to justify my statement if you can not face cold hard facts that is your own personal problem, no one elses but yours so stop leaving potty mouth comments on someone who is trying to make a change for someone who does not deserve to be locked up! yet the real psycopath remains at large….bend your puny brain around that one! Please forgive me with having to be very firm with you but these are the type of backwards thinking comments that get innocent people locked up with out a genuine trial to begin with!

  2. Kathy Ah Shay says:

    Is anything else happening (other than the petition) for Martin Bryant? It is difficult to find out what is currently going on!

    • Kathy. I travelled to Tasmania last week on the business with Martin Bryant. I can say things are a lot more hopeful regards to justice via my connections. cant express to much here as you could appreciate….There are other worries at present that don’t feel so hopeful. More later, thank you Cherri 🙂

  3. Off-topic. At this moment Bishop Brian Finnegan is being grilled by the Royal Commission. Live hearings you can hear until 4pm and everyday 10-4 sydnery time. This is historic.

    Go to childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au

  4. Christopher Brooks says:

    Mary, well done and thank you for introducing us to Cherri.
    It is an important and valuable initiative.

    Cherri, great to learn about yourself and your action to bring some better justice to Martin Bryant and Australian society.

    Your openness and straight forward integrity shines brightly in Mary’s interview to inspire and substantiate our challenge to our fellows and the agencies of power that we must bring back into a genuine accountability of our law and the truth of things.

  5. It’s great to hear of people actively seeking justice , such as this petition. Thank you Cherri for your compassion and activism.

    • Hi Elizabeth Thank you kindly for the lovely comment. Martin is innocent and I intend to have justice served in one way or another. Australia MUST see how Martin is not being treated within the jurisdiction of the so called laws! Justice must prevail.
      Please spread the word, every signing of the petition goes to the Tasmanian Premier W. Hodgeman sooner or later……..
      Take care 🙂

  6. Cherri, did you say the song will be ready by Christmas?

    • cherribonneymusic says:

      Not quite for xmas Mary, to much on ! BUT January 2016 YES!!! 🙂

    • No not for xmas Mary BUT JAN 2016!! FOR SURE

      • Cherri, you said in the interview that a grand piano would not hold 21 sawn-off shotguns. But have a look, maybe if it’s a concert grand, as in 24 seconds into this tape…

        Not that I am trying to build a case against Martin Bryant…

        • Wait, wait, Cherri! There’s a concert grand right near you in Perth. You can borrow 21 guns and try to place them in this piano. I’m sure the concert master won’t mind.

          • Im very sure it was an upright grand piano either in Helens (57 yr olds) place or his mothers? Either way its impossible. Its known the police planted many rifles to make the so called “guilt” look real..

          • Terry Shulze published this way back when:

            “The firearm evidence is very interesting. It has been thought that the firearm in the Café was actually a shortened military version called the M4. It has a shorter barrel and a telescopic stock. The Mossad, the US Special Forces and our SAS use it. It would make more sense to use such a firearm in the closed space of the café.
            “Of course, the spent brass that fell on the floor would have to match Bryant’s firearm. No problem – after the shooter got back to Seascape he would swap the bolt from the M4 into Bryant’s AR-15. The bolt face, firing pin mark and the extractor mark would link to the brass in the Café.”

            Note: I like the Maria Callas story better.


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  2. […] ways to deal with the matter at this late date include Cherri Bonney’s petition at Change.org with nearly 1500 persons wanting to see a change, and Keith Noble’s “barristerial […]


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